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Power Rangers Turbo
"Bicycle Built For The Blues"
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Original Air Date: 05/7/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #10 - Daigyakuten!! Jitensha Kyoushuu
(A Great Reversal!! Bicycle Training)

Some Story Elements Based On:
Carranger #07 - Buruu ha Shinnyuu Kinshi?!
(Blue Is Banned From Entry?!)
*4th Regular Season
(5th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-442
*12th episode of PRT
*217th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Shell Danielson Director: Chip Lynn
Starring Cast:
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam Park (Green Ranger)
Nakia Burrise _AS_ Tanya Sloan (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy Oliver (Red Ranger)
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Katherine Hillard (Pink Ranger)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Additional Cast:
Michael Cunningham _AS_ Doug Stewart
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Paul Schrier _AS_ Bulk Chimp (voice)
Jason Narvy _AS_ Skull Chimp (voice)

Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Big Burpa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Cemented Construction Worker

Sentai Scene


We open up on Angel Grove Racing Technologies, in what is likely it's final appearance. Tanya's carrying a sign that gives away the whole purpose of the Rangers teens being in there, with a large "Happy Birthday Justin" plastered on it. The others are carrying in huge stacks of gifts and other party supplies, as Adam talks on the phone with someone about wherever it is being great. As he does this, the Bulk & Skull Chimps are fiddling around with the ribbons and/or streamers, causing Adam to yank them out of the monkey hands. Outside the garage, Justin plays a sorrowful game of kick the can, walking up to the locked door and beating on it trying to get in. Tommy & Kat are taken by surprise, thinking Justin should still be at practice (practicing what is never stated). Tom goes to the door to stall the boy, opening just enough to poke his head out he attempts to get rid of Justin by saying the fume exhausts from his car are really bad and to come back later. Justin's expecting a call from his dad, asking Tommy if he called yet. Tommy tells him no, but to come back in a little while and they'll have everything fixed up. Justin tries to explain it's his birthday as Tommy slams the door shut on the youth in mid-sentence. He thinks nobody cares, returning to the ever popular can kicking game in the parking lot. Suddenly he notices a blue bicycle parked behind a yellow Camero, rushing over to admire it. A few feet away, the monster of the birthday, Big Burpa, belts out a tune of Happy Birthday To Boy Blue before bellowing out a belch (sounding an awful lot like Marge Simpson).
[opening credits]
Justin approaches the bicycle quickly, noticing an unusually large envelope on the seat addressed to him. Opening it up without haste, he finds a giant card and inside a sappy Hallmarky rhyme: "Dear Justin, The Birthday Blue Have Got You Down... Never Fear, What's Lost Is Found. A Gift To Cheer You On This Day.. So Take A Chance And Ride Away." He tosses the card aside and gets Dow-eyed to his bike, thinking it sent by his father. Nearby in a bucket of sludge water, the Periscope pops up and checks out the scene. Bug Burpa mounts her bike and rides away just behind Justin, whom is just moments away from hopping on his bicycle himself. Porto asks if everything is going as planned, and Divatox is overjoyed the little codfish took the bait. She turns away from her scope and asks Porto if he's positive Big Burpa will cast her spell on Justin like she's supposed to. He assures her one burp is all it will take, she's his greatest creation yet (in the background, Elgar is doing the laundry! He's pulling in Rygog's clothing, including his metal gloves & boots from a clothesline hanging outside through a porthole. He suddenly brings in a pair of green checkered undies, and is a bit surprised). Once Justin gets on that bicycle, the odometer will count back backwards to the ultimate birthday blast. Then kaplooey, one less Ranger to worry about, Diva and her henchmonsters laugh evilly.

Back at AGRT, Kat halts Bulk & Skull Chimps rein of terror on the packages & ribbons. It's explained they're monkeysitting until Lt. Stone gets back from going to get some food for the festivities. Tanya thinks it must be so hard for Justin to be far away from his dad especially on his birthday, Tommy hangs up a Piņata and wants to make this day extra special for him. Just outside, Justin checks out the bike, noticing a reading of 25 miles on the digital odometer. He thinks it's a used bicycle, but doesn't care because at least his dad remembered his birthday unlike his friends. Justin picks up his blue bike helmet (no, not his Ranger helmet, silly) and hops on the bicycle. He hardly gets through the parking lot, when Big Burpa rolls in front of him. She wishes a happy Belchday to her friendless friend, waving her arms around and casting a spell on Justin with a raunchy release of stomach gas. The spell hits Justin, whom is sitting on his new bike, causing him to suddenly take off like a bat out of hell, Burpa telling him he's her new best biker buddy. Why slow down when you can speed up, asks Burpa, as Justin races through the crowded sidewalk, barely missing innocent bystanders as the odometer clocks down to 24 miles. Big Burpa is just behind him, lifting her legs and knocking over a trash can while riding slowly to destruction.

Big Burpa
Lt. Stone's returned with the food, but as he piles in the enormous amounts of eats he realizes he forgot the rest of the balloons at the Juice Bar (don't they have ENOUGH already?). He'll be back soon, telling the Chimps to behave as he exits stage right. Adam asks his friends help in helping him load the stuff in the car (I presume out of it, not into it). The Ranger teens watch the monkeys carefully as they walk by, Tommy reminding them to behave. Down the street, Justin's ride to ruin continues, he knows he's gotta contact the Rangers but he can't release his hands from the handles. He's approaching a sidewalk construction site, yelling for everyone to get out of the way cause he's outta control! They barely do so as Justin & Big Burpa go rolling through the site, Burpa getting a kick out of this by striking Ed (Lord Zedd) Neil on her way by. Ed takes a tumble into the fresh cement just after dodging a hit by a board in the back of the neck. Justin's reluctant ride continues on after wrecking the roadside work, his odometer falling to 19 miles remaining. Meanwhile at the Power Chamber, Alpha is having his usual yo-yo-yo fit about the traffic school reject they have on their hands. Dimitria asks him if he will not contact Justin at once, and they get the race on screen. Alpha puts it best "He's biking it with some freakazoid Madame Butterfly type!" He tries to contact Blue Ranger, but the boy can't respond as he rips through some carefully placed garbage cans, infuriating some guy who looks like he's doing community service. After several attempts, Justin replies back by telling him he can't stop the back and he can't take his hands off to Morph. Alpha thinks must be bad dream, asking what's with the souped up bike ride. Justin mentions he should have known something was wrong when the odometer when backwards (which would have been too late, since he was trapped on the bike BEFORE the odometer started going in reverse).

Back at Angel Grove Racing Technologies, the Ranger teens help load what looks to be excess party supplies into the back of Lt. Stone's car as he takes off for the Juice Bar. Just then their communicators go off, Alpha telling Tommy they need to get over there right away. Proceeding to teleport away, they totally forget they left the Bulk & Skull Chimps inside. They're aware they're alone, Skull popping on some tunes in the CD player as they prepare to play Power Primates! Bulkie gives a hey-hey we're the monkeys, time for some monkey business as he leaps off the table and onto another, causing the hefty supply of food to go flying into the air. Cutting to an exterior shot, the whole place is rocking as the chimps go ape by trashing the festivities. In the Power Chamber, the Rangers watch the Viewing Screen/Globe/Wall in feign shock as Big Burpa rides her bike destructively through the city. Sure, it's Carranger footage, everyone in the scene is Japanese and there's a huge amount of evil bike riders behind her with no explanation on them at all, but what can ya do? Adam bets that freaky biker chick is behind this whole thing, Tommy says he'll go after her while they take care of Justin. Tanya tells him to be careful, reminding him Divatox is in the detonator business and you never know what she's got wired. Tommy knows, Shifting Into Turbo and racing into action in his Turbo Cart. The crowd of Evil Kabuki Bikers long behind them, Red Ranger driving alongside Big Burpa's bicycle. She's got some powerful hind legs, pulling ahead of the Turbo Powered go-cart, belching all the way. He gives chase as she heads into the more confined areas of the city, finally cutting through a downhill bike path with metal guards preventing passage of the Turbo Cart. Tommy lost her, he contacts the Power Chamber telling them it looks like she's heading in their direction (which makes no sense, as usual). Back at said PC, Dimitria finally asks Alpha to inform the Power Teens of their latest foe (what took her so damnitria long?). Alpha says she's Big Burpa, a bicycle riding fiend who's got Justin stuck to the pedals and he's cruising in near-flying speed. Dimitria tells them a most difficult tasks awaits them (no questions there), if they can't stop her then who can? Red Ranger's on screen (every bit of the chase footage we just say replays) saying they will stop her, asking if there's any word on Justin yet. Alpha has nothing on him, nervously saying he'll get back to them on that. With not much else to do, Tommy needs a hand so they Shift Into Turbo and get the footage moving forward again.

Burpa's riding along the narrow empty streets between the buildings when the Yellow, Pink & Green Turbo Carts follow along after her burping self. Right when they think they've got her, she turns through the alleyway and Pink & Yellow Rangers have to hop out of their Carts to go after her while Green drives around to try and cut her off. The old adage it's all downhill from here proves true as Burpa bikes down the sloping streets with incredibly stinky ease. She escapes Pink & Yellow, but Green is right on her tail as she heads down the street for the underpass (again, the streets are totally empty, what is everyone inside watching Turbo Heroes on TV?), which is of course blocked by metal dividers. I've seen Subways with less obstacles in the way than this part of town. Big Burpa gets away, Tommy remarking they have to give her credit, she's good (no Tom, you're just slipping in your old age, trust me) but they'll get her eventually. Now it's time to find and help Justin, whom is in the park going for a casual extreme downhill bike ride. He still can't stop, the bicycle is actually going faster with only 2 miles left on the odometer. It's taken him long enough to finally notice the connection between it's counting down and the weapon of choice for Divatox. Adam, Kat & Tanya teleport nearby, as Justin's uncontrollable bike jumps on a picnic table and proceeds to run over all the food. His pals spot him and tell him he has to get off, but he yells for them to get away because the bike's a detonator! The three follow him anyway, as he approaches the lakefront. Adam gives a quick communicator call to Tommy telling him the monster's a decoy. Tom gives one of his overused "I'm on my way!" lines and apparently does as he says. They catch up to him enough to ask what he's doing, he anxiously states he's going to dump the bike in the river but as he drives off the dock, the cursed thing floats! No, Justin isn't doing his Jesus impression, the Bicycle spell is somehow preventing him from splashing down, forcing him to ride the surface across. The Power Teens rush off to follow, as the Divascope pops up in the water for a front row seat of Justin's last lap. She tells her henchmonsters to set their watches, only one more mile then bam!: Justin celebrates his birthday in pieces across the country. Divatox opens up Porto's faceport and pulls out a bag of microwave popcorn, proving the scientific advisor is more useful as a cooking utensil than a monster! Justin really begins to get the blues, staring down at the odometer hitting one mile remaining, as he realizes if he doesn't stop this thing soon he'll be history.
Justin informs his friends, whom are running along behind him, that in less than a mile his bike's going to blow sky high. If any of them have any good ideas now would be the perfect time to speak up. They give the same old suggestions, like jump off the bike onto the grass. He does his best to free himself of the bicycle's hold on him, but the spell has his feet chained to the peddles literally! He cries that his foot's stuck (what is with Justin and his feet getting stuck?! He said the same thing in "Shadow Rangers"!) as the bike races off into the luckily secluded area of the massive Angel Grove Park. Red Ranger makes an impressive entrance to the scene, teleporting in ala racing style, screeching his feet down to a braking halt. He tells Justin to be cool and he'll get him off that thing, Justin replying back for Tommy to get out of his way as he zooms by. Tom's not about to let anything happen to the youth, calling forth his Red Lightning Turbozord (played by the vehicle used in the Turbo Movie in it's only appearance on the show). It drops out of the sky right next to him, and Red Ranger hops in, revs up and takes off after the runaway bicycle. The other three Turbo Teens take a rest at the sidewalk to watch their leader trying to rescue their newest teammate. Pulling up along side him, Red Ranger opens the door and climbs onto the hood of his normal-car-sized Turbozord. Justin suggests he try shooting the tires of his bike out, Tommy pulling out his Auto Blaster and firing away. Sparks fly but the little wheels keep on turning, so time for Plan B, Tommy asking Justin if he's ready and he says he is. Red Ranger leaps off of Red Lightning, grabbing hold of Justin and yanking him off the badass bicycle. Both are safely grounded, as they witness the Turbozord making a sharp turn offscreen and the bike still driving along it's path of destruction. Finally just before the odometer hits zero miles, it collapses on the ground and explodes, sending shockwaves to all in the area, leaving Justin's birthday present from Divatox a smoking crater. Justin's okay, just a tad shaken from his wild ride but glad it's over now. Big Burpa pulls up to remind them it's far from over, belching some more as the four remaining Ranger teens Shift Into Turbo. Blue Ranger is ready to make Big Burpa pay for ruining his Birthday, leading the charge into a series of jump punches & kicks against the monster. The abusive burping sends her flying across the park, and once she regains her footing the action switches over into a deep footage, err, forest battle.

It's just Blue Ranger taking her on by himself suddenly, as Burpa is wielding a red saber sword. Ahem. So Justin does a bunch of pointless backflips, then leaps atop Burpa's saber, balancing himself nicely for no reason at all. Burpa tells him to get his muddy feet off it, she just had it washed & waxed. He finally does a few rotating kicks, followed by Burpa returning the hits with some eye bolt blasts. Out of nowhere, Yellow Ranger shows up to tell Justin to watch out as he dodged the blasts and Big Burpa regains her sword to attack. Blue Ranger gives a solid kick to the sword, snapping it in half as quickly as it appeared out of thin air. He then does a bunch of fancy namby-pamby kicks, sending Burpa falling over. The line between Sentai footage and American Characterization gets even more blurred when Justin balances himself on one leg, crouching down while lifting the other and saying he bows before the master of hot air. More time filling "you're finished!", "We'll see" lines are thrown as the Rangers FINALLY regroup with their Blue teammate. Divatox is a sight for sore eyes, staring right at the camera in the Subcraft saying No More Miss Nice Guy! She orders Rygog to fire the Torpedoes, they launch off the Subcraft, swoop out of the lake and crash down on the burping menace. Big Burpa gets even bigger, shooting off some eye blasts at our pint sized heroes. The good old days of individual Zord calling are touched upon as each Turbo Ranger stands onscreen and gives one of those extensive hand & body movement Turbozord summoning. Not that they'll be using them, the linking up to Turbo Megazord comes as quickly as it always does. Big Burpa is ready to rumble & tumble with the tin man, inside the cockpit Tanya offers Justin the opportunity to deal with this loser. He's ready, this time it's personal, taking control and hitting the Hydro Power Lift sending the Turbo Megazord flipping over and kicking Burpa on the upswings. Big Burpa belches out a bloody whine of that's no way to treat a lady, but she's no lady as Justin proclaims right before activating Artillery Power (the Turbo Headlights attack). Red Ranger takes over for the Turbo Megazord Saber activation, initiating a Megazord Spinout. Big Burpa burps out her last belch just as she gets cut like cheese (wrong bodily function, but she ends up cooking with gas). Back at Angel Grove Racing Tech, Lt. Stone returns with more gifts & balloons than Justin will ever deserve. He's witness to the carnage and destruction caused not by Divatox, but by the Chimpanzees Formally Known As Bulk & Skull! The whole place is a pigsty, the Chimps are busted and Jerome is left speechless. Skull can't believe they ate the whole thing, a reference to a commercial I believe. Speaking of which...
The Rangers teens return to AGRT, Justin regretting all the problems he caused, stating he'll never accept gifts from strangers again. Kat says they're just glad he's okay, Tommy telling him he should go inside since there's something he should see. The boy runs inside, swimming his way through a sea of multicolored balloons he's greeted with a large gathering of his peers in a unison surprise! The entire garage is made up for his Birthday Party, although I'm not sure who those kids are since Justin always whines about not having any friends at school. He's more surprised his teammates knew it was his birthday all along, Kat saying they couldn't forget a special day like this. He apologizes, not thinking that they cared at all. Lt. Stone breaks up the misunderstanding to show him that even the Chimps have a present for him. Bulk hands him a poorly wrapped banana, Justin unenthusiastically claiming he always wanted one of those. Skull complains to Bulkie that he gave him one of his bananas, but all the partygoers hear are the monkeys chattering unintelligibly. Justin begins looking around, as Adam & Kat silently slip off into the background. Tanya goes over to ask him what's wrong, he mentions he was wishing his dad would be there. She tells him maybe next year, but she's sure he's thinking about him. Adam remarks to Kat out loud about there being a gift they forgot to give Justin, Kat saying it was a little too big to wrap. Said present comes walking down the stairs behind the two Ranger teens, that being Doug Stewart, Justin's often absent father! Justin rushes over and hugs him, ecstatically proclaiming this is the best birthday ever. He didn't think he'd seen him today, but his dad says he wouldn't miss it for the world. The Power Teens are heart-warmed at the touching sight of the father-son reunion, everyone with big ear to ear grins. Justin talks about what a great birthday it's been, it didn't start out so well but it ended just fine. Suddenly, a large belch is heard, causing the Rangers to turn at attention to the source of the sound. It's just the Bulk Chimp chugging down some soda, not being able to hold the carbonated discharge in. As our on-edge heroes laugh it off, the Subcraft Periscope pops up in the punch bowl, spying on Divatox's latest failure. Elgar, sporting Rygog's outer body shell, comes running onto the bridge asking Auntie D who he's supposed to be. He begins to go 'thank you, thank you very much' in an Elvis-like twang, waving to Colonel Parker and making a mocking face. Rygog, looking half-naked without his shell, whines to Divatox to make him stop since he's her nephew! Divatox doesn't want to hear it, going into her Seinfeld impression by asking us what's the big deal with these birthdays anyway. She's like to know, but Porto tells her if she'd let them celebrate birthdays she'd understand. Elgar continues modeling Rygog's oversized shell, telling his Aunt he's got a birthdate coming up, but she tells him to forget it. She never got so much as a card or a gift so why should he? He's disappointed, Divatox gives a sob story about how no one cares about her, she doesn't even have a family! Elgar tells her she's got him, and she claims that's the problem, all she has is a mutant malfunctioning nephew with the brain of a sea urchin. He looks at this as a compliment, telling her he loves her too! She feigns a smile, mockingly stating "isn't that peachy?" before slowly turning around, whimpering and banging her head against the periscope. She peeks through it one last time to check out the stomach churning scene, Justin saying this is the best birthday ever. If he says that one more time, i'll knock him back to infancy.
[end credits]

Divatox asks Porto if he's positive that Big Burk... the line is flubbed, the director tells her it's okay and she returns to Periscope position; Adam leads the way for the teens to load this stuff into the cars, screwing up the take with a slight giggle. His distraction came from the Bulk & Skull Chimps, munching away at the food on the table. Bulk Chimp notices the potato chips he's chomping on are from the first season! Skull says who cares, they're monkeys; Rygog beats on Elgar, saying he can be so obnoxious sometimes, while trying with all his might to yank his shell off of Elgar's mutant hide! He mentions he's gonna rip the costume off him and chop him into teeny pieces. I think he means business!

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