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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Loyax' Last Battle"
Original Air Date:11/1/99 Based On:
Gingaman #40 - - Kanashimi no Majin (The Demon's Grief)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-912
*27th episode of PRLG
*320th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger; reused footage only)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Heide Karp _AS_ Alpha 6
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Deviot (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Villamax (voice)
Simon Prescott _AS_ Loyax (voice)


[scenes from "Heir To The Throne", "An Evil Game", & "Mean Wheels Mantis"]
We're treated to the a brand new exterior shot of the Mountain Dome, which means that is the most likely place this scene occurs. The five Ranger teens (yes, they're still teenagers, despite their high-status jobs) are hanging out, Damon & Maya busy sparring on a mat while the others cheer them on. The two have begun developing rather nice skills in the self-defense department, taking each other down several times. Kendrix watches as well, but the only time we get a face shot of her is one from a previous episode where she looks more off in her own world than paying attention to her friends. Soon, Damon falters and Maya yanks his arm around his back, pushing him over and winning the friendly match. Damon tells her she did pretty well, Leo quickly tacking on "for a girl", which sends Maya into a Leo-lashing frenzy, the gang all laughing. Meanwhile on the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena listens as Deviot & Villamax debate the use of the next monster. Deviot calls him a washed up old warrior, but Villamax proclaims he's an honorable legend, having won battles in every corner of the universe. He goes on to say that for centuries the monster's name, Loyax, has inspired fear, Kegler shaking his head nearby to this remark. Trakeena decides to see him, Villamax then proudly presents Loyax, an ancient creature that resembles a bronze statue of a Trojan warrior. He bows before the lovely queen Trakeena, saying he comes to her with one humble wish, telling her he lived his whole live as a cunning & mighty warrior, but now his strength begins to fade. He would like to fight one last battle against a worthy opponent before he finally lays his sword to rest, Trakeena thinks for a moment with a smile. She tells him she may be able to make his wish come true, asking how he would like to destroy the Power Rangers as to defeat them would be, Loyax finishing her statement with "a glorious ending indeed!"
[opening credits, same as last time, with no Mike.]
Ever notice those smaller sub-domes scattered around the Terra Venture space station? The camera focuses on one of them, and inside is a large violent ocean, smashing against a rocky beach. Loyax stands facing the waters, proclaiming he's strong and ready to fight (or die, be that as it may), lifting his mace ball & chain into the air and swinging it around. Destroying some rocks, he boasts the Rangers' defeat will be his greatest triumph, before smashing even more rocks into sand. Elsewhere on the Mountain Dome, the Ranger teens pack in their little sparring camp, when Leo's Transmorpher goes off, asking Alpha to go ahead. Alpha 6, seen here inside the Astro Megaship for the first time since Redemption Day, tells the Rangers that there's a disturbance in the Ocean Dome! At the mention of trouble, our heroes drop their belongings and rush off to meet this menace, quickly Morphing offscreen and getting to the Ocean Dome in a flash. Yellow Ranger says sarcastically that he looks like trouble, Loyax turning around to see his Power Ranger welcoming committee, Green Ranger tells him he's not welcome here, but Loyax doesn't need to feel welcomed to destroy them. Maya laughs at his promise to destroy them, leaping at Loyax and drawing her Quasar Saber, but suddenly grabbed by the large monster who says that no girl is going to defeat him battle. Yellow Ranger thrown down, the other Rangers rush towards Loyax, who greets them by swinging his mace ball into each of them. This is followed by a quick Domequake caused by Loyax' ball slamming into the ground, the Rangers fall from the attacks, but before Loyax can finish them, Maya hops back up and assaults him with her Saber. Her nonstop attack does nothing more than chip the paint from his chest-plate, he laughs hardily as he blocks her Saber, telling her she fights quite valiantly for a mere female. She corrects him on her being a Power Ranger, before he trips her feet and prepares to beat her into a pulp. Red Ranger tells him to stop & leave her alone, fight him instead, to which Loyax agrees to with pleasure as the remains of Leo would make a fine trophy! Loyax begins to walk towards Leo, but Yellow Ranger clutches his foot, telling the ancient warrior if you fight one Ranger you fight them all. She then yanks on his mace ball chain (although you could call her the old ball & chain, but they aren't married yet, they just fight like they are), pulling him with her as they stumble off the cliff into the raging oceans below! The Rangers rush to the side, but see no sign of either of them in the waters, they then split up and head down to search for her more closely. They demorph and comb the beach, finding nothing but sand and rocks, but refusing to stop searching as they run around calling for Maya. Back on the Scorpion Stinger, Deviot informs Trakeena that they believe Loyax has been destroyed by the Power Rangers. Villamax thinks this impossible, Trakeena ordering Deviot to go down there and find him to make sure he destroys the Rangers, not the other way around.
The search for Maya continues, the Ranger teens wandering all over the Ocean Dome, further brining to mind the question of why they have a whole ocean on a space station. Because they don't do the obvious thing and head back to the Megaship to run a scan for her, they totally miss where Maya is located. She's inside a cavern, waking up to a bad gash on her right knee, Loyax approaching to say she will be alright but he will never recover from this disgrace. Maya jumps up at the alert of her enemy being right behind her, but she doesn't get far in the dark with a wounded leg. Loyax tells her this was to be his most victorious battle, but instead he failed the simple task of abolishing the Power Rangers. He pities himself, whining about being lost in a cave because of a girl, Maya tells him her gender makes no difference. Loyax throws a golden kneepad at her, saying it's for her injury, she's surprised by his help, placing the convenient bandage around her leg. She can't understand why he'd help her after his unkind gesture of pushing her off the cliff (despite the fact she pulled him over). Loyax goes on to say they may be enemies, she a Power Ranger that fights for good, and he a mighty warrior that has been on the side of evil for centuries, but for now they need each other. Maya doubts this, but when she tries to walk away, she can barely make a few steps without stumbling in pain. Loyax tells her what he says is true, he's an old warrior and his eyesight is bad, he can't see very well in the dark and she can't walk. With her eyes and his feet they might have a chance of getting out of that cave, in order to survive the must forget they are enemies. Maya takes a leap of faith and trusts him, and soon she's mounted on his back, guiding his way through the cavern's depths. They finally reach the light at the end of the tunnel, and it's thankfully not a train from the Choo-Choo Dome, but the way out! Both are overjoyed their togetherness got them out of that jam, but their togetherness is over the moment they each the beach, Loyax tossing her off his back and onto the sand harshly. He orders her to prepare for battle, not just any battle for to defeat a Power Ranger is a grand challenge, even if she's just a girl, Maya reminding him this girl just got him out of that cave.

Deviot & his Stingwinger army suddenly make the scene, asking Loyax if he's going soft on them, the mention of which insults the ancient creature. The Robotic Bard thinks Loyax is just a little rusty, but assures him he's there to make sure he succeeds, but Loyax tells him to stay out of this, as he must fight the Yellow Ranger alone, making his final battle honorable. Deviot doesn't care, ordering his Stingwingers to destroy Maya, Loyax actually fighting them to defend Yellow Ranger. She still hasn't recovered from the wound and ends up falling over again, but finds a large stick that she uses not to help herself up, but to swing at the Stingys until one of them kicks her injury. He at least is nice enough to help her back up, only to get smashed in the back by Loyax' mace ball! Loyax tells her that her bravery is quite commendable and they shall battle honorably, but he's quickly fired upon by Deviot's gauntlet blasts. Robobard scoffs at his honor, saying Trakeena was a fool to trust him. The sounds of battle ring out across the dome, reaching the Rangers teens and alerting them to the action (as Alpha sure wasn't doing much of a good job. oh well, back to the void ya go, robot buddy!). Loyax rushes at Deviot with his ball a'swinging, Maya unable to aid him as the Stingwingers surround her from all sides. The ancient warrior doesn't do much good against the young & virile Shakespearean robot, Deviot trips him over and aims his gauntlet at the fallen Loyax, telling him to honor this! Maya takes out a Stingwinger and lunges at Deviot, knocking him back against a rock as Loyax regains his footing with Maya's help. Before they can escape, Loyax tosses his mace into Robobard, the little bit of quick payback buys them little time as Stingwingers head over and help Deviot up. Maya & Loyax missing, he orders the buzzbrains to split up to look for them, but they aren't very good scouters despite having several hundred eyes. Maya & Loyax are atop a cliff, hidden in a small area behind some rocks, thinking themselves safe for the time being. Loyax asks her if she's ready to commence their battle, promising her a fair fight, Maya telling him they don't have to battle as he's not on their side. Loyax says that evil is evil, Maya mentioning they'll destroy him too if they catch them, the ancient warrior doesn't think it matters. He tells her she's too young to understand, as he begins to recount a story of many centuries ago when he was a young warrior just like her, he did battle with his heart in the name of good. He flashes back to a time when he battled a Barillian Bug on a hill, laying waste to the creature with his mace ball and giving a shout of the foul monster doing no more evil! Loyax then tells her he found the power of evil too strong and widespread, he was finally defeated and eventually he became a part of the evil he so despised. Maya tells him he can be good again, but Loyax tells her he's far too old to change, all that's left for him is one final task, one last glorious battle with her! He walks behind her, as Maya tries to come to grips with the notion of battling this wise, noble creature.
Deviot & the Stingwingers continue searching the beach, when the Power Rangers show up, asking what he's done with their friend. He tells them that he's unfortunately done nothing, but he has plans for them as he fires off gauntlet blasts at our heroes, the Rangers racing into sudden battle. Meanwhile, Maya tells Loyax that if he was good once he can be good again, urging him to join their side and fight with his heart. Loyax knows his destiny, Maya asking what'll happen if she doesn't fight, he angrily shouts that is not an option! She reluctantly presses her Transmorpher and Goes Galactic, Morphing and unsheathing her Quasar Saber while facing Loyax. They begin to battle, Loyax with his own sword as well, running and slashing each other on the way by. Elsewhere, Pink Ranger tackles some Stingwingers, and gets kicked in the behind. Red Ranger duels with not only a bugdrone but Deviot himself, eventually ending up slammed against a rock. Robobard tells the coward to get up as he's really starting to annoy him, firing his gauntlet blasts at the rock and taking both Red & Pink Rangers down. Stingwingers swarm on them, but Blue & Green Rangers are there to help out, and with the Rangers busy, Deviot leaves to take care of Loyax. Speaking of which, Loyax grabs Yellow Ranger's Saber in a midair swipe, taking her down into the sands, but she makes a comeback with a kick in his metallic face. They sword slash each other constantly, Loyax pausing to tell her she's as good as he once was, and she's an excellent opponent but she will never win. They're both smoking from the attacks of the heated battle, stopping to take a brief breather, Maya says they can both win if they stop the fighting. He tells her it can never be, this battle means too much to him. They face one another, a few feet apart, while racing down the beach, before leaping towards each other. Yellow Ranger takes the sudden advantage and is able to attack fiercely with a multitude of Saber attacks, culminating with Yellow Ranger's Quasar Saber charged mode she calls Thunder Saber. It slices down from above and smashes Loyax' sword in half as it hits him. Loyax collapses to the ground, weakened from the blow, Maya places her Saber's edge near his head, telling him to stay still as she wants this over now. Loyax groans that she must destroy him because he won't let it end like this, telling him no and it would be wrong, she withdraws her Saber. Maya says she won't destroy him, and while she may not have his experience, she knows if he was once good like her he can be so again.

She extends her hand to him, and he slowly begins to place his in hers, this interrupted by Loyax getting shot in the back! He pulls out a small barrel with a needle at the end of it, getting up and turning around to see the person he knows did this, Deviot. Robobard stands on the horizon, telling Loyax he let the Ranger weaken his honor, as once evil, always evil! Maya tells Loyax not to listen to him, but it's too late, Loyax suddenly grows to giant monster status. Meanwhile, The Power Rangers finally finish off the Stingwingers, only to feel the dome move under their feet as they spot Loyax stomping in the mountain range above them, egging them on. They race over to him, where Loyax is attempting to squash Yellow Ranger like a bug, Maya urging him not to do this, but he tells her he can't stop it! Deviot remarks that of course he can't, as just like he did with the Megazords a few shows ago, Robobard has a small remote control device with which he has control of Loyax! Deviot thinks maybe it'll give him some backbone, pressing buttons like a maniac, Loyax struggles to regain control of his huge form. Unfortunately, an implant in his wrist lights up, preventing him from doing anything but that of Deviot's will. The Rangers regroup with Maya, who tells them the situation of the out of control monster and that they have to help him. She calls on the Galactabeasts to arise, leaping onto her Wolf, she does the Transdagger twist and soon the Galaxy Megazord transforms from the Galactazord posse. The Galaxy Megazord faces the unstable Loyax, Deviot boasting from below that they don't stand a chance against Loyax' strength and his strategy. Loyax whips his mace ball & chain around violently, Yellow Ranger pointing out he's fighting against his will, and while trying to find a way to stop him by approaching his ball swinging, the Megazord gets smashed.

Once it falls over from the battering, Maya halts her attempts to talk him down, to call on backup. She calls forth Centaurus Megazord, and meanwhile at the Zenith Carrierzord, the red light flashes and the five C-Zords hop from their positions and ride off to battle. They quickly lock into place, transforming into the Rhino powered Centaurus Megazord, which glides on the ground with the greatest of ease. It makes the scene in time to stop Loyax from his stomping of the Galaxy Megazord, giving the Rangers time to get it back on its feet, only to approach Loyax again and get fired by his eyebeam blasts! Loyax mace mashes Centaurus until it falls, shouting he can't stop himself as he reaches towards the sky for no reason, Galaxy Megazord actually looking in that direction (nice ploy, "Hey! What is that?" oldest trick in the book, used by the oldest warrior!). Deviot laughs that nothing can save them now, while the Galaxy Megazord grabs Loyax' arm and tries to force it down, Maya realizing Robobard's control is too powerful. The battle continues into American footage, as Loyax asks them to remove the device from his wrist, the Galaxy Megazord firing off multi-Ranger-colored energy and frying the implant! Deviot no longer has Loyax as his puppet, so the ancient warrior lifts his giant mace and pounds the area where Robobard is standing, proclaiming no one can ever make him evil again! Deviot is missed, but finds the remote control has one last working function. He tells Loyax he's chosen the wrong side and good-bye, pressing the self-destruct button on the remote, causing Loyax to suddenly explode! Deviot chucks aside the remote as he runs away, Loyax finally reaching for the sky no longer, as his arms go limp against the backdrop of a sun behind him. The Galaxy Megazord can do nothing to help him, Loyax weakly turns around and thanks the Yellow Ranger for showing him the truth. He calls her a truly noble warrior, as his chest begins to spark, Loyax suddenly falling over and exploding in a massive flash. Maya calls out for him, helpless to do anything but watch him die.
Dusk falls upon the artificial atmosphere of the Ocean Dome, as the five Ranger teens walk along the beach. Maya picks up Loyax' fallen sword, and hears the words he spoke to her earlier of his tales of a young warrior. She states that Loyax won his last battle, he proved his heart was still good, and that's all she'll always remember him. Tears roll down her face as she impales the sword into the sand, and walks over to her friends, Kai putting his arm around her as they all walk together into the sunset.
[scenes from "A Red Romance"; end credits]

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