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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Silent Sleep"
Title Shot
Original Air Date:4/17/99 Featuring Footage & Most Story Elements From:
Gingaman #20 - - Hitori no Tatakai (The One-Man Battle)
*Regular Season 6 Continues (7th Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-811
*11th episode of PRLG
*304th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Jill Donnellan Director: Blair Treu
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Magna Defender (voice)
Derek Stephen Prince _AS_ Treacheron (voice)
Tony Robinson _AS_ Chillyfish (voice)

Sentai Scene


[scenes from "Quasar Quest Part 2" & "The Magna Defender"]
Scenic Terra Venture. Inside a horse ranch, Maya is tending to the horses. I mean, what is she going to do? She hasn't been given a focus episode yet or anything. Damon and Leo are walking up to her, and she's happy to see them, since she needs one of them to exercise a horse. Both guys try slipping away and getting out of there, but she tells them to flip a coin for it. Damon pulls Leo aside and begs him to do it, and he'll cook dinner for the night. Leo tells him a week, so reluctantly it's deal (hopefully Kai's been giving lessons). The decision is made, and Damon mocks Leo by calling him Maya's cowboy for the job. Once out of the stables, Leo mounts his white horse. Taking it easy, but as quickly as he hops on, the crazy horse takes off!
[opening credits]
The white horse races forward and it's too much for the untrained Leo, who gets thrown off to the ground. Damon & Maya rush over to see if he's alright, which he is, just dirty. Damon makes fun of his riding skills, when Leo realizes he lost his brother's dogtags. They've landed nearby, and he picks them up from the dirt, brushing them off and putting them back around his neck. Damon tells Leo he should have seen the look on his face, when Maya threatens to make him go next, he wisely shuts up. Later on what Terra Venture calls night, all the lights aboard the ship are dimmed from an outside view. Inside, creature of the day Chillyfish lands atop a building under gaze of a nearby moon. People are still wandering the streets and driving around on their Venture Vehicles, unaware of the monster above. He takes off his mushroom-like hat and throws it across the skyline, it sprays millions of tiny needles down toward the citizens!

They're frozen in their tracks, literally, as they fall to the ground in a cold sleep. The needles strike all over the space colony, freezing even those inside buildings and other areas. The computer system is also effected, it's freezing and shutting down! Commander Stanton makes a cameo, helpless to fix the problem shutting down Terra Venture's engines and life support! Some lady lies on the ground, with her dog confusingly poking at her clammy body. The Power Rangers are all Morphed up, racing down the darkened streets on foot, to investigate. They find a group of victims unconscious on the pavement, wondering what happened to them. The answer comes with Alpha, whom contacts via Transmorpher, announcing the Chillyfish monster (finally displaying some monster-naming usage, are ya Alphy?) is freezing Terra Venture, and coming their way! They have only seconds to dodge as Chilly's saucerhead swoops in and fires ice needles at the Rangers. Green Ranger whips out his Quasar Saber and bounces as many as he can off, the Rangers recover quick enough to chase it down the street. The hat is back with it's owner, Chillyfish, who's ready to make them rejoin their colony in Captain America slumberland. They won't have that happen, so Red Ranger leaps into action with Chilly, flame-powering up his Quasar Saber into a Light Saber-esque mode (sound effects included). Chilly's got his own little sword powered up, striking Leo faster than he can react to. Chill finishes this off with blowing a needle from his mouth, striking Red in the neck! He falls down, the Rangers rush to his side, and Chillyfish starts spitting icicles at all of their necks as well. Each one of our heroes are struck, and the Chillster makes his cool getaway. Red Ranger is back on his feet too late to stop him, but turns around to witness his friends collapse, suffering from what's effecting the colony!
Terra Venture continues floating powerless, as inside Leo helps his frost-stricken friends make it to the Astro Megaship bridge. Alpha is waiting for him, but even he's covered in icicles and succumbing to Chillyfish's spell. The frozen pale Rangers lie on the floor, Alpha given them thermal blankets before he himself shuts down into a poor-robot's cryosleep! Leo thinks back to the fight, and realizes why he didn't turn into an ice cube, the needle struck his brother Mike's dogtags! Saved by only a bent piece of metal, he rushes around to his Jet Jammer and then Astro Cycle. Both, like all machines, have shut down and are in desperate need of some antifreeze! Chillyfish is finishing off icing the rest of the colony with his sombrero of doom, time to search for the Lights Of Orion! Over on the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius sends his best General Treacheron to continue with the plan and get over there to find that elusive source of great power. As Treach leaves, Trakeena intercepts him, asking to come with. She flirtingly calls him a big strong warrior, but he's worried if she goes, her father will have his head. Trakeena says he won't know if neither of them tell him, so they make a deal on an evil handshake. Soon on Terra Venture, Leo searches around the ship, finding countless amounts of sleeping civilians. In one of the Venture Vehicles, he notices some guy's pet bird is fully awake. Before he can ponder this further, Chillyfish's hat comes swinging down the street, and the Omega Man goes after it (Charlton Heston joke, there). It leads him to Treacheron, some Stingwingers and Trakeena in battle armor. Treach spots him, and sends Stingys to attack and make sure he doesn't get in their way. Leo leaps atop the Stingwing's shoulders, running across them and Going Galactic in a midair flip. As he is coming down with his Quasar Saber, Trakeena stands in his path. Treacheron gets in the way of this slice to the princess, but it pushes him backwards and knocking Trakeena to the ground. Treacheron & Red begins dueling, Treach tells Trakeena to get back to the Scorpion Stinger. She doesn't want to leave the action, but he releases a blast of teleportational energy, and she's returned home armorless. Red Ranger continues saber-fighting with Treacheron, as Stingwingers approach to uneven the odds. He holds Treach off for a second, pulling out his Transblaster and firing some blasts to eliminate the buggybaddies. More slicing and dicing, finally Treacheron is beginning to lose to the lone Ranger. He makes a break for it, the Lights Of Orion must be around there somewhere.
Red Ranger returns his Saber to his belt, when he spots a shadow of someone running behind a building. Leo rushes after it to see who else wasn't frozen, and ends up confronting the person in a park area. It's the Magna Defender, he's holding out his handy little Orion box, as a ball of light gently floats from the sky into it. Magny appears to have finally retrieved the Lights Of Orion! Red Ranger goes over to him, asking for Defendy to give him the lights to use to unfreeze the colony. Magna Defender brushes him off, trying to fulfill his mission to destroy Scorpius at last. Leo pleads with him that the all of the people onboard will die soon if he doesn't help, but Magny just pulls out his Magna Blaster enough to strike Red in the stomach! Leo's not going to let him get away with the one thing that can possibly save all of those lives who depend on him, and unsheathes his Saber to battle his one time ally. Magna Defender pulls out his Blaster, and warns Leo if he thinks he won't hurt him, he's wrong.
The showdown continues, both have their weapons drawn. Magna tells him to step aside, but when Red Ranger doesn't, he fires his Magna Blaster. Leo leaps over the blast and over Magny, attacking with his Quasar Saber in rapid succession enough to cause Defendy to lose the box. Leo's able to distract the Defender with some well placed blows, and jumps toward the falling box. Just after he grabs the Orion box midair, Magna Defender strikes Red Ranger with his Magna Saber, causing him to drop it. They continue heatedly sparring, Red Ranger is pinned against a tree as Magna tells him he's weak for letting his heart guide him, he lets nothing stand in his way. Leo still stands strong in his role of savior of everybody on the colony, firing at Magny with his Transblaster. Little capgun does nothing to the mighty Defender, who returns fire with his big ol' rifle blaster, sending Red Ranger ground bound. Leo tries crawling over to the box of Lights, but is fired in the back by the trigger-happy Defender. One more round is unloaded on Red, this time blowing open the box, releasing the Lights back into the sky. Magny is peeved, taking off after the ball of light. Leo licks his wounds, trying to think of another way to unfreeze TerraV. He notices a black rabbit scurry across the park, which reminds him of the bird and dog from earlier. He realizes Chilly's spell didn't effect animals, so he has an idea to reach Chillyfish before he can get away. He demorphs and goes to the ranch, spotting the white horse racing around by itself. He approaches the wild creature with a harness, reasoning with it by admitting he can't ride, but he needs it's help. The horse runs around uncontrollably, Leo finally gives up hope and sinks into despair. The horse finally comes to a halt behind him, letting him get close enough to harness it and hop on it's back. It takes some getting used to, but Leo is able to get the handle of things enough to have the horse leap the fence and gallop into battle.
Chillyfish has swiped his own steed, racing after the Lights Of Orion in the fields of the frozen space colony. Once he gets his hands on it, the ball of light shatters, turning out to be a fake! No time to cry, Leo is trotting towards him, Morphing on horseback gives his horse matching headgear and saddle! Then, a jousting battle begins, Sabers striking on the first pass. Red Ranger rides up alongside Chilly and they combat at close range. The horses limiting the action, both hop off and duel in the fields. After darting past Leo with both their swords drawn, Chillyfish drops his and explodes! Upon falling down, it's revealed he was taken out by Magna Defender's Zika Dart. He's disappointed the lights were a decoy, and complains of Leo ruining his plan. Red Ranger apologizes, because it's cut short by Chillyfish growing to massive size. Magna Defender has Torozord come charging in, and before you know it, the ground opens up and here comes da bull! Magny has his trusty bovine transform him into Mega mode, growing to take on Chillyfish. He uses his Defender Daggers to inflict some pain, before asking Chill to tell him what he knows of the Orion Lights and he'll spare him. The monster loses his cool and gives Magny the cold shoulder! They fight some more, before Defender Torozord transform is initiated. Magny hops inside his Zord, and together they spin around and give Chillyfish one burn he'll never forget. Chilly defrosted, Terra Venture responds in kind, as everyone aboard wakes out of their cold sleep. The Rangers as well, awakening to see Red Ranger atop his Lion Galactabeast on the Megaship viewscreen. He asks if they're okay, and Damon says they are thanks to him.
Inside the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena overhears Treacheron groveling before Scorpius. He's threatening Treach for taking his beloved daughter into battle, but Treachy tells him she followed without his permission. The sniveling General is let to live, but upon exiting Scorpius' chambers, Trakeena greets him quite unhappy about their deal being broken. He says he was just trying to save his own neck, but Trakeena grabs hold of him and tells him he needs to worry about his back first. She stands there after he shuffles off, plotting whatever it is she's plotting in that insectious head of hers. On Terra Venture, Magna Defender is strutting off to continue his mission to find the Lights Of Orion, when Red Ranger approaches. He wishes to thank him for helping out, but Magny proclaims he was only doing it to destroy one of Scorpius' monsters. Leo mentions he saved the whole colony, but Magna Defender tells him that while Leo may want so much to believe there is goodness left inside of him, his heart died the day Scorpius killed his son, only darkness remains. Red Ranger will never stop believing there's goodness in him, and that no one can live in darkness forever. Magna Defender walks away, his theme music blaring once again.
[scenes from "Orion Rising"; end credits]

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