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Power Rangers In Space
"A Rift In The Rangers"
Original Air Date: 11/4/98 Based On:
Megaranger #40 - Kowai ze! Baddo na Onna-tachi
(Scary! The Bad Girls)
*6th Regular Season
(Same as the Season By Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-717
*33rd episode of PRiS
*283rd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz **AS** Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee **AS** Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Christopher Khayman Lee **AS** Andros (Red Ranger)
Justin Nimmo **AS** Zhane (Silver Ranger; voice only!)
Roger Velasco **AS** Carlos (Black Ranger)
Selwyn Ward **AS** T.J. (Blue Ranger)
Melody Perkins **AS** Astronema
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler **AS** Alpha 6
Wendee Lee **AS** Alpha 6 (voice)

Julie Kliewer **AS** D.E.C.A. (voice)
Walter Lang **AS** Ecliptor (voice)
Christopher Cho **AS** Dark Specter (voice)
Patrick David **AS** Psycho Red (voice)
Victoria Davis **AS** Psycho Pink (voice)
Kamera Walton **AS** Psycho Yellow (voice)


[Recap of "Dark Specter's Revenge 2," "Rangers Gone Psycho" & "Carlos On Call"]
Cassie is hard at work sweeping up around the Ranger's Jump Tubes, as nearby Ashley is finishing up eating on the table and about to go practice in the SimuDeck with Andros. Cassie is frustrated at being the Ranger Janitor, and gets on Ash's case for making another mess after she just finished cleaning up. Ash makes things worse by brushing crumbs onto the floor Cass just mopped. The two Ranger gals argue over the cleaning duties, with Cassie insulting Ashley for being a lazy pig. The argument heats up (Cassie's remark about Ash's acrylic nails is priceless), but gets quieted down when Carlos & TJ break it up. Angry at getting stuck as the maid while Ash plays the flirty slob, Cassie gives TJ the broom & storms off to her room.
[Darkened opening credits]
Dark Specter contacts Astronema on the Dark Fortress, sweating the fact someone is draining his powers, and she hasn't provided any leads (a scene was cut from "Carlos On Call" in which Specter first noticed his weaning powers). Dark Specter is showing signs of weakening, his body structure glowing more unstably red. Astronema plays off the power draining, which she is secretly behind, by saying she's tirelessly working on finding the traitor. He trusts his brainwashed princess of evil will succeed in this mission, and ends transmission. After he's off the screen, Astronema boasts to Ecliptor about things progressing smoothly and Specter being clueless, when Psycho Yellow enters the room. She's devised her own plan to take out the Rangers, but Astronema reminds her who's in charge here. Astronema already has plans of her own, and orders Yellow to follow them, or else. Psycho Yellow backs down from angering her master, and leaves. Astronema is pleased that soon, her Psycho mechanisms will terminate both the Rangers & Dark Specter in one twisted blow! In a stairwell somewhere, Psycho Pink hones her aim by shooting psycho arrows at the hearts of several cardboard targets made to look like Rangers. Psycho Yellow shows up, and the two talk about Astronema's plans. Yellow talks about Astrony's plans involving her getting all the glory, and leaving the Psychos out of it. Pink seems afraid to do anything but follow her master loyally, Yellow brings up she has her own ideas on how to get all the Rangers' powers for themselves, leaving Astronema out of it. They agree to team up to bring this scheme to fruition. On the Megaship, Cassie continues dusting away on the bridge, when Andros asks her to check up on the hyper rush converters. She loses it again, annoyingly noting System functions is Ashley's job this week. Cass points out to Carlos & Andros how clean the floor is, since that's her job this stressful week. TJ comes in, pulling along with him the stubborn Ashley. He forces the two female Rangers to sit down together, and talk this bickering through. Cass complains she's the only one cleaning, when Ash says they all take turns at doing the chores on the ship. TJ tries reminding them that they're best friends, and shouldn't keep acting like two year olds. He also mentions they've been living on the ship a long time, and for the most part cabin fever is setting in. Before he can get the point across, DECA informs them Pink Psycho is on Earth. The Rangers head down to investigate, leaving TJ to haul the embittered females off the chairs manually. The Rangers Morph down to Angel Grove, and are greeted with a flash of sparks by Psycho Pink & her army of Quantrons. She's there to capture a Ranger, and she means business!
It's your standard Quantron/ Ranger battle, our heroes taking on more than enough Q-Trons each. Pink Ranger, already a bit exhausted from cleaning up a storm, gets singled out & attacked by her Psycho counterpart. Psycho Yellow watches from afar, ready to use this distraction to her advantage. Cassie gets some assistance from TJ & Ashley in fighting Psycho Pink, whom quickly fires a blast, hitting TJ Square in the chest and sending him kissing the pavement! Ashley comforts him as best she can, but Cassie blames herself for her buddy getting hurt. This brief pause allows Psycho Pink to attack Cassie with some ever popular Psycho Lightning bolts, but when TJ & Ash try helping her up, she pushes them off knowing her twisted double's obsession lies only with her. Blue & Yellow Rangers jump into action with Megaweapons at Psy-Pink, whom blasts Blue away and stomps Yellow down on the ground. Suddenly, an old woman wanders onto the battle ground, confused from senility! Psycho Pink blasts at her, which Ashley is shocked to see. Yellow Ranger knocks Psycho Pink off, and goes to help the old woman, when the old bat shows her true colors by spouting electric bands which form handcuffs over Ashley's hands! The old woman stands revealed as Psycho Yellow, and prepares to take away her hostage. Psycho Pink is peeved, she was promised their prisoner would be Pink Ranger! Psycho Yellow then opens a Psy-Warp teleport-hole below herself & the chained Yellow Ranger. Cassie tries jumping after them to save her friend, but is too late as Ash is taken to who knows where! Pink Ranger vows to find her friend, as she kneels on the ground where her friend disappeared into. Psycho Pink still wants her Ranger counterpart anyway, but just as she goes to grab the grieving Cassie, the other Rangers finish off their Quantrons and stand to defend Pink Ranger. Andros pulls two Battlizer punches, and sends Psy-pink packing! Pink Ranger continues blaming herself for her friend's capture, thinking she should have never been so mean earlier. Andros helps her up, they've got to get back to the ship and try to find some way of locating Ashley.
Elsewhere in some dark cave, Yellow Ranger gets tossed into her makeshift cell. She tries fighting her Psycho double, but the Psycho-Shackles keep her from doing any good. Psycho Yellow then places her hand on Ashley's helmet and continues the brain drain she started in "Rangers Gone Psycho"! But before she can get the power siphon started, out of nowhere Psy-Yellow is blasted by a Psy-arrow from Psycho Pink's bow! She's mad over yellow's double crossing, thinking they were going to be a team in draining the Rangers. Psycho Yellow has other ideas, so the two female dopplegangers briefly duke it out. Psy-Pink breaks from fighting and plans to use Ashley as fodder for renegotiation of their deal. Lot of good that did, as Psycho Yellow blasts her Psy-partner in the face, damaging her eye visor & energy shield! This gives Yellow Ranger a chance to make a run for the opening in the cave wall, which leads to a long drop between two cliffs! On the Megaship, the Rangers use every device at their disposal to search for their lost teammate. Cassie is still sulking about overreacting about the cleaning thing, and now Ash is gone. TJ tells her not to sweat it, and Cassie gets up enough self confidence to help out in the DECA assisted search for Yellow Ranger. Speaking of which, down on Earth in some abandoned warehouse buildings, Ashley stumbles her way around, still locked at the wrists! She's being chased throughout the giant oil tanks and run-down factories by the two Psychos, and finally is cornered by Psy-Yellow. Of course, Psycho Pink can't have this, so she shows up and battles with her teammate. Ashley is given a chance to assess the situation, and spots some nearby dangerous chemical filled barrels, which she runs for and gets behind. She then taunts the Twisted twosome, which angers Pink, causing her to fire a blast that hits the cans of explosive materials! All three women are in ground zero, as the explosions go on a chain reaction, blowing up the entire building with them in the middle of it!
The building finishes going fireball, knocking Psycho Yellow out of it. She believe the others to be dead, and leaves, feeling victorious. Little does she know, Yellow Ranger Ashley barely makes her way out of the back of the place, survived but still shackled! This gives Psycho Pink an advantage, as she grabs & tosses Ash all the way from the slums of the city, into the park! She closes in for the kill on our beaten hero, when just in the nick of time, a series of energy bolts hit Psy-Pink, coming from Cassie on her Galaxy Glider! She swings low and grabs onto Ashley's chained hands and drags her to safety. The two reunite happy to see one another, all the squabbles of the past forgotten. The other Rangers are also there, as TJ breaks off the Psy-cuffs with his Astro Ax. Ready to fight together as a team against this insane villain, the Power Ranger makes their stand and get fired upon. It's ladies night, so the feeling's right for Pink & Yellow Rangers to double team Psycho Pink in some powerful punches! As they get fired back, Ashley notices the damage in Psy-Pink's visor, and gets a plan which she tells Cass about. Now, Yellow Ranger jumps at the menace, and gets her in a hold, calling for Cass to use her Satellite Stunner attached to her Astro Blaster! Cassie fires at Psycho Pink's weak spot, and to top it off, Ashley uses her Battle Blade Arm on the weak spot, causing the Psycho Ranger to burst into sparks and smoke! Too easy a victory? You betcha, as Psycho Pink sheds her armor to reveal her true form, that of a giant deadly flower-like monster! On the Dark Fortress, Astronema learns of what Psycho Pink is up to, and lets it go on anyway, knowing this will surely do some intense draining of Dark Specter! Arms too small to box with the monster, Cassie calls for Mega Voyager to link up and come on down, which it does. Psycho Pink begins to take out some rage on the Voyager, knocking it down and stomping on it's hull. Her powers are too great to battle alone, her tentacles doing a bit of damaged as is. Luckily for our heroes, they have an ace up their sleeves, as Zhane swoops down from the sky in his Mega Winger! Where's Silver Ranger been? No one knows, but he's there when they need him for sure. Mega Winger transforms and the Rangers team up on the monster, which doesn't seem to be helping much. Her breath blast knocks down the Voyager, and Winger's blaster gets swiped and used on it's owner! The Mega Voyager gets back up and blocks the attacks with it's rarely used shield, when Zhane devises a plan to keep the tentacles busy with Mega Winger as the Rangers use all available energy on powering up the Mega V3 Missile. Cassie does some heavy typing at her keyboard control center, helping to scrounge up enough energy to pull off this attack. Things finally succeed, Psycho Pink going Psycho Poof in a puff of Ranger made fire & smoke! The Mega Megas stand victorious, one down, four to go!
On the Dark Fortress, Astronema points out to the remaining Psychos what happens when one of them tries taking on the Rangers without her permission. Psycho Red chalks Pink's defeat up to them not attacking as a group, but Astronema assures them they do it her way, or else next time they try making their own plan, she'll destroy them herself! As she exits the room, she gives her trusted aide Ecliptor a sly wink, as though to say she's baiting the Psychos into breaking order and to continue excessive draining of Dark Specter! Finally, on the Megaship, the Rangers are finishing up their meals at the table, happy to have Ashley back, and happy to have one less Psycho. Carlos thinks they can figure out the Psychos next move, so he & the guys head to the bridge, but get stopped by TJ to watch the girls. Cass is trying to be her normal clean freak self, but Ashley won't let her and refuses not to do the cleaning for once. They intensely bicker about over who's gonna clean the mess, when TJ puts his foot down. The guys will reluctantly do the cleaning up, the girls say nothing to stop them. The two walk off, and upon spotting the guys beginning to do their chores, they high five & put their arms around each other. The two good friends fooled the guys perfectly into doing the dirty work for a change!
[scenes from "Five Of A Kind"; end credits]

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