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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"The Lights Of Orion"
Title Shot
Original Air Date:3/13/99 Many Story Elements From:
Gingaman #12 - - Akumu no Saikai (Nightmarish Reunion)

Featuring Footage From:
Gingaman #15 - - Kyoufu no Shakkuri (The Hiccup of Terror)
*Regular Season 6 Continues (7th Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-806
*6th episode of PRLG
*299th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Blair Treu
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Russell Lawrence _AS_ Mike Corbett
Tom Wyner _AS_ Furio (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Mutantrum (voice)

Sentai Scene


[scenes from "Quasar Quest 2," "Race To The Rescue," "Rookie In Red" & "Homesick"]
Ahh, scenic Terra Venture. For a space colony it sure is full of a lot of unnecessary space. Case in point, what is apparently the Forest Dome. Furio is causally strolling along in it, heading to a rocky area. You've got a whole galaxy to view, yet you spend most of your time wandering around a space station built by humans? He truly MUST be evil. Anyway, Furio makes his way to an opening in the hillside, a cave covered by some kind of special marking. Trakeena appears and warns him her father, Scorpius, is looking for him as he is out of time. Furio pleads for her to ask for an extension, he's on the verge of finding the Lights Of Orion. He shows her a piece of crystal, and she seems to know what the powerful lights of Orion are and wants in on the action. Furio reluctantly accepts her help, and proceeds to fire at the cave door with his Furisword. None of the blasts do any good, and Trakeena remarks that he'll never get in, as he isn't 'chosen.' Now hold on a minute here. How in the name of Alpha's grandmother blender did something of galactic importance end up inside a space colony of human creation without anyone knowing of it?! The only thing I can think of is that the Lost Galaxy vortexes are not only manifesting as random portals, but spouting out important power devices, like the Galactabeasts, Transdaggers, and now a cave containing the Lights Of Orion. There is no real answer and to keep from tearing my hair out I'll assume that's it. Furio knows of one such 'chosen' person, and laughs evilly at his plan to get the cave open. Trakeena gives a gratuitous butt shaking walk and with a flick of the wrist is covered by some kind of greenish battle armor.
[opening credits]
If you saw the last episode, you might have seen the scenes from this episode, which featured Maya & Kendrix on the Astro Megaship bridge, detecting something on a nearby planet, and then going off in their Jet Jammers to check it out. That was all chopped out of this episode, instead, Pink & Yellow Rangers are flying around on their Jet Jammers, honing in on an energy reading. They track it to the Forest Dome (for lack of a better term, there's far less trees in here than mountains), and once inside prepare for anything, except for Stingwingers, which quickly overpower the two female Rangers. They're introduced to Princess Trakeena for the first time, and suddenly, the Stingwinger army is fired upon from something nearby. It's Red, Blue & Green Rangers riding on their new Astro Cycles! Each one matches the look of their corresponding Galactazord, and fire energy blasts out of the headlight eyes. This frees Maya & Kendrix, but before the two can ask why they didn't get bikes, Furio & Trakeena put on a magic show across the way. Furio The Magician calls for his lovely assistant Trakeena to open the box behind them, and magically inside is Leo's dead brother Mike! This distracts the Rangers long enough for the Stingwingers to recover and start fighting them, and for Furio's forces to load up the Corbett Coffin into the truck the monsters rented! Hey, who gave that Stingwinger a license? The Rangers spar with some Stingers, and Leo literally hops on his Astro Cycle, driving off after the Furi-mobile, leaving the others behind. Leo catches up to the now abandoned truck, powers down. He creeps up to open the Corbett Coffin, and tension mounts. Did the monsters leave Mike's corpse behind and run off? Of course not, he opens it, nothing's in there.
Leo soon enough discovers where the badguys are hiding out, they're standing around in the forest with Mike's stinky corpse chained to a tree. The other Rangers finally catch up to Leo, and witness the situation themselves. Maya has a plan, of course, with it Damon has to be the decoy. He reluctantly accepts after being pushed into the role, as the others get into position. Damon walks over in sight of Furio, Trakeena & Stingwinger armada, quipping it must be real dangerous for him to be out there all alone. The monsters' are slow to react his appearance on the scene, but soon enough give chase after the ever tormented Green Ranger. He leads them right to where three other Rangers stand, and they all join together to Go Galactic (first onscreen Morph in quite some time!). The Rangers duel with Stingwingers and such, while not far away, Leo frees his brother's cold lifeless body from the chains. It's a miracle! Mike's not dead after all, he's just been dirt napping! They sure had me fooled. Right, well, the brothers unite and hug and get a move on it, Furio spots them, Kai holds him off while they run, Furio sends Stingers after them. Hiding behind a bush, Leo begins asking Mike how he survived that fall into the crevice back on Mirinoi. Mike dodges the answer, and tells him they have to get the lights of Orion before Furio does. The lights are the most powerful energy source in the universe, having been locked away in a cave eons ago. Stingwingers find the Corbett duo, and attack. They barely fight them off, and rush off to the cave. Elsewhere, the Rangers continue fighting Stingwingers, with Furio & Trakeena remarking their plan is working perfectly.

The Cave of Orion
Mike & Leo reach the entrance to the cave of Orion, Mike sending Leo to open the cave door, which is odd since Mike is supposedly 'chosen' himself. Leo presses the emblem on the door, and it disappears, leaving only a small porthole to get into the cave through. Leo heads in, and inside he finds a cage, he breaks open the lock with his Quasar Saber, and then breaks open the lock on a chest in the cage. In that he finds a silver box, since there is no lock on it, he doesn't feel the need to break a lock with his Quasar Saber for the hundredth time today. Right when he exits the cage, he's blindsided by someone, and loses the box of Orion. Who sucked punched Leo? None other than his big brother Mike! Mike's got a sort of pipestaff now, and is evil, taking the Orion box for himself, and leaving a surprised and dumbstruck Leo in the cave saying "Mike" more times than fans at a Bulls game.
The Rangers are still fighting the Stingwingers. Still. Too bad they don't have giant letters on their chests they could kick to shorten these fights, huh? Mike shows up, and shows Furio he has the lights of Orion. The Rangers are stunned to see their friend Mike switch sides. Kendrix leaps over and begs pardon of Mike on how he could do this. Finally, Mike kicks her a few yards, and reveals his true form, that of the monster called Mutantrum!
Before he can hand the Orion box to Furio, Red Ranger jumps at him, and starts beating the tar out of him for the facade. The box is tossed, Yellow Ranger snatches it before Furio can. Mutantrum puts up resistance to Red Ranger's attacks, and shows what the pipestaff is good for. Mutantrum tells Leo he's a weakling like his brother, and we're treated to a flashback of Mike's cliffdive from "Quasar Quest" one more time. This time around, as Mike falls to his doom, he calmly yells out "Carry On, Leo"! Huh, I must have missed that in the eight or nine times that scene has replayed so far. Leo doesn't want to let his brother down, whips out his Quasar Saber, and battles Mutantrum some more. Despite having not said so at all himself, Leo calls the monster by his name. Red Ranger regroups with the others, and Furio & Mutantrum double team the team with energy blasts, exploding behind the Rangers, causing Maya to lose the Orion box. Furio goes over and grabs it while the Rangers recover, but they won't let him keep it for long!
The Transdaggers are brought together, and the Star Formation attack fires upon Mutantrum (despite the fact Furio was the one they were threatening a second ago). The Daggers disappear just as quickly as they appeared, Furio runs for it, Leo gives chase. Mutantrum takes a nip of his bottle of SURRRRRRRGE!!!! and grows big and strong. Kai calls for Galactazord transformation (The Galactazords were not in Galactabeast mode, yet next episode they're beasts again), and they all quickly come together as the Galaxy Megazord! As the Megazord strikes out against Mutantrum, Furio runs through the woods with the Orion box. Does he need to run at 88 miles an hour before he can teleport or something? You got what you wanted, teleport now, you dink!!!!!! No, instead, he gets attacked by Red Ranger, and another pointless swordfight takes place. Meanwhile, Mutantrum lights up a fireball at the end of his pipestaff. The Galaxy Megazord gets into baseball hitter position and gets a home run right into Mutantrum's face. Maya calls for the Condor Galactazord Missile Mode, and it fires, ending Mutantrum's tantrum once and for all. Elsewhere, Furio & Leo keep on tangling. Furio taunts Leo by saying his brother would be ashamed, Leo mentions his brother taught him never to give up and Quasar Saber Fire Power smashes down on Furio, causing him to lose the box. Leo gets the box, and then loses it when hit by a blast. It's a fun game of Orion Hot Potato! Long scene short, both end on eating dirt on the ground. Furio crawls over to the box, and opens it. Nothing's inside! Trakeena finally shows back up, disappointed to find Furio failed once more. He begs for one more chance. The Rangers rejoin their leader, just in time to watch Furio & Trakeena teleport away (took them long enough!) Leo stumbles from his battle sustained injuries.
On the Scorpion Stinger, Furio meets Scorpius face to face, as Scorpius angrily grabs hold of the ugly creature. Mad at his failure to retrieve the Lights Of Orion, this is the last time he'll let such a poor excuse for a General disappoint him! Trakeena, speaks up, asking her daddy to give Furio another chance. He agrees, and Furio is released. He walks by Trakeena, nods his head, and she takes that as a 'thank you,' replying with a 'you're welcome.' Over on Terra Venture, in whatever passes as the Rangers quarters, Kai the master chef prepares some balls of dough for cooking. Damon tries grabbing one to eat, but Kai smacks his hand. Maya wonders if the lights of Orion were even real, and Kai is only sure Furio sure thought they were powerful, real or not. Damon sneaks a ball while this conversation is going on, but is found out before he can swallow the thing. Maya finally displays the mindframe of someone who doesn't come from this galaxy by asking what's wrong with eating cookie dough. Kai explains, while Kendrix spots Leo looking out the window. She joins him, and they talk about missing Mike, and how he would be proud of Leo, just as she is. Leo regains his appetite and goes with Kendrix over to the kitchen area, hungry for cookie dough. Maya tells him he has to wait till it's cooked, and everyone laughs their hineys off. You see, she's from another planet, she doesn't know better! Ha ha. Later offscreen, like everything on PRLG lately, Damon is probably rushed to the infirmary complaining of stomach pains.
[scenes from "Double Duty"; end credits]

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