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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Destined For Greatness"
Title Shot
Original Air Date:9/25/99 Based On:
Gingaman #26 - - Honoo no Kyoudai (The Brothers Of Flame)
*Regular Season 7 Premiere (7th Season by Series continues)
*Official Network Show Number PR-901
*16th episode of PRLG
*309th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (The New Magna Defender)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Betty Hankins _AS_ High Councilor Renier
Jack Betts _AS_ Councilor Brody
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Original Magna Defender (voice)
Ryan James _AS_ Zika
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)
Doug Stone _AS_ Skelekron (voice)
? _AS_ Skelekron Warriors (voices)

Sentai Scene


[scenes from "Quasar Quest Part 2" & "Redemption Day" and a few other premise shots]
Aboard the space station Terra Venture, inside what I dub the Power Pad, Leo orders up a toast of drinks to his brother, Mike! All five teens bonk cups, Leo saying he knew Mike was alive, as Mike walks over and picks up the Magna Saber set nearby. He mentions how he wouldn't have survived if not for the Magna Defender, the whole room silenced as Mike recaps (with visual flashbacks) how Magny saved his life by spiriting his spirit away in Mike, thereby escaping his 3000 year prison. He talks of Magny's anger towards Scorpius killing his son, that anger not lasting as his destiny was to be good, so he released him (showing a lost scene from Redemption Day as Magna Defender pulls Zika's dart out of his chest, and Mike is expelled from his body in a green ray of light) to join his son in the afterlife or whatever. Mike says he owes him his life and offers a toast in honor of the Magna Defender's spirit living on, the group drinking up. Soon, Leo shows Mike his dog tags he's been keeping for him, Mike surprised to see them again, asking why they got dented, Leo saying it's a long story. Speaking of stories, Mike asks his friends the question we've been wondering all year, how is he going to explain where he's been?! The Rangers laugh, while Leo looks disturbed. Meanwhile on the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena whines to her father, Scorpius, about how she'll never rule along side him if he never lets her fight the Power Rangers. She asks for one more change, he turns her down saying it will come one day as he has a new plan for today, calling for Skelekron. Skele comes in looking like Sir Rito of Revolto, ready to serve Scorpius as Stingwingers bring in a large trunk, which contain tiny dolls of his ancient Skelekron Warriors (little Grim Reapers). They have the ability to take the Ranger's own energy and use it against them, Scorpius telling him not to disappoint him as Trakeena watches the monster angrily.

[opening credits, featuring completely new cast shots for all Rangers but Valerie, and totally new montage scenes including first looks at upcoming episodes, the new Megazords and Armored Red Ranger.]
Leo is standing outside near a palm tree, looking at his Quasar Saber and pondering his fate, as Kendrix rolls up in her Venture Vehicle, asking him what he's doing out here by himself. He says he's thinking and Mike is going to be meeting him up here, Kendrix noting his depressed look and how his brother is back so he should be jumping for joy. Leo points out the source of his problems, said Saber and how Mike pulled it from the stone on Mirinoi so he should be the Red Ranger not him. She puts her hand on his shoulder, but Mike shows up before the heart to heart can get either heated or sappy. Leo goes off with Mike up a hill to some kind of weird weather station, where Mike picks fresh flowers as he talks of no longer taking life for granted. He mentions Magna Defender gave him a second chance and he's not going to blow it, wanting to make his life important. Leo then starts to bring up the Quasar Saber, but his Transmorpher beeps, Alpha saying there is trouble at the plaza! The two brothers rush to the scene, the others already there, Morphed and battling Stingwingers as usual. When the brothers Corbett appear, Skelekron sends Stingwingers to attack and an unmorphed fight breaks out among them. Their Ranger pals try to aid them, but Skelekron opens up his shield, revealing a mirror that unleashes energy that scoops up our heroes and spits them out as four tiny Ranger-filled mirrors! When he turns his attention to Leo & Mike, they hop out of the way and avoid becoming too vain as vanity mirrors, but Skelekron attacks Leo! He slashes at the teen with his sword, slashing his left arm and apparently drawing blood! Surrounded by Stingwingers & Skelekron, Leo still refuses to give up even injured. Mike leaps over the team of terror, grabbing his brother and dragging him out of there as fast as he can, Skelekron unable to catch them, calling them cowards. He then says he'll use their friends' energy to destroy them, scoping out the Power Ranger mirrors in his hand, cackling evilly as the four heroes beat on the glass to no avail.
Mike & Leo return to the Power Pad, Mike getting out the first aid kit to tend to Leo's injury. Leo complains about Mike abandoning their friends by leaving them behind, Mike noting that there was nothing they could do except end up as mirrors like them. Leo pushes him away saying they have to go find them, but Mike whips out his dogtag to show him something. It seems when he flipped over the team of terror, he dropped one of his tags in the backplate of a Stingwinger! Using the logic that it can home in on them as it's a metallic alloy and easily traceable on the organic Stingys. Mike proves just how much the big brother he is as he puts Band-Aids on his little bro's boo-boo. Meanwhile, in some abandoned warehouse on Terra Venture (they TOOK those with them?!), Skelekron has the Stingwingers place the little warriors in a cobweb covered shrine (with a skull on top) under each Ranger mirror. As the power drain to his reapers gets set, he notices the dogtag in the Stingwinger's back, but is too late in stomping it to dust as Mike's able to track it down on a computer in the Power Pad! Skelekron knows Red Ranger will be here soon, waving his sword and bringing his Skelekron Warriors to life by draining power from the Rangers into each of the dolls. Outside, Leo & Mike approach the building, spotting one of the dolls holding a tiny scalpel coming at them. They look at each other confused, until the doll grows to their size, the scalpel into a huge machete! The pink, err white scarfed warrior attacks the brothers fiercely as they prove they don't, ahem, fear the reaper. The fight commences inside an empty box filled room where Leo is finally able to kick him so hard he hits a fence and explodes into just a mask and cloth. One down, Mike mentions they know they're coming, as they walk through an alleyway, the yellow scarfed Reaper hops down and attacks with a sickle! He knocks Mike out of the way and tackles Leo, who is able to block a power blast by pulling his Quasar Saber from nowhere and blocking the blast with it! He ends up dropping the smoking Saber, the warrior falling over from the return blast. Leo breathes a little easier as Mike picks up the Saber and returns it to his brother, but Leo refuses it, telling him he was chosen to be the Red Ranger and not him. Mike says that may be, but he's earned it by his dedicated fighting skills. Mike also says the Saber shares his heart & soul, not his and while Mike's destiny was to pull the Saber from the stone, it might also had been to give it to him! Mike has a feeling Leo was meant to have the Quasar Saber all along, Leo stopping to take in these kind words as the warrior returns to life behind him. Mike yells for him to look out, tossing the Saber at him in a dramatic manner in which Leo snatches it from midair in slow motion, then charging it up and slicing the reaper into burning rags. Leo finally realizes destiny doesn't make mistakes and there is no other Red Ranger (at least, none they seem to know of). The brothers smile at each other, but quickly get back to rescuing their friends!
Skelekron Warriors
Mike & Leo continue running between various buildings on their way to the location of their mirrored Ranger pals, as Blue & Green get siphoned into the last two warrior dolls. They then pop out, fully grown Reapers with scarfs to match the colors they have stolen energy from, Skelekron ordering them to bring him the Red Ranger! They proceed to do so, but Leo & Mike are already there, Mike holding off the Stingwingers while Leo slices each of the warriors into salvation army fodder! Having done away with his warriors, Leo & Mike face Skelekron who tells them they don't know who they're dealing with, Leo clutches his Saber and tells him that neither does he! The brothers duel kick the boneboy, Leo then charging up his Saber and releasing a set of red fire balls to blast Skelekron out of the warehouse! The fall causes his shield to open, smashing the main mirror and freeing the Rangers from their reflective prisons! They plop out unmorphed and a bit weak, Leo helping Kendrix up and tells her everything is fine with a big smile. The six heroes then walk outside, facing Skelekron and his Stingwinger army, Skele talking big talk about his incredible powers. He says they'll regret ever meeting him, Leo gets nasty by saying they'll see who has regrets as he leads the team into a Go Galactic (although Leo's the only one with a Morphing scene shown). The five Power Rangers then rush into battle with a huge group of Stingwingers, Red Ranger focusing mostly on Skelekron, but still dealing with the Stingys on the side. Mike watches his bro as he fights as well, knowing he made the right choice after all. The others do all kinds of impressive moves, and soon Red Ranger chases Skelekron off alone nearby by himself. They engage in some intense sword play, both slashing each other away until the other Rangers show up, and it's time to activate the Lights Of Orion! One quick power up later, the Orion Powered Power Rangers convert into a ball of energy, ripping through Skelekron's tattered bones and coming out the other side victorious. Skele explodes, but suddenly grows in size (did he already have his dose of Lost Galaxy Lemonade today?) leaving our heroes to call on the Galaxy Megazord to form together fast than usual. It gets Orion Armored, encountering the large Skelekron and his massive sword, some fighting occurs and then Skelekron slashes the outline of a rectangle, which slides over the Megazord and encasing it inside a huge mirror!
Magna Defender & Zika

Skele cracks the mirror, draining their power immensely as Mike witnesses this from the ground, powerless to help his friends. He knows he has to do something, squeezing his fist as elsewhere, the Magna Saber begins to shake inside the Power Pad. Back at the battle, Mike gets some unexpected visitors when Magna Defender & Zika's spirits appear before him, Magny saying it's time to finish what they started! Magna Defender tells him he will carry on the work they began, the Saber suddenly teleporting in a flash of green light to Mike's hands. Magny tells him his weapon is now Mike's, the sword causing two wrist devices to appear (the Magna Defender Morpher toy, aka Dairanger's Aurachanger!) as Magna Defender tells Mike he will be the new Magna Defender, it is his destiny! Mike is stunned at this revelation, but is unable to consult the spirits anymore as they vanish as quickly as they appeared. Torozord comes stomping in, his horns charged, as Mike looks at the Saber, tossing it into the air. It spins around as he shouts for Magna Power, yanking the wand from his right hand Morpher and inserting it in the activator on his left, his body now able to become the Defender. He catches the Magna Saber and green energy engulfs him, as Mike now becomes the new Magna Defender! He finds this unbelievable, but has work to do, telling Torozord it's time for Mega Defender Transform, Toro beaming the new Defender into Zord mode much to Skelekron's surprise. Torozord flips around, Mike jumps in and Defender Torozord is created again, Mike calling for it's Lighting Spin move, twirling around as it chops Skelekron back to the boneyard explosively! The Galaxy Megazord is freed, Red Ranger wonders who's inside the Defender Torozord. Within moments, all five Rangers are unmorphed, running towards the new Magna Defender, Mike! He's demagnized, telling them this is his destiny as he grasps the Saber in his hands. Damon thinks that's great, but says a bull is nowhere near as cool as a condor, Torozord above them gives a roar to which Damon says he was only kidding! Mike puts his arm around Leo, saying they should get out of there, the team walking together all smiling over their latest victory.
Later in the Command Tower of Terra Venture, Commander Stanton tells the High Council about fuel reserves on the station being on schedule. They're now 5.6 light-years from Earth, putting them well within their target range, suggesting they maintain course and speed. High Councilor Renier tells him his recommendation has been approved and they will revaluate when they enter the next galaxy. The door suddenly opens, as Mike steps through much to Commander Stanton's shock! They shake hands, as Stanton asks where he's been, having thought they left him on 'practice moon'! Mike says he can explain, but chokes up when it comes to spitting the words out. Renier stops them, telling Stanton whatever the reason he's been gone, all that matters is they're glad to have him back safe and sound. Stanton agrees, telling him he'll expect him at Command Headquarters at eight am, to which Mike thanks him. Renier shakes her head and smiles, as Mike exits the room, shouting a triumphant yes at making a return while filling in some plot holes!
[scenes from "Stolen Beauty"; end credits]

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