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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Journey's End, Part 2"
Original Air Date:12/17/99
*Regular Season 7 (Same as Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-929
*44th episode of PRLG
*337th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike Corbett
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Melody Perkins _AS_ Karone (Pink Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Additional Cast:
Jack Banning _AS_ Professor Phenomenus
Tom Whyte _AS_ Commander Stanton
Christopher Glenn _AS_ Solider #1
Ty Taylor _AS_ Soldier #2
Allison O'Donnel _AS_ Cindy
Deborah Johns _AS_ Cindy's Mother
Kim Wimmer _AS_ Lady With Photo
Michelle Tillman _AS_ Alpha 6
Wendee Lee _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)
Julie Maddalena _AS_ D.E.C.A. (voice)
Richard Cansino _AS_ Kegler (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Villamax (voice)


[scenes from "Escape The Lost Galaxy" & "Journey's End, Part 1".]
The evacuation of everyone in what's left of the City Dome of Terra Venture continues. GSA Soldiers keep the steady flow of people moving to the Shuttleports, leading everyone onto each shuttle in a rather hectic manner. Outside, on the lunar surface, the Stratoforce & Centaurus Megazords have been activated to fend off the oncoming onslaught of Stingwingers. The endless armada of buzzbrains swoop down towards the defenseless City Dome, leaving only these two lone sentient Galactazords to attempt to swat them off. They use their giant metal fists to knock them out of the sky, Centaurus fires his Laser-cannon at the swarm of Stingys, Stratoforce his Boomerang, but the bugdrones just keep on coming, latching themselves onto the Megazords. The infestation of Stingwingers along the Megazords' bodies increases rapidly, to the point that they're covered by more than they can shake off! And little do the two robotically enhanced Galactabeasts realize, that each one carries a bomb strapped to their chest, ready to use it when the time is right. Overtaken, the Megazords let an amass of Stingwingers pass by, swooping down into one of the broken access hallways that once went to one of the other Domes, but now allows entrance into the City for the evil invaders. The Stingwingers head in, stick to a large building in droves, clumping together and finally yanking the cord on their chest-bombs and letting them rip! Each Stingy blows up, setting off a chain reaction of explosions that literally ignites the building with them, as well as several surrounding structures (including that glass building in the stock footage we've seen destroyed several hundred times). People race through the streets, heading for the Shuttleports, as more buildings are demolished by the Kamikaze Stingwinger Wrecking Crew!
[opening credits, Leo's old cast scene is back, and so is Bulk!]
Thousands more Stingwingers fly into the City Dome, some landing to create havoc on the ground, scaring the escaping citizens of Terra Venture. Bulk & Professor Phenomenus are among those fleeing in a panic, still wearing their Comet Cafe uniforms while running for their lives. The Power Rangers are on the scene at last, helping people get to the shuttles and taking on the grounded Stingwingers. Red Ranger confronts a group of three buzzbrains, who do all they can to give Leo a long-lasting hug, but he doesn't seem to understand why. Pink Ranger does some flips nearby, stopping only to watch as the Stingys holding Leo suddenly pull their cords and activate the devices, exploding against Leo! It fries him good, and sends him tossed back into some debris abruptly, landing harshly and hopping back up to see several Stingwingers slowly marching his way. He shouts out for his teammates to be careful of the bomb-rigged Wingers, but Karone is distracted by his announcement and lets two get the drop on her from above a truck. They pin Pink Ranger down and pull the pins from their explosives, smashing her with a dual blast of hot sparkly pain! Green Ranger dodges the Stingwingers, firing at them with his Transblaster, striking two, who go down together, their chest-devices set off by the attack and safely blowing them up away from Damon. Yellow Ranger is atop a large van, about to be pushed off by two Stingwingers. She holds them back to keep from falling, so they just yank their chains and go kaplooey on her, sending Maya over the side, more worse for the wear! Blue Ranger is getting into the heat of battle, knocking one Stingwinger back, then grabbing another, offering to give him a hand by pulling the cord himself! The bomb activated, he flips the buzzbrain backwards into an empty Venture Vehicle. Several Stingwingers are standing around it, and give the equation of "bomb + car + lots of Stingys nearby with bombs on themselves", well, Kai ends up blasted across the yard from the explosive resulting from that little stunt!

Villamax is in the City Dome, checking out the carnage for himself. He watches as Stingwingers latch onto another building, talking to himself about this disgrace, Trakeena is destroying her whole army! Villamax thinks she's gone too far this time, but before pondering this some more, a small figure dashes by him, causing him to call out for whoever is there. He has his sword at the ready, heading over and pulling back some large debris, to find a little blonde girl with pigtails (named Cindy, according to the credits. Brady?) screaming at the sight of the hulking monster with the sharpened blade. Villamax is taken aback by the child, pausing just as the building explodes above them, crumbling rather quickly. Villy lunges for the girl and covers her from the falling wreckage, but luckily not much ends up landing their way. He then stands up and guides her out from under the remains, telling her to be more careful as this is not a place for a little girl. She asks him if he can help her find her mom, and he doesn't know what to say, and not saying much as Cindy's mother ends up appearing on the scene, calling out for her daughter in the ruined streets. Cindy calls out to her mom and tells her she's alright, the mother gasping in horror when she sees her child with the lackey of Trakeena. Cindy thanks Villamax, saying she knew he'd help her, handing him some small blue flowers she was grasping onto during the ordeal. The mother screams for her daughter to stay away from him, as Villamax thanks the girl and examines the flowers. Cindy's mom rushes over and picks her up, quickly racing off from the monster as fast as she can. The mother cries while doing so, but Cindy remains smiling, waving back at her savior, who stands silently confused at his role in this destruction. Meanwhile on the surface of the moon, the Stingwingers continue to swarm onto the Stratoforce & Centaurus Megazords, at the urging of Trakeena (who's atop her landed Scorpion Stinger across the way). She still speaks in her Deviot-fused tone, ordering more to cover every inch of the Megazords, which they do, even blanketing their giant weapons and getting between their robotic hinges!

Back in the City Dome, Red Ranger once again gets piled on by a set of Stingys, but this time, while backed against a fence, he waits until they pull their cords, shoves them off and leaps away. Not far enough away, as they go up in smoke mere feet from his Morphed back, toppling him into more debris in the surrounding area. He crawls up against something, rubbing his shoulder while giving an "Aw, Man" (take lessons from Tommy & Jason, did he?), wondering how many Stingwingers are left. Leo's Transmorpher suddenly beeps, he answers it knowing it's Alpha 6, who's on the Megaship Bridge. Alpha Ay-yi-yi's him about the Megazords being in trouble, Leo calls out on the Morpher-band radio to his teammates about going to help them. Karone too thinks that they've got to do something, Kai says they can't leave Terra Venture, Damon agrees the people here need them more. Their decision made, outside the Dome the Centaurus drops its Laser-Cannon on the floor of the moon, still covered in bomb-bagged buzzbrains. Trakeena watches from the sidelines as more flock to the Megazords, cheering her team on as they fly to their deaths, Villamax walking up behind her quietly. He doesn't like what he sees one bit, but refuses to speak up about it, and instead witnesses the Stratoforce Megazord losing grip of its Boomerang. Enough Stingwingers assembled on the hull of the Megazords, one lone Stingy pulls his cord, igniting not only himself, but every other one in the vicinity. The chain reaction deal again, this first wave rips the Stratoforce Megazord's arm from its socket! Before long, every Stingwinger attached to the two once-lost Galactazords has exploded, taking the Megazords out with them! The huge fireball resulting from the fiery deaths of the two sentient Megazords is seen by all in the City Dome, including the Power Rangers. Trakeena laughs triumphantly, stating that now nothing can stop her, as she grins evilly while watching the Megazords slowly blow up to bits.
Outside the stranded City Dome, the remains of the Stratoforce & Centaurus Megazords can be seen strewn across the surface of the moon. Only a few parts remain, a leg, a head, a few others, all still smoldering and exploding. Zenith Carrierzord isn't seen anywhere, but I wouldn't be surprised if the stress of losing its brothers hurt it deeply, or even killed it. In the Dome, Red Ranger gives a moment of silence for the Megazords (and notice he calls them just "the Megazords", not even acting like they have a such thing as a "Galaxy Megazord" left), thinking Trakeena may have destroyed them, but she won't get Terra Venture! He whips out his Quasar Saber, and his Transdagger in Magna Talon mode, rushing into battle with the remaining army of Stingwingers at his door. Pink Ranger leaps into the air, slicing one Stingy's chest with her Saber as she passes by, landing far enough away to avoid the blast as the bugdrone slams into two of his buddies and takes them with him! Another hops up after Karone, but she stomps it under her feet, glancing down to notice a crowd of Stingwingers is just in front of her. She kicks the Stingy off to join his brothers, as she jumps away from sight, while the gathering of Kamikaze Stingwingers blow themselves up behind her (she has a less than perfect landing because of it). Yellow Ranger is tackling the Stingys with her Delta Daggers, and for some reason, she's able to keep them from exploding on her as she strikes at them and kicks them around. Guess she found the "Non-suicidal Stingwinger" bunch. Green & Blue Rangers are running off together, leaning on each weary other while guiding the Stingwingers into a clear position. Damon mentions tag teaming the bugs, Kai agrees and with Damon firing his Transblaster, Kai his Galaxy Quasar Launcher (his Cosma Claw doesn't come in handy, so it's a good thing he had that bazooka on his shoulder!), they reduce the Stingwingers to dust long before they can get close enough to do damage to our two heroes. Leo is ripping into his set of Stingys with his Saber & Dagger, slashing away with each hand before posing dramatically while one explodes behind him (and we have to assume, so do the others located around him). Red Ranger gasps for breath after the long hard battle, and soon stumbles over to a center location of the debris & fire riddled court, regrouping with his team. He asks Karone if she's okay, which she is, Maya thinks that they got them all. No rest for the heroic, as a thumping sound turns their attention skyward, to the glass dome above that is becoming covered with huge cracks through it. Leo knows it won't hold up much longer, saying they've got to speed up the evacuation, Kai says for them to do it, and off the Rangers go once more.

Meanwhile on the Scorpion Stinger, the twisted Trakeena boasts being queen of the world after destroying two Megazords. Villamax is with her, she orders him to send her army into the city and hunt down the Power Rangers. Villy points out a little fact to her psychotic mind, she has no army left, she blew up every last one of her Stingwingers! Trakeena then changes plans, telling him she doesn't need an army, and she doesn't need anyone, pushing him out of her way with a mere shove of her finger as she storms off. Back on the moon, the fleet of Shuttlecrafts take off at once from the City Dome, heading towards the new world at a breakneck pace. In the Dome, an announcement tells people to board the shuttles in an orderly manner, leave all luggage & possessions behind as there's not enough room for them. The Rangers have demorphed and are helping to evacuate the civilians, Leo lifting kids into the back of trucks, Karone & Damon moving people along who need help walking, and Maya comforting crying children. Kai is closer to the shuttle hangars, shouting for people to move along and ditch the luggage, amassing quite a pile, as we see. Bulk is carrying his suitcase, and bumps into Kai, who gesture for him to drop it, so Bulk fumbling does so, into the pile with Phenomenus right behind him. They both scurry off as the announcer continues announcing, and Phenomenus drags behind while staring at something, causing Bulk to have to run back and move the old senile windbag along. Kai notices a lady heading to the shuttle carrying a purse and a photo, he tells her she can't take anything with her. She pleads to let her keep the picture of her mom & dad, handing it to Kai who stares at it and hands it back, telling her not to miss her shuttle.

Meanwhile, in the remains of the Command Tower, Mike makes his way through the hall with a flashlight. Amid the ruins he discovers Commander Stanton on the bridge of the Command Headquarters, staring out at the shuttles taking off through the window. Mike heads in (the place still sparking with burned out equipment), telling his Commander the final shuttle is waiting and he's the last one left. Stanton says that this city was going to be the shining capital of the new world, Mike walks over and checks out the view of the buildings of the City Dome below, to the backdrop of the rugged lunar landscape. Stanton distraughtly points out that now it's nothing more than a shipwreck, before walking away from his post for good, leaving Mike behind, trapped by the view. Elsewhere at the Shuttleport, Kai stands by himself betwixt endless amounts of rubble, Leo walking up to him quietly. Kai says that GSA regulation book doesn't say anything about abandoning ship, Leo says he guesses they didn't think it could happen. Kai asks him if he's still glad he snuck onboard, Leo gladly tells him he'd do it again in a heartbeat. They exchange smiles, but the moment ends with Damon and the girls rushing over to tell them to get going, the dome is about to collapse! They rush off, while the shuttles continue their trek through space, New World-bound. Cindy gets a window seat next to her mother, happily sitting there in the shuttle that looks like an airplane from within (just like back in Quasar Quest 1). As their shuttle zooms on its course, the Scorpion Stinger slinks not far behind, Trakeena at command, gleefully planning to blast the sitting ducks out of the sky, one by one, just like they did to her Stingwingers. Her mad mind is now turning to revenge on innocents over something she herself did! She orders Villamax to lock the lasers on target, but he hesitates. Glancing at the flowers in his hand, he remembers Cindy asking him to help find her mom. Trakeena laughs like a maniac, while awaiting the Terra Venturians' destruction, Villamax suddenly realizes he can't do this. Cindy looks out the window of the shuttle and alerts her mother, mom spots the Scorpion Stinger and shouts out Trakeena's name! Everyone aboard rushes to the left side of the ship, fearfully witnessing the Stinger on a beeline to blast their boosters from existence!
The Scorpion Stinger is within range of the lone shuttle, Trakeena orders Villamax to fire, and with the hand clutching the flowers, Villy reaches for the control panel. His finger extends for the bug button, but he can't bring himself to do, defiantly screaming a no to his queen! She tells him again to fire, Villamax turns around and explains to her that the Red Ranger destroyed her father, and that ship is just filled with innocent people and little children. Trakeena asks if he dares to disobey her, ordering him to get out of her way and she'll do it herself. Villamax says there is no honor in this, and considering the honor-less Deviot is now a part of Trakeena, the word is meaningless to her, she shoves Villy into Kegler and struts over to do the firing instead. Villamax grabs her shoulder and says he won't let her do this, she pokes him in the stomach with her Scorpius-Staff, knocking him back, and then following it up with a gauntlet blast! Villy is thrown through the slimy wall of the Stinger, stunned by the attack and not getting up as Trakeena shows up again, carrying a sword and calling him pathetic. Kegler waddles as fast as his little pudgy legs can take him to Villamax' side, asking if he's alright, but Trakeena orders Keggy to get away from him, firing off another gauntlet blast at her onetime trainer's chest! Villamax takes the blast like an honorable monster, standing tall despite the pain, focusing on the flowers he still has in hand. Trakeena tells him to go ahead and fight back if he dares, yet he refuses to do so, so she slashes at his back without remorse. Kegler watches terrified from nearby, hiding behind a pipe, as Villamax blocks every attack Trakeena gives him. Some get by, but he holds firm against the sword and when the action gets physical, Villy loses himself in battle and raises a fist to strike his former queen. He halts himself before hurting her, she cackles maniacally over his refusal to strike back, kicking him down, and kicking him while he's down! Villamax gets up once more, reaching for his sword still sheathed in his holster, Trakeena telling him to fight or be destroyed. He refuses, resheathing his blade and is an open target for Trakeena as she rips into him with her sword, a deadly blow with resulting sparks. Cindy's flowers are thrown from his grasp, landing on the ground a few inches from where he now lay. He reaches for them, but Trakeena instead stomps them into the ground. Villamax begins to lose his life-force, still reaching out with his left hand for the flowers that have now been crushed beneath the boot of his former student, Trakeena remarks he taught her how to fight too well, it seems. Villamax, with his last breath, tells her she's learned nothing, and collapses on the floor, before turning into nothing more than golden light and a few twinkles that quickly fade.

Kegler rushes from hiding, crying out his partner's name, grabbing at the ground where he was once laying and asking what she's done to him. Kegler sobs and covers his glass-wearing eyes, Trakeena aims her sword at his head and asks if he wants to join his friend. Keggy proclaims he doesn't, following behind her and slowly ending his sobs as he returns to her side in the throne room. Trakeena watches the view screen, where the shuttle is still being watched, she tries to remember where she was, and starts to grin evilly as she has the Scorpion Stinger fire its Tail-laser. The tail curls up, the back pincher coils and glows green with energy, when suddenly the bug-ship is rocked by a blast from afar! It's the Astro Megaship, blasting away with its Megalasers at full charge, causing the Stinger to be thrown off from the shuttle's location. The shuttle takes off past the Megaship, the people aboard cheer & applaud for their heroes, Cindy hugging her mother and not realizing their survival was also partially thanks to her savior from earlier. On the Megaship Bridge, the Rangers are Morphed, but helmetless as they man the controls, Kai stating it was a direct hit, and Alpha congratulating him on a nice shot. Damon & Leo are steering the ship, Leo telling Damon to bring them around behind her, Kai informs them the Megalasers have recharged. The Megaship heads straight for the Scorpion Stinger, trying to swoop underneath and do as Leo ordered, but inside, Kegler whines about the Rangers planning to fire again. Trakeena doesn't think so, slamming her fist on the control panel, and opening the front pinchers (including the one torn in half by Leo & Damon in the previous show). Kai stands from his seat when he spots this, pointing out they're ramming them! The Stinger pinchers bite down on the Astro Megaship like it was a Megameal, even the blunt stump of a left pincher is able to do intense damage to the hull! The Megaship front cargo bay doors are blown open from the internal explosion, and every Ranger on the bridge is thrown against the walls and control panels violently as the place begins to ignite around them. Trakeena readies her elongated finger, wickedly stating that it's crunch time as she presses the bug-button and continues chomping into the Astro Megaship's weathered structure. Damon & Leo get up and grab the controls, struggling to keep everything together and attempt to slip away from Trakeena's clutches. The others return to their posts, Kai mentioning that the weapons are down, Maya shouts that the engines are overheating! Damon remarks they're losing her, Leo watches a bit frightened at the screen stating an emergency, likely blaming himself for this somewhat.

Alpha is in the Engine room, trying to keep the Hyper accelerator from going up, but instead it backfires on him, the ship tilts and Alpha falls over. If that wasn't bad enough, he then gets pinned under some debris from above, crippling his ability to get out of there! As the Astro Megaship continues to be bitten into and is exploding from the strain of the giant metal pinchers, the Rangers are not giving up the ship just yet. That is, until Leo seems to take a page from the "Tommy Oliver Handbook" and tells them their only way to stop Trakeena is to put the Megaship on self-destruct! Damon doesn't want to lose his pride & joy of so long, but Kai agrees it's their only hope. Damon reluctantly gives in, setting the controls for self-destruction, and DECA (whom they don't seem to care what happens to one bit) sounds that the ship will explode in 90 seconds. Leo tells them they've got to get out of there, the girls take off as he & Kai drag Damon away from the now-totalled bridge. On the way out, Leo contacts Alpha via Transmorpher and tells him to meet them at the Jet Jammer bay. He doesn't know Alpha is pinned under tons of empty boxes, and unable to answer his, uhh, well I guess he was calling Alpha's head. Anyway, the Rangers race the Jammer Bay, only to find the place trashed, and the doors blocked by rubble! They start to pick it off piece by piece, when Karone asks where Alpha is. Damon figures he must still be in the engine room, Leo goes back after him, and DECA announces self-destruction in 45 seconds. Leo runs into the engine room and calls out to his fully sentient multifunction automaton buddy, finding him covered in debris, and pulling Alpha out from under it rather quickly. Alpha is very glad to see him, Leo asks if he's okay, and Alpha thinks so. DECA states 30 seconds remaining, Leo helps Alpha along as they head to the Jammer Bay, poor Alpha having gone through the Power Chamber destruction and now this! In the Jammer Bay, the Rangers have put their helmets back on, ready to blast their way out. Pink with her Beta Bow and Green with his Transblaster, they fire open the docking bay doors with swift precision. Red Ranger returns with Alpha, the Rangers hop into their Jet Jammers (Alpha sitting basically on Leo's shoulders) as DECA sounds 10 seconds till self-destruction. Leo tells Alpha to hold on, as the Jet Jammers take off from the Astro Megaship, just as DECA reaches the end of her countdown. We never did found out what D.E.C.A. stood for, but we know what we can call her R.I.P. now as she concludes her time with us with one final word, "One". The Astro Megaship ignites from its self-destruction, exploding in a white-light fireball, the blastwave throwing Alpha from Leo's Jammer and hurdling into space, Leo reaching out for him but losing control of his Jet Jammer instead. The others have similar trouble as the wall of flames splash against them from behind, and Trakeena gets a shaky trip when the Scorpion Stinger feels the full brunt of the final voyage of the Astro Megaship. The Scorpion Stinger, severely damaged by the blast, plummets to the surface of the moon, much like it caused Terra Venture to do not too long ago. It's not the only one, as the Red Jet Jammer skids across the crater-filled landscape, finally coming to a stop by crashing into mound of dirt, and exploding the Jammer with Leo in it!
The fleet of shuttles begin to descend upon the new world, landing in groups amid the large forested areas. The people pile out and begin to mingle with others, friends and family and just general fellow survivors of the Terra Venture experience. Bulk & Phenom cheer, shout and cry as they fall to their knees on the ground of their new home planet. Professor Phenomenus is glad they made it, wherever they are! Bulk turns and gives his senior-citizen sidekick a big hug, in what may the final time we ever see these two guys. Right behind them, the unmorphed Rangers race through the woods, finding Alpha shoved in some shrubbery upside-down! Damon & Kai help pull him up and back on his feet, Damon asks his little buddy if he's okay, Alpha 6 gives an Ay-yi-yi, thinking he has a vine stuck in his circuits. The girls giggle and walk over to help pull weeds from Alpha's body structure, Karone happy he made it in one piece, Maya says he had her worried there for one minute. Kai wanders over and asks if anyone has seen Leo, and none have. Blue Ranger begins to shout out for his teammate, as the camera pans to the moon seen reflecting in the sky above. On the surface, the charred remains of the Jet Jammer are still ablaze, and Leo (now Unmorphed, and just like our own pie in the sky, the Moon has plenty of air. Or maybe he's just holding his breath.) crawls from the wreckage. He gets on his feet and looks around, trying to contact his friends on the Transmorpher communications channel. But since the Megaship was the source of the frequency hold (or something), all he gets is static! In the distance, the Scorpion Stinger can be see sprawled out on the lunar landscape, twitching its tail as it slowly dies. Inside, the whole place is a mess, Trakeena has survived it, but apparently Kegler didn't (or maybe he did, and he's heading off to a bar on Onyx!). She looks as bad as the scenery, stumbling through her wrecked ship, stating with her metallic voice that they haven't seen the last of her! Trakeena makes a path through to the cocoon in the storage area, slowly cackling as she reaches forth towards its glowing blue exterior, the Deviot-fused bug queen of evil aims for another metamorphosis!
[to be concluded...; scenes from "Journey's End, Part 3"; end credits]

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