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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Redemption Day"
Title Shot
Original Air Date:5/22/99 Based On:
Gingaman #25 - - Kuro Kishi no Ketsui (Decision Of The Black Knight)
*Regular Season 6 Finale (7th Season by Series continues)
*Official Network Show Number PR-815
*15th episode of PRLG
*308th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike Corbett
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Heide Karp _AS_ Alpha 6
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Magna Defender (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)
Ryan James _AS_ Zika (voice)
Blake Torney _AS_ Freaky Tiki (voice)

Sentai Scene


[scenes from "Orion Returns" & "Shark Attack"]
Alarms blaze on the Scorpion Stinger, as the slippery ship of evil has sprung a leak! It's spouting fuel out into outer space in a stream, and all the creatures inside are in a state of panic. Trakeena comes running to her father, and Scorpius begins giving orders on how to shut down the power drain. This stops the leak, but they're still losing energy. Trakeena doesn't want the ship to reach empty, as it would mean the whole thing would drift off into deep space and freeze. Scorpius doesn't want a frigid daughter, and has a plan on where to gas up! Meanwhile, over on Terra Venture, Leo & Maya are driving around in one of the Venture Vehicles. She remarks about how much the Mountain Dome reminds her of Mirinoi. Now, this goes to prove there are a few domes in which the Rangers have been doing battle. The Forest Dome and the Mountain Dome at the least. She SHOULD be noticing how they remind her of Mirinoi, as artifacts and other sources of power found on her home world have mysteriously shown up there this season! Anyway, they're driving out of said dome, through the corridor passageway, Leo telling a story of his young self climbing a tree and breaking a branch. Maya isn't paying any attention, and when he notices, she tells him to stop the car. They then hop out, Leo confused as to why she's acting she's on another world. She inches over to the surrounding windows, when pops up the Scorpion Stinger right outside Terra Venture! It begins charging up it's tail, ready to fire, Leo pushes Maya out of the way.
[opening credits]
Leo pushes Maya along, as she's acting like a Mirinoi Deer caught in a torchlight! They start running for their lives, as the Scorpion Stinger fires off a tail blast at the Mountain Dome entryway. Up in Command Headquarters, the computers sound that they're under attack and losing atmosphere in the Mountain Dome. Kai informs Commander Stanton, who orders the airlocks be closed. They do as programmed, nobody knowing Maya & Leo are running toward the closing airlocks as they're being chased by a firestorm! The Scorpion Stinger fires off again at Terra Venture, rocking the whole colony, and knocking Maya & Leo forward closer to the exit. The fire still backdrafting it's way upon them, they barely make it through as the airlocks slam shut behind them and the flames engulf the Mountain Dome corridor. The Scorpion Stinger breaks off attack, having succeeded in isolating the Mountain Dome. It then approaches said Dome, and attaches a laser beam that begins siphoning off energy from Terra Venture. It's draining the entire space colony, and everyone at Command H.Q. becomes aware of this. Stanton orders exterior portals secured, so Kai & Kendrix rush off in the commotion. They're met by the other three Ranger teens, Maya mentioning how Scorpius destroyed the passages to the Mountain Dome. Damon explains the colony has about two or three hours remaining before their power is draining completely and the whole place is dead! The Rangers have to act fast, and that they do, running off to try to save the day. Around the corner, Magna Defender overheard everything, and knows Scorpius is finally within his reach. Now is the time to crush the slimy mastermind once and for all!
Inside of the Mountain Dome, Magna Defender's gotten inside and is plotting his ultimate revenge. He'll avenge his son by destroying the Dome, thereby destroying Scorpius! He links up with his Torozord, into Defender Torozord mode. He then begins feeding intense power into a mountaintop, creating a massive energy pit that resembles a volcano. Over in the Astro Megaship docking bay, the Rangers are greeted by Alpha 6 who lets them know what Magna Defender is up to. His scheme is to cause a meltdown in the Mountain Dome will not only kill Scorpius, but take the entire space station of Terra Venture with it! The Rangers rush off to try to stop him, leaving Alpha in an Ay-yi-yi mood. Defender Torozord is unleashing more power via it's power staff into the pit. Vengeance may soon be at hand, if not for the Galaxy Megazord appearing a few feet away. Red Ranger tries pleading with the former Ranger ally, but Magna won't be swayed from his goals. When the Megazord tries using force to prevent Torozord from feeding anymore power into the pit, Defender lashes out on the Rangers! Scorpius is wise to what his old enemy is trying to do, and calls forth a monster to go down and shake things up. Up from the bowls of the Stinger comes Freaky Tiki, i've never seen a more appropriately named monster.

Freaky Tiki
The whacked out tribesman is excited to be picked, and teleports down the Mountain Dome, ready to stop Magna Defender from stopping Scorpius from refueling! The Galaxy Megazord gets tossed aside long enough for Defender Torozord to charge up the staff again. It prepares to unload an intense power surge into the pit, when the power subsides. Suddenly, the Torozord returns to it's normal state, throwing Magna Defender from inside it! The Rangers exit their Megazord, to witness the Magna Defender having been rejected by his own Zord! He doesn't understand why his old friend would do something like this, but the bullfaced Zord stomps off in disgust to Magny's passion of payback. Defendy is so stunned by this, Freaky Tiki gets the teleported drop on him, shoving it's tikispear into his back! The Rangers react to this quickly, Red Ranger rushes toward the monster, dodging explosive feathers thrown at him. One swipe with his Quasar Saber gets Tiki off of Magna Defender for the time being. The others regroup around Magna & Leo, holding off the monster while Red Ranger gets the Defender to safety. Freaky Tiki happily hops into battle with the Rangers, while Leo & Magny stumble off for shelter. They don't get far before Stingwingers teleport in and swarm on the duo. Red Ranger valiantly fights against the buggy baddies, his short time as a Ranger showing the skills a long honed warrior. The weakened Defender is almost taken by surprise by a Stingy, but Leo is able to stop him while continuing to beat the odds of being outnumbered by drones. Soon enough, a Quasar Saber slice clips all their wings, and Leo stands victorious.
Magna Defender mentions Red Ranger is weak for defending him after all the evil he's done lately. He remarks that fighting for good is futile, and that Leo is a lot like his brother. Leo is stirred by the mention of his brother Mike, and learns that Magna Defender knows him all too well! It seems that as we have heard, 3000 years ago, Treacheron took Magny by surprise and knocked him into a crevice. There he lay weak & imprisoned, until one day, the crevice reopened and Mike Corbett fell through. Magna Defender threw his Magna Saber across the chasm and was able to snag Mike before he feel into the fires below. Unable to reach the unconscious Mike and powerless as it was, Magna Defender reverted into energy form and stole Mike's spirit by switching life forces with him! The two became one, and Magna Defender was able to teleport on out of the hole in the ground at last. Red Ranger questions this decision more, and learns Magny needed his brother's strength to emerge from the crevice to obtain his revenge on Scorpius. Mike is still alive inside of him, and weights heavy on his heart whenever he lets hatred take control. Mike's goodness is tearing the Defender's need to revenge, his need for even being, apart! Magna Defender tells Leo his brother will be lost forever unless he destroys him!
The Scorpion Stinger continues to drain energy from Terra Venture via the Mountain Dome, as inside Magna Defender pleads with Leo to put him out of their misery. The only way to regain his long lost bro is to kill him, Magna Defender pulls out his Saber and takes a swipe at Red Ranger, trying to make it easier for him by calling it self-defense. Leo still refuses to raise his Quasar Saber to destroy the Defender. When he became a Power Ranger he vowed for fight evil, and the Magna Defender is not evil in the least. He won't hurt him, and he believes neither would Mike. Red Ranger runs off, Magna Defender collapses wanting an end to all this. He remembers a time when he had honor like Leo, a time when his son Zika was still alive. He flashes back to when he gave his son the Defender Dart, his son wanting one day to grow up and fight evil like he does. Magny calls him his little warrior, but the flashback switches to Zika's final moments of defending, being struck down by Scorpius while trying to help his father. This scene of Zika dropping the dart upon dying still aches upon his ageless spirit. Meanwhile, the Rangers still take on Freaky Tiki, getting the sparks beat out of them. Red Ranger returns to his teammates and after giving Tiki a good thrashing, the Rangers reunite to call for the Lights Of Orion to activate. Once the Orion Armor has formed all along their body and Sabers, the Rangers race towards Freaky Tiki, Powering Up into Orion Light Mode. They come together as a streaking ball of light, ripping through Tiki and coming out the other side. Tiki goes down, but not out for the count. He's a tough village idiot, but he tells the witch doctor he's not in love with them by growing to Zord stomping size! The Rangers reform the Galaxy Megazord, and once it's ready, their green arm gems light up and power up the whole shebang. The Galaxy Megazord gets it's own Orion Armor upgrade, and is ready to show Tiki what kind of voodoo it does do so well. They fight Saber to spear, the Megazord grabbing Tiki by it's face and throwing it near the power pit (proving that his face is not a mask, at least). No plunging into the fiery depths, the Galaxy Megazord Saber unleashes some of it's increased Orion power on Freaky Tiki. Tiki smashes into nothingness, but his spear gets to take the dive into the makeshift volcano after he's gone. Knowing the Rangers are coming for him next, Scorpius has his daughter disconnect the power draining and get the Scorpion Stinger out of there. The ship takes off, likely still suffering from low fuel. Gives them something to Gingaize next season, I suppose.
The Rangers hop out of the Megazord, and rush to the power pit, which unleashes a wave of feedback against them. Alpha informs his new pals the pit is reaching critical mass, and is gonna blow at any minute. The Rangers can't let this happen, and press on against the ever unstable environment surrounding the mountain. Fire spews out at them, the heat turning up in more ways than one. They preserver, continuing trying to reach the core to stop it. Magna Defender is nearby viewing their courage, their need and desire to risk their lives to save the lives of others. He thinks back to a time when he would have done the same thing. The Rangers catch too much energy smashing them, and suddenly demorph on the mountainside. Magna Defender knows the days of his selflessness are long gone, replaced by lust for revenge. He once again sees his son Zika just moments before death, and realizes just how much he's failed his child. Zika's voice suddenly appears, as does what Magna Defender views to be his dead son walking towards him holding flowers in his hand. Zika tells him he can't let evil win, and he must save the colony. Magny fights past the disbelief on this not being his son, and asks him how he can save a whole colony when he couldn't even save his own son. He tells him he's no longer the warrior he once was, that man died the day he did. Zika still believes that side of him exists deep inside, and if he fights for what's right he'll honor his memory and they'll always be together. Zika hands his father the flowers before walking away, asking him to please do what is right. Magna Defender shouts for him not to go, but his son disappears and the harsh reality returns. Magna Defender knows now what he must do, he staggers off behind some rocks and his armor begins cracking and shattering a bit. The depowered Rangers still proceed in climbing the flaming mountain, ready to give up their lives if it means to save the thousands other on the space station. Magna Defender halts them, saying only he can render the energy in the pit harmless. It was created out of his anger toward Scorpius, and he alone must quell this long raging fire. Leo tries to prevent him from sacrificing himself, but Magna Defender tosses his Saber at the Rangers, creating a forcefield around all five of them! They can do nothing but watch as Magna Defender slowly walks up the mountain slope. He parts them with words for Leo, about not worrying about his brother. Torozord approaches, letting out sounds of dismay. Magna Defender tells his old friend this is where they must say good-bye, as this mission is one he has to do alone. Magna Defender continues to brace the power waves being let off by the pit, but marches on toward his destiny. The Rangers & Torozord witness in horror the Defender's bravery. He approaches the core of the flames, and grasping the flowers still in his hand, he begins to envision himself walking the mountaintop hand in hand with his son. Defender thanks his son for showing him goodness was still in his heart. Zika tells his father he's proud of him, but Magna Defender is far more proud of his son for showing him the way. The vision ceases, and Magna Defender reaches the pit of his own creation. He drops the flowers, his armor smoking intensely as he stares down into the inferno. He tells Zika this is for him, and he transforms into pure energy, floating down into the pit. His energy enters the pit, and it causes the melting pot to explode in front of the Rangers, before imploding back in on itself.
The implosion replays, the Rangers protected from the flames by the Magna Saber force field. The pit's power becomes stable, and a beam of light pierces the sky, raining down a snowfall of yellow energy. The force field dissipates, Leo picks up the Defender's Saber inspecting it. Kendrix asks if the Magna Defender is dead, but Leo states he's not dead, he'll live forever. The green gem on the Saber glows almost in response to the mention of his name. Torozord lets out a roar under the rain of light, his longtime friend and master having passed on to a better place. As the Rangers stand still aghast at this turn of events, Alpha contacts them to let them know things are all well and fine with Terra Venture once more. Alpha tells them they saved everything, but they know they weren't the true saviors. Suddenly, from behind the rocks Magna Defender had crawled behind earlier, someone with boots on staggers forward. The Rangers turn to look at who this could be, and before them all stands Mike Corbett, still wearing his GSA battle uniform as he did the day he died! Kendrix leads the way as the others rush to hug and greet him, astonished and happy beyond words to have him back. Leo stands in awe, before Mike walks over and they hug. They missed each other deeply, the brothers are now together again at last. Everyone's happy he's returned, and he promises never to go away again. From one ending comes another beginning, and from one beginning, comes an ending.
[various scenes from next season of PRLG; end credits]

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