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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Enter The Lost Galaxy"
Original Air Date:11/11/99 Featuring Footage From:
Gingaman #47 - - Akuma no Sakuryaku (The Devil's Device)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-920
*35th episode of PRLG
*328th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (Magna Defender)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Melody Perkins _AS_ Karone (Pink Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Matthias Hues _AS_ The Guardian
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Betty Hankins _AS_ High Councilor Renier
Jack Betts _AS_ Councilor Brody
Stephen Mendel _AS_ Dr. Kovak
Carey Scott _AS_ Ramsey
Takahiro Homma _AS_ Guard #1
Franklin James _AS_ Guard #2
Spencer Sano _AS_ Repairman
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Deviot (voice)


[scenes from "The Power Of Pink", "Protect The Quasar Saber", & "Facing The Past".]
As the space colony of Terra Venture floats casually through known outer space, inside the Science Division laboratory, a man named Ramsey is hard at work. Seems with Kendrix gone, the deciphering of the mysterious Galaxy Book continues, Ramsey making increased progress in decoding one passage of the strange parchment. He starts to read aloud what he's discovered, "Keonta, Karova, Melanta...", and unbeknownst to him, the Galaxy Book's cover crest begins to sparkle with electricity while firmly behind its protective glass case behind him. Dr Kovak, head of the science division, comes over to ask what he's working on, Ramsey states the phrase he spoke seems to be particularly important. Kovak begins to say the words himself, but he actually spots the lightshow going on behind him on the Galaxy Book. Commander Stanton & Kai also notice, as the four of them watch in wonder as an odd phenomenon occurs, Ramsey telling Stanton he has no clue what just happened. Kovak begins to slowly approach the book, speaking the three words over and over in almost a chant, and right as he gets in close to the book, Ramsey adds a new word he discovered. Shouting "Hakova!" at the end of the three words spoken, the Galaxy Book sends an electric pulse out, blasting through Dr Kovak and spreading out through the entire space colony! It ripples past people, covers itself along the Command Tower's structure as it crackles into the artificial skies, and eventually fries out all power on the ship. As alarms sound and the crew goes into sudden turmoil, Stanton & Kai return to the Command Headquarters, Mike giving damage reports to his superior officer about how the pulse burned out the energy transformers and they'll replace them as fast they can. Stanton asks how fast that is, Mike stating full power should be back on in about 48 hours, Stanton tells him to keep him informed, before grabbing Kai's shoulder and ordering him to keep that book locked up. There's to be no more research on it until they know what is going on, Kai giving him a "Yes, Sir" as Stanton stares at said Galaxy Book in contemplation of just what they've unleashed!
[opening credits, Mike returns, Trakeena removed.]
In the outskirts of the City Dome, electric transformer repairmen start to work, fixing the power boxes one at a time. While one repairman radios back in on another job well done, behind him and his partner in the skies of the cityscape, a ball of light streaks down like a falling star. They wonder what it is, as it lands and emanates an eerie aqua-blue glow, the events revealed to us to be a large half-naked man with long hair and a cape! He makes his way through the shrubbery and finds the repairworkers leaving, deciding to mimic their look, his forehead symbol (the same as on the Galaxy Book crest) glows and causes his hair to become more presentable, and his body to be covered in a blue jumpsuit. Topping it off with a yellow hardhat, the Guardian has mocked the repairmen outfit perfectly, wandering into the city and using his instincts to hunt down his prey in silence. Soon, the High Command is meeting with Commander Stanton, High Councilor Renier speaking to him about the Galaxy Book. She says when they decided to research it they had no idea it would pose a danger to the entire colony, Councilor Brody thinks they should destroy it before it starts even more chaos. He goes on to talk about nobody knowing its destructive capabilities, Stanton assuring them he has round-the-clock security on the book and for them not to make any rash decisions before they know the full situation. Meanwhile, the Guardian walks through the darkened hallways of the Command Tower, fitting right in with the rest of the repair crew busily attempting to get the power restored. He walks past Command HQ, and eventually finds his target as he does his Terminator impression while passing by the science division and catching a glimpse of Sarah Conner, err, the Galaxy Book. He tries to walk in after it, but the two guards stationed in the doorway halt his progression, as no entry is allowed. The Guardian lifts his hands to their faces and fills their eyes with his strange aqua light energy, knocking the two unconscious and leaving him full access to the Galaxy Book. Just as he takes off his helmet and puts his hands on the glass case of the book, Kai shouts for him to freeze, the Guardian turning around to see Kai and a few guards with laser pistols pointed right at him.
The Guardian is handcuffed and held before the High Command, Brody interrogating him on why he tried to steal the Galaxy Book. The odd alien man speaks not a word, turning his attention only to Kai when he enters the room, the two locking eyes instantly. Stanton asks Renier if they got anything from him, but she informs him that the strange visitor from another world has been mute so far. Commander Stanton walks right up to the hulking figure and tells him he has enough problems right now without adding him to the list. He orders the guards to put him in detention, they take him past Kai and off to a small cell room where he'll be forced to sit in the corner and write "I will not steal unusual alien artifacts from Terra Venture" a few million times. Well, sort of, Kai walking up and taking the initiative to unlock the Guardian's cuffs instead of one of the guards, our new friend smiling at this as Kai orders the guards to put him in, and they shove the Guardian into his forced quarters. The Guardian heads straight for a window, staring out into space as Kai watches him, and when he starts to leave, the man finally speaks by telling Kai he knew he would come! The Guardian says he must help him to recover the book, Kai's confused by his speech, the Guardian tells him the Galaxy Book does not belong here. Kai asks why him, the Guardian turns around and tells him because he's the Blue Ranger. Luckily the guards are too deaf to hear, but Kai doesn't take any chances and immediately shuts the door behind him. He asks who he is, and the buff dude says that he is the Guardian Of The Book! He goes on to say the book was stolen centuries ago, and recently it send forth an energy pulse, informing Kai he knew because someone started to recite the Keonta Spell. The pulse was small, and had the entire spell been spoken the result would have been unimaginable, because the book was never to be a research experiment. The Guardian tells Kai he's got to take it back and guard it, and it's Kai's destiny to help him!

Kai's speechless, and later in the Power Pad, the gang sits in the dark, talking of Kai's mystery friend by candlelight. Maya chalks up the Guardian's knowledge of his Ranger identity to being something only someone who works for Trakeena would know, Karone dittoing her statement. Damon agrees, as it's obvious he was trying to steal the book, Kai keeps quiet about his teammates disapproval of the Guardian. Kai finally brings up the mentioning of it being his destiny to help the Guardian as per his words earlier, and he can't explain it but something tells him he may be right. The Rangers ponder this circumstance for some time, and the next morning Kai pushes a cart into the Guardian's cell with some breakfast. As Kai sets up the food, Guardian sits up in his bed, groaning in pain. Kai notices the Guardian is covered in aqua-blue (almost greenish) dabs of sweat, or blood if you will, asking what is wrong with him. The Guardian says he can't survive much longer in this atmosphere, Kai giving him a drink and telling him he's sorry as he wishes he could help. Guardian puts down the drink and says that he will, before waving his hand in the air and standing up, an image suddenly appearing in the center of the room. Guardian states he can see into the future, as well as the past, the image showing the Rangers standing around in the Mountain Dome, and Kai picking up the Galaxy Book from an area on the ground with burn marks around it. Kai doesn't understand, the Guardian telling him everything will transpire as written, in time, before collapsing in pain back onto the bed. Kai remembers a scene from any comedic movie involving a wacky hotel, checking out that there's space to fit someone under the food cart, telling the Guardian he's getting out of here.

Soon, Kai nonchalantly pushes the cart by the guards, with the Guardian inside it. One guard tells him to hold it, handing Kai the napkin he dropped, Kai thanks him and gets out of sight as quickly as he can. Moments later, Kai & The Guardian are safely out of the building together, the Guardian gasping for air as he asks about the Galaxy Book. Kai asks him meet him at the Mountain Dome, but before they depart, the Guardian has a small gift for him. Handing Kai a handful of small crystals, telling Kai that when he needs them they will protect him. The Guardian's blotch-covered face resembles that of Lon Chaney, Jr. in this scene if you ask me, as he takes off for the Dome, leaving Kai behind with a pocketful of crystals (let's just hope they aren't bursting with flavor). Kai sneaks into the Science Division, and uses his keycard to open up the Galaxy Book case, take it out quietly, and place it into a small briefcase. The guards are completely unaware of this, Kai swiping the book pretty easily, and soon we find him Morphed into Blue Ranger, riding his Astro Cycle down the Mountain Dome access corridor. He hopes he's doing the right thing, racing down the hall and entering the Dome not long afterwards. Just a little note for fans with close captioning capabilities, from now on in this episode, the captions are all screwed up! Seems they captioned these remaining scenes before they were dubbed & completed, and therefore, lines are different, and for the most part, the scenes are completely devoid of words at all! Deviot lurks behind some bushes as he spots Blue Ranger riding by, the Robotic Bard states Kai has something he wants and it will be his! Deviot fires his gauntlet blasts at the Astro Cycle, knocking Blue Ranger and his briefcase off the cycle and onto the dirt. Deviot leaps at him while firing away, Kai is sent flipping but still holding on to the case, Robobard demands he give him that book now, as he rushes towards the downed Blue Ranger!
Deviot & Blue Ranger begin to battle, but Robobard takes the upperhand and takes Kai down, having enough of the Ranger as he stomps on his chest. Deviot grabs Kai and tells him he's foiled his plans for the last time, flipping Blue Ranger over and then preparing his gauntlet for firing. Deviot wishes he could say it's been fun, but it hasn't, bidding Kai good-bye as his aims at him. His trashing of Kai comes to a sudden halt as the Guardian streaks through the sky in his comet form once more, Deviot ducking and misses being struck as Guardian lands mere feet away. His arrival sends the whole Dome quaking, as he's back to his original Crest-head caped form with the braided hair. Deviot doesn't believe the Guardian is here, Guardian telling him to believe it as he raises his sword and rushes at Robobard screaming! The ever cowardly Shakespearean robot screams back in fear, not doing much to deflect the Guardian's sword as it smashes into his shoulder. Deviot breaks away from the sword-lock, and tries to go on the offensive, but the Guardian slashes him away. When Robobard tries to throw some punches at the Guardian, he just grabs Deviot's arm and yanked it upwards and out of place, causing the robot great pain indeed. This is followed by a swift kick, Deviot goes down, but Guardian's adrenaline rush ends fast as his body is covered with more blotch marks. He groans in pain, Kai asking if he's alright and gets the answer in the form of the Guardian losing his balance and barely holding himself up by holding on to his sword stuck in the ground. Deviot realizes the truth in the Guardian not being able to survive in this atmosphere (why does he know so much, yet we so little?), Kai tries to come to Guardian's aid but is blasted upon by Deviot's gauntlet. Stunned and having lost the briefcase, Robobard runs over and takes it for himself, boasting the Galaxy Book is finally his!

The Guardian won't let this happen, mustering up enough strength he shouts out a fierce battle cry, swinging his sword around wildly while rushing at Deviot. The Robotic Bard just laughs, charges his gauntlet and fires away at the Guardian, causing explosions to erupt from both sides. The Guardian slowly falls onto his back, Blue Ranger helpless to stop this event, but tries to help the Guardian up instead afterwards. The noble and ancient warrior groans his final words, telling Kai he must guard the book now, Kai asks him to wait, and the Guardian's life-force gives out as he says to the Blue Ranger that destiny waits for no one. Wishing him good-bye, the Guardian drops his sword to the ground beside him, and his body slowly turns into a blue sparkly mass of energy, floating upwards from Kai's arms and into the sky. The Guardian's voice tells Kai once more that he must guard the book now, as his remains sprinkle back into outer space, and hopefully the great Valhalla beyond. The other four Power Rangers finally show up, to find Kai yelling at Deviot for going too far this time! Deviot has taken the Galaxy Book from the case, and holding it in his hands triumphantly he tells Kai he's only just begun. Robobard begins to recite the Keonta spell, and as he does the artificial skies darken above, the Rangers stand around listening in horror to the words spoken aloud. "Keonta, Karova, Melanite, Harkova! A thousand nightmares will soon come true, space will twist and rip in two. Reality ends, time is tossed, as galaxies found, become galaxies lost!" This sends blue lightning surging forth from the book violently, striking upwards into the sky, and soon the book itself begins to hover from Deviot's mechanical hands! Kai states they've got to find a way to stop it, but the Rangers do nothing but watch as the Galaxy Book releases a misty fog, spraying down and covering Deviot. Within moments, where once stood an evil Robotic Bard, there now remains a twisted amalgam of organics and circuitry! The book drops to the ground with a thud, light is restored to the atmosphere, but Deviot has now evolved into a horrible creature that partially resembles the alien from The Rescue Mission (coincidence?! Who knows?!), with a long claw-like hand and yellowish skin!

Deviot tells the Rangers he has more power now than they can ever imagine, their destiny is now destruction, and no longer needing a cocoon to become invincible, Deviot rushes at our heroes. He slashes at them with ease with his clawed hand, his kicks and punches twice as powerful, sending each Ranger in for a sparkling wallop. Yellow Ranger strikes his back with her Quasar Saber, but he just shrugs it off, grabs the end of her Saber and tosses her aside! The Rangers regroup together, Deviot's slimy form growing more grotesque every time I see it, he tells them they'll finally feel the ultimate wrath of Deviot, firing a supercharged gauntlet blast their way. The Power Rangers dodge the attack, and Leo leaps into the air, calling on Lights Of Orion to activate, our heroes armoring up in a flash. As they come down from their jumps with their own gauntlet attacks on Deviot, he knocks each of them back to where they came from without lifting an oversized finger! Leo speaks the obvious when saying he's too strong, Deviot slowly walking at them and saying he has no idea, the power he now possesses is limitless! Leo will just have to see about that, the team going into Orion Power-Up Mode, attempting to rip through him in energy ball mode. Deviot smacks them back and causes the energy ball to separate with a quick jolt, Kai also pointing out he's too strong. Maya says there has to be a way to stop him, Deviot tells her she's wrong while he fires another gauntlet blast their way, sending explosions scattering all around our heroes. Karone mentions they've got to get the book back, Damon wonders how as he's got too much power, Kai tells them to wait. He still has the small crystals the Guardian said would protect them in his hand, Leo says they've got nothing to lose, each Ranger taking one and standing side by side in preparation of using them. Deviot remarks nothing can help them now, as the Power Ranger slam their crystals into the ground, all shouting for the crystals to power-up, and where the crystals land there springs forth a ray of golden light! The light creates for each Ranger their own Galaxy Quasar Launcher, just like the old ones, except with apparent Lights Of Orion modifications. Red Ranger says they give him one last chance to give up, Deviot tells them he will never give up, and so Kai orders them to fire their Galaxy Quasar Launchers. The energy ball spouts from their launching combined, the bazooka blast forming a concentrated attack, and it zips right into the monstrous Deviot! He explodes extensively, engulfed in a large fireball, which causes him no damage, but instead causes him to grow.

Blue Ranger says it's time to take it up a notch, calling on Galactabeasts to arise, he hops on the Gorilla, Zords transform and before you know it, the Galaxy Megazord is on-line with its Orion Armor already powered-up. Deviot boasts that the Megazord stands no chance against his new powers, firing off a vine of red strings (which i'd remark as being his veins, but that'd be just too gross) from his Gauntlet hand and wrapping them around the Galaxy Megazord's Saber! Deviot then sends an energy charge through the vine of veins, blasting the Megazord over. He cackles evilly, until fired back upon by the Zenith Carrierzord which is floating through the air and getting some use of out its lasers. Both Centaurus & Stratoforce Megazords make the scene, ready to face off against the creature that turned them into his evil pawns once. Deviot remarks it'll take more than two tin cans to stop him, Kai says they'll have to find out, while Centaurus does a rolling slam into Deviot, Stratoforce a high-kick into the creature's ghastly noggin. Deviot falls over, and recovers just in time to watch as Centaurus & Stratoforce go back-to-back, combining powers and spinning into a tornado of energy! They become a ball of light, tearing through Deviot and apparently drawing blood while they're at it, Kai takes the time to initiate Galaxy Megazord Saber. It charges to full power, and with two mighty slices across his mutated body, Deviot falls before the might of the three Megazords. Deviot exploding once and for all, the Megazords stand triumphantly over the roasting remains of the former Robobard. Sniff, we'll miss ya pal! The Power Rangers quickly race down to the Galaxy Book, but before they can reach it, the crest starts releasing blue lightning once again, and the pages begin to flip rapidly. It whips up a sudden windstorm surrounding our heroes, firing bolts at them and pushing them back from reaching its pages. This culminates with the five Rangers getting tossed over the side of a hill nearby!
The Rangers return to the scene unmorphed, the raging storm quietly quelled itself. Kai points out the Galaxy Book lying on the ground with burn marks surrounding it. He approaches with his friends standing behind, as the vision foretold by the Guardian comes to past. The echoing voice of the Guardian states he can see into the future as well as the past, as Kai flips through some pages of the Galaxy Book, realizing he was right all along. Suddenly, a strong breeze fills the artificial environment of the Mountain Dome, blackening the skies once more, our heroes racing out of the place while they still can, Kai clutching the book to chest, doing as the Guardian wished by becoming the new protector of its pages. The five run through the windowed corridor between the Mountain Dome and the City Dome, coming to a complete stop when they take a glimpse of the surrounding visions of outer space. Unimaginable multicolor galaxy clusters are painted all across the heavens, countless stars fill the void where only before they entered the Dome there had been nothing but dead space. All in awe of the sight, Damon calls it unbelievable, and Leo asks where they are. Kai starts to recite the words Deviot spoke, of reality ending and time being tossed as galaxies found become galaxies lost. He comes to realization that they're in the Lost Galaxy, Damon says he doesn't believe it! Karone, Leo, Kai, Maya and Damon return to silence as the bask in the endless menagerie of light filling the corridor from outer space, the Lost Galaxy is lost no longer!
[scenes from "Beware The Mutiny"; end credits]

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