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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Orion Returns"
Title Shot
Original Air Date:5/8/99 Based On:
Gingaman #23 - - Soudatsu no Hate (Struggle's End)
*Regular Season 6 Continues (7th Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-813
*13th episode of PRLG
*306th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Julie Maddalena _AS_ D.E.C.A. (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Magna Defender (voice)
Derek Stephen Prince _AS_ Treacheron (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Destruxo (voice)
Nancy Van Iderstine _AS_ Impostra (voice)

Sentai Scene


[scenes from "The Magna Defender", "Sunflower Search", & "Silent Sleep"]
Whatever passes for Nighttime on Terra Venture is in progress, Maya is asleep in her hammock. Her jungle like windchimes or whatever begins to stir mysteriously, causing her to awaken. She hops out of her hanging bed and disturbs Kendrix's peaceful slumber. They make themselves quickly presentable, and rush over to the Power Pad, ringing the doorbell. Kai slips on his GSA shirt (is that mandatory or something?) and answers it, Maya informing them all she had a dream. Damon also had a dream, until he was so rudely woken up. She leaves them all confused as to what the importance of the dream was, when she hears a noise. Walking over to the windows, suddenly a great ball of light floats by. Needless to say, the good old Lights Of Orion are back! The Ranger teens heed the day, err, night and run off to chase the elusive power source.
[opening credits]
Over on the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena spots the Lights of Orion via the viewscreen. Treacheron just happens to walk up behind her, stating he's located said Lights. She gets snippy about his so called "locating," still bitter over his backstabbing her some time ago. Scorpius sends Treacheron out to retrieve the Orion Lights, and once he does, he will rule the universe alongside the slimey master of evil. Not far away, the heavily unguarded Astro Megaship departs Terra Venture with the Rangers inside of it. They begin to catch up to the Lights Of Orion, when the Megaship is blasted at by the Scorpion Stinger! It's tail whips around, firing off energy blasts at the Astro Megaship under orders by Treacheron. This bombardment is enough to knock the engines offline, giving DECA her first line in months. The Lights are getting away from our heroes, leading Leo to come up with their last hope, the Jet Jammers. The Rangers ditch the rundown Megaship, leaping & Morphing into the seats of the Jammers, before taking off after the Lights. The five Ranger space vehicles race toward the Scorpion Stinger, swooping underneath it's snakey surface. They seem to do no good in sneaking under the baddies' detection with this move, as Treach orders a squadron of Stingwingers to fly out after the Rangers.
Stingwingers fast approaching, the Jet Jamming Rangers begin to flank the bugboys, while Red Ranger proceeds to keep chasing the Orion Lights. The Rangers fire off their usual rounds of laser blasts, exterminating outer space with relative ease. Damon once again proves to be the tormented one of this season as one Stingy hops on his back, literally, and nobody's around to help pick it off him. Luckily, Leo swoops back around, drives through the Stingwinger, and casually flicks him off his hood on the way back around. The Rangers regroup, Leo informing them the Lights Of Orion are headed towards Terra Venture. The Jet Jammers tail the Lights back to the Forest Dome, land of plotholes a plenty (and as far as I can figure, part-Mirinoi. But can they tell us that? Oh, no). Treacheron sends his trusty lackey Destruxo to go after the Lights Of Orion once again, which the supposedly indestructible monster rushes off to do. The Lights are stationary somewhere on the Forest Dome, causing massive winds to whip all about the unexplained landscape. The Rangers are right behind Destruxo, Red engaging him with a Magna Talon while trying to keep him from catching those slippery Lights. Nearby, Magna Defender, still weakened for reasons even he doesn't know, spots the Lights, hoping to reclaim them to destroy Scorpius. He collapses in pain, a faint heartbeat can be heard in the background during this scene, a subtly from Gingaman that was missing in the previous episode. He still presses on, clasping his chest, and going after those freaking Lights. His competitors for them are busy in battle, the Rangers getting sliced like crazy by Destruxo while the winds bare down around them. The Transdaggers' various modes are used in an attempt to damage Destruxo, but the Rangers never learn the obvious. None of it does any good, he slashes them down and takes off after Orion's Lights again. This time, the persistent monster makes it to the hover ball of power, pulling out a jar/urn with which he's able to capture them!
Meanwhile on the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena is not happy with the possibility of Treacheron getting extra power from her father. She discusses her concerns with Impostra, whom will get the Lights before Treach can. Given that Destruxo's only going to give them to the Treachster, it's a good thing Impostra is a shape-shifter! She transforms herself into an exact double of Treacheron, voice & all, ready to nab those Orion Lights for Trakeena (but what is SHE getting out of this, eh?). Destruxo races down the beach area of the Forest Dome (this place gets more MacGuffin-like every day), when he's struck in the back with the Defender Dart! Magna Defender wants that Jar of Orion, weakened or not, he's gonna sword fight to retrieve it. The fight lasts but a moment, when Impostron gangs up on him and causes Magny to get thrown off a cliff (Déjà vu, eh Defendy?). Destruxo is surprised to see his master there, not aware dude is like a lady! Impostron tells Destruxo they should take this someplace a little more secure, leaving the beach. Magna Defender pulls himself up on the rocky cliff, damaged but as determined as ever to get those Lights. Inside a cave under the Forest Dome Waterfalls (looking for a new world? They've already got one built right into the space colony, it seems!) Destruxo presents his fake master with the Jar of Orion. Impostron is pleased, telling him Scorpius will be pleased as well that he did something no other monster could. First, they must be tested on some warrior, Destruxo is more than willing to be the guinea pig of Orion. Impostron agrees, and gives him some beads with a snake head on them as a token of appreciation for bravery. He stupidly accepts them, and takes off to begin his beta run of Orion. The Power Rangers are actively searching for Destruxo, and bump into him, unfortunately for them. He prepares to activate the Lights Of Orion, ready to test their awesome power on his heroic enemies!

Orion-Powered Destruxo
Destruxo unseals the jar, the Lights Of Orion quickly bond to his evil form. The Rangers watch in horror was power courses throughout his already indestructible body. Magna Defender stumbles toward the scene, too late to stop what he feared most. Destruxo's Orion makeover finishes, his body adorning beefed-up armor and a nasty claw. He whips out his charged up saber, and fires off a charged heat blast at our stunned heroes! They're sent tumbling down the hill through the wooded area. Destruxo figures they're done for, and proceeds to continue his power check as Magna Defender ponders how to regain the Lights. He suddenly spots Treacheron, or rather Impostron picking up the Jar Destruxo dropped and gloating about her plan going perfectly. The facade is over, Impostra returns to her normal busty form.
Meanwhile, the Rangers have run out of room to roll and are demorphed. They struggle to their feet, but before they can get a chance to regain their composure, Stingwingers rush them! The five insomniacs put up as good of a fight as they can, but ultimately they get their Ranger Rumps handed to them by the bug-eyed uglies. Destruxo tries out his saber flame attack, this time scorching a line throughout the entire forest! The Rangers, and even Stingwingers are knocked over by the sheer force of this fire wall. Over on the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena tries telling daddy dearest about Treacheron's treachery. He doesn't believe a word of it, as Treach is his best General yet. Treacheron is called into before Scorpius, questioned on the location of the Lights Of Orion. He doesn't know, and when the view screen shows Destruxo burning down the dome, he's flabbergasted as to where his monster got such power. Trakeena accuses him of ordering his monster to steal the power for himself, and Scorpius doesn't even let Treach get a word in edgewise before having him carted off to jail. Trakeena swipes his sword, and chuckles evilly, Treacheron professing innocence as the Stingwingers take him away, ha ha!
Back to the action, Destruxo's flame wave bares down upon the Ranger teens, but luckily are able to Morph just as it engulfs the area around them. They rush out toward him, ready to fight impossible odds. He's enjoying his Orion boost a bit too much, striking them down with Saber blasts left & right. The Rangers pull together and pull out Quasar Launchers, energy launching some bolts right back at him. He just brushes them off, and continues slowly walking in their direction. The five chosen ones focus one final full power energy launch at him, which does stop him, but only for a second. He raises his saber into the air, ready to inflict the deathstroke, when the snake beads spew out toxic smoke in his face! He's shocked by this turn of events, and the culprit behind them sits revealed atop a tree, Impostra! He should have known it was her, as she thanks him for getting the Lights Of Orion for her. He's not going to give his precious new powers up just yet, but she clutches the jar, ready to take them from him. The jar is shattered into shards by a surprise blast from Magna Defender! He's not letting either of them possess those Lights, and when Impostra tells him to butt out, he Magna Blasts her out of the tree! Falling to the ground, she cuts her losses and teleports away. Magny faces Destruxo once again, not really caring the monster has an intensive power boost. Skill claims the day, as the Defender does his charged up Saber slice flip attack, striking Destruxo. This causes Destruxo's armor to fade away in a flash, as the Lights Of Orion revert to glowing ball form and hover in the horizon once again. Magna Defender sprints off after them, but the Rangers stand in his way. Leo's not going to let the rage & anger filled Defender gain their incredible powers, but one quick Magna Blast by the unstoppable Defender sends the Rangers sparking on their way ground-bound.
As the Rangers recover from his attack, Magna Defender races to the Lights Of Orion. He proclaims to them he wishes to use their power to have revenge on Scorpius, the Rangers sure if he gains them he'll destroy anything and everyone to get this vengeance. They have to destroy the Lights if needed be, so they whip out the Quasar Launchers once again, aiming to the ball of light. Magny threatens to destroy them if they try it, when the Orion ball pulsates with energy! It suddenly begins to float over the group of Rangers, shining above the surprised heroes. Magna Defender watches in dismay and awe as the Rangers realize the Lights Of Orion have chosen them, as they should only be used for good. No mentioning of ties between the Quasar Powers and the lights, unfortunately. Opportunity missed on this one. Another brick in the wall, there, I say. Anyway, the Rangers extend their hands toward the sphere of power, embracing the magnitude of energy flowing through it. Upon touching the Lights Of Orion, lighting bolts spout about, striking Magna Defender needlessly. In a sudden wave of light and power, the Rangers find themselves with several armor upgrades along their arms, legs and even Quasar Sabers! Magna Defender still wants them, but the souped-up Power Rangers aren't handing these babies over to anyone. Destruxo goes through Orion withdrawal, racing out at the Orion Rangers, wanting his power source back. The Rangers power up, their arm gauntlet-claws expanding outwards, as they rush toward Destruxo. The Rangers suddenly power up into a singular ball of Orion power, shooting straight through Destruxo and reemerging out the other side. After the longest battle of their careers, Destruxo explodes into nothingness thanks the help of the Lights Of Orion! The Rangers pose with their new powers, and suddenly demorph. The Lights Of Orion hover above once again, before splitting up into five parts, forming with each Rangers' Transmorpher. They admire the fruits of their long awaited labor, as Magna Defender stumbles away, having failed at his 3000 year old mission. Over on the Scorpion Stinger, Treacheron gets tossed in a jail cell, vowing revenge on whoever framed him. Little does he know, Trakeena, the mastermind of his imprisonment stands a few feet away, laughing her evil butt off.
[scenes from "Shark Attack"; end credits]

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