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Power Rangers In Space
"The Rangers' Mega Voyage"
Original Air Date: 9/12/98 Based On:
Megaranger #32 - Owari ka!? Zettai Zetsumei Gyarakushii Mega
(Is It The End!? Desperate Situation For The Galaxy Mega)
*6th Regular Season Premiere!
(Now the same as the Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-701
*17th episode of PRiS
*267th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Judd Lynn
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler **AS** Alpha 6
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)

Julie Kliewer **AS** D.E.C.A. (voice)
Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
Steve Kramer **AS** Darkonda (voice)
Kenny Graceson **AS** Elgar
David Umansky **AS** Elgar (voice)
Roger Morrissey **AS** Skygantor
? **AS** Mutantrus (voice)


[Recap of "Flashes Of Darkonda," along with the essential premise of PRiS]
The trashing of the AstroDelta Megazord is replayed, as Mutantrus & Darkonda beat the crap out of the Rangers' Megazord and toss it down the street. Once it comes to a screeching halt, Andros tries getting it on it's feet (all of a sudden we see the Astro Megazord alone, attempting to get up, but fails to do so, once back on the ground, it's the AstroDelta Mega again). One more try, and the Astro Delta Megazord is finally on it's feet, barely holding on. The twisted Darkonda attaches chains to it and energy bolts released give the double decker Megazord quite a licking. Inside, Alpha decodes enough of the key cards amid some battle related sparks to discover there is a massive top secret weapon on one of Jupiter's moons! The Rangers need to investigate, so they initiate the Delta Megaship separation from the Astro Megazord, while Darkonda and Mutantrus continue their relentless onslaught. Alpha transfers the key cards to the Delta Megaship's control room, where the Rangers are preparing to take off for Jupiter.
[Opening Credits Revised! Shots of the cast, now followed by their Ranger shot, then a scene from a different episode. Melody Perkins as Astronema features a blonde braided wig. Concluding with more memorable scenes from previous episodes!]
Separation is complete and the Rangers take off in the Delta Megaship, leaving Alpha behind to pilot the Astro Megazord. On the Dark Fortress, Astronema is baffled as to why the Rangers abandoned their Zord. She has Darkonda send Mutantrus after them while he continues destroying the Astro Mega. Astronema then begins interrogating Skygantor, the metalfaced monster from Onyx. She shoots a laser rope around him, which is painful enough to get him revealing a flashback to the Onyx Gambling scene, where Andros won Zordon's key cards and had the sword fight with Darky. Astronema is not too happy to hear the Rangers have those cards, so she has Clippy get her battle gear and prepares her crew of evil to go after them! Our Heroes continue their trek to Jupiter's moon, when Mutantrus comes up behind them and tries to take a bite out of the Megaship! Simple afterburners do the trick and throw the Darkonda Spawn off their trail for now. Once approaching Jupiter, scanning indicates no weapons anywhere nearby. Suddenly a mysterious voice sounds, and announces that they are under automatic controls. Andros has no idea who's voice it is, but it guides them to a secret docking bay. The Rangers exit, and find several corridors and walkways, which they rush down in search of whatever lies hidden at their end. Back on Earth, The Astro Megazord continues getting tore up by Darkonda, whom uses one of his spikes to impale into it (but isn't quite shown lodged in the Megazord until later)! The Ship's engines are falling apart and the power is dropping like flies. Alpha stumbles around the bridge, hoping the Rangers hurry. Speaking of which, our heroes enter a storage bay and Andros spots a control panel and sealed entryway which looks to be where they need to go. Before they can make it over to it, Astronema, Ecliptor & Quantron crew teleport in and block them off. She wants that weapon, so the outnumbered Rangers begin fighting off the Quantrons, when Ecliptor joins in the fray.
Red Ranger duels with the robotic minions, and soon has to deal with Ecliptor as well. Yellow Ranger almost loses the key cards to a Q-Tron, but Pink saves them with a few punches and kicks. Red finally beats off Clippy, and makes a way through to the control panel, asking the others to hold the Q-Trons off. He's able to crack the code and open the corridor, which the others soon fight their way to as the doors begin closing. Astronema doesn't want the key cards to slip his grasp, so she tosses her Wrath-arang at Cassie, striking her and almost making her miss the doors before they close! A last minute jump and she's in, the key cards with her after a VERY close call. Once inside, they head down more tunnels and hallways, and bumbling Ashley falls over the railing, and would have fell to her death if not for a quick save by Andros (sadly, her flashlight died so that she might live). They take a good look around and spot more keycards on a table that looks identical to the power table in "Turbo: The Movie." The mysterious voice appears again and announcing the Mega Vehicles are activated. Mega V1 (Red Ranger's, a type of battloid), V2 (Black Ranger's, some kind of shuttle), V3 (Blue Ranger's, some kind of rocket), V4 (Yellow Ranger's, sort of a UFO), & V5 (Pink Ranger's, a type of hovercraft)! Ashley assumes Zordon must have hidden them there, in case of an emergency. Magic Voice counts down to liftoff, so the Rangers cut their awing of the Zords and slide on down the poles into the cockpits! The voice prompts them to insert key cards, and it's time for lift off. They slowly but surely get the hang of running these amazing new vehicles. Andros hops V1 on top of each of them, before getting and standing position on top of V3, Teej telling him to watch the paintjob. Astronema's back on her Dark Fortress, and spots them rocketing toward Earth. Instead of getting mad, she gets even by having Ecliptor send Mutantrus to attack V1! Which it does, throwing Andros off guard!
Andros gets V1 back under control, as Mutantrus falls to the moon's surface. V1 weapons mode is activated and Andros fires a barrage of missiles at Darkonda's spawn. Poor little monster whines a little, then throws a tantrum by pinning V1 against a lunar rock formation. V2 swings on in and fires Mutantrus off Red Ranger's vehicle, followed by the rest of the Mega V crew getting shots off at the nasty monster. TJ sets V3 down, and V1 jumps onto it. Riding it like a galaxy glider, Red Ranger unleashes all Mega V1's arsenal upon the creature and after swooping through on a charged up V3, Mutantrus blows up across the lunar landscape. That baddie over with, it's time to head to good old Earth. Alpha continues trying his robotic best to keep the Astro Megazord alive, but it's not enough as Darkonda continues to pull a Goldgoyle on the Zord. DECA's voice is fading fast, as power depletion nears it's final percentage. Meanwhile up in the sky, Cassie finds a transformation control switch. Andros goes for his, which initiates the Mega Voyager activation mode! All five vehicles transform into components, lock together and create a formidable Megazord. Darkonda is moving in for the kill on the Astro Mega, as energy levels hit Zero! Astro Megazord falls to the ground in a smoking pile of mess, but Alpha won't give up. He tries all he can, as Darkonda walks over laughing evilly. Suddenly, a silhouette outlined by the moon darts down to the surface, Mega Voyager online! It's primed and ready to do battle with the menacing villain. Darky is more than willing to trash yet another Megazord, but finds it's able to not only dodge his eye beam blasts, but to float at and kick him on over! Mega Voyager then proceeds to stomp up and down on Darkonda's chest, until he finally rolls out. Darky equips with his chains but find them no good on the extremely powerful Megazord. Mega V3 Missile Mode is initiated, and Voyager holds the rocket and adds it's energy to it as V3 fires a cannon force explosion at Darkonda, which erupts him into a flaming fireball! Finally victorious over this relentless villain, the Rangers cheer for themselves. Most of all they cheer for Alpha, who kept the Astro Megazord from getting complete demolished. Mega Voyager extends a hand and helps Astro Mega to it's feet.
Astro & Delta Megaships are docked in the hanger, being repaired by the finally-unmorphed-after-a-long-battle Ranger teens. Fixing and reconfiguring the circuitry is going to take weeks, maybe even months. Scanning abilities are also down, so the search for Zordon will have to wait. Poor DECA is still talking like HAL 9000 on a bad day, Andros' goes to repair her too. Everything on Earth is still surprisingly quiet since Astronema knows the Ranger team are only at half power. They feel uneasy about it, and work hard to restore things to normal. Elsewhere on the Dark Fortress, Ecliptor confirms that the Astro Megaship is at lowest power, so Astronema prepares to attack the vulnerable Earth. Elgar goes on and on about how much Darkonda rules, trashing the Rangers like he did, and how he'll be back. Ecliptor is extremely irritated by Elgar's big mouth and almost beats it shut. Astronema calls Ecliptor off as they go and plan their next move. Elgar brushes off his near fatal beating by Clippy.
[scenes from "True Blue To The Rescue"; end credits]

[first ten seconds never shown] Yellow Ranger falls to her doom over the railing in the Mega V base, the fall consisting of footage from "Invasion Of The Body Switcher"; Alpha giggles down the hallway insanely, also from "Invasion"; Ashley steps off a ladder and disappears; Quantrons march to a halt after a scene.

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