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Power Rangers Turbo
"The Millennium Message"
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Original Air Date: 05/17/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #12 - Uchuu Kara Kita Shingou Yarou
(The Traffic Light Guy That Came From Space)

Carranger #13 - Shutsudou!! Jiman no Kinkyuu Sharyou
(March Out!! The Emergency Vehicle Of Pride)
*4th Regular Season
(5th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-443
*13th episode of PRT
*218th total Power Rangers episode
*Not that it matters, but this episode was what marked my very first spoiler warning so many years ago.
Writer: Mark Litton Director: Larry Litton
Starring Cast:
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam Park (Green Ranger)
Nakia Burrise _AS_ Tanya Sloan (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy Oliver (Red Ranger)
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Katherine Hillard (Pink Ranger)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Additional Cast:
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

David Walsh _AS_ Blue Senturion (voice)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Bulk Chimp (voice)
Jason Narvy _AS_ Skull Chimp (voice)

Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Terrortooth (voice)

Sentai Scene


Angel Grove Gym & Juice Bar, million & billions served, even if it's just the same set of kids hanging out there all day long. Tommy & Tanya are working out, taking turns pouncing on a red punching bag. Nearby, Lt. Stone delivers another heaping bowl of mashed bananas to his best unpaying customers, the Bulk & Skull Chimps. Bulk blows a raspberry at him, telling Skull if he has to eat another bite of bananas he's going to go ape. Kat, Adam & Justin come walking in, Adam whining about having to dress up like a magician for the magic stunt show. Kat tells him he looks great, it gives him character. Justin goes to the counter, while the other two Ranger teens approach the Primates. Skull tells Bulk to check out the goon in the monkey suit, which gives Bulkie another idea about using Adam's 'magic wand' to help change them back. Skull gives it a try, picking up the wand and proceeding to wave it above his head. Justin and Adam point out how cute it is to see the dumb simian pretending to act evolved and doing a magic trick. Suddenly, just after Skull utters an 'abracadabra', the entire building begins to shake! Ceiling gravel rains down as the foundation quakes, throwing everyone offguard.
[opening credits]
The usual Californian phenomenon continues, as Lt. Stone attempts to keep the three juices from spilling out all over his clean counter. Bulk Chimp decides to use this disorientation to his advantage to throw the bowl of mashed bananas onto Jerome's head. It ends up looking more like shaving cream, but I like to think Bulk knew Jerome was trying to poison him & Skully and was getting his revenge. The earthquake tapers off, giving all the Rangers teens a chance to regroup in front of a crowd of patrons at the bar. Lt. Stone wipes off his face and turns on the television, waiting for a signal to return. The news comes back on, some lady stating seismologists report that the Angel Grove region is stable. There's no plate shifting occurrences to make note, so whatever just rocked the Casba is a mystery to them. Tommy's sure this deserves Rangerfied inspection, slipping off his boxing gloves he takes his Power Teen Pals with him off to Power Chamber. Meanwhile at the beach, the pirate queen of evil is relaxing on a platform being carried by a school of Piranahtron. Rygog, Porto & Elgar are walking just ahead of her, carrying around lounge chairs and a P-Tron is lifting Elgar's surfboard. Divatox remarks it feels so good to be out of that ship, this being the perfect time for a beach day. She plans on taking an extended vacation, asking her henchmonster to find a really good spot to set her down. At the Power Chamber, the Ranger crew arrives and Tommy rushes over to Alpha to ask if he had any idea what caused all the shaking. The sarcastic Bronxian accent automaton exclaims he's working on it but nothing yet. The Viewing Screen displays his scanning search, which locks on something, Alpha bringing up a visual of just what. More rumbling ripples throughout the P.C. as there appears a spacecraft descending to Earth on the view screen (looking like a replica of Bookala's starship from season 2)! Justin points out it's a spaceship that's headed towards the Power Chamber, Alpha mentioning he's correctamundo. It just came out of an interdimensional warp inside the Earth's atmosphere and that could prove dangerous. Just how dangerous comes to pass, as the ship breaks up into debris on it's path to the Power Chamber. Tanya states as much in a badly dubbed line, the ship crumbling into pieces suddenly and the Ranger teens not batting an eye to the event.

Back at the beach, the starship's central debris strikes hard into the cliffs a few feet away from Divatox's crew. The shockwaves send Divatox slipping off her platform, landing face first in the sand. Elgar is confused as to what's going on, but notices his Aunt laying flat on the ground. He asks her what she's looking for down there, as she angrily picks herself up, complaining about how she tries to take one day off and look what happens. Divatox dusts herself off, Elgar asking her just what did happen as he missed it as she pushes him off and leads the way to check this explosion out. Elgar whines about it's not his fault she didn't find anything in the sand. In the P.C., Dimitria questions the Rangers why someone would travel between galaxies at great risk to speak with them. Tanya thinks maybe they need their help, Tommy pondering it could be someone there to help them. He says they've got to find out who was on that ship, Alpha pointing out that figuring out the pilot's identity will be hard considering pieces of the ship are scattered all over Angel Grove. Tommy suggests they all spread out and take a different section of the town, all five Rangers teleporting to comb the city for spaceship debris. Meanwhile at the beach, Divatox & Company make it to ground zero of the disturbance, finding junk strewn across the beachscape in a destructive haze. Elgar jokes this fellow's insurance is going to sky high after he reports this! Divatox guides her lackeys to the center of the mess, finding a strange blue & white robot propped against a stasis pod he apparently fell out of in the crash. Elgar asks his Aunt what in the galaxy that thing is, but she hasn't a clue. All she knows is whoever he is, he ruined her day at the beach! She orders some P-Trons to take him back with them to find out what he's doing there, the entire squad of evil space aliens teleport back to the Subcraft.

Once inside, Divatox has Porto switch on the mysterious droid. He opens up a hatch in it's back, flipping a dial, reactivating it without haste. His chest lights, which resemble a traffic signal, begin to flash as he speaks with a deep echoing voice. He starts to state he is the Blue Senturion, an intergalactic officer of the peace. He has been sent from their future with an urgent message for Dimitria. Divatox grumbles over the name of her arch rival, Blue Senturion mentioning it may forever change the balance of power in the universe! Planning her usual mischief, Divatox adjusts her speaking pitch to the ghostly tone of Dimitria's and tries to tell him that she's the one he seeks. The robot cop runs a voice print check on her, and it matches Dimitria of Inquiris perfectly, so he proceeds with the message. His eye visor beams a holographic image down onto the floor of the Subcraft. The message plays, showing King Mondo, Queen Machina, Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd and Divatox (standing in the center) standing around expressing their evilness gleefully, as various Earth buildings explode behind them. Blue Senturion gives a voice-over to the message, saying the universe's greatest evil will join forces to destroy the Earth and the entire universe, dividing it's wealth. Divatox is angered, speaking in her normal voice she shouts that she isn't sharing anything with those third-rate pirates! She's able to stop herself before she blurts out she's really Divatox, returning to her faux-Dimitria voice to ask if there is more to this message. Blue Senturion finishes it off by showing her, but not us, the only force in the universe that can stand in the way of this countdown to destruction. The self-proclaimed queen of evil watches the message and is furious, yelling she can't believe it! Blue Senturion shuts the hologram off, telling her the message originates from the year 2000, the next Earth millennium. Elgar asks his Auntie 'Dimitria' in amazement if she saw that, to which she replies she knows what she has to do. Elgar is clueless as always, Divatox snaps her fingers and Porto waddles over to Blue Senturion's back plate. The intergalactic police officer gives protest to Porto's unauthorized access to that area, but can do nothing as the evil scientific advisor shuts the robot off. Divatox orders Porto to reprogram Blue Senturion to be evil, but he brings up how these kinds of space cops can't be turned bad. Shot down from this scheme, she quickly whips up another task, make him think the Power Rangers are evil and must be destroyed for the good of the universe! Nothing will come in the way between her and the riches of the Earth.

Elsewhere in the city, Tommy wanders around an abandoned factory, keeping in contact with Alpha in their search for pieces of the space capsule. He asks him if he's sure there's something there, Alpha gives a plot-friendly remark about a robot is only as good as his programming. Tommy keeps looking, as the Subcraft Periscope pops up in a nearby pool of... sewage, I think. Divatox is wondering what the Red Ranger is doing, sending the Piranahtrons to engage battle with him. Elgar stands next to his Aunt picking his nose, and once he's ordered to send the P-Trons he finally gets a coherent thought. He figures out that by sending the Piranahtrons to fight Tommy, she'll make Blue Senturion think the Power Rangers are attacking them instead. Divatox gives a 'duh' look, quipping she never could keep a plan from him. So a school of Piranahtrons swarm on Tommy, he begins to fight them off with the usual array of kicks & punches. Simultaneously in the Subcraft, Porto works as fast as his little pudgy arms can go, placing a detonator inside Blue Senturion's innards. The reprogramming is complete, he switches the muddled space pig back on as per Divatox's orders. He's not aware anything is amiss, Diva does he best to imitate her Inquirian counterpart once more. She leads him to the Periscope, woefully pointing out that Power Ranger is assaulting those poor defenseless citizens. Tommy is outnumbered by the P-Trons, but his attacks in self-defense send Blue Senturion scouring his database. The listing for Power Rangers says it best "Evil Teenagers Dedicated To Overthrowing Good". Divatox gives a Dimitria'd 'correctamundo', giving me strange suspiciousness as to how Alpha said the same thing earlier. Hmm, methinks Alpha 6 is actually Divatox's sister!!! Err, maybe not. The intergalactic police officer vows to stop that Ranger and his crimes against innocent citizens! Blue Senturion activates his Patrol Mode, and teleports away to make an arrest. Divatox gloats those Rangers won't last a day, before laughing evilly.
Tommy is still at it with the Piranahtrons, kicking up plenty of dust in a real workout with them. They seem to be egging him on to more action than they're used to, Tommy asking what's wrong, did Divatox forget to feed them? Ready to show them he's in this for the long haul, Tommy Shifts Into Turbo and gives them a taste of the power of Red Ranger. He chases them into the warehouse, but before he can lay a Turbo hand on them, sirens blare from behind him. Distracted by the flashing lights, he turns around to spot Blue Senturion on his Senturion Cycle. In the darkness is appears to be an invasion of the traffic light monster, but Senty pulls him cycle to a rest and steps off to begin his introduction. He is the Blue Senturion, defender of intergalactic law!

Blue Senturion
He orders Red Ranger to halt his aggressive actions against those defenseless citizens at once. Tommy tells him he doesn't seem to understand, he's a Power Ranger, thinking hey, who doesn't know the good they've done, right? Blue Senturion tells the good citizens they can go, as the Piranahtrons teleport back to P-Tron Paradise. Tommy continues pleading with him about the mistake he's making, but Senturion informs him that he's under arrest! Red Ranger tries to explain they're on the same side, the robocop remains unflinched in his job, telling Tommy he shouldn't attack innocent citizens. The other four Turbo Rangers teleport in, surrounding Blue Senturion and exclaim their leader isn't going anywhere with him. He may not be much but a bucket of bolts, but he knows when the odds are stacked against him. Having other matters more pressing than sparring with the Rangers, Blue Senturion teleports off, leaving our heroes behind to remind us of the plot. Alpha contacted Tommy's teammates to tell them he was in trouble, something about Divatox finding the crash site and capturing a robot. Red Ranger mentions he calls himself the Blue Senturion, a name Adam recognizes right away. Zordon told him about them once, the Blue Senturion robots are the most reliable form of law enforcement in eight galaxies! The question is raised by Kat as to why he'd think they were evil, Adam wouldn't be surprised if Divatox had something to do with it. Justin's Turbo Navigator starts to go haywire, leading him to the conclusion that there's a detonator inside Blue Senturion! Fearing an outbreak of explosive police brutality, the team splits up into two groups to search for the rogue robot.

Red & Pink Rangers depart the warehouse and make it to the nearby railroad. The search is over, as Blue Senturion rides between the tracks on his Cycle, demanding the Rangers halt as he pulls out his Senturion Synergizer pistol! Kat pushes Tommy out of the way as the brainwashed Senturion fires a warning shot, causing Kat to twist her ankle. She clutches it while stretched across the tracks, Tommy rushes to her aid just as Blue Senturion activates his arrest mode once more. Red Ranger is determined to prove they're not criminals, running up and slamming into the unpeaceful officer. They're locked together, Tommy trying to talk this through, but Blue Senturion states plea bargain is not an option! They quickly come to blows, Senty resorting to the occasional stranglehold on the Red Ranger. Many punches are thrown, most strike Tommy in the gut. Red Ranger tries doing rapid jump kicks, which Blue Senturion dodges and knocks Tommy to the ground. The fight heats up still, with Kat in the far background trying to tell them they have to stop. Neither of the two fighting machines back down, leaping into the air and giving equal damage on the hard drop to the surface. Pink Ranger's excessive yapping gets on Divatox's nerves, so before Kat can talk sense into the robocop, the pirate of evil asks Porto if they have any spare monsters. He just happens to have one crouching on the floor, named Terrortooth, whom is said to be able to eat anything. He appears to be doing just that, chewing through the pipes and wires inside the Subcraft. Porto asks his captain if the monster is to her liking, she walks over to inspect him closely, wishing he'd have spikes. Talk about instant gratification, spikes pop right out of Terrortooth's back! She pokes her finger on one and states that's better, handing him a pair of goggles (for no mentioned reason other than it fits some of the Carranger footage). He's sent to gnaw on the pretty Pink Ranger, leaving his lush buffet of Subcraft parts for the railroad. Terrortooth hops onto the scene, immediately munching down on Kat's Morphed arm! She can hardly move thanks to her bum ankle, screaming out for Tommy instinctively, alerting both him & Blue Senturion midbattle. This brings them both to a pause in their fight, witnessing Terrortooth tormenting Pink Ranger. She's able to break away and stumble for an escape, but she winds up falling to the ground as Terrortooth approaches with a mean appetite. Red Ranger starts rush to the rescue, but decides instead to go to get the other four Turbo Rangers. They all swarm on Terrortooth with their Turbo Weapons just as he's about to have lunch. With the monster stunned by the sudden attack, the Rangers reunite with Kat, handing her the Turbo Wind Fire. She prepares to teach fang-face a lesson, releasing a few energy arrows at the goggly spiked creature.

One problem down, one to go as Blue Senturion returns to report the Rangers' offense against that monster. Our heroes aren't about to come in quietly, the whole team rushes the lone officer. He's wielding his Synergizer sword mode, years of police training, err, programming prove more powerful than Morphing skills as Senty lays waste to each of the Turbo Rangers. They get beat down, but they get up again just get beat down once more. Tanya & Justin hatch an instant scheme for Yellow Ranger to pin him down while Blue Ranger sneaks in from behind. Justin snaps open Blue Senturion's back plate, and swiftly switches the crazy cop off. The Rangers commend their newest recruit for a job well done, now it's time to shut off the detonator before he causes anymore damage. Blue Ranger's fiddling around in Blue Senturion's complex series of wires causes the detonator not to disarm, but for the Millennium Message to begin beaming out of his visor again. The hologram of the Rangers' greatest villains plays to their surprise, learning only the part up until after the whole team-up/ destroy the universe thing. Tommy realizes Blue Senturion is on their side after all, having Justin reactivate him as soon as he can. Blue Senturion reawakens, his memory banks having been restored the point before Porto's meddling. He knows now who the real perpetrators for crimes against the universe. Tommy tries to calm the droid down, but Blue Senturion goes into arrest mode again as he teleports to make Divatox's forces pay. The Turbo Rangers are unable to stop him, needing now to follow the raging police officer so they can defuse that detonator inside him! Elsewhere, Divatox views her Terrortooth monster wandering around weary from his first encounter with the Rangers. Time for his appetite to grow as the Torpedoes are launched to the surface, feeding Terrortooth into a giant hunger! Somehow, he's lost his goggles and his spikes between scenes, but we'll overlook that as Blue Senturion suddenly appears below him. The normal sized robot stares skyward at the building size monster, telling him he's under arrest for violating intergalactic code and to stop or he'll be forced to restrain him! Apparently, Terrortooth is a big fan of N.W.A. and their hatred for the police, reaching down & picking the space cop up in his enormous hand. Blue Senturion spouts off about the code violations the monster is committing, while prisoner between Terrortooth's fingers. The creature just gives his usual bug-eyed starving look, preparing to gulp down a little robocop as an entrée!
The Turbo Rangers race up to the ground below the monster, shouting to Blue Senturion that they're there. He lets out a plea that their assistance would be greatly appreciated, while still clutched in Terrortooth's huge hand. Tanya again points out the obvious, that he needs their help, so Tommy follows suit by saying they need to save him. They need Turbo Megazord power now, and after a few hand gestures, some driving around in their Turbozords, the Turbo Megazord links up. Blue Senturion still tries to get Terrortooth to release him by giving him a stern talking-to, but it does no good. The Turbo Megazord meets the monster eye-to-eye, much to the intergalactic officer's delight. The Megazord faces off with the large creature, laying punch after punch to it's oversized bulbous head. Throwing it offguard enough to get the Megazord's hand in lock with it's, Red Ranger tells Blue Senturion to prepare for release. Senty gives an affirmative, finally slipping out of Terrortooth's grip and landing safely on the cement. The Turbo Megazord kicks the monster a few times, followed by it's Turbo Headlight blast attack which suddenly splices Carranger footage. Tommy tries to explain the offscreen phenomenon, by saying they knocked him down. Terrortooth is normal size again, once more wandering around in a daze. Divatox is peering through the lens of a console on the Subcraft bridge, remarking it won't be that easy to defeat this creature! She flips a handle, which causes Terrortooth to surge with energy! A small group of Piranahtrons approach the monster, as he suddenly has his goggles & spikes back on his body. Blue Senturion is on the scene, pointing his Synergizer blaster at the evil space aliens, telling them they're under arrest! The Power Rangers depart their Megazord, regrouping with the space cop in confrontation with the gang of baddies. Time to give them a toothache, the Rangers whip out their Auto Blasters, and simultaneously with Blue Senturion, they all let loose with an onslaught of blaster laser power upon the convergence of evil. Terrortooth falls over, the P-Trons help him back up as Blue Senturion tells him to accept his defeat. He doesn't follow orders, teleporting right out of the fishdrones' presence. They weren't expecting this, nervously fumbling away before they're demise is met. Blue Senturion takes the monster's arrest evading in stride, targeting the P-Trons as his next suspect. He rushes after them with his blaster at the ready, the Rangers trying to remind him he's in great danger with the detonator in his stomach! He ignores them, like all good law enforcers do, and follows the Piranahtrons on their escape path behind a building. The Turbo Rangers begin to race after him, but they get explosive resistance in the form of a firewall flaming outward from the direction Blue Senturion just went! The smoke clears and another fiery image appears, this being the teleportation motif of Divatox herself! She's come to greet the Rangers personally for the first time since the Turbo movie, laughing maniacally. Gloating what a pity it is their defender from the other galaxy is gone, she informs the shocked heroes that now so will they be. Divatox points to the sky, the Rangers turn to see Terrortooth fully grown again, this time with his trademark goggles & spikes.

Out of nowhere, Turbo RAM is right there with the Rangers, they fire off the cannon mode at the Zord sized monster. It strikes him in the big mouth, causing him to just scratch his chin in mild disturbance. He starts to reach down and pick up a Turbo Ranger or two, but they're able to avoid his mighty hand (it actually looks like he snatches Turbo RAM, but nothing is ever shown about it). Tommy mentions the cannon didn't phase him and they have to do something. Do they call for the Turbo Megazord again? Of course not! Footage won't allow that! So they just stand around, and get fired at by Terrortooth's goggle blast. Thrown off their feet, the Rangers are helpless as Terrortooth pulls out a machete blade. He's able to slice & dice some Earth teens, when he gets laser blasted from out of nowhere. The source of the discharge rolls in revealed, as a Zord-sized police car appears on the city streets. Lead by a police escort of several normal cop cars, the giant vehicle's lights & sirens blare, alerting the Rangers to the nature of their savior. It's the Blue Senturion! Divatox lied her cute little pirate butt off, he didn't blow up, but instead went off and recovered his Robo Racer Zord from the space ship wreckage! Seated firmly inside the cockpit, seat belted in, Blue Senturion announces he always gets his man, or in this cast, monster! I should also point out that before & after every sentence he ever speaks, we hear a squelch. This is more or less in reference to police band radio, given that he's got a headset firmly attached to his helmet/head. Anyway, Terrortooth, speaking only in his usual grunts & groans, resists arrest once more by firing some eyebeams off his goggles at Robo Racer. Blue Senturion is able to dodge the blasts, maneuvering into position to return fire with Robo Racer's own Synergizer blaster mode. The lasers stream out from the lights & sirens atop the intergalactic cop car, hitting Terrortooth in rapid succession. As the Rangers watch from the sidelines in amazement, Robo Racer takes a sharp turn into a tunnel. Inside, Blue Senturion initiates Robo Racer Battle Mode, shifting the gear into position as the entire Zord tilts backwards, rearranges itself and by the time it comes out the other end of the tunnel, it lifts into the air and comes to a standpoint fully transformed! It gives a salute as it stands up triumphantly formed in front of the Blue Senturion badge symbol.
Robo Racer

The Turbo Rangers are pleased to see a new Megazord, as Terrortooth bows for no reason and then heads toward Robo Racer with his machete ready. Blue Senturion offers the monster to chew on this, as he steps on the accelerator and gets Robo Racer revved up and walking towards the creature. Some punches get thrown, Terry headbutts Robo Racer and finally Blue Senturion prepares to secure the offender. A giant pair of handcuffs exit Robo Racer's right arm... umm, 'cuff'. The other end is tossed out and latches onto Terry's blade wielding arm. Bluey tells the monster he cannot win, but that doesn't stop Terry from firing goggle & eventually, spike blasts at Robo Racer. The latter is blocked by a huge red riot shield, not doing much good for the ways of having him go easy on the monster. Blue Senturion initiates Synergizer Blaster Mode, the handcuffs gone, replaced by a large gun attached to Robo Racer's arm. The green-red-yellow lights on it's chest stop blinking and freeze, as the Synergizer blaster is aimed and fired at the creature. Terrortooth is unable to swallow the never-ending storm of hot melted slag streaming his way, each Synergized blast taking it's toll on the monster before he finally explodes into nothing less than decay. The crisis is resolved and Robo Racer does a little victory stance over laying waste to the offender. Some time later, Blue Senturion has exited his Zord and is hanging out with the Power Rangers. Red Ranger is in contact with the Power Chamber, more or less ordering Alpha 6 to come bring them a pair of wire cutters to disarm the detonator. In a rare (as in never seen before, never seen again) teleportation move, Alpha's bowl shaped head comes hovering in quickly, before spouting his body out right into place. He's brought some wire cutters, telling the Rangers they were lucky he could find them this week. Alpha starts talking with his fellow robot, mentioning he heard he had some spare parts he didn't need. Blue Senturion keeps quiet but nods, as Alpha pops open his back plate. The fully sentient, multifunctional automaton is surprised by the abundance of wires inside Blue Senturion, he doesn't know which one to cut! He's urged by Kat to give it a try, so he takes a leap of faith and cuts one, but Bluey informs him it wasn't correct, sending his right arm jerking upwards. Justin thinks he can do a better job, the little weasel, taking another pair of cutters from Alpha's belt and slicing some wires himself. All that does is send the robot's other arm aiming to the sky! Tanya tells them to hurry, they only have four seconds left! Alpha & Blue Ranger agree on the wire it has to be, the purple one, quickly snapping it with each of their own pair of cutters. Blue Senturion lets them know they were successful and the detonator has been disabled, commending them on a job well done. The Rangers collectively wipe their brow and Justin welcoming Blue Senturion to Earth, after a long grueling day.
Later inside the Power Chamber, Blue Senturion is receiving repairs as the Ranger teens stand around watching. Tommy asks Alpha if he can attempt to replay that message they saw, and he gives it a shot. Blue Senturion begins to give his usual speech about what the Rangers are seeing on the view screen, the hologram of the Alliance of Evil's attacks appears, but he has trouble getting the message out. His sentences break up, finally stopping completely just before he reveals whom the only force capable of stopping the evil. Tanya and the others are left hanging on his unfinished words, even Alpha can't find out what else there was to it. Blue Senturion sits up and explains his holographic imaging chip burned out during battle. Tommy is pretty sure Divatox must have heard the whole thing, meaning she has information even they don't. The Rangers feel the agony of this defeat, but Justin looks on the bright side about Blue Senturion being there to help them out now. They're going to need him in the war against Divatox, that's for sure. Justin says they'll do everything they can to get him back to his own galaxy, but for now they're glad he's there. No mention is made of the fact he appears to have come from the future for crying out loud! Although, this does lend more credibility to a plothole discussion of "then who got the message and sent him to Earth to give it to Dimitria? Does that somehow tie in with him having a Turbozord?" Things to think of here, people. So, Blue Senturion says the feeling is mutual, all six putting their hands together for a group... hand-huddle... thing. You know what I mean, except they didn't do the usual "Power! Rangers!" sendoff.
[end credits]

Tanya elbow hits a Piranahtron at the beach in a scene cut from the episode, but after she turns around, her leaning against the P-Tron sends the both of them tumbling over; Lt. Stone hands Justin three drinks at the Juice Bar, Justin states he only needs one, so Jerome pokes him in the eyes Three Stooges style; Skull Chimp lifts the wand over his head and asks if that's what the director wants him to do. Bulk Chimp takes it and tells him no, he wants them to bite it, swing it and then throw it. Bulk does as the director wants; Tanya, Tommy, Justin & Adam stand around in the 'TV viewing' scene, just before filming it. Tanya giggles, then asks if this is a single shot. Tommy jerks his head around trying to pay attention to every one of his fellow actors at the same time. Adam yawns and Justin looks off into another world.

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