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Power Rangers Turbo
"Alarmed And Dangerous"
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Original Air Date: 05/13/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #01 - Tatakau Koutsuu Anzen
(Battle for Traffic Safety)
*4th Regular Season
(5th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-440
*11th episode of PRT
*216th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Brett D. Born Director: Paul Schrier II
Starring Cast:
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam Park (Green Ranger)
Nakia Burrise _AS_ Tanya Sloan (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy Oliver (Red Ranger)
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Katherine Hillard (Pink Ranger)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Additional Cast:
Royce Herron _AS_ Ms. Appleby
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Paul Schrier _AS_ Bulk Chimp (voice)
Jason Narvy _AS_ Skull Chimp (voice)

Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Blazinator (voice)
? _AS_ Junior
? _AS_ Reggie [Note: Reggie would return to sell drugs in two PRT D.A.R.E Public Service Announcements in the second half of the series. He tries passing off a joint on a student in "The Broken Record" and PCP Pills in "Strength In Numbers"]

Sentai Scene


Scenic Angel Grove High School, where inside the library a science test is being administered. Apparently since Kat is Ms. Appleby's assistant, this is one of those summer school classes for incoming Freshman of the upcoming year. Justin's in it, which explains why he's been attending school lately. So the teens open up their booklets and begin to work, Justin included, when a boy sitting nearby gets his attention and asks him to turn his paper to the left. He asks why, and the stoner bully named Reggie tells him just do it, calling him 'worm'. Kat gives a loud shush, Justin whispering sorry to his Ranger pal/ teacher. Teej... err, Damo, umm Junior (sorry, it's the bald head), another aggressive teenager sitting behind Reggie, asks him if he got number four. Reggie tells him Justin was just about to give it to him, wasn't he? Justin tells Reggie he's not going to cheat and to do his own work, as Junior swipes at his hair, calling him a tough guy. Justin's tell for him to cut it out causes Ms. Appleby to yell enough, telling the three of them to wait in the hall until the test is over. They reluctantly pile out of the room, and end up standing against the wall near the fire alarm. Reggie remarks he didn't feel like taking that stupid test today anyway, Junior mentioning thanks to brainiac here they didn't have much of a choice. Justin tries explaining he's not a brain, he just studied and they might wanna try it sometime. Reggie's got a great idea, why doesn't he let his fist study Justin's face? Junior finds it amusing as Reggie lifts Justin helplessly up by his shirt collar.
[opening credits]
Inside the testing room, the fire alarm goes off, confusing Ms. Appleby as there was no drill scheduled for today. Kat has the students calmly exit through the side door, single file and in a straight line. Once they're gone, she begins searching around for Justin, finally finding him on the stairway. Kat asks him where Reggie & Junior went, and he begrudgingly grunts out they went ahead. Down the stairs comes Ms. Appleby and two firemen, announcing it was a false alarm. Seems somebody wanted to get out of school early, Justin giving a distant sigh of agreeance. Miss Bee notices his odd behavior, asking if he knows something about it. He doesn't say much, as the fireman tells him false alarms can be dangerous as they'd be so busy chasing down fake alerts it'll keep them tied up when a real emergency occurs (plus in my old school, pulling the alarm falsely carried a $500 mandatory fee)! When the two officials leave, Kat & Ms. Appleby quickly interrogate Justin and he spills the bully beans. He tells the two teachers that while in the hall, Reggie & Junior pulled the alarm. Ms. Appleby plans to handle them with some good old fashioned Angel Grove discipline! Kat tells Justin he did the right think in ratting them out, he guesses, and they head to the classroom to retrieve their books. The Subcraft Periscope pops up in a janitor's wash bucket on the floor, spying on the Ranger teens like always. Divatox is inspired by the antics of Reggie & Junior, asking why didn't she think of false alarms before? Porto mentions alarms do arouse a veritable plethora of lovely human emotions which might parlay into a magnificent scheme. Divatox then begins going over the emotions she'll want to harp upon: fear, concern. Rygog chimes in with panic & confusion, and Elgar finishes it off with happiness! Divatox gives a groan, asking Elgar if he's sure they're related. He scratches his oversized noggin but can only give an uh-huh. Divatox orders Rygog to send some Piranahtron to Angel Grove, she wants every alarm, bell, and buzzer in the city to sound. She'll keep the Turbo Rangers so busy chasing false alarms they won't be able to find that very 'special surprise' she has in store for them. The evil shipmates laugh maniacally as the camera blurs out (I should point out now that Paulie's a great director. All of his shots in the three episodes of Turbo he directed were very fresh and original).

Soon at the Juice Bar, Adam & Tanya are practicing their karate moves in rhythmic motion, as music plays and Tommy beats the stuffing out of some punching bags. Tanya & Adam notice him, Adam quipping he's really smokin'! Tanya shouts for his attention, telling him to chill down before he burns up the place, and Tommy takes a breather. Just as he sits down with his two friends, the fire alarm begins blaring! Lt. Stone, dragging his two chimps along with him, tells everyone to stay calm and evacuate to the parking lot while he checks out the premises. Suddenly as quickly as it started, the alarm shuts off. Adam remarks how strange it is, Jerome leaves the Bulk & Skull Chimps with the Ranger teens while he goes to investigate (something he never really did well). At the High School, Justin puts his books in his locker, and as he departs, Reggie & Junior return to call him a narc. He asks what they want, Reggie telling him it's his fault they got detention! Justin tries to pass the felony buck off, by bringing up the fact he wasn't the one who pulled the alarm. Junior tells him he should have stayed out of the whole thing, threatening the boy by saying he's beginning to get on his bad side while he cracks his knuckles. Justin tries to leave, but the two thugs tower over him, Reggie saying that since he likes school so much, how bout they teach him a little lesson of their own? Justin may not be the most experienced kid on the block, but he knows when he's about to become the Black & Blue Ranger! Slowly as the two bullies grimily stare him down, Justin reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his Turbo Key. Pressing the button, it flicks open, surging with blue energies. Will Justin stab the pressuring punks with it?
Scared brainless, Justin nervously tells Reggie & Junior he's not a narc. Saved by the bell is one of the oldest, and unfunniest, cliches in the book, but it actually reads true for Justin. The fire alarm goes off, rattling the Boy-blue-beating-bound bullies. If that's not all, Katherine comes up behind them, questioning their motives. They pretend everything is cool, Junior mentioning they didn't even set off the alarm this time. Ms. Appleby comes strolling in calling for everyone's attention on an announcement. Reggie thinks it'll be more detention, but Miss Bee is just dismissing everyone from school until they can figure out the alarm glitch. Justin's overjoyed, Reggie tells him they'll see him later, calling him a fink as he & Junior rush off to play Angel Grove's modern day Bulk & Skull (or Jay & Silent Bob). Kat puts her arm around her young Ranger buddy and they exit the troubled schoolyards. Meanwhile at the Juice Bar, the Bulk & Skull Chimps are perfectly serving drinks to Adam, Tanya & Tommy. Adam points out how sometimes it's eerie how human they are. Bulk quips 'tell me about it' in his usual indecipherable monkey manner, Skull saying he ought to try it. Tommy thinks it's almost like they're trying to tell them sometime, Bulk saying that yes they are, calling Tommy a blockhead. Skull pleads to evolved ears for him to get them out of those monkey bodies and back to their old selves again, he's really losing it, man! Tanya thinks she knows exactly what they're looking for, reaching into her pocket and pulling out some money. Handing it to the Bulk Chimp, she says Lt. Stone taught them well and to keep the change, the three Ranger teens chuckle hardily at the Chimps expense. Lt. Stone is back, and he didn't find anything at all wrong involving fires or with the alarms, perplexing the teens. Jerome clears his throat, opening his hand and waiting for Bulk to slip him the ends. The poor simian help doesn't even get fifteen percent as a tip.

Just as Jerome departs the area, the Periscope pops up inside the bucket of fire safety water on the table behind the chimps. Elgar's at the helm trying to scope out the scene with the scope, as Bulk notices that 'little eyeball thing again', poking at it with his tiny anthropoid fingers. Elgar's holding onto the Periscope, hanging on for dear mutant life as the Chimps begin grabbing onto the other end, not quite sure what to make of the thing. In the Subcraft, Elgar boxes with the seemingly uncontrollable periscope. The Chimps (mostly Skull) jerk it around, and just when Elgar thinks it's save to go near it, one quick throttling by Skull swings the Periscope around, bonking the henchmonster in the big old noggin with it's handle. Elgar falls to the floor, sucker punched by a periscope. Back at the Juice Bar, Adam asks Lt. Stone if he thought it was just a false alarm, and he guesses so, but you can never be too careful. You have to treat every alarm as if it was the real thing (he's starting to sound like Aisha from season 2). Speak of the buzzer, the fire alarms sounds again, Bulk taking Jerome's words to heart, as he & Skull take the buckets of water and douse Lt. Stone. He wishes they wouldn't take him so literally, walking off soaked, Tommy handing him his towel almost on cue. Tommy's starting to get a weird feeling about these alarms, Adam brings up Divatox as the prime suspect but thinks it's not her style. Tanya mentions Divatox doesn't have any style (except the whole 'detonator ad nauseam' angle), Tommy suggesting they better go check this out. Elsewhere, in the Subcraft, Elgar practices his samurai swordsman moves in preparation of anything that Periscope can throw at him! Divatox comes walking in, telling him to quit fooling around because they've got work to do! Rygog hands her the detonator (attached to a fire extinguisher), and she begins reminding us of the plot. With the Piranahtrons successfully setting off all the alarms in Angel Grove, the bomb will be long gone before anyone can find it. Handing her detonator to the two henchmonsters to go to the surface and hide, Divatox gloats some more about the Rangers finally running out of time. Surface she says? Here we go to it, in the middle of the botanical gardens or something (wherever it is it's got a really nice water fountain), Kat & Justin take a casual stroll while talking about his recent problems with Reggie & Junior. They're going to want to fight him for ratting them out, and he's gonna have to defend himself. Katherine tells him fighting's not the answer and he knows that, maybe there's some way he can start over with Reggie, making friends with him (what about Junior, huh?). Justin questions if she thinks Reggie would want to make some new friends, Kat says why wouldn't he (with friends like him, who needs evil space aliens?!). Just as Justin says he has a funny way of showing it, the two Turbos spot a pair of P-Trons battering on a fire alarm, setting it off. Having caught them red handed, an unmorphed fight breaks out. Kat takes QUITE a many hits from her sparring monster, but is awfully graceful in her attack moves. As soon as it started, both of the Piranahtrons go splat back into Subspace. Katherine rushes over to the alarm box, turning it off as she & Justin teleport to the Power Chamber, having proof the alarms aren't as false as they thought.

Elsewhere in Angel Grove, the fire department is getting a real work out, driving their truck all over the place in response to the alarms. Once they've run off to secure the perimeter of a house, Elgar & Rygog teleport in, thinking what better place to plant the bomb than in one of the humans own emergency vehicle! If Rygog wasn't so sure Elgar's was missing, he'd almost think the mutant was using his brain! Placing the Extinguisher Detonator on the Firetruck, Elgar & Rygog get outta there the same way they came just as the firemen return from their failed flambe. Thirty minute remain until the Firetruck turns into a disco inferno! At the Power Chamber, Adam is a little disappointed of the news by Justin & Kat that Divatox really is behind this. Justin thinks it's too bad you can't send Piranahtrons to detention (why not start the P-Tron Reform School, kid?). Tanya asks Dimitria why Divatox is messing with the alarm systems, Dimitria questions if they are not confused as they stand before her. Tanya says that's an understatement, Dimitria stating is that not the state Divatox prefers them in? Adam & Tommy hit the plot on the head, figuring out her purpose is to distract them while she plants a detonator. Time to work as much overtime as the Angel Grove Emergency Services are, they'll split up and search the city for the detonator alone. Alpha 6 has got them covered from there, and if any of them find something to let him know and he'll ring the others. The Ranger teens give one of those simultaneous "Right!" lines, the kind you only expect them to say when dubbing Sentai footage. Soon enough, Justin's walking around the park with his bookbag, sitting down at a bench to take a breather. Today proving not to be his day, Reggie & Junior just happen to be there. He's really not in the mood for this, trying to get back on his merry Rangering way, the two punks block his path, grabbing him and forcing him to reluctantly make a dash over the picnic tables. Of course, the two bullies slip around and cut him off, knocking his bookbag out of his hands to the ground. Justin then takes a shoving into the cement bench, really losing his cool now. He turns around only to see Reggie throwing a punch he's able to smoothly dodge, sending Reggie into the same cold slab he pushed him to a moment ago. Justin stands up, pins Reggie to the table and raises his arm, ready to draw first blood! Having the bully at his mercy, Justin suddenly clams down, proclaiming he doesn't want to fight, grabbing his backpack and running for the woods. Junior finally helps Reggie out by urging him to come on, as they chase Justin into the forest. They seemed to have lost him, splitting up to look for the slippery little blue devil. Little do they know he's right above him, over halfway up a pretty tall tree. The punks have no luck anywhere they search, Justin watching the goings-on down below, knowing they're closing in he proceeds to climb higher. Reggie's just beneath him, when his foot snaps a branch, alerting the bully to his possible presence above. Reggie gives a line that I find a little too amusing "Hey, Brain, you up there?" (I'd half expect there to be an echo effect when he brain doesn't reply back). He tells Justin he can't stay up in that tree forever, attempting to do his DeNiro impression by saying "Come out come out wherever you are"! The branch Justin is resting on gives way to his abundance of extra weight, buckling under him, sending Blue Ranger tumbling for the ground!
When the bough breaks, the Ranger will fall, and does he! Justin plummets to the Earth, and opting not to end up with a broke back like his predecessor, he teleports away in a blue streak. The branch rains into some bushes, sending Reggie & Junior scouring through it while trying to find a trace of their would-be victim. They find nothing, finally giving up and leaving the area thinking the boy gone. Where did Justin escape to? The Power Chamber of course, as he teleports in, still free-falling but this time not as far to fall. He lands hard against the floor, given a hand up by Alpha. Justin's a little nervous to see Katherine there, asking why she's back so soon. She picked up a signal on her Turbo Navigator and wanted Alpha to check it out, but she wonders what he's doing there. He's awkwardly silent, prompting Kat to ask him what the matter is, and he buckles. He explains Reggie & Junior were chasing him, he got stuck in a tree (isn't that something Kat would do? Get it? Kat? Cat? Stuck in a tree? firemen?!... nevermind) and he had to teleport. Katherine is stunned he used his powers in front of them, but Justin tries to assure her they didn't see him. Kat, the old hen, or hag whichever way you look at it, gets on his ass for using his powers for personal gain (hmm, lose your powers or lose your life. Yes Kat, Justin made a wrong choice and should have fallen to his death!). Justin knows what he did was wrong, but he just doesn't know how to get through to these guys. Kat's mood swings swang back to gooey sweet, telling him he's way too smart not to figure out how to reach their good sides. Alpha breaks in on the conversation just in time, asking them if they ever seen a robot hurl. Kat's confused as always, Alpha saying he's about to give a robotic Technicolor yawn if they don't cut out the mushy stuff. He did feed in the coordinates off her Navigator, and they've got a lock on the detonator. Only problem is the thing is moving all over the city at a pretty surprising rate. They have no clue why, but Divatox is watching the reason from her Periscope, pleased to see the extinguisher detonator has only thirty seconds left! The moment of her ultimate victory is upon them, she sends her three henchmonsters up to prepare the way for the new queen of the planet! Porto, Elgar & Rygog teleport via their respective modes to the surface. Divatox peeks through the Periscope, counting down to destruction.

The Power Chamber's scans finally zoom in and discover the Firetruck is the location of the explosive, Kat tells Alpha to have the others meet them there as she & Justin Shift Into Turbo and teleport as quickly as they can to the scene. All give Turbo Rangers regroup, just as the Fire Engine rolls down the street towards them. The clock hits zero on the extinguisher detonator, going ground zero right with the fire fighters inside the truck! Instead of giving the men an ironic death, the explosion causes the entire Firetruck to Morph into a giant Fire Truck Of Doom (or death, or whatever you wanna call it) [VCDs name this 'monster' Blazinator]!

Firetruck of Doom
The Rangers stare in shock as they were too late to stop the detonator, but still have to set things right anyway they can. Giving a mighty Turbo Leap, they hop onto Blazinator, which is taking off into the skies of the city, firing off energy blasts at all the buildings. The grimacing fire engine laughs violently as it sends buildings ablaze, the Rangers hitching a ride while trying to bring it to a halt. It rips through a building, followed by plowing through a duel windowed room inhabited by painters or something. Needless to say, as goofy & weird this scene may seem, it makes more sense in Carranger. So it smashes into the room, editing cuts that all out, making Pink & Yellow Rangers (whom were on the cage at the top of the ladder) disappear. Green & Blue get tossed a few stories to the ground after the Blazinator barrels through a water tower. Red Ranger finally loses his grip after the truck flips to it's side, and plummets to the pavement, his Ranger teammates rejoining him amid the debris. Rygog, Porto & Elgar are right there, ready to secure Divatox's domination of the Earth as best they can. Rygog fires off some eyebolts, causing quite a massive discharge at our heroes, exploding just behind them. He hopes they brought some weenies to cook, as he handles a leather tassel. The Turbo Rangers aren't about to admit defeat yet, whipping out their rarely seen Turbo Blades. The trio of henchmonsters can dish it out but can't take it, not being able to take the heat so they get out of the kitchen! Elgar hops on some large bucket he rides as he teleports away, Porto floats in the air, and Rygog telewarps away, telling the Rangers he'll see them next time (yes folks, Carranger footage. Where Elgar looks even uglier and teleporting couldn't match PRT to save its life).

The main men gone, only one obstacle remains as the Blazinator swoops in with some more firepower being unleashed on the ever trouble cityscape. Taking another blast, Red Ranger leads the charge as they all pull out their Auto Blasters and combining their firepowers on the monstrous fire engine that couldn't. The five beams of Turbo charged power strikes hard, taking the machine of destruction down without a beat. Our Heroes have wrestled victory from the giant jaws of defeat, rushing to the dazed firefighters side as they seem perfectly fine are being lodged inside the evil Blazinator. The truck is now scrap thanks to the detonator, but they have their lives and a whole city on actual fire to take care of! Meanwhile in the Subcraft, Divatox has her failure crew lined up, as she tries to make sense of the day's events. The false alarms were going, the detonator went off, she sent them three to pave the way for her glory and it all went downhill from there? Elgar tries to get a cheap laugh from the serious situation, saying it was a hot monster. Get it? Hot? Blazinator the Firetruck! Hot? Like fire, sizzling! His Auntie D grabs him by the throat, reminded of hot asking him if he remembers Muiranthias. Elgar's bulgy eyes go wide, pleading anything but that, he's still got problem skin from last time! Divatox orders her Piranahtrons to take him away, and make it extra crispy! He begs and grovels as he's carted away, not wanting his nose to change to a different color again!
It's finally another day at Angel Grove High School, Justin eagerly heading down the stairs to his class when Reggie stops him in his tracks. He explains it's the brain's lucky day, he's going to give him a five-second head star in running. Justin stands his ground, saying he's neither going to run nor fight. Reggie begins to mock the prepubescent kid, asking what is he going to do then, tell his mommy & daddy on him? Justin takes offense, telling the bully his parents aren't around to tell, as he isn't living with them right now. Reggie finds himself relating to the boy he was just about to plaster across the walls, saying big deal, he hasn't seen his own dad in two years. Justin remarks that 'it stinks, doesn't it?', Reggie agrees and they both sit down on the steps. Trying to make good use of the mood, Justin tells him that he didn't want to get him trouble but he couldn't tell a lie (glad to see he learned from that whole lie fiasco). Reggie understands, he'd probably do the same thing in his tiny shoes. Justin offers to figure out a way to help Reggie in class without cheating, asking the softening punk if he would be interested. He'll help him study for the make-up test next week, Reggie surprised he's do that for him. Justin gives Reggie a pat on the shoulder, saying what are friends for? They both look at each other and smile, and if Reggie was really ever a bully, he'd knock Justin's teeth out right then & there. Was Junior killed by Blazinator off-screen or something?
[end credits]

Kat picked up a detonator signal on her Turbo Navigator, flubbing the line, sticking her tongue out and giving a raspberry; Lt. Stone does his Jim Carrey impression upon asking if he'd mind doing the scene again; The Bulk Chimp tries to see if the money handed to him is real, stretching the bill until it tears in half and stuffing it in his mouth; Kat fights back a sneeze, squeezing & pinching her cute little button nose in a successful attempt to stop it before it starts; Speaking of cute noses, Tanya thinks she knows exactly what the chimps are looking for, reaching into her pocket, pausing, flaring her nostrils and returning to position to redo the take because she forgot her line!

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