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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Raise The Titanisaur"
Original Air Date:11/19/99 Featuring Footage From:
Gingaman #41 - - Majuu no Fukatsu (Revival Of The Demon-Beast)
Gingaman #42 - - Senritsu no Majuu (The Horrible Demon-Beast)
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-926
*41st episode of PRLG
*334th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Judd Lynn
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike (Magna Defender)
Melody Perkins _AS_ Karone (Pink Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Deviot (voice)
Mike Reynolds _AS_ Captain Mutiny (voice)
Richard Epcar _AS_ Barbarax (voice)


[scenes from "The Power Of Pink", "Protect The Quasar Saber", "Beware The Mutiny", "Grunchor On The Loose" & "Hexuba's Graveyard".]
Terra Venture continues to drift through the Lost Galaxy, its engines starting to give out from the strain of their recent encounters. In Command Headquarters, Commander Stanton approaches Kai, who informs him of the diagnostics on the engines, exhaust pressure is climbing into the red. Down in the engine room, the crew races about in a panic as the thrusters heat up and circuitry explodes. Damon is leading the operation, ordering people to shut down fuel valves, tighten the manifold, and cool off the converters as he attempts to work miracles. Kai tells Stanton pressure is reaching critical, while back in the engine room, Damon watches helplessly as engine #4 heats up severely. One worker does his Scotty impression saying she won't hold up much longer, Damon realizing they've lost it and yells for everyone to get back and evacuate now! They do so, the workers scrambling for safety, while one gets fried in the face by an exploding terminal. Damon spots the man falling and rushes to his aid, picking him up and dragging him along as they retreat from the scene, just as the engine ignites in a fireball that can be seen from outside the space station. Up in Command HQ, the computer says that engine #4's functions have terminated, causing a dead silence to fill the room, Commander Stanton overcome with a shocked moment of speechlessness. He finally shakes it off and orders the remaining thrusters to be brought to half-thrust, Kai doing as told. Soon, Damon staggers through the hallway slowly, his body run ragged by the rough time he's spent in the bowels of the ship, all for naught. He passes by Command HQ and locks eyes with Stanton & Mike, the Commander heads over to him and Damon tells him that he's sorry, but Stanton knows that he did his best. Stanton lifts his spirits by saying if anyone can keep those other engines online, it's him, Damon raising his lowered head and sternly stating he can count on him! Damon departs, leaving Stanton behind to stroke his goatee while Mike walks to his side, Stanton remarks if they lose another engine, they're lost (guess the whole "Lost Galaxy" title is more than literal to them, now).
[opening credits]
Meanwhile in Terra Venture's Ocean Dome, Barbarax and his gang of Swabbies head for a closed beach area. Barb calls it the perfect place, and indeed it is, as the Power Rangers leap onto the scene to tell him to get out of here, he's out of league! Barbarax doubts that considering he's got such a tough team, sending the Swabbies in to attack, Red Ranger whipping out his Quasar Saber and striking one of the circus peanut pirates down in midair. Each other Ranger does the same, the following fight limited to Red Ranger laying waste to the Swabs in the sand. Barbarax shakes his ax and says they'll make a great bunch of slaves, Leo says it's not going to happen as the team comes together to activate the Lights Of Orion and armoring up. With these extra tools, our heroes smack the Swabbies around like they were an afterthought from the movie "Cabin Boy". The Rangers then race after Barbarax to give him his turn, when they get gauntlet blasted away by good old Deviot. He laughs at our heroes wallowing the sand, saying that he knows Barbarax has them feeling a little low, but not to worry, it's only going to get worse! Leo wouldn't bet on it, but old Robobard would, firing off another round of gauntlet lasers to liven up the Rangers' moods. Barbarax strikes his ax against the ground, the shockwaves throw the Rangers down the shore a bit, where they recover just in time to feel a Domequake beginning to rage nearby. Deviot & Barbarax follow the heroes, Deviot says to just wait to see what's in store for them, Barbarax can't wait to see it for himself! The robotic duo chuckle evilly, when a wave of energy rolls in with the tides, the Rangers able to drop below it, but Barb & Robobard wind up knocked on their metal kiesters by the power feedback! The distant rumbling continues to pound from the Ocean Dome seafloor, Leo asking what's going on, Maya doesn't know, all the Rangers confused. Damon asks if they see anything, Kai says he sees nothing when the laughter of the robotic duo turns their attention landside once more. Barbarax boasts the pathetic Rangers are about to see a demonstration of real power, Karone calls him a big blowhard. That's when there's suddenly a motion in the ocean, as Titanisaur rises from its depths, cranky as it sheds off some of its accumulated rock to reveal the scaly lizard skin beneath. On the castle atop its back, Captain Mutiny steers his living vessel, Arrrr-ing out he'll crush them like the seaslugs they be! Titanisaur comes ashore, stomping its foot down at our heroes, missing them but throwing the Rangers backwards upon impact. Leo shakes the sand out of his Orion undies and points out it's headed for the City Dome, all watching as Titanisaur shuffles along to do damage, Mutiny shouting that this time victory will be his!
Barbarax laughs at the Rangers, telling them they don't stand a chance against Titanisaur, he & Deviot depart and say they'll see them at the slave camp soon enough. Damon tells his teammates they've got to stop him before he gets into the city, Leo calling on Galactabeasts to arise (poor Condor is still blue, da-ba-dee) and transform to Zords, Galaxy Megazord to form and finally Orion Power-Up! Zenith Carrierzord isn't far away, restructuring itself and coughing out the S-Zords, and within moments both Stratoforce & Centaurus Megazords are ready to rock, standing on each side of the Galaxy Megazord as they face Titanisaur! Inside the Castle, Barbarax asks Captain Mutiny to take a break and let him steer, Mutiny tells him alright, he'll let him have some fun with them. Barbarax takes the wheel and spins it, ordering Titanisaur to attack. The angry ancient creature growls with a bloodlust for Galactabeasts, Centaurus & Stratoforce rushing at him first, only to get smacked back by his swiftly whipping tail! With those two down, the Galaxy Megazord heads in to strike, the Saber charges to full power and attempts a slice, but Titanisaur bites down with its mighty incisors. The Galaxy Megazord manages to get it loose as Titanisaur spits out an explosive breath of blue fire, frying the Megazord and causing it to drop the Saber! Barbarax yanks the wheel around, calling this child's play, Deviot remarks they should just ram them and gets this over with. Barb likes that idea, making Titanisaur butt its horned-head into the Galaxy, Centaurus & Stratoforce Megazords' chests! Red Ranger says this guy is tough, right before Titanisaur snaps its tail into the Galaxy Mega's body. The Rangers are able to grab Titanisaur's horns after this, Leo asking for maximum power, but he's able to slip through the Megazord's fingers again. Centaurus & Stratoforce stand by the weakening Galaxy Megazord, giving Titanisaur an easy target when it charges up for another blue flame breath blast, frying all of them the first try, and bombarding just the Galaxy Megazord with its second! This causes the Galaxy Megazord to topple over to the ground, Titanisaur growling in victory as Centaurus makes for a punch. Titanisaur's big mouth opens wide enough to munch down on Centaurus' left arm, yanking on it with enough force to the point that it comes off at the shoulder! Centaurus falls, and a moment later, so does its arm (guess Titanisaur had a big lunch), while in the Castle, Capt. Mutiny pushes Barbarax aside and regains control of the wheel, wanting to finish them off.

Another flame cough batters the Galaxy Megazord, reverting it into the five Galactabeasts in the blink of an eye! Barbarax excitedly states they've got the Rangers now, stomping his feet against the Castle floorboards. He suddenly notices steam rising up between the cracks, and very shortly, the whole floor grows red below them. Deviot remarks it appears they're overheating and it's probably Barb's fault! Barbarax says that have to stop this, urging his Captain to break off the attack immediately, but Mutiny will do nothing of the sort, proclaiming they're winning and he won't stop now. Stratoforce tries the same trick as its brother, the punch thrown ends up right in Titanisaur's mouth, the sharp fangs sinking in dangerously. The Castle glows red, Deviot mentions to Captain Mutiny that he's destroying his own ship and they must stop now, there's no other choice. Mutiny gives in and curses the Rangers with a "blast their eyes!", steering the wheel for a retreat, Titanisaur rips off Stratoforce's right arm and drops it on the ground. The evil beast-ship is now glowing red itself, flying through the air and heading back for the Ocean section of the dome, and quickly dives in. Steam rises into the artificial atmosphere, Deviot noting the seawater is cooling them down, Barbarax tells his Captain they must attack them again. Mutiny tells him to shiver his timbers, calling Barb a compass without a needle since they'll just overheat again, remarking they need to lighten the load. Capt. Mutiny orders a Swabbie to prepare to disconnect the castle, it salutes and scurries off, Barbarax calls him a genius, Mutiny agreeing.

Later in the Power Pad, the Rangers take a break to brainstorm about this current predicament. Maya sits up in the top bunk and says once Titanisaur cools down they'll be back, hopping down from it as Leo sits in the kitchen shuffling cards, stating that may not be the case, could be they'd just overheat again. Damon gets up and heads for the computer terminal, while Kai notes the castle on its back is the key, likely its Achilles' heel (check out Karone, between her and Kai on a small table is the sphere toy she played with as a child!). Damon contacts Mike on the terminal, asking him how the engines are holding up, Mike says the temperatures are down to normal and not to worry, he'll let him know if anything happens, Damon thanks him. Kai talks about that if Titanisaur does come back, they have to concentrate on the castle and get it to overheat, the castle is his weakness. Karone says the question isn't if Titanisaur will be back, it's when. Speaking of which, Titanisaur rests its weary bones in the Ocean Dome, growling aloud as inside some Swabbies work in unison to disconnect the Castle from its back. Barbarax heads down there to asks Deviot how soon until separation is complete, he tells him it won't be long before Titanisaur is ready to attack! Barb calls this excellent, ordering the Swabbies to put their backs in to it as they churn the giant bolt loose from its hole. They finally succeed, Barbarax informing Captain Mutiny via a pipe that they're ready to disconnect, Mutiny speaks back about having the Swabbies lower the lever. The lever is lowered, the Castle shakes and slides down Titanisaur's scaly back, splashing into the water and floating on the surface. Titanisaur freed of its Castle confines, it dives into the water and swims away (boy, it was much easier to disconnect back in "Grunchor On The Loose", wasn't it?), Captain Mutiny orders his living vessel to go and destroy Terra Venture!
Titanisaur swims through the Ocean Dome, and before we know it, the Rangers are Morphed and in the city, listening to their Transmorphers as Alpha alerts them to Titanisaur attacking again! Leo calls on the Galactabeasts to arise, they do once more, heading into action while Titanisaur continues enjoying the large amount of water stored on the space colony. Up in Command Headquarters, Mike's Magna Morpher beeps, so he ducks out and behind a large terminal, Alpha 6 tells him the Rangers need his help in the City Dome, he tells Alpha he's on it and departs. Titanisaur sets foot in the City Dome, crushing a street between his toes and tossing cars into the air upon impact. He then charges up his lungs and blows out another blue breath blast, scorching a large amount of Terra Venture's buildings! People end up covered in debris as usual, and run for their lives as the massive monster looms overhead, frying more buildings as he makes his way into the city, demolishing everything with his tail a-waggin'. Having set a section of the city on fire, Titanisaur bumps into the Galactabeasts, there to ruin his fun. The Rangers are atop each of their respective beast (except Leo, likely off getting coffee), Damon points out the Castle is gone and asks what they're going to do next. Maya says she's going in, Damon tells the girl to go and not to worry as he's got her back! The Wolf Galactabeast lunges for Titanisaur, and ends up knocked aside by the bastard son of Gamera & Godzilla when he whips his tail around and smacks the Wolf in the head. Titanisaur then walks towards the Galactabeasts, growling and causing explosions to erupt around the Rangers somehow. The Condor swoops in and strikes Titanisaur's chest, but is caught up in a headlock, Damon asking for Kai's help, the Gorilla Galactabeast hops to action. It meets Titanisaur's tail, and the two hit it off instantly, or at least, the Gorilla gets hit off by it, both Damon & Kai's beasts suck pavement soon after.

Torozord charges in with Mega Defender riding its back, Mike telling his friends to hold on cause he's coming, Karone seems happiest to see him. Defender Torozord is initiated, and once Mike is linked up inside his bull pal, they opt to use the Magna Axe (or as we find out later in this episode, the Defender Axe. See? I was close! Excuse me if i'll call them both from now on.), leaping into the fray with the Axe drawn. It aims for Titanisaur's back, but his tail is too smart for its own good and slaps it off before it can strike his tender backside. Damon mentions Mike won't be able to do this by himself, Kai agrees to help lend him a hand, Condor & Gorilla Galactabeasts soon rush in to aid Torozord, Titanisaur spewing forth some flames and sending our heroes down again. Torozord gets its shiny new Axe lodged in Titanisaur's mouth, struggling to break free of the jagged jaws as they tango around in circles. Titanisaur's rear-end wins up getting spanked by Lion Galactabeast's own fire breath attack, Red Ranger apparently back from wherever he went and charging up his beast to do some damage. The second blaze trips Titanisaur over, leaving its Castle-less back singed, while the five Galactabeasts regroup together as per Leo's request. Torozord lowers its Axe a few feet away, Damon shouts out a thank-you to Mike, Karone says to form the Megazord, Leo agrees and Zord transform happens all over again. Galaxy Megazord comes together and gets Orion Armored-Up, while Zenith Carrierzord flies through the bird-filled skies nearby. Maya says its name, and Zenith lands, releasing C & S-Zords, which come together to create the somehow repaired Centaurus & Stratoforce Megazords! Titanisaur howls fiercely while facing the four Megazords standing before him, coughing out one more blue breath blast which sends smoke & sparks flying in front of our heroes.

Defender Torozord races through the smoke after the creature, giving time for it to turn around whip its tail at Mike, but having learned a good lesson, Torozord grabs the tail under its arm! Holding it steady, Torozord chops Titanisaur's tail off with the Defender Axe, sending the creature howling in pain! Mike finally calls on the power of the Defender Axe, Defender Torozord charging the weapon up and creating a golden ring around itself while getting the Axe into position, slashing into Titanisaur with a great heave! Centaurus & Stratoforce want some pay back for being disarmed earlier, so they get back-to-back, spin around, energize up and rip through Titanisaur's stomach! Titanisaur growls in agony, while Galaxy Megazord readies the Saber, Leo inside saying he's caused them enough trouble and now it's time for finish him! Asking if everybody's ready, his teammates proclaim they are, as the Galaxy Megazord jumps into the air and hovers across the city skyline. Red Ranger charges the Saber to full power, and as Titanisaur looks up at the Megazord flying at him, the Galaxy Megazord Sabers slashes downward while filled with a mega burst of energy (I know the dramatical need for the whole "funky space background" as it slashes the Saber down, but if you read into it wrong, it appears as though the Megazord is shattering the City Dome's protective glass barrier!!). Titanisaur is ripped asunder by the blow, exploding into a massive fireball and leaving no remains behind but charred wreckage of his rampage and some foul smoke in the air. Maya shouts that they did it and he's gone, Kai yells they did a good job and what a team they are! The four Megazords stand victoriously in the city together, the day saved and the cleanup all that's left, without them I doubt there'd be anything left to cleanup!
Terra Venture flies tilted through the Lost Galaxy, a shot from the outside shows the charred fourth engine pretty prominently. Kai & Mike race back to their post in Command Headquarters, Mike noting trouble in engine #3, Commander Stanton asks Kai for temperature, he tells him it's 600 Kelvin and rising fast. Damon rushes down to the engine room, grabbing the machinery and shouting that they're not going to lose another one, ordering people to transfer load and shut some valves down. Outside the ship, the engine releases a large puff of fire as it begins to overheat, Damon taking command of the engine room, thanking a guy for a good job and having others check ports. He grabs a metal lever and forcefully pulls it back, and once done, the room calms its violent shaking. Damon heads over to check the temperature gage, and it appears the engine is cooling off, score another one for the Terra Venture grease monkeys! They cheer for their quick win, while up in Command HQ, Kai gladly tells Stanton that temperature is returning to normal. The weary Commander says that it's normal for now maybe, but they're running out of time. He exits the scene, leaving Kai with a disturbed look on his face.
[scenes from "Escape The Lost Galaxy"; end credits]

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