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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"The Last Ranger"
Original Air Date: 11/08/00 Featuring footage from:
GoGo Five #33 - Ubuna Saima No Senshi
(Baby-sitting A Saima Warrior)
*15th episode of 8th Regular Season
(31st of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1031
*31st episode of PRLR
*369th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: John Fletcher & Jackie Marchand Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Rhett Fisher _AS_ Ryan Mitchell (Titanium Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Ms. Angela Fairweather
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Michael Forest _AS_ Olympius (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Diabolico (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice)
Marc Caldera _AS_ Memorase (voice)

Additional Flashback Cast:
Soren Fulton _AS_ Hostage Boy
David Leitch _AS_ Brian
Justin Martin _AS_ Artie
Jonathan Robinson _AS_ Simon
Mike White _AS_ Dark Suit


[Scenes from "As Time Runs Out" & "In The Freeze Zone"]

That same old tall glass mirror-windowed building that gets blown up every PR series, gets blown up yet again. The source of the destruction stands on the streets far below it, taunting the panicking citizens as they flee for safety. The monster, later named Memorase, is sort of white & bluish in color (think Treacheron, but a bit darker), with three horns on his head (or else fins, he looks like the lost Shark Brother!), has some armor, a greenish cape, and a double-bladed staff. The demon laughs at the weak humans' plight, spinning his staff around rapidly to charge it up. Memorase then remarks, "I never liked that building", with a deep accent, as he heaves a bolt of energy from his blade-staff. The bolt hits the three-or-so story office building, causing it to erupt into debris and fire as it explodes upon impact. The Rescue Rovers races towards the scene, its sirens wailing. Pink Ranger notices a mother on the side of the road, clutching her injured young son. Dana yells, "Carter, stop! I've got to help them!" Red Ranger does as asked, stopping the Humvee on a dime, and allowing Dana to flip out of her seat. She grabs the first aid kit, the Paramedic in her returning to the surface once again. Pink Ranger rushes over to the mother and child, telling the kid, "Don't worry, little guy. I'll take good care of you." Dana begins to tend to his wounds, after yelling over to her teammates, "You guys go on, i'll catch up with you!" Carter tells her, "You got it!", and quickly gets the Rover moving. People continue to run away from the destruction, through the debris & fire pocketed streets. Dana holds the small boy in her arms, calming him by saying, "I'll have you up and running in no time!" Meanwhile, Memorase is getting ready for more chaos. He starts spinning his staff around, hurling red bolts from both blade-ends of it. Not only one, but several buildings, explode massively from his constant unchecked attacks.

Memorase is now under an overpass close to the bay, remarking gleefully, "I LOVE this job!" The Power Rangers make the scene, with Carter adding, "Not for long!" The four heroes then whip out their V-Lancers, spinning them around similarly to the way Memorase was with his own staff moments earlier. Speaking of which, the demon holds his staff steady, casually stating, "Give it your best slice, Rangers." Red Ranger does so, his V-Lancer slash aimed right for Memorase, only to have the demon vanish from sight in an instant! He leaves behind his puke colored cape, it drops on the floor and confuses our heroes. This lasts long enough for Memorase to suddenly pop down from above their heads, his staff held tightly. He falls, slashing into Red & Green Rangers with ease. Next he cuts down Blue & Yellow, before apparently causing his cape to return to him. It rips through all four at once on its way by, giving their chests quite a sparking working out. The Rangers fall, while Memorase stands triumphant with his cape back on. Our heroes refuse to give up, Carter leading the charge for Blasters. Red Ranger reaches for his Rescue Blaster, as does Yellow, while Green & Blue instead opt for Thermo Blaster! They're quickly fired off at Memorase, small streaks of laser power are discharged at the demon. Memorase simply raises his blade-staff and deflects them all, as if they were nothing! Joel is wowed, as the Rangers lower their Blasters, and Memorase stands unscathed, saying, "You call that firepower? THIS is firepower!" He begins swinging his blade-staff around, tearing wave after wave of red energy into our heroes. They fall over again, Blasters still in hand.

Elsewhere, the young injured boy is strapped into a stretcher by a paramedic. Pink Ranger thanks the man, and then tells the boy, "They'll take it from here. Feeling a little better?" The kids nods, and Dana says that's great, telling the two paramedics to take good care of him. The mother lags behind to watch as Pink Ranger stands tall, takes a deep breath and shouts, "Back to action!", before running towards the direction her partners went. They're getting their sorry arses tossed across the city by Memorase, literally! Now in the debris-filled streets, the Rangers are having a tough time with the demon, as Memorase asks them if they give up. Kelsey tells him, "Never!", and Carter eggs on his own demise by blurting, "You don't have what it takes!" Memorase laughs, and comments, "Oh, is that what you think? Well, let's see if this changes your mind!" He spins around his blade staff, and them aims it at the four Rangers. It unleashes a loud, squelching sound, instead of the usual blasts. The noise echoes into each of the Rangers' heads, prompting them to scream in pain, and fall to their knees, clutching their helmets. Carter is the first to demorph from the stress, followed by the other three. They collapse on the ground, grabbing their ears, attempting to block out the sound to no avail. Memorase chuckles, "Don't worry, Rangers. In a minute, you won't even know what hit you! Hahaha!" He then does a rather nifty teleportation, fuzzying up and fading away. Pink Ranger finally appears, darting down the debris-ridden streets until she spots her defeated friends. She gasps, "Whoa, guys!", as she heads to Carter's side. All four are sprawled across the ground, seemingly dazed and unconscious. Dana wakes Carter up, asking him, "Are you all right?" Carter dumbfoundedly looks at the Pink Ranger and asks, "How do you know my name?" Dana wonders what he's talking about, and crawls over to see Kelsey, asking her, "You know who I am, don't you?" Kelsey groggily remarks, "Who are you?!" Pink Ranger powers down in front of them with a press of her Rescue Morpher. Dana pleads with them, "Guys, it's me! Dana! We're the Power Rangers!" Carter grunts, "Look, I don't know you. But I do know i'm no Ranger!" Same goes for the rest of the four, with Chad taking a glance at his wardrobe in intense confusion. This leaves Dana standing amid the rubble, just as confused as them, though for obviously different reasons.

[opening credits.]

Soon at the Lightspeed Aquabase, the amnesiac Ranger Recruits are hauled in by Lightspeed Technicians, into the Infirmary. Joel looks around, inspecting every strange move, as he's wheeled next to Carter. The former Red Ranger struggles with a Tech and Ms. Fairweather, as they run bio-scans on him. He sits up, proclaiming, "Listen, I don't know what all of this is about, but i'm a fireman and I have to get back to work!" Angela ignores Carter's pleas, and turns to Chad, who mentions, "Excuse me, but, i'm supposed to be at the pool!" Fairweather finds this fascinating, even saying so to Chad, who is continuing to struggle, while being held down by a female tech. Kelsey is in a bed next to him, though shows no resistance, since we all know Crazy is her middle name. Dana & Captain Mitchell watch through the doorframe from outside in the hall. Angela heads over to Joel, testing a theory by asking, "You don't remember me either?" Joel sits up and smiles charmingly, saying, "Lady if i'd seen you before, i'd know it!" Fairweather is convinced, walking over to the two Mitchells, stating, "You're right, Dana. They have NO memory of being Rangers at all." The Captain looks gravely worried over this, with his daughter holding him arm tightly, equally as distraught. He asks Angela, "Can you get their memories back?", she replies, "It won't be easy." Joel hops out of his bed, and puts on his cowboy hat, in a scene similar to his eagerness to leave in "Operation Lightspeed," he says, "Well, adios, everyone. Great meeting you, but this cowboy's got to fly!" He smiles and aims his fingers at them like guns, ready to blow the joint. Fairweather sees no other options, quickly commenting, "I'll get right on it!", before rushing back into the room. The four former Ranger Recruits also get out of their beds and begin to leave, only to have the technicians foil their plans. Kelsey fights with one guy, shouting, "Let me go!" Joel hides behind his bed, trying to throw them off his tail by shaking his upper body back and forth, keeping them guessing on which way he'll try to escape. Captain Mitchell looks at Dana, the both of them sighing to each other.

Soon, in an area of the Weapons Lab (the Transport Bay, converted a bit), the four Amnesiac Rangers (now sans Jackets, though still with their Rescue Morphers on) are reluctantly strapped into vertical platforms with devices around the head areas. Kelsey seems most innocently afraid of her surroundings, while Joel, again echoing a statement made earlier in the city, screams, "This is kidnapping! What are you trying to do?!" Carter agrees, saying, "You people are crazy. I'm no Ranger!" The Techs ignore them, strap the four tightly in, and return to their other duties around the workstation. After Ms. Fairweather seals Chad's restraints, she explains aloud to Dana & Captain Mitchell (who are observing in the computer area), "That monster blocked certain brain paths. This program is designed to free the memory paths by triggering thoughts of their lives as Rangers." She puts on a headset and walks to the machine control panel, which has a readout of four color-coded brains, and percentages on their regained memory status. Angela adds (in a line obviously dubbed in to clear up any confusion), "Luckily, we have a huge archived library of their doings as Rangers that we saved for just such an emergency." She turns a few dials, presses a few buttons, and closes four trays with CDs (or DVDs) inside, each with a Ranger Number & Symbol adorning the top. Fairweather remarks, "We'll begin at the beginning." The camera swoops over to Chad's head, his eyes are closed, his mind being flooded with clips of some stuff they couldn't have possibly of taped, as the machine begins to do its stuff.
[Chad's recruiting scene from "Operation Lightspeed" plays.]
The camera pans all the way over to Carter, who also has his eyes closed, and from the looks of it, is in some REM sleep.
[Clip of Carter's recruiting scene from "Operation Lightspeed" plays.]
The camera pans back over to Kelsey, who is also napping and reliving things she's already done before.
[Kelsey recruiting scene from "Operation Lightspeed" plays.]
Camera pans, and it's Joel's turn for a flashback nightmare!
[Clip of the Joel recruiting scene from "Operation Lightspeed" plays.]
At the machine console, all four Amnesiac Rangers' brainwaves are reading at 25%, with some fluctuating up to 27% and back down. Captain Mitchell & his daughter Dana watch intently, gazing at each other once more, in their nail biting experience.

Meanwhile, inside Skull Cavern, Diabolico stands still in the mist filled room, as Olympius walks up and comments, "Well, well, well, Diabolico. Your plan has failed once again." Loki & Vypra are also there, though far in the background, neither getting a line this episode. Diabolico, the apparent creator of today's monster, tells the prince, "And once again you are wrong, Olympius! We now only have ONE Ranger to contend with. Not five!" Olympius, having been in this situation with Diabolico on "In The Freeze Zone", with the 'four down one to go' scenario, knows better, asking, "So?!" Diabolico adds, "So, when Memorase finishes with the Pink Ranger, her memory will be as useless as the others! Hehaha!" Back at the Aquabase, Captain Mitchell stands at his desk in his Office. He then starts pacing impatiently, talking to Ms. Fairweather over his headset, saying, "The city is much too vulernable without the Rangers. How much longer?" In the Lab, Angela checks out the unconscious Amnesiac Rangers, telling Mitchell, "The memory feed is only at 25%. If we stop the process before it's finished, the Rangers could lose ALL their memories. Dana remains in the computer area, and overhearing this, she looks like her heart skipped a beat. Same with the Captain, though he just stands there calmly and quietly, though looking quite somber.


Captain Mitchell returns to the computer lab, and stands next to Dana again. They continue watching over Operation Memory Jog. Mitchell speaks through his headset to that of Ms. Fairweather, asking, "Status Report?" She informs him, "Uhh, 50%. We're feeding in memories as fast as we can." Indeed they are, and from the looks of the four labrat Rangers, they're in the middle of quite a brainstorm. Angela tells a Tech, "Let's try something more personal." She removes the discs from the trays, and has the Tech hand her four new ones. The first one entered is of the Green 3, a Joel special edition DVD, which begins to flood his mind with the flip of a switch.
[Joel meets Fairweather scene from "Lightspeed Teamwork" plays.]
[Then, the Joel saves Fairweather scene from "Rising From Ashes" plays.]
[Finally, the 'Joel tells Simon to keep an eye out for them' scene from "The Omega Project" plays]
Joel's eyelids flutter some more. Fairweather now inserts the Yellow 4 and Blue 2 discs. Kelsey's turn for a trip down clipshow lane!
[Kelsey & Dana slap each other five from "Trial By Fire".]
[Kelsey saves Dorsie clip from "Riding The Edge" plays.]
[Kelsey cries in front of Carter about Granny scene from "The Fifth Crystal" plays.]
[Kelsey chases after the skateboarding Artie scene from "The Great Egg Caper" plays.]
Kelsey's eyes go rubby with her lids. Fairweather turns the blue dial, and causes Chad to remember what little screentime he's had.
[Chad plays with a fish scene from "Up To The Challenge" plays.]
[Chad shows Kelsey Tai-chi scene from "Up To The Challenge" plays.]
[Never before seen scene from "The Queen's Return", where Kelsey is showing Chad how to rollerblade! He's horrible at it, stumbling and tumbling as Kelsey races by yelling for him to lean forward. He ends up falling on his butt onto the harsh cement.]
[Chad fights Brian scene from "Up To The Challenge" plays.]
Chad's eyes look like they're about to open, but they don't. Fairweather cranks up the brain machine a notch, with Carter's noggin the target for the next onslaught of memories.
[Carter celebrates his perfect timing scene from "Trial By Fire" plays.]
[Carter milks his near death experience for all its worth scene from "Strength Of The Sun" plays.]
[Mitchell gives Carter some advice scene from "Trial By Fire" plays.]
[Carter becomes the new Sky Cowboy, or not, scene from "Yesterday Again" plays.]
[Carter discovers the boy he saved is okay scene from "Trial By Fire" plays.]
Carter's eyes flutter.... you get the drill. The machine lights up some more, the Amnesiac Rangers remain lying still against the platforms, and the console reads 90% memory recovery for all four of them.

Elsewhere, atop a building's roof in Mariner Bay, Diabolico is enjoying the view with Memorase at his side. The view he sees is quite unpleasant to him, as he remarks, "What a depressing sight. A city where a palace should be! Destroy it ALL!" Diabolico teleports away, just as Memorase replies, "With pleasure!", and charges up his blade-staff again. He tosses a bolt into the distance, though we don't see where it lands. In the Aquabase, the alarms sound. Ms. Fairweather pauses from her remixing of memories to stare at the flashing red light dramatically. Captain Mitchell complains, "This is what I was afraid of!" He and Dana walk over to a monitor, and witness some recycled explosive building footage being played. Dana exclaims, "I've GOT to go alone." Her dad turns her down, "No, Dana. If that monster erases your memory too, we're all lost. It's far too risky." The Captain then storms out and heads for Rescue Ops, leaving Dana behind to watch the destruction on the viewscreen. Innocent people are being flashfried by Memorase's attacks, and ever the Girl Scout, Dana can't stand back and do nothing. She takes a look over her shoulder, makes sure Ms. Fairweather is distracted, and marches, or rather sneaks, off.

Soon, Captain Mitchell returns to the Lab, and a smile comes over his face when he sees the brain readings are all at 100% and complete for all four Amnesiac Rangers. Joel is the first to come out of his reminder-coma, and as two Techs unstrap him, he can only ask, "Miss F, what's going on!?" She's overjoyed to see him back to being him again, saying, "Joel, you remember being a Ranger?" He steps down from the platform and answers, "Of course i'm a Ranger! Where's my hat?" Angela grabs him and gives him a deep hug, while a Tech hands him his hat. He's still a bit dazed, as the hug doesn't even faze him! Kelsey is the next to wake up, she is unstrapped and then helped down by Captain Mitchell. Chad follows, and when Fairweather asks, "Chad, Kelsey! What are your Ranger colors?" Chad staggers over and goes, "Uhh, blue?" Miss F laughs, Kels says, "Yellow. What's going on?" Mitchell tells her not to worry about that now. Suddenly, a buzzer goes off! Angela realizes what it is, darting over to the console as she screams, "Oh no! The machine's overloading! Shut it down!" She begins hitting some buttons, as the machine starts to spark. Kelsey screams, and Mitchell tries helping Fairweather as best he can. Carter is still connected to the device, and still out of it! The sparking starts to erupt around him, with the screen reading an overload in his brain as well. It's shut down and the explosions cease, as Carter wakes up and is helped down. He's asked if he's okay, but all he can muster out is a hand to his forehead and a groan of, "OH! My head!" Joel asks, "What's wrong with him?", but before he can get an explanation, a voice comes over the announcement system. It says, "Captain, we're receiving an alert from the city. Dana is in trouble!" Captain Mitchell is shocked and concerned, leading the newly reminded Rangers over to the viewing monitor. There, they see Memorase being confronted by the Pink Ranger in the debris-filled streets. Dana calls out, "Your memory erasing days are over! And this time, it's personal!" Memorase tells her, "Remember this, Ranger. For it will be your last memory!" In the Lab, everybody is glued to the set, worried for Dana. Everyone, that is, except Carter, who, as Fairweather notices, shows a look of intense confusion on his face!


In the middle of a large pile of burning rubble, Dana faces off with the demon of the day. Memorase scoffs, "Ha! What do you think YOU'RE going to do, Pink Ranger?" Dana replies, "I KNOW that i'm not going to let you hurt anybody else!" Memorase adds, "Except you!", as he heaves a blade-bolt her way. She ducks out of the line of fire, and charges at him with a few kicks, all of which he dodges. She manages to keep away from getting hit for a moment, but soon enough, Pink Ranger is slashed into the chest, and sent sparking into the debris, smacking her torso into a chunk of cement. In the Aquabase, our heroes watch the fight. Why they haven't rushed out yet is unclear, though they're likely still getting their marbles back in one bowl. Ms. Fairweather looks at Carter, noticing he's not quite recovered from the loss of memory. His face reads that pretty simply, especially when Chad, Kelsey & Joel race out of the room to finally assist Dana. Chad spots Carter stalling, and brings attention to him. Carter stutters, "But... I-I don't even know..." With Pink Ranger getting seriously creamed on the television set behind them, Mitchell tells the other three to go, while Carter remains behind for some more treatment. That treatment consists of standing there and watching Dana get beaten quite badly on the screen. The other three make the scene in quite a jiffy, all Morphed back into Lightspeed Power Rangers (the episode title sure is a rip-off, isn't it? She's the last one for maybe five minutes!). Green Ranger calls out across the lot, "Hold on, Dana! We're coming." She's trying, but Memorase won't let up on her, knocking her down with his staff, and then stomping on her back to keep her laying on the ground. Memorase spots the three revived Rangers, saying, "I see you didn't learn your lesson the first time!" Joel shouts, "I think it's time to teach YOU a lesson." Green Ranger leaps up into the air, just as Memorase snaps his fingers and orders the Batlings to attack. A Batling swoops across Joel's line of flight, striking his chest and taking Green Ranger down hard. He becomes surrounded by Batlings, as do Blue & Yellow Rangers. They fight back, unable to get a path through to Pink Ranger, who remains pinned down by Memorase, begging, "Guys... no!!" Memorase kicks her out from under him, and proceeds to starting battling with her again, his blade-staff battering wearing her out.

In the lab, Mitchell looks to Fairweather, as they allow Carter to vegetate in front of the boob tube. Carter witnesses Pink Ranger, as she's struck with the blade-staff one finally time, and sent spinning into the air. When she lands on the rubble, she demorphs from the stress, and rolls in front of the camera. Memorase grabs her and continues the beatings, as the other three Rangers are stuck with the usually easy to beat Batlings (what, did they eat their Demon Wheaties today?). Carter recognizes that blonde haired girl, and starts to flash back...
[Scene from sometime we've never seen before, with Carter facing Dana in a game of chess in the Galley. Joel & Kelsey stand on the sidelines. Dana gets Carter in checkmate, causing much laughter.]
[Another new scene we've never seen, of Dana & Carter... on a date?! We'll, they're at a football game (or nearly any ball game) together. Someone scores a hit or something, the crowd goes wild. Including Dana, who accidentally drops the ice cream from her cone into Carter's lap!]
Carter finishes filling us in on the lost moments of flirtation with his teammate, when he suddenly blurts out, "Dana!"

At the battlefield, Green, Yellow & Blue Rangers are quite busy with the Batlings. Everytime Joel tries getting over to Dana to help her, another usually worthless bat-drone drags him back into the fight. A few feet away, Memorase knocks the demorphed Dana around, slamming her into hunks of cement and concrete. She heaves a piece of metal at his head, he blocks it, she throws a kick, and he blocks it as well. Dana rolls along the ground, and jumps back up, trying for another kick to no avail. One more staff-swipe into her belly, and down she goes, falling on another pile of rubble. Dana can take no more, breathing heavily as Memorase aims his blade-staff at her and says, "Play time is over, Pink Ranger. Time for me to finish you, hehahaha, once and for all!" Dana gazes at the demon in terror, putting her hand over her head as Memorase lifts is bladed staff in the air and readying to lower it. Notice how nearly EVERY monster has tried that move lately, and EVERY time it allows someone to pop up to save the person? Just stab them to death, for cripes sake! Short, swift, pokes! No lingering lifting! Sigh. Oh, here's Red Ranger's boot, come to punt Memorase away. Memorase topples in front of the Managed Health Network building, as Carter comes in for a perfect landing on his feet, with not only Dana glad to see him, but his other teammates as well. Memorase lands near the Batling battle, with Kelsey exclaiming, "It's Carter!" Red Ranger rushes to Dana's side, asking her if she's alright. She replies, "I am now!", and is helped to her feet by her boyfriend. The Batling battle has frozen, with the Batlings just standing still with the three Rangers, as Memorase also rises, clutching his chest and groaning. Dana shouts at him, "Let this be your LAST memory. Lightspeed, Rescue!" She hits her Rescue Morpher, and her full-screen Morph plays for the first time in a while. Pink Ranger appears instantly, with a quite impressive spinning leap in the air, landing her feet into Memorase with a swift kick. He falls, she poses, obviously having gotten her second or twentieth wind.

Have you hugged your Batling today? Chad has, many times. Making up for lack of getting some fishtail? Blue Ranger knocks a few Batlings away, using a bench to hop off of and kicks a bat-drone in the numerous debris. Yellow Ranger flips up that flight of stairs we've seen a lot, most notably "The Secret Of The Locket". She fights the Batlings, and soon tosses one over the side, causing it to roll down the hill, slamming into a large rock. Green Ranger chops, kicks, and flips his way to Batling-beating victory. I dunno about you guys, but i'd rather see clips of Granny Hammond breaking her hip while skating than see these repetitive Batling battles. Pink Ranger somehow is no longer a slouch, grabbing Memorase by the staff, and kicking his bulky chest a few times. She breaks off, he comes at her with deadly intent, and Red Ranger butts in with his Rescue Baton. Dana & Carter hold hands while swinging each other around, each one landing kicks on Memorase as they dance all over the ruins. Carter slashes the demon with his Baton, reholsters it as a Blaster, and then gives Dana a boost into the air, as she sends Memorase a reminder in the form of her feet. He's dropped, the Batlings are disposed of offscreen, and the Power Rangers regroup, with Dana shouting, "Alright!" Memorase gets back up, and boasts, "You Rangers are going to pay for this!" Pink Ranger extends her arm and shouts, "Thermo Blaster!", causing the weapon to appear in her hand in a blink of pink. The other four have theirs out as well, as she shouts, "Booster Mode", and they insert their Battle Boosters into the weapons. The Booster Moded Thermo Blasters are fired, and the five streams of heat at unloaded upon Memorase. He forgets to duck, and explodes rather largely. The smoke clears, and our heroes are still standing there with their Thermo Blasters aimed. Before they can pose or make false assumptions of the mission being accomplished, a Growth Card is tossed onto the meaty remains of Memorase. Jinxer, in Skull Cavern, recites, "Your work's not done, Memorase. Time for you to unerase!" The pieces come together, and Memorase is back, and he's big, though his cape is now missing.

Pink Ranger exclaims, "Whoa! Let's take it up a level! Rescuezords, mobilize!" The Max Solarzord darts out of the Max Bay, while Aero Rescue 3 automatically hauls the other four Lightspeed Rescuezords onto the scene through the air. Joel soon hops in the cockpit and shouts, "Whoo!" The Lightspeed Megazord comes together, and Green Ranger gets to do the Battle Booster insertion honors, commanding, "Lightspeed Solarzord, online!" The Lightspeed Megazord hooks up with the Max Solarzord in midair, and together they create the Lightspeed Solarzord. It lands in the city, with Memorase wielding his blade-staff and preparing for battle. Notice, the sun is setting on the horizon. I mention this, and the reddish color the sky begins to become during the fight, because, coincidence, PRLG's clipshow was called "Until Sunset"! Isn't that ironic. Memorase swings his staff around, chuckling evilly and proclaiming, "This time i'll erase MORE than just your memories! I'll erase you!" The scene is in full showdown mode, as we see dramatic glances at the monster & the Megazord. Memorase heaves a spinning blade-blast at the Lightspeed Solarzord. It's a massive discharge, causing a huge explosion. The Solarzord absorbs the impact and energy into its paneling, and charges up on Memorase's energy! Remember that move? Haha. Memorase cries, "Impossible!" Pink Ranger (in a clip shot from between her legs in the cockpit), shouts, "Full power, fire!" She pulls the trigger, and the many sets of cannons adorning the Lightspeed Solarzord are unleashed. The squall of power floods over Memorase, causing him considerable pain. He drops his staff, but before he dies, he's got a little something to say, "I don't believe it. I've been defeated! Ahh!" Memorase then drops over, and explodes under the sinking sun, leaving behind nothing but smoke and memories. The Lightspeed Solarzord stands triumphantly in the glow of the monster-fire.


The Rescue Rover returns to base (who took it out in the first place? If Dana did, then how did the others get to the battle?! Oh, mercy), with the Ranger Recruits piling out of it. They approach Dana, who mentions, in case we missed the episode or forgot, "I can't believe that monster made you guys forget you were Rangers." Carter notes, "Yeah, well, that's one monster i'd like to forget." Joel agrees, "Yeah! I've got a few things i'd like to forget!", and Kelsey laughs, likely remembering the time Joel left Simon as far away from the city as he could. 'Stay away from my woman!', he probably told the boy while leaving him for dead near the demon's tomb. Oh, sorry. I'm implanting false memories now, aren't I? The elevator lowers, and Captain Mitchell & Ms. Fairweather greet the returning heroes. Mitchell speaks to them, as they stand at attention, "Welcome back, everybody. It's time to go on what should prove to be a very difficult training session. One that should really TOUGHEN us up." Joel suddenly has a relapse, saying, "Wait! Where am I?! I can't go, I don't know who I am!" Angela looks at William, smirking, and not buying the ruse. She tells Joel, "You're the Green Ranger." Joel replies, "Never met the guy!" He walks off, trying to slip out before anyone can blow his cover. Fairweather calls out, "Too bad! I was thinking about asking the Green Ranger out on a date!" She sighs and waves, departing the scene and likely retracting the offer. Notice, Captain Mitchell remains quite stern during everything. The Ranger Recruits laugh at Joel's expense, as he rushes over and follows Angela out of the room, shouting, "Wait!" More laughter, with Carter getting the hardest chuckle.

[Scenes from "Sorcerer Of The Sands"; end credits]

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