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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
"Double Duty"
Title Shot
Original Air Date:3/20/99 Based On:
Gingaman #14 - - Futari no Saya (The Two Sayas)
*Regular Season 6 Continues (7th Season by Series)
*Official Network Show Number PR-807
*7th episode of PRLG
*300th total Power Rangers episode (But no celebrating went on for it all!)
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Blair Treu
Starring Cast:
Archie Kao _AS_ Kai (Blue Ranger)
Reggie Rolle _AS_ Damon (Green Ranger)
Danny Slavin _AS_ Leo (Red Ranger)
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Kendrix (Pink Ranger)
Cerina Vincent _AS_ Maya (Yellow Ranger)
Amy Miller _AS_ Trakeena
Additional Cast:
Valerie Vernon _AS_ Carolyn Pickets
Tom Wyner _AS_ Furio (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Scorpius (voice)
Ezra Weisz _AS_ Wisewizard (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Fan In Crowd #8

Sentai Scene


[scenes from "Quasar Quest 2", "Race To The Rescue" & "Homesick"]
Yet another day floating around in outer space onboard the space colony Terra Venture. Kai Chen & Kendrix Morgan are engaging in some friendly sparring in some gym somewhere, and getting all hot & sweaty from it. Kai clearly is losing big time to the girl who is the Pink Galaxy Ranger, and is finally able to end his losing streak by quitting while he's behind. Speaking of behinds, the rest of the rookie Ranger team comes walking in, holding a copy of Glitz Movie Magazine. It seems the biggest star on the colony, named Carolyn Pickets, is an exact duplicate of Miss Morgan herself, and she never noticed! Her friends laugh it up that their teammate looks like a famous actress/model, but she herself is stunned. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Carolyn is making her way through a horde of adoring fans. Once in her dressing room, she mocks those who admire her and want her autograph. Her agent tries talking reason into her, but when he mentions a photoshoot and press conference on schedule for the day, she gets prissy and wants to go shopping. Everything he says is met with snobby resistance, and Carolyn storms out of the dressing room, getting her way whether he, or we, like it or not.
[opening credits]
From happy human space station to dark slimy spacecraft we go, to the Scorpion Stinger. Inside, Scorpius is on a Lights Of Orion kick again, pointing out Furio's failed attempt to find them. Furio's new plan involves a monster dressed like the pope and carrying around a notebook, named Wisewizard. He has a hunch the Lights are hidden in an ordinary camera, and we have to just assume he means onboard Terra Venture (it's a big universe, but it all seems to revolve around IT)! Scorpius sends his General and Wisewizard off to do their deeds, mentioning if he fails again, he'll be destroyed. Trakeena walks on, and Amy Miller gets paid for the day without having to speak one line. Elsewhere, Carolyn is busy striking poses for her cameraman and her agent. After a rough, stressful time of looking beautiful and smiling, she's tired and doesn't want to do anymore. Nearby, The Rangers pull up in their Venture Vehicles, spotting the star and ready to meet her. Kendrix is not excited at all, but is reluctantly dragged along. Carolyn sees them coming, and thinks they're a bunch of grubby fans out for an autograph. Speaking of autographs, Wisewizard is a few feet away and writing bad checks and throwing them at the photoshoot camera! It explodes upon meeting the piece of paper, but nothing Orion is in it. The Rangers are taken by surprise, and Wisewizard tosses another power parchment at them hitting Kendrix in her right leg! She falls, and Wisewizard gets out of there before the Rangers can even blink. Kendrix is alright, but that paper left a mark which flashes once in a while. She's able to walk, and they head over to meet Carolyn. Her agent asks her if she's alright from the camera explosion, she plays it off, but suddenly realizes the benefits of being a cranky actress by faking a sprained ankle! The Rangers meet her as she wallows on the ground, and the agent is not only stunned to see a Carolyn lookalike, but happy that he can replace old bowleg so easily! Kendrix at first hesitates a chance at temporary stardom, but decides to take a gamble and not only be an actress on tv and on TerraV, but play as an actress who's pretending to be an actress! I mean, she's an actress, and in real life, but on the show... and then there's some cookie dough... Umm, Orion?
Carolyn is really milking her fake injury, going around on crutches and being babied by her agent. She visits the set of her new movie, "Star Crossed Lovers" (yes, the SAME movie title Cassie wanted to see in "A Date With Danger," guess it's been so many years since PRIS, they've remade it!) where Kendrix is filling in. She's shooting an office scene where her character is a secretary to a boss who makes romantic advances to her, and I guess since it's the future, Sexual Harassment has been abolished! Anyhow, the director makes her do another take, because her delivery was too unfriendly, then the second time around, when the guy playing her boss walks over and puts his hand on her shoulder, Kendrix grabs it, and flips him over onto the ground! She apologizes, calling it a reflex action, but everyone on the set has their jaws dropped. (it doesn't seem to be a secret that she's Kendrix, and not Carolyn, as Carol is sitting right there) Later, at the set that looks remarkably like Ernie's Outdoor Juice Bar, Kendrix tries another scene, this time falling over into a waiter, spilling his food on him, thanks to her leg wound from Wisewizard. The waiter, by the by, is one of the guys you may have seen in Adelle's Surf Spot a few times. Carol gets a big laugh out of her double's misfortune, although the Director sure doesn't.
Soon, at the "I Can't Believe It's Not Angel Grove Lake" set, Kendrix prepares for the last scene in the film. It's simple, climb up the hill, deliver the line to the boy who's heart she broke named Bobby, and that's it. She sits down before the shoot, her leg throbbing from the Wisewizard attack. (I should mention, in last episode's scenes from next time, she pulls up her pants and exposed her leg. That scene makes no appearance at all in this episode.) Carolyn is watching her in agony, and finally remembers the incident from earlier, and figures out what her problem is. She confronts her twin, and tells her she should quit if it hurts too much. Kendrix made a promise, and intends to keep it no matter what the pain. Carol can't understand such a concept as responsibility, but witnesses Kendrix screw up take after take of the final scene because of her leg. After more than 8 takes, the Director is furious. She can never walk up the hill right, and tell Bobby she loves him. This is the last time they'll do it, or else she's fired! So, Kendrix swallows her discomfort, heads up that hill and tells Bobby she loves him and delivers a passionate... hug. The take is perfect, director is excited, and it's a wrap. Carolyn comes over to commend Kendrix, on not only her acting but her willpower. There's a lesson to be learned here kids, and if they don't make it obvious enough, then never giving up and keeping your promise are the least of your worries. Kendrix puts her glasses back on (as opposed to Carol's sunglasses), just in time for Wisewizard to appear and start making things explode again.

Wisewizard taps his book with the script to this episode, and a paper flies out, destroying a video camera with the power of an explosive plothole that'll be coming up in a few minutes. Kendrix jumpkicks her way through the air, knocking his sketchpad out of his hands and into hers. She rips out a page, tosses it at him, but he swings it back at her, hitting her in her left leg this time! She stumbles off behind some trucks and equipment, as Carolyn watches. Wisewizard hunts down the tricky Ranger, and thinks he finally has her, finding her crawling on the ground. When she suddenly pops out of a truck, and kicks him over. He thinks he had double vision, but it's just a pair of Vernons! He blasts them with his staff, regains his notebook and throws another deadly sheet at Kendrix, but this time around, Red Ranger jumps in the air, slicing it back at Wizzy with his Quasar Saber. The Rangers chase after the Paper Priest, while Kendrix thanks her doppelganger for the assistance. Once again overcoming the leg wound, she wobbles off to rejoin her Ranger friends. They're getting beaten by Wisewizard, who throws a whole wad of papers at them, paralyzing them in place. When they fear they may be losing, Pink Ranger finally makes the scene, slowly but surely. Doesn't do much good, she gets tossed off into the bushes quickly. The Notebook Bishop goes to finish her off, but she drops down from the trees above, striking him with her Transdagger and then trashing his scribblepad with a Transblaster attack! This causes her leg injury, as well as the papers all over the Rangers, to disappear. They team back up with Pink Ranger, ready to fight to the finish, giving Wisewizard time to call for Stingwinger backup. There is a lot of running up on trees, especially on Yellow Ranger's part. Pink takes on Wizzy herself, bouncing back and forth off trees, scratching the ground like an animal, and jumping on him and making his face smoke mysteriously without touching it. She takes him down with a few Transdagger attacks, but here's where things get insane.
Quasar Launchers
Suddenly, all five Rangers are standing there, holding Quasar Launchers. These staff/bazookas are given no introduction, no "DECA & Alpha built them" or "Came with the suit" line, nothing. They link up with the Launchers, their bodies surge with power, and together they fire energy blasts from the Launchers at Wisewizard. He falls down and goes boom, but a second later is growing really huge. Must have had a green caplet under his tongue and bit it or something. Galactabeasts are called to arise, and the Rangers use their Transdaggers once ontop of them to change them into Zord form (unlike last time, when they were already ala Zord). Next it's Galaxy Megazord transform time, and before you know it they're taking on Wisewizard. Pink's in control here, it seems, taunting him with Megazord hand gestures. Slice, dice, and Condor Galactazord Missile Mode later, Wisewizard goes up in smoke, not quite ready for the recycle bin.
Once again we find ourselves in the Ranger kitchen. Kendrix is reading off lines from the script she still has while making a sandwich and the Rangers spot her and laugh. Carolyn is on Television accepting an award, Leo remarking most people want to be stars, Carol probably wants to be more like her double. Kendrix doesn't think she'll even remember her. She eats her words as well as the ham sammich when Carolyn dedicates the award to her friend Kendrix, who taught her the value of keeping a promise and working hard. Leo snuggles uncomfortably close to Kendrix and says no one can forget her. Fifteen minutes of fame are up, science girl!
[scenes from "The Blue Crush"; end credits]

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