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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"Olympius Unbound"
Original Air Date: 11/10/00 Featuring footage and some story elements from:
GoGo Five #43 - Senritsu No Saima Tsurii
(The Terrible Saima Tree)
*17th episode of 8th Regular Season
(33rd of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1033
*33rd episode of PRLR
*371st total Power Rangers episode
Writers: John Fletcher & Jackie Marchand Director: Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Ms. Angela Fairweather
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Additional Cast:
Benton Jennings _AS_ Mister Mesmer [Incorrectly credited as being voice only]
Christopher Glenn _AS_ Technician (R. Brown)
Michael Forest _AS_ Olympius (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice; Credited, but doesn't appear!)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice)
Michael Sorich _AS_ Gatekeeper (voice)


[Recap of the villain stuff from "Sorcerer Of The Sands"]

Wandering aimlessly through the Shadow World, Olympius stumbles along the gravel. The light is always orange there, like a permanent sunset. He passes by several skeletal remains poking out of the ground, while apparently searching for his partner, commenting, "Where is that Gatekeeper?!" He finally finds the other demon, having been separated from one another in the previous episode. While Olympius held his own against the legion of zombie demons, and managed to shake them off, Gatekeeper wasn't as lucky. Olympius soon finds him, his body half sticking out of the ground, and unconscious. Olympius rushes over to him and shouts, "Gatekeeper! Wake up!" Gatekeeper does so, awakening and groaning, "I can't believe it, Olympius. We were betrayed by one of our own! Now we're stuck here amongst the remains of defeated monsters. Left here to wallow in our grief forever!" He begins to get up, but is unable to manage standing as he grabs his chest in agony, howling in pain. Olympius proclaims, "No! I won't accept it! There HAS to be a way out of here!" Just then, Jinxer's flickering image appears in the skies above. He calls out, "Oh, my prince! Do not despair! There is a way out and I have found it for you in an ancient book. But i'm afraid that it is quite dangerous." We see Jinxer in Skull Cavern, with said book, its writings written in a strange language and font. He stands in front of one of one of those electric ball things you can see when you go into a Spencer's. Those demons, always up on their latest 80's fad! Olympius replies, "Excellent work, Jinxer. Tell me how!" Jinxer excited exclaims, "With the portal closed, the only way out of the Shadow World is for you to conquer ALL of the defeated monsters and absorb their powers!" Olympius hears this, ponders for a moment, and decides, "I will do whatever it takes to get out of here and get my revenge on that traitor!" In Skull Cavern, Jinxer realizes, "My prince will need even MORE power if he gets free of the Shadow World, and I know JUST where to get it! Ye-es! Hehe!" Jinxer removes a small medallion from his pocket, which has the red Star Power symbol on it. Its a conduit connected to the real thing, from what I can tell. Jinxer takes it, and his little spell book with Queen Bansheera on the cover, and waddles off to fulfill his scheme.

[opening credits.]

Beside a large domed stadium, a carnival is going on in Mariner Bay! People ride roller coasters, and large dangerous metal things that spin around over & over. A street performer juggles bowling pins, as Pineapple the Clown's mom makes balloon animals. The Mitchells are having a family day out (sans Ryan, who is out of sight, and apparently out of mind again), as Dana pulls her father, Captain Mitchell along. She asks him, "How bout some popcorn, dad?" He's unsure, "I dunno, I should probably be getting back to the Aquabase." Dana shouts, "Oh, come on! You never relax! With Olympius gone, you deserve to take a break." The Captain realizes, "You're right. Let's... relax." She giggles profusely, and pulls him by the arm off to get the popcorn. Soon, after getting her blasted popcorn, they walk into a crowd of people. They've all gathered around a stage, where a supposedly famous hypnotist is getting ready to perform. The man, named Mister Mesmer, has spikey hair, a snidely whiplash mustache, glasses, black overcoat, Mickey Mouse type gloves, pointy ears and a long nose. Yes, you guessed it, the human spitting image of Jinxer! Mesmer speaks loudly to the crowd, "Ladies and gentlemen! Boys & girls! Gather 'round, and witness the fantastic! Come one, come all! Be entertained by the impossible! Let Mister Mesmer amaze you with his hypnotic powers! I need a volunteer. Sir, how about your?" He points to Captain Mitchell, who replies, "Uhh, no, I don't believe in hypnotism." Dana whines, "Oh, go ahead! It'll be fun." The crowd applauds, and Mitchell is pushed into going up to the stage by his daughter. Mesmer leads Mitchell to a big comfy red chair, telling him, "Wonderful! Thank you! You're a good sport!" The Captain sits down, skeptical to the whole thing. Mister Mesmer dangles an odd chain of strange charms in front of Mitchell's face, and begins to wave it, chanting, "Now, you're getting VERY sleepy. Sleeeeeeepy."

The Captain slowly shuts his eyelids, and Mesmer continues, "Listen closely and do as I say. You can't resist." He ceases with the charm, and reaches into his pocket, pulling out the Star Power medallion, and slipping it into the Captain's coat, supposedly out of view of the crowd. Mister Mesmer never stops giving commands, saying, "You MUST obey. You MUST obey." His eyes glow red, and become visible through his sunglasses, so much in fact, that Dana suddenly becomes aware of them. She doesn't think much of it, as Mesmer returns to dangling the chain, saying, "I command you to cluck, bawk-bawk-bawk, like a chicken!" Dana giggles, echoing similar laughter by people around her, as Captain Mitchell opens his eyes, and appears to be ready to do as Mesmer says. That is, until he grabs the charm-chain and stops it from waving, stating, "I don't think so!" The crowd boos angrily and disperse, as Mesmer remarks, "Well! Hypnotism doesn't work on everyone! Thank you anyway." Mitchell stands up and leaves in a huff, as Mister Mesmer bows and waves his hands at the man. The Captain walks over and puts his arm around the disappointed Dana, telling her, "Sorry!" Mister Mesmer begins to tingle the charm on the chain, causing it to ring like a bell. Captain Mitchell stops in his tracks, his eyes suddenly glowing red for a second! It fades away as quickly as it started, leaving him shaking his head and groaning in discomfort. Mesmer snickers sinisterly to himself, his plan working perfectly. Dana spots her father's pain, and returns to his side, asking him if he's okay. He says, "Yeah. Yeah, i'm fine." The two begin to walk off again, neither fully realizing what just occurred. Mister Mesmer exits his stage, and laughs evilly and loudly. He scurries off around a corner, whipping the charm chain in the air, and when the camera catches up to him, he's reverted back to his normal demon fly Jinxer mode! Jinxer chuckles, "Don't believe in it, do you? Hehahaha!" He continues to swing the chain, before slipping completely out of the picture.

Meanwhile, in the Shadow World, the living dead demons are running out of steam. The line of what appears to be about 10 remaining monsters is becoming thinned out, with the creatures staggers around and falling over onto the gravel (notice, Cyclopter is with them, despite having not been in the previous episode! Perhaps his Helloween trick or treating ended early?). Olympius approaches, with his blade-staff at the ready. He says aloud, "This is the only way I can get out!" The dark prince charges towards them, prompting the demons to look alive (or slightly less dead). Mr. Skullhead & Die Goldermaus are specially attentive. They march in Olympius' direction, growling and grunting, as he barrels through them. He slashes Skullhead in the chest, and then rips into Cyclopter, before slicing off the arms of Goldermaus & Webster. Instantly, we see Olympius spewing forth a gust of smoke, which floods the downed bodies of the monsters I just named. They're reverted into spirit form, and vacuumed in to Olympius' mouth as he inhales the exhaled smoke. We apparently miss some of the fight, since we next see quite a few demonic body parts littering the ground. Olympius lets loose his smoke-breath again, it covers Shockatron & Thunderclaw, and as they scream, they're reverted into nothingness and swallowed as mist by the dark prince. We must assume that Olympius went through, and got EVERY zombie demon in the Shadow World, including all of those that we didn't see in there last episode. Otherwise, it means there is a demon heaven around, where Ghouligan, Whirlin', Bird Bane, Triskull, and others that were absent are relaxing it up. Having achieved his goal of absorbing the demons, Olympius laughs wickedly. His face suddenly goes through a dragonic puberty! His ear finds sprout out, his horns extend, his tail grows quite lengthy, his wings expand greatly, his fingernails grow longer, and his golden chest armor changes its shape (the Star Power symbol remains perched in the center, though). Gatekeeper rushes over and approaches the prince, stating, "Olympius, you're getting their powers! Share them with me!" Olympius, now bigger and badder, shoves Gatey aside like an afterthought, exclaiming, "Don't be a fool! I can feel the power PULSING through my veins! They are mine, and mine alone! Hahaha!"

Olympius & Gatekeeper begin to stroll through the Shadow World, eventually reaching the top of a tall hill. The dark fully evolved dragon prince says, "It's time to leave this place." He embraced Gatekeeper, telling him to hold on, both sharing a warm hug (likely his way of apologizing to his new eternity mate. Hey, they were gonna be in there forever! Olympius got lonely!). Olympius then aims his hand to the sky, and fires a charge of electric power upward. The bolts strike the dark atmosphere, and cause it to shatter, breaking apart the boundaries between the dimensions. Now, where's the closest place you can get to the final resting place for demons? Why, in a human cemetery, of course! Jinxer treads across holy ground, passing by quite a few cross-shaped tombstones, stating, "Oh my, oh my! According to my calculations, IF they get free, it will be riiight around here somewhere." He gets closer to what appears to be a shrine, and suddenly is taken aback when up from the ground is a spurt of fire, containing Olympius & the Gatekeeper! Olympius lands perfectly, ceasing his hug with Gatekeeper, who shouts, "Yes!", as they bask in the afternoon sun. Jinxer recovers from his fall, exclaiming, "Ahh, Gatekeeper and my prince! You made it back from the Shadow World, and with more power than i've ever seen!" Olympius claims, "But it won't last! You MUST find me another energy source to fuel my Star Power!" Jinxer shows him the charm chain, and says, "Already done, my prince! You must obey! You must obey!" He begins to dangle it from side to side, and though at first it looks like he's trying to hypnotize Olympius & Gatekeeper, we see the true purpose. Inside the Lightspeed Aquabase, the words of Jinxer echo across the city, and end up rattling around in Captain Mitchell's brain! He pauses from checking systems in Rescue Ops, as Jinxer's reflected head appears, doubled, above the Captain's own. Mitchell's eyes glow red again, while Jinxer shakes the charm and its sounds latch onto the Captain's will instantly. "You must obey" is said quite a many times, over and over. Captain Mitchell stands erect and in a trance in the middle of Rescue Ops, suddenly repeating Jinxer's words, "I must obey!", and giving an evil smirk. A technician (so says the credits, though he looks more like a Cadet due to the uniform), named R. Brown, approaches with some papers. He tells the Captain, "Here's the data from the morning report." When Mitchell doesn't answer, he calls out to him a few times. The Captain ignores him and suddenly turns around, slamming right into the Tech on his way by. Mitchell walks through the halls, repeating, "I must obey", again and again. He removes the Star Power conduit medallion from his pocket, and continues to obey.


In the lower levels of the Lightspeed Aquabase, Captain Mitchell reaches a sealed door. He continues saying, "I must obey", while unlocking the entrance to the power core, his eyes gleaming crimson while under the spell. The door locks behind him, as he walks through the room, passing several large engines, on his way to the actual core itself. The power core consists of four large tubes (think of how the Mega Accelerator looked), each with violet energy pulsating within. Captain Mitchell approaches the tube on the far left with an evil grin, before placing the Star Power medallion inside of the swarm of power. The purple energy conductors don't seem to harm humans, since he sticks his hand inside it with ease, placing the Star Power conduit directly inside the center slot of the core tubing. Not a solid tubing, obviously, since power is channeled down between the upper and lower column of each one. Anyway, Mitchell turns, shuts down the power flow on the other three tubes, and turns the full burst of energy surging through the Star Power conduit medallion. It glows red as it absorbs the massive supply of power, flashing wildly while the hypnotized Mitchell smiles wickedly. Meanwhile, the entire Aquabase loses electricity. It grows dark for a moment, until the emergency back-up supply appears to come on, with the outer four towers lighting up again. I just realized, that since the Base has its own power source? The demons' plan to trash the power plants in "A Face From The Past" to depower the base wouldn't have worked! Anyhow, the medallion sends a beam of red power shooting up through the top of the main Aquabase dome. It transmits all the way to the cemetery, blasting into the actual Star on Olympius' chest. He cries, "Yes! Ahahaha!", as the Aquabase begins to become his own personal battery!

Inside the Aquabase, Ms. Fairweather takes a look around Rescue Ops (all of the console screen still lit up on emergency back-up). The five Ranger Recruits enter Ops with flashlights, Carter asking, "Miss Fairweather, what's going on?" Angela replies, "Somebody's tampering with the power core!" Joel asks, "But who!?" She brings up the surveillance camera on a monitor, answering their questions. It's Captain Mitchell, who is still down in the core, flipping some switches in the flashing backlight, still repeating, "I must obey!" Our heroes can't believe their eyes, especially not Kelsey, who exclaims his name in shock. Fairweather contacts him, saying, "Captain Mitchell, what are you doing?!" He ignores her and continues his monotonous chant. Dana talks to him, "Dad, the atmospheric systems are going down. The base will run out of air!" A monitor confirms this, showing the power-flow levels plunging at an accelerated rate, and rising in others. Angela realizes, "He's diverting power FROM the base!" Dana hears her father say, "I must obey", once more, and thinks back. She's reminded of Mister Mesmer's hypnotism, especially when his eyes glowed red during the session. Dana says aloud, "Unless, someone is making him do it. This morning, we went to a hypnotist. He's under a spell!" She quickly tries contacting Captain Mitchell again, telling him, "Dad, it's me, Dana! Listen to me, you MUST stop this now!" Under the small camera is a large oval viewscreen, which reflects those watching him in Rescue Ops! Captain Mitchell takes a look at them, and then takes a look around. He picks up a large metal pipe, and as his daughter pleads, "You MUST listen! Stop!", he swings the pipe around and smashes the camera. Our heroes sigh, as the monitor goes dead. Fairweather presses some buttons, and Joel asks, "What do we do?" She tells them, "I've overridden the power to the Megazords. But he has control of the rest of the base." Technician of the day R. Brown informs her, "Miss Fairweather! Detecting an energy source in the cemetery! It's 4 Megawatts and rising, fast." Angela quickly blurts out to the Ranger Recruits, "GO! I'll find some way to get to the Captain." They rush off, as Fairweather speaks to Brown, "Tell security to meet me in Engineering."

Down in the power core, Captain Mitchell continues flipping switches and pressing things, apparently fully knowledgeable when it comes to the base's power supply. He keeps the purple energy coursing through the Star Power conduit, which constantly feeds the actual Star a continuous feed of power. In the cemetery, Olympius exclaims as his star glows, "This new power is incredible!" Jinxer adds, "Yes, and it's going to be even STRONGER!" The Lightspeed Power Rangers make the scene, facing the trio of demons, with Carter shouting, "Hold it right there!" Gatekeeper, Jinxer, and Olympius get a hearty chuckle, as they turn around and reveal themselves to our heroes. Despite his slightly alerted appearance, they recognize the dragon demon, Kelsey gasps, "Olympius?! That's impossible!" Olympius approaches and tells her, "Not only possible, but stronger than ever!" Red Ranger boasts, "Maybe you are, but you're still no match for us!" I should note, not only is the Sentai footage based in a graveyard, but so is the American stuff, making the only second time in PR history that we've seen a cemetery ("Carlos On Call" being the first). Olympius grunts, "We'll just SEE about that!", before extending his hand and blasting a flame-burst at the Rangers. They leap out of the line of fire, though likely waking the dead when it hit some tombstones behind them. Green Ranger suddenly leaps into the air, readying his fist. Gatekeeper gets in on the action, hopping up also, grabbing Joel's fist and punching him off to the side. Joel rolls into a different area of the cemetery, as the two begin to scuffle, the Gatekeeper proving quite tough as Green Ranger can get no hits on him. Elsewhere, Ms. Fairweather leads two flashlight carrying Lightspeed security guards towards the power core, telling them, "C'mon! This way!" Back at the cemetery, Pink Ranger uses her Rescue Blaster on Gatekeeper. She fires, but Gatey is too quick, holding Joel in front of him as a shield, causing Dana to blast her own teammate in the back! She cries out, "Joel!", as Green Ranger is flung off to the side, beaten and weary.

Not far away, Blue & Yellow Rangers team-up on the usually wimpy Jinxer. They heave their color-coded Rescue Ropes at him, each latching onto an arm. They then cross paths, and yank him into the air, causing him to fall hard against the pavement. Jinxer quickly stands up, aims his cane-cannon, and blasts both Chad & Kelsey at once! In the Aquabase, Fairweather & the guards get closer in the dark hallway. BTW: For you MST3K fans, these scenes of Miss F can only be described as "The NBC Mystery Movie!" Anyway, back at the battle on hallowed ground, Red Ranger throws some kicks into Olympius. Carter never stood at chance with him when he was in normal form, you think he stands a chance now with the big O looking like Pyre from Mystic Knights?! All kicks blocked, Olympius throws a punch back, slashing into Carter's Morphed chest with a flash of fire. He spins as he falls, and upon landing, Red Ranger then begins to get smacked around by Olympius' big old tail! Carter's sent hurtling into a lamppost after the third tail-whipping. His teammates regroup around him, with Chad calling the charge to use the Thermo Blasters. The three demons also regroup, though they merely stand across from our heroes, standing atop graves. Olympius spots the Thermos and remarks, "Excellent choice", with Jinxer agreeing, "Indeed!" Meanwhile, in the power core, Mitchell continues watching as the energy surges through the small red star. Up in the cemetery, Olympius' Star Power glows even brighter with purple energy. Red Ranger leads the others into using the Thermo Blaster Booster Modes on the trio (which reminds me, why don't they use the Mega Battles?!). All five Thermo boosted laserbeams are aimed and fired into Olympius' Star, prompting him to merely absorb it into himself! Carter can't believe it, as Gatekeeper explains, "Olympius is invincible!" Olympius redirects their firepower back at them, through the palms of his hands. He fires off two bolts of green energy at the five Rangers, causing them to spark and explode, toppling over in pain.

More flashlight fun in the Aquabase, as Ms. Fairweather finally reaches the power core door. Outside of it, she talks into a speaker and says, "Captain, can you hear me? You've GOT to open the door!" Inside, Mitchell is still entranced, staring at the lightshow happening before it, with an unwavering smile on his face that looks like he just let one rip and is basking in the evil afterglow. Angela waits a second, and orders the guards to break the door down. They have small devices on with them, namely, a laser blowtorch! It begins to cut into the hull of the door, as Miss F holds the flashlight, or torch, as the Brits call them. Captain Mitchell watches the Star Power become charged, still obeying, and at the cemetery, the actual Star Power reaps the benefits of this diabolical doing one more time. A flood of energy courses through Olympius' veins yet again, suddenly causing him to begin to grow massively! No need for Jinxer's silly cards, Olympius has gone huge on his own. The Power Rangers recover from their reversed attack, just in time to see Olympius towering over them and laughing deeply. He starts tearing into a few buildings, causing them to erupt with fire, as quite a many Asian people scramble about in front of it. Notice, Gatekeeper is shown giant as well, right next to him in this shot. This would be his LAST appearance in the episode, with no explanation as to what happened. Only thing I can figure, is, in a need for yet more power, Olympius swallowed his spirit offscreen. How's that?


In Rescue Ops, the Cadets & Technicians gasp for air! They're suffocating slowly, as they stumble around, coughing and wheezing. Some break out the oxygen masks, and are saved, though their militaristic duty to "go down with the ship" seems to be preventing them from fleeing the base. Below, Fairweather also puts on her oxygen mask, as the air becomes far too thin around the power core. A technician in a labcoat is by her side, asking if she's okay. She says she is, begins standing up straight again, and returns to shining a light on the guards. Those two either don't need air, or have oxygen masks on under their face-shields, while the blowtorching continues, as full power. Speaking of power, up in Mariner Bay, the giant Olympius shows off some of his own. He aims his hand towards the cemetery, and unleashes a blast of green. It strikes the Lightspeed Rangers, sending them flying all over from the surrounding explosion. Instantly, the Max Bay opens up and the Max Solarzord rolls down the tracks all by itself, taking to the skies (sadly, Ryan did not suddenly appear at last minute to save the day). The Train Bay opens wide, and the Rail Rescues race into the city. Moments later, the Lightspeed Megazord comes together, and the Power Rangers hop into their seats. Olympius sees this and chuckles maniacally. He especially laughs when Max Solarzord, in Battle Mode, speeds his way. He opens his hand and blocks the flying punch heading after him, grabbing the Solarzord with his other hand, reaching around its neck and picking the entire Zord up off the ground. Olympius, apparently taking out his frustrations with the absent Ryan, shouts, "I'll crush you like a tin can!", before stabbing his jagged fingers into the Max Solarzord's chest! Sparks fly, and the automated fighting machine is dropped to the debris-filled streets. Inside the Megazord, Chad reads off the Solarzord, saying, "He's lost all power!" The Lightspeed Megazord is shown a second later, and is now missing its left arm! (shoddy Fairweather hunk of junk! Its arms seem to be stuck on with glue! This isn't the first time an arm has fallen off offscreen). Anywho, the Lightspeed Megazord clutches its Saber in its one good hand. Olympius targets them, warning, "You're next!" The Megazord readies itself, prompting the dragon prince to motion his hand and say, "Give it your best shot, Ranger!" Carter accepts the challenge, replying, "Be careful what you ask for!" Red Ranger gets the Lightspeed Megazord (now with its left arm back, likely reguled between shots) into position, and Ignites the Saber. The blade falls, fuming with power, only to end up grabbed by Olympius, who wraps his fingers around the Saber without being even scratched!

In the Aquabase, the Star Power medallion beams some more of the power core energy up to the real Star. This allows Olympius to expand a surge of power through his hand, melting the Lightspeed Megazord Saber into molten slag! Mitchell continues to smirk in the core, while Red Ranger removes his Blaster Grip and exits the Lightspeed Megazord, saying, "I'm going to the SuperTrain Megazord!" In the base, Fairweather watches closely as the two blowtorch beams work slowly, but surely into breaking down the hatch. Mitchell smirks some more within, and if someone slapped him on the back, his face would remain that way forever. Though, this is the longest we've ever seen him smile. In the city, the Rail Rescues take off, and form into the mighty SuperTrain Megazord. As this happens, Olympius fires some more green bolts at the nearly ruined Lightspeed Megazord. It sends sparks jolting through the cockpits, frying all four of the Rangers within. The SuperTrain Megazord touches down on the tracks once again, and skids towards the battlefield, just as Olympius has the Lightspeed Megazord pinned on the ground. The Supertrain's superfist socks Olympius so hard and unexpectedly, that he's thrown across the city, far away from the damaged Lightspeed Megazord. Olympius still is able to land on his feet, and turns to face both Megazords at once. The demon dragon shouts, "Jinxer, I need more power!", prompting Jinxer, still in the cemetery, to reply, "Coming right up, my prince!" He starts to swing the charm chain around once more, whispering, "You will obey!" Meanwhile, in the Lightspeed Aquabase, the electricity is still down, and the beam of light is still being casted off from the power core. The Star Power gem in the core glows still, as it has for the past many minutes. Olympius' Star glows as well, as he comments, "Yes! I can feel it! Tremendous power! Hahaha!" The Star Power symbol on his chest begin to shine golden rays of energy, causing both of his newly expanded wings to stretch out farther. Olympius then takes to the air, floating across the city on demonic wings. Carter yells, "Oh no! Hold on, guys!", as Olympius rips past the two Megazord, tearing into them with his razor sharp wings. They explode and topple, hurting the Rangers inside each.

Oh, and back at the Aquabase, more of the same is happening. Mitchell smirking & staring, the medallion gleaming, the guards cutting, Fairweather breathing. Just wanted to keep you up to date with that urgent story. We now return to the battle, already in progress. Olympius swoops down and hovers in front of the Megazords, gloating, "Haha! This is the end, Rangers! Bow down to Prince Olympius!" Green Ranger tells him, "That's not gonna happen!" Joel has the Lightspeed Megazord start to charge towards the dragon demon, its fists a flying. Olympius remains hovering, commenting. "Then we'll do it the HARD way!", as he begins to flap his wings rapidly. They then shoot off whirlwinds of green power, both blasting into the Lightspeed Megazords, shoving it backwards and knocking it down. Olympius chuckles and continues flapping its wings, shooting off another round of whirlwinds, aimed for the downed Megazord. The SuperTrain Megazord steps in and takes the brunt of the attack, though at that rate of sparking, both will be out of action very soon. Red Ranger calls out, "Omega Crawler, activate!" He quickly departs the SuperTrain Megazord, just as the entire structure is engulfed in flames! The Supertrain explodes, and is shattered to the point that it breaks up into Rail Rescues, all five of them tossed outward like so much debris. The Omegazords, meanwhile, come together in hyperspace, forming the Omega Crawler. Olympius doesn't seem to remember that mode of the Omega Megazord (we don't blame him), as he gets surprised by several balls of energy being fired at him from the cannon atop the Crawler. He's struck, and gets quite hurt from the blindsided attack. Carter quickly tells his team, "Let's form the Solarzord, guys!" They reply in unison, "Right!" The Lightspeed Megazord leaps into the skies, as Chad readies his Battle Booster, commanding the Lightspeed Solarzord to activate. The two formally heavily damaged machines come together into said combination instantly. Not to mention, the Omega Crawler shifts around into the Omega Megazord, as well. Olympius faces the two new Megazords, and exclaims, "Haven't you figured out by now that ALL of your Zords together are no match for the strength of my limitless Star Power?!" Said Star Power gleams with the purple stolen energy from the Aquabase.

Speaking of which, the guards FINALLY break down the door to the core. The two of them, and Ms. Fairweather, enter the core cautiously. Meanwhile, Olympius laughs some more, and begins hovering again, proclaiming, "This is the end!" He returns to flapping his wings rapidly, shooting off the green whirlwinds. Both of the attacks strike, one for each of the Megazords. In the Power Core, the search for the source of the trouble ends, as the two guards & Fairweather find the single charged tube. Angela heads to the control console, and is about to pull a handle down, when her own hand is grabbed by Captain Mitchell's! He pops up from around the corner, smiles evilly, and pushes her across the room, sending her slamming up against the opposite wall. The two guards pull out their nightsticks, and start to beat on the Captain like they were cops from LA. Mitchell, still under the trance, shrugs them off, and shoves each as far away from the control panel as he can manage. There's a struggle, and the overwhelming power over Willy's will prevails, as he takes both of the guards down with a few kicks and punches. Angela is stunned, eventually yanking off her oxygen mask to shout, "Captain, you've GOT to listen to me!" Mitchell instead goes after one of the guards he took down, lifting the man up by his shirt, eagerly wanting more violence. Fairweather sees surging energy in the power core tubing, and feels she has to act fast. She notices a fire axe on the wall behind her, which she grabs and quickly races towards the core with! Mitchell screams, "Nooooo!", as Miss Fairweather raises the axe, drops the blade onto the Star Power medallion, and shatters it in half! The core tubing explodes, or at least sparking, knocking both Angela & Mitchell down to the floor. The beam of redirected power suddenly cuts off, with the energy in the core redistributing itself back into the Lightspeed Aquabase. Electricity is restored to the entire complex in less than a moment later. In the cemetery, Jinxer's charm chair also ignites, exploding between his fingers from the backlash of the spell being broken and tossing him over. He crawls over to the smoking remains of his hypnotic device, whining, "Oh no! The power source has failed! What's my prince to do?!"

Olympius groans loudly, as he falls from his hovering spot a few feet above the city, dropping to the ground like a rock. His energy dwindling, Olympius arises and realizes, "This is impossible! My magnificent power is gone!" His body is smoking as he says this, allowing Carter to reply, "You're never going to win, Olympius. Because the Power Rangers will always be here to fight for what's right!" The Omega Megazord readies its staff, and the Lightspeed Solarzord gets into position, as Olympius cries, "This can't be happening!" Red Ranger charges the power to full, and fires the missile from the Omega staff. The small shuttle tip strikes Olympius, and blasts him greatly. The Lightspeed Solarzord shoots from bolts from its wrist-guns, as it glides through the streets. Every single blast hits Olympius, and every single one causes him intense agony. Carter shouts, "This is it, guys! Give it all we got!", as he has the Omega Megazord double slash Olympius with the shuttle-spear. The two golden-trailing strikes rip into Olympius, causing the Star Power gem on his chest to break apart and shatter into shards! The Megazords regroup, as Olympius, the slot where his Star once was bellowing smoke, proclaims, "I'm not beaten yet! You cannot defeat Prince Olympius!" He staggers towards them, barely holding himself together. His body begins to spark in several places, as the final remnants of his zombie-lunch power drip away. Olympius' large dragon form falls backwards, as he screams. Upon landing on his winged back, Olympius explodes one final, glorious time. The Lightspeed Solarzord & Omega Megazords remain still, awaiting the burst of fire to pass to see if everything is safe & sound. The smoke rises, the fires die, and from what is seen, everything is cool in Mariner Bay once more. In the Aquabase, Fairweather regains consciousness, breathing in deeply the air that has refilled the base, and the lights which have come back on. All four power core tubings are lit up with purple energy again, I should note. Angela notices Captain Mitchell is laying near her, and she quickly rushes to see if he's okay. Mitchell groans, blinks (his eyes back to normal), and looks around, saying, "Miss Fairweather, I hope you can explain all of this." She smiles and lets out a smile laughter of relief to see him being him again. Elsewhere, in the debris & smoke covered streets of the city, Jinxer races around, calling out, "My prince, where are you?!" He finds the prince, lying trapped under a chunk of rubble. Olympius has returned to his regular form, though a bit charred in a few places. Jinxer tends to him, helping him out of the pile of debris and stating, "Oh my! What have those rotten Rangers done to you?!" Olympius groans wearily, unable to muster up the strength to speak. Jinxer notices the most horrible thing of all, "This can't be! Your Star Power! It's gone!" The star shaped slot on Olympius' golden chest is empty, with nothing inside but a black void.


The following day, or so, in the Lightspeed Aquabase. The Ranger Recruits are out of their usual attire, and are loading up the Rescue Rover in the Transport Bay with various surfing, picnicking and scubaing items. Dana, whose wearing a small pink top and has her hair in pigtails, helps Joel, who has a white tanktop on with green shorts, and Kelsey, who has orange flowery shirt on with a yellow bikini top under and her hair hanging down, load said items onto the Rover. Kelsey says, "I dunno about you guys, but after that last battle, i'm ready to have some fun!" She tosses a volley ball to Joel, who stands up in the Rover, commenting, "I heard that! NOTHING could spoil this day off!" Chad, wearing a tank top and blue shorts, stands with Carter, wearing a red beach shirt, both nodding in agreement with their teammate. Suddenly, Captain Mitchell marches in, shouting, "Ten-hut!" Joel sighs, and hops down to join the other Recruits in a lineup. They stand by the Rover, with Mitchell approaching and stating, "Rangers, today I have scheduled a 5 mile hike, with full gear." All express their disappointment, though Kelsey & Joel are the most obvious. Joel complains, "But we were just on our way to the beach!" The Captain responds, "We can't afford to let our guard down, Joel. We have to keep in tiptop shape! And just because we got through it this time, doesn't mean we can afford the luxury of resting on our laurels between battles!" Joel shakes his head, and spots a small stopwatch near a computer keyboard. He slips over to it as Mitchell is talking, and when the Captain begins to say, "There's no time for recreation. Tomorrow, you will be tested on...", he dangles the stopwatch in front of Mitchell's face! The Captain suddenly quiets, and starts at it pendulum, watching it entranced as Joel says, "You are under my command! You are under my command!" The other Recruits seem surprised, as Mitchell replies, "I am under your command." Joel is also as surprised, giving a wide, toothy & giddy grin to this. Joel commands, "You will give the Rangers the day off!" His scheme appears to be working, until the Captain suddenly says, "I will give the Rangers the day off... except for Joel. Who will now go on a 10 mile hike!" He keeps his voice tranced until those last few words, fooling everyone quite well. Joel's teammates do their usual, and laugh at the Sky Cowboy's expense. He's shocked, asking, "What?!" Mitchell orders, "Move it! Let's go! Get going! Come on! Double Time! Move it, move it, move it!" Joel races off, leaving the other four Rangers, a few technicians, and even Captain Mitchell himself, in a fit of amusement.

[Scenes from "Neptune's Daughter"; end credits]

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