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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Stolen Beauty"
Title Shot
Original Air Date:10/2/99 Based On:
Gingaman #27 - - Miira no Yuuwaku (The Mummy's Allure)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-902
*17th episode of PRLG
*310th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (Magna Defender)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Additional Cast:
Jack Banning _AS_ Professor Phenomenus
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)
William Butler _AS_ Crumummy (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Goofy Painter #1
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Goofy Painter #2

Sentai Scene


[recap of "Destined For Greatness"]
Aboard the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena sits around asking an old skull encrusted Egyptian mirror who the most beautiful girl in the universe is. In the reflection appears Crumummy, telling her that she is the most beautiful, as well as a lot of other girls on Terra Venture, much to her dismay! She's angered there are girls more beautiful than she, shaking the mirror and knocking the monsters right out of it onto the floor. She orders him to get down the space station and steal the beauty from all the beautiful women or she'll feed him to her father, and he does as requested. Teleporting to the ever low security Terra Venture, he spots two females walking down some stairs chatting. He spouts off two yellow & purple bandages to trap the girls, while he reveals himself, telling them they won't feel a thing while he takes their beauty, launching off two more bandages that extend from his arms, wrapping around their heads and knocking them out. As they lay there, the bandages disappear, leaving their faces covered in yellow & purple stripes, and turning their beauty into sand in the hand of the monster. Crumummy plans to show Trakeena beauty in a handful of dust, just as she wanted, storing the sand into a small jar in his other hand.
[opening credits, Bulk in the Comet Cafe has his own credit, sans Professor!]
Crumummy corners two more ladies near a water fountain, but his bandages are slashed away by the Power Rangers before they can strike the faces of the pretty women. Blue Ranger points the girls to safety, as Crummy calls the Rangers annoying, then firing eyebeam blasts at the whole team. They're sparked off into flip attacks against the catlike creature, Pink & Yellow coincidentally teamed together in attacking him. Red Ranger then gives him a pounding, to which Crumummy runs away with his mummified tail between his legs, saying they'll finish this later. Later on the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena asks the mirror again who the most beautiful girl is, Crumummy replies that she is as he's jarred all the beauty from Terra Venture. She decides to check for herself, saying she'll be angered if there's even once ounce of beauty left, even that of a beautiful cockroach. He's scared like a scarab, nervously saying he'll take one last look around to be sure, but Trakeena likes her plan anyway. Soon on TerraV, Trakeena teleports into a secluded area, morphing herself into a red business suit wearing Amy Miller, but since she calls herself Tracy in a few minutes, let's call her that now, shall we?

So, Tracy begins her strut through Terra Venture streets, causing flower petals to fly up and float around all over, and every man in the vicinity to turn their heads in awe. It's a reenactment of any given ZZ Top video (right down to the music), and speaking of Z's, Ed Neil is there playing a goofy painter! He's holding a ladder up with one of the stuntmen who's name I forget at the top, Ed turns around to go after Tracy causing the other painter to fall over and dump his bucket of paint right on Ed's head! Tracy's petal strewn stroll through TerraV makes a bicycler go flying over the side of a walkway as he's busy checking her out, same deal with a worker begin tossed sandbags. He leaves his post, causing the sandbag to be tossed on a customer eating at a table, his face smack down into his pit! Wolf-whistles abound, as Venture Vehicle traffic stops, men come following her in droves, lead by the two painters of course. Tracy puts on some lipstick, and in her mirror she spots Mike, whom she recognizes as the Magna Defender, turning her attention to him, she tosses her lipstick into the air, sending the lovesick men scrambling for it! Ed's able to snatch it up, but comes to discover it's nothing but a disgusting cockroach, all the men running away in fear of a bug from a beauty!
Ed Neil as the Goofy Painter

Meanwhile, Mike enters the Comet Cafe, where Bulk is behind the counter, the two know each other as Bulk asks him how things are being second-in-command of the GSA. Professor Phenomenus is there with Bulk, both decked out in futuristic waiter-outfits, Mike asking what happened with them being in the science division. Phenom states they were but the station isn't ready for intelligence of their caliber, Bulk reiterating that they got canned and now they're roughly juice jockeys! Tracy hunts down Mike, heading to the juice bar (causing Bulk & Phenom's heads to turn, Bulk spraying the Prof with juice while stunned), she sits down by him and they exchange smiles. Bulk & Phenom rush to take her order, she says she'll have what Mike's having, Bulk grabbing Mike's burger & fries saying he can wait as he hands it to her. Mike's mad over this hamburglary (robble, robble!) asking for another, as Tracy opens a special ring on her finger which contains poison dust. She dumps it on the burger, the stench of the poison killing the roses near it! While Bulk & Phenom go to get Mike a replacement meal, Tracy gives Mike his burger back as he introduces himself to her. She begins to say her name is Trakeena, but stops herself in time to name herself Tracy. Mike picks up his burger, asking if she lives around here as she watches him begin to take a bite closely, quickly quipping she's new to the area. He thinks the humor of her being new on a space colony very funny, she gives a feign laugh as he starts to chomp down on the burger of doom!
Before Mike can die from salmonella (oh, and the poison) in the burger, Bulk interrupts to say they're all out of hamburgers, Tracy thoroughly ticked off about the delay of eating. This distracts Mike enough to notice the clock, he's late for a meeting with his friends asking Tracy if she wants to come, she goes with him, leaving all the men in the Comet Cafe drooling, Bulk playing bongos on Phenom's head. Meanwhile in the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius spouts off a white substance from his slimy appendage. It appears he's making a webbed cocoon in the center of his room, saying soon it will be complete and his lovely Trakeena's final metamorphosis will be at hand! Back on Terra Venture, Mike returns to the Power Pad, his teammates about to discuss the Crumummy battle with him when Tracy enters the room, her usual dumbfounding effects occurring on the male Rangers. Damon drops his wrench on Kai's foot, to which he gives a slight ouch, Kendrix tries to snap Leo out of the trance but her finger snapping does no good. Kendrix introduces herself & Maya to her, Trakeena not too pleased to see them tries acting nice by calling them beautiful, but Kendrix tells her she doesn't swing that way but is flattered (or something close to it on a TV-Y7 angle). Leo walks through Kendrix like she isn't even there, his eyes never leaving the view of Tracy, while Maya tells Mike they were looking for him. Kendrix reminds the guys they were all just on their way out, Leo finally regaining some senses as Mike mentions he & Tracy can come with them.

So soon, Mike is walking arm in arm with Tracy as the guys are following behind, the girls trying to get a transmission to whatever world they're on at the moment. Suddenly, two steel girders pop loose and fall from a building above, the Rangers jump out of the way in time, and their answers as to where it came from are answered when Crumummy takes the blame. The seven humans huddle close as Crumummy prepares to steal the beauty of two of the three women, but he doesn't recognize Trakeena at first, Tracy trying to silently tell her monster who she is! He makes the right choice, wrapping his bandages around Maya & Kendrix's pretty heads, and eyebeam blasting the guys! Maya & Kendrix are left looking like face-painted fans of a football team with yellow & purple as their color, Crum adding more sand to his bottle as Mike takes Tracy out of harms way. The three Ranger guys Go Galactic, Leo the only one getting a Morph shot, the Power Rangers rushing to battle the monster, only to get a surprise visit from a group of Stingwingers. As our hormonal heroes take on the buzzbrains, Mike has Tracy wait patiently somewhere nearby as he returns to help his friends. While Mike checks on the knocked-out Kendrix & Maya, Blue, Red & Green Rangers kick around the Stingwingers, and eventually take them out. Crumummy gets out before he's ancient history, teleporting away with his beauty bottle nicely filled. The guys power down, just as Tracy returns to the scene, Mike opting to take her home while leaving his two debeautied friends behind. Leo is mad for his choosing of Tracy over them, but Mike leaves anyway as Damon & Kai pick Kendrix & Maya up.
Later at a Venture Vendor, Tracy gets two juices for her & Mike, making sure to poison it while Mike's back is turned. She heads over to the table where he's sitting, saying it's nice of him to walk her home, he quickly jumps up, grabs the juices off the table to get a move on it. She tells him they should just relax a minute and have a drink, Mike agreeing and handing her a juice. Bottoms up, as Mike chugs his juice down in one gulp, finishing with a smile, then a chest-clutch! He falls to the ground in pain before stopping still, Tracy walking by his apparently dead body on her way to rendezvous with Crumummy a few feet away. He tells the princess she did good work, Tracy calls Mike a fool as she admires the beauty bottle, saying there is no one who can compare to her now. Unfortunately for her, Mike suddenly runs up, grabs the bottle and shocks the both of them with his being alive! He tells her it's time to return the beauty, opening the jar and dumping the sand out on the ground. As the duo of evil shout about their loss, the golden glittering sands begin to spread out, floating along artificial winds and raining upon all in the colony. In the Power Pad, the strange phenomenon could be confused with the Dirt Of Orion finally returning, but it's just Kendrix & Maya's faces regaining their pretty natural make-uped coloring. Back in the park, Tracy asks how Mike survived drinking the juice, showing he switched drinks by tossing hers right onto Crumummy's face! Leo rushes to his brother's side just in time to see Tracy morph back into Trakeena, Leo asking Mike how he knew. Mike mentions the monster not attacking her (failing to point out how beautiful she was supposed to be, you'd think she'd be first to go), Trakeena impressed about his smarts but orders some Stingwingers to take no prisoners as she teleports away. Leo Goes Galactic, getting his morph shot again, and immediately following that, Mike whips out and connects his Morphers as he calls on Magna Power! This time around, no Saber tossing involved, just good old fashioned Morpher Morphing.

Crumummy orders the Stingys to spar with the two Rangers as he takes off, the rest of the Ranger team dropping by to kick some bugdrone butt! There's a bunch of spinning and flipping and kicking involved, and soon Blue & Red Rangers call on the Lights Of Orion to activate. The Orion charged Rangers lay waste to the Stingwingers with their battle gauntlets, as not far away Magna Defender goes after Crumummy. He dodges Saber swipes by reverting to loose bandage teleport mode, then wrapping around Magny and causing him to slam into a tree a few times! Crumummy wears the Defender out and prepares to finish him with his bandage attack, but Pink Ranger blocks his cloths with her Orion charged Saber. Mike & Kendrix then rush his way, avoiding staff blasts as Magny does his Magna Saber flying flip move. This is followed by Pink Ranger forming into an Orion Energy ball of pink energy and ripping through the tattered old monster, coming out the other side as he explodes in a flash. Mike shakes Kendrix's hand, thanking her for the help while calling her 'kid'. She tells him no problem, as Crumummy quickly grows in height, Magna Defender calling on Torozord to initiate Mega Defender mode. With Mike now super-sized, Kendrix does all the Galaxy Megazord summoning and forming calls as he hops in Torozord and creates Defender Torozord. The two mighty Megazord approach Crumummy from both sides, but he teleports a few feet away and causes them to hit each other! Crum then shoots a blast from his staff, smashing Galaxy Megazord's right leg and sending it toppling over. With power lost, Mike has Defender Torozord do a lighting spin before Crumummy can fire again. This Karloffs his Boris long enough for the Megazord to come back online, Leo initiating Orion Power Up, the armor charge healing the leg wound. Kendrix then calls on the Galaxy Megazord Saber, the Orion charged sword rips through the bandaged creature. He explodes into chunks of nothing, and Brandon Fraiser wasn't even needed to help defeat him!
Later on Terra Venture, Mike shows the guys a quick magic trick inside one of the elevators. He stuffs a red handkerchief in his hand, and causes it to disappear before their very eyes, Damon asking how he did that. Leo states it's all an illusion, Mike mentioning much like Trakeena's beauty being an illusion as he pulls the red cloth from the back of Damon's jumpsuit! The door opens and the guys depart, Mike giving the dirty red snot-rag to some girl on their way out. Leo hopes the girls are ready to go, Kai thankful they're back to normal. But as they enter the Girl Power Pad, the robed women turn around to reveal their faces covered in horrible green & red slime! Damon is horrified as Maya removes cucumber slices from her eyes and Kendrix approaches the scared Green Ranger with a container of face cream. She smears some on his bald head to show it's harmless, the guys feeling stupid for not remembering that beauty is only skin deep, but plenty creamy. Elsewhere on the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius calls on his daughter Trakeena to stand before him. She asks what's with the cocoon, and he tells her it is time for her to enter it so she may shed her mortal beauty and become an insect with magnificent powers like him. She imagines the experience, shuddering and thanking him but declining the offer as she likes her mortal looks and not wanting to become a bug. He tells her it is what they all have had to do, she turns around to see the Stingwingers bug-ugly, pus dripping mugs. Scorpius reminds her it is her destiny, but she won't do it, walking away when her father extends her tentacle. It wraps around her arm, he sternly tells her she has no choice in this matter, but she fights her way out of his grasp. He says it is for her own good, but she's able to run away into the Stinger, teleporting into a green ball and getting off the slimy ship before she bugs out!
[scenes from "The Rescue Mission"; end credits]

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