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Power Rangers Turbo
"A Drive To Win"
Original Air Date: 05/19/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #14 - Kaminari Jigoku e Furu Akuseru
(Full Acceleration To A Thunder Hell)
*4th Regular Season
(5th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-444
*14th episode of PRT
*219th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Jackie Marchand Director: Larry Litton
Starring Cast:
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam Park (Green Ranger)
Nakia Burrise _AS_ Tanya Sloan (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy Oliver (Red Ranger)
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Katherine Hillard (Pink Ranger)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

David Walsh _AS_ Blue Senturion (voice)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Bulk Chimp (voice)
Jason Narvy _AS_ Skull Chimp (voice)

Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
Tom Wyner _AS_ Electrovolt (voice)

Sentai Scene


Soccer! Or as they call it en espanol, Futbol! Considering Angel Grove has a field of play for every sport in existence from chess to underwater leiderhose stitching, it's no surprise to find a soccer team practicing on it's own grounds. Our how longtime Ranger teen Adam is coach of the Angel Grove team, watching out over the goal from the sidelines. The Star-player, named Carlos, is kicking them continuously into the net, really on a roll and letting it go to his inflatable head. Adam blows his whistle and calls Carlos over, tells him what a good job he did. This time he wants him to pass the ball to Barry, the nerdy guy sitting on the bleachers giving a goofy grin in response to hearing his name. Carlos looks shocked at Adam's decision, as Adam pulls him off to discuss it elsewhere, leaving Barry guzzling his apple juice. Carlos asks if Adam is kidding, pleading no offense but tomorrow is the Stone Canyon game and they can't afford to blow it now. He suggest he has the guys get the ball to him and he'll score every time. Adam stops in his tracks, telling Carlos to look, he's a great soccer player and an important part of the team, but the key word here is team. Adam wants to make sure everyone gets a chance to play, Carlos asks if he wants to them to win as well. Adam says winning is great, but it's not the only thing that's important here. As he walks away, he tells Carlos to try a little teamwork this time, Carlos grumbling under his breath about not believing this guy.

Nearby, the Soccer team's own Cheerleading squad is there trying out some chippery cheers bent on boosting team spirit and getting the crowds riled up. Unfortunately, the girls aren't getting the hang of anything, head cheerleader Ashley giving them a pep talk about getting these cheers down before tomorrow's game. One girl tells her they're all beat and want to quit for today, but Ashley won't give up. She tells her teammates to listen, they're all tired, but they're all representing Angel Grove High out there!!!! So let's keep it up, until we get it right?! OKAY?!?! [gasp for breath] God, she's hyper. The girl gives a typical stereotyped airheaded cheerleader remark about if she knew cheerleading was this tough she would have joined the army. All the cheerleaders giggle simultaneously, returning to the routine in no time. While the future Spice Girls of America prance around, just a few feet behind them in the Gatorade cooler, the Subcraft Periscope pops out of the top. It checks out the scene, Divatox on the other end exciting about this must be her lucky day! Elgar's confused as to what happened, asking if Ed McMahon is here with a giant check. She tells her nephew no, calling him a pointy-headed pea-brain. She's determined on getting to work on ruining the soccer game, she think she's found a new goal. As most people have noticed since this first aired, it's subtle, but it appears Divatox recognized Ashley & Carlos from the Millennium Message.
[opening credits]
So more soccer practice plays on, just as Barry gets the ball in his possession, Carlos comes up from behind and kicks the ball out from between his legs. Barry is disappointed, asking the hotshot what that was all about, as Carlos smiles arrogantly. Later, Adam & his unnamed assistant tell the team they still need to work on their offense. Carlos is still being a jerk, asking Adam if what he did was pretty cool. Adam says that's not what he told him to do, but Carlos points out they scored, right? Isn't that what he wanted them to do? Adam asks what happened to teamwork, but Carlos says that's what it was, him working to help the team to win! None of the other players find his method of winning very pleasing, grunting back to him as he continues his ego-trip with Adam walking off in failure. Over at the Juice Bar, Tommy hits the mat hard. Who's been sharp enough to floor the veteran Power Ranger? Kat & Tanya! Kat mentions that was a pretty good workout as she helps Tommy to his feet, he states they catch on pretty quick. She chalks that up to having a good coach, Tanya gets into position and flips Tommy over onto his back once again. Speaking of coaches, Kat wonders to Tanya how Adam is doing with the soccer team. Tanya's sure he's having a good time, tomorrow's the Stone Canyon game. Kat helps Tommy to his feet once more, as he says he'd go to the game, but he's got something to do. Before he can say what, Kat flips him over, and the two females finish his line for him. He's going to the race track, they know as he only does it every other episode lately.

Across the room, the Bulk & Skull Chimps overhear the Ranger teens conversation. Bulkie talks about the big game with the cross-town rivals as being their chance to get noticed and turned back to humans. Skull reminds him they can't play soccer, they tried but Skull kept tripping over his arms (I wonder if this was before or after they became monkeys). There's got to be some way to get attention at that game, Skull asking Bulk who else do people look at besides the players? Bulk calls his simian pal brilliant and they depart the punching bag to scheme once again. Tommy falls to floor for the millionth time, standing back up as Tanya talks about how quiet it's been around there lately. It seems like you-know-who has given up, Kat finds that hard to believe but it does appear she's been leaving them alone lately. Tommy is tossed to the ground by Kat, Tanya remarks it's almost like she's on vacation or something. Tommy puts his two cents in the whole thing while lounging on the mat, saying he's got a bad feeling she's up to something really big. Down in the Subcraft, Divatox has given a school of Piranahtron their orders, sending them into the hatch to go to surface and shouting for them not to fail her this time! At the soccer field, Carlos continues scoring goals left & right without signs of stopping. The assistant coach utters a line of telling his players to show some effort out there and hustle. Carlos comes in for another high kicking goal, when a Piranahtron pops out of nowhere and blocks it from hitting the net! He scares off the goalie and takes the goalpost for himself, followed by several of his fishface teammates. All of the players are in shock over the evil space sardine attack, one P-Tron appearing at the top of a cheerleader human pyramid move! He sends it toppling over as the girls scream and run away.
Adam clears the area of all bystanders as the Piranahtrons swarm on every human they can get their hands on. Barry's almost bonked on the noggin before Adam rushes his way and kicks the P-Tron off him, sending Barry back off into obscurity. Adam greets the P-Tron all-stars with enthusiasm, or not, kicking the soccer ball past one's head and getting into the outnumbered battle. He lays into them with elbow hits and kicking one over onto a bench, smashing it in half. Carlos is busy fending off some Piranahtrons of his own as best he can, backed against the bleachers when Ashley & Adam make their way to him. The coach asks if they're alright, they nod in hurriedly agreement as Ash clutches Carlos' shoulder like a scared little girl. Which she basically is, so it makes sense. The two newbies rush off screaming as Adam defends them instinctively, heading into fight the P-Trons off. Some still swarm around, cutting Ashley off from Carlos and attacking them both. Carlos grabs the sack of balls (uh-huh, huh, huh) and smacks the fishdrones around with it a while. Adam horses around on the bleachers with a couple of P-Trons (at least it wasn't BEHIND the bleachers!) while Ashley dodges them as quickly as she can, picking up the Gatorade cooler and tossing it on one. He's lucky this wasn't the after-party, then he'd likely get a full metal kegger chucked at him! Carlos & a Piranahtron are at a tug-of-war with his sack o'soccer balls, as Adam knocks the last of the fishies off until they all teleport away in a puddle. Carlos & Ashley regroup with Adam, asking him what those freaky fish things that came out of nowhere were. He dodges the question, telling them he thinks they should go home in case they come back. Besides, they need to rest up for tomorrow's game (in other words, no foolin' around, kiddies!) Ashley thinking he's right, Carlos offers to walk her home just to be on the safe side. Once the two chipper teens depart, Adam contacts Alpha 6 on his communicator. He tells Alpha he just got fished, and asks for him to get ahold of the others to meet him at the Power Chamber.

After the Green Ranger teleports away in a fitting green streak, Ashley & Carlos slowly walk down the sidewalk making small talk. He finally properly introduces himself to her, she shakes his hand and quickly responds back with her name. She tells him she thought it was pretty cool how he stayed and fought those creeps, he points out she wasn't so bad in fighting them herself. She giggles profusely, saying he didn't have to walk her home since she can take care of herself. He knows she's a big girl, but he just needed some excuse to talk to her! She giggles again, and they exit the scene. Over at the Power Chamber, Adam takes a rest while recounting his story to his Power Teen pals. He calls the situation weird, he doesn't even think they were after him! Justin questions why Divatox would be after strangers, Kat mentioning they're the only ones who are a threat to her plans. Adam doesn't know what she's up to but they'd all better keep an eye out for her. Tanya suggests they come to his soccer game tomorrow, Tommy offers to skip his practice heat just to be with his teammates. Adam turns him down, telling him they'll call him if he's needed. Soon on the Subcraft, Divatox is disappointed with the Piranahtrons standing at attention on the bridge. As usual, all they did was flounder around, Elgar asks his aunt what she expected, they work for scale! Elgar's pun-fishing drops like a bomb, Divatox swinging her Periscope around, causing the handles to bonk him in the head. The pirate queen of evil needs a real monster, one with real power, and luckily her scientific advisor, Porto, has just the thing! He presents to her, Electrovolt, whom exits the hatch holding two charged connectors in each hand. If that and his name weren't clues enough, Porto explains Electrovolt harnesses electricity and uses it to fry everything in his path. As he courses with enough juice to power Vegas for a month, Divatox remarks to Elgar about her plan to plant a detonator at the soccer game as sparky keeps the Rangers busy. Elgar asks to set the detonator, going from past experience she refuses to let him, but allows him to go with Electrovolt to play with the Rangers. He thinks it's cool, putting his mutant paws on the monster and shocking him (if he had hair, it'd be on end, i'm sure).

The next day finally arrives, with the soccer game filling up with players & patrons in no time. The Stone Canyon Cheerleaders proclaim how they're number one, further pushing the envelope of how S.C. is supposed to be Angel Grove's evil twin. On the bleachers nearby, Kat, Tanya & Justin await any signs of trouble, while talking about what a big game this is to Adam. They're trying to keep alert, Justin having brought a Turbo Navigator to hunt for any bombs. The Angel Grove soccer players pile onto the field one by one, the cheerleaders lined up with their roaring pompoms on each side of the player's entrance route. Carlos stops to give Ashley a real creepy smile, as she gives one right back before he heads to the field. Ash starts giddily, and I do mean giddily, shaking her pompoms while giggling to her fellow cheerleader whom i'm sure she told about Carlos. By the name of Zordon, i'm glad they retcon this crush out in future episodes. A few feet away, the Periscope pops up from out of the Hot Dog cart's greasy fry pit. It peeks around, as behind the score sign a Piranahtron sneaks around holding a small gold detonator. He opens up the conveniently placed access port and tosses it inside the large empty electronic grounded scoreboard. It ticks down as usual, the Periscope drops out of sight as inside the Subcraft Divatox calls how everything is going 'perfect'. All she has to do now is wait and let Carlos do his stuff, stupid Elgar has no idea why. He asks if she bet on Angel Grove again, she denies it and calls him a knucklehead. The detonator is designed to activate once Angel Grove scores four goals, Elgar questioning how she knows they'll make four. Divatox gloats with that hotshot Carlos on their team, she has no doubts. "What he doesn't know is that every goal is a countdown to destruction!" She sends Elgar & Electrovolt to the surface to lure the Rangers away from the soccer game, Elgar putting his arm around his charging buddy and teleporting to do the deed. I've put too much detail to this episode, so here's the gist of the game. Carlos hogs the ball, gets a goal, Stone Canyon gets a goal, then Carlos gets another one, followed by Stone Canyon scoring again. Adam & his assistant aren't happy, the detonator is ticking down and the cheerleaders are bubbly. Elsewhere at the rock quarry, Electrovolt conjures up two positive & negative charged motorcycles from his power. Elgar's sure he can handle one of those, running over to admire the cycles, always wanting one cause he's born to be wild, baby! He loves it, but Electro tells him just not to get in his way. In the Subcraft, Divatox has a big screen TV with the big game on it (pirated signal, I bet). She sits around eating snacks, cheering on Carlos as Rygog wears a fluffy rainbow colored wig, excited about the game. Piranahtrons carry banners and big Styrofoam #1 fingers, as Porto eats cotton candy and talks about how much fun this is. At the game, Carlos swipes the ball from Barry and scores the third goal of the day, causing Divatox to be gleeful about the impending kaboom of doom. The period comes to a close, Carlos is still carrying his arrogant rush of the day as he goes to get a drink. Ashley walks over to him, somber about his glory-hogging. She didn't think his scoring was cool, telling him he doesn't know what teamwork is before silently leaving his presence. He sucks his straw and looks clueless as ever.
The game goes on, Adam calling for his guys to pick up the defense. Suddenly, his communicator goes off, causing him to take leave, giving his assistant coach something to do (like stand around and yell endlessly). Adam goes into a secluded area to meet his other three Ranger pals, letting Tanya fill him in that Elgar & a monster are at the Angel Grove Quarry. Tommy will meet them there, Adam defeatedly points out what perfect timing Divatox has as the four Shift Into Turbo. Once Morphed, the entire team is together as they race on foot (in the rare times they actually use their Turbo powers as their name implies) to the site of the disturbance. Red Ranger asks Elgar, whom is standing next to his lovely new motorcycle, what he thinks he's up to here. Elgar thinks it's good of the Rangers to join them, he & Electrovolt were just planning to go for a ride! Electro is sure they'll find the experience stimulating, the Rangers bracing themselves for battle. Elgar hops on his yellow negative charged bike and Electrovolt his red positive charged one, and they peel out through the crowd of Turbo Rangers. Speeding around a few times, a little too fast for the Rangers to keep up with as they end up falling to the ground, thrown into a tailspin. This time as Elgar & Electro circle the team, electricity surges between the two motorcycles, frying the Rangers! One quick flying cycle jump sends a bigger surge down on our heroes, as the positive & negative charged bikes release a blast of energy on the Turbos. As they lay groveling in the gravel, help arrives in the form of Blue Senturion, who heard they called for assistance. He walks in tall, as Red & Blue Rangers recover from their shock treatment to warn the Senturion that those two are packing enough watts to fry all of their circuits! He asks if that is so, just as Electrovolt & Elgar rev up once more and race toward the three heroes, firing off the polarity charged energy. It strikes the intergalactic police officer square in his robotic chest, luckily not shorting him out.


Things get edited oddly as Pink, Green & Yellow Rangers leap onto the screen as if they were off somewhere, eating freshly cooked eels or something. They rush to the aid of their flash fried friends, Elgar (looking quite dapper in his oversized helmet) mentions even their Blue pal can't save them, but they'll just see about that! Each of the five Turbo Rangers do a really rapid spin, Adam for some reason spinning out of control after the others had stopped. He asks who says green guys can't dance, apologizing to his teammates about being a little charged up. He's awfully pepped (either those Cheerleaders' cheering finally got to him, or he's been drinking a little too much SUUUUUURGGGGEEE!!!), leading the group into a Rangerfied hitchhiking-stance (a bolt of high density Green lightning striking Adam for no reason other than effect). Elgar threatens to ground those Powerless Rangers, as he & Electrovolt go back to old tricks of driving in circles around the Ranger team, pulsating energy between their bikes. Green Ranger isn't about to let his adrenaline rush go to waste, pressing on as his teammates are getting cooked well-done. Trying to break out when their charges meet, he gets his chance as the two motorcycles lock polarities in midair again. He absorbs the backlash, Elgar calls him smarter than he thought, Adam tells him he underestimated the power of good, then Elgar says evil is more fun as Green Ranger leaps and knocks the mutant off his bike. Another spinning corkscrew kick in the air sends Elgar packing, as he wonders when he'll ever learn not to mess with soccer coaches (like he does that often?!). Speaking of soccer, the game is still going on, Stone Canyon scoring a third goal. Back at the quarry, Electrovolt does another flying bike trick, when Adam comes from underneath and grabs his front tire before he can land. Electro demands to be put down, Green Ranger gladly does it by tossing the whole motorcycle over to the dazed Elgar's location. The other four Turbo Rangers and Blue Senturion run on over to Adam's location, congratulating him on good work, as Adam exuberantly exclaims he loves this job! Electrovolt recovers, and vows no more Mister Nice Guy, reverting the motorcycles back into energy, reclaiming it. Elgar's dreams of doing "Easy Rider 2: Electric Boogaloo" are crushed in front of his eyes, as Electrovolt uses the boost to grow! He regains his two battery connectors, Elgar stares upwards, remarking that's really turning up the voltage! He thinks the monster could power the sun for an entire year!

Electrovolt flaunts his massive size over the tiny Rangers, Blue Senturion shouting skyward that no matter how big he is his brand of evil will never win. The robocop exits the scene, just as Electrovolt fires his connectors off at the defenseless Turbo Rangers. You think they'd have been more prepared, they only got shocked about 900 times today! Something offscreen fires back at the monster, turning out to be Robo Racer Patrol Mode heading his way. It's unleashing it's own power, Synergizer blast energy striking the electric creature as Robo Racer takes off into the tunnel to initialize Robo Racer Battle Mode! It transforms and pops out of the tunnel in full robotic glory, saluting and marching into action with Electrovolt. There's a whole bunch of punching, kicking & poking going on, before Robo Racer whips out it's huge-handcuffs! It latches onto the monster, but he doesn't thinks so, trying to send a current through the metal chain. Robo Racer's blade attachments appears but nothing is done with it thanks to Robo Racer Footage Editing Mode. Suddenly, the Turbo Megazord is on a hydraulic trip in the direction of Electrovolt. He's ready to fry the Rangers with Blue Senturion temporarily out of the way. Firing off some connector blasts, the Turbo Megazord is bombarded with explosive energy. Green Ranger gets the Rangers to use teamwork in holding everything steady & together in the face of overwhelming power. He calls for Turbo Megazord Spinout, with puts Electrovolt's lights of for good. Good? For good measure Blue Senturion has Robo Racer's Synergizer Blaster mode pop a few caps in his ac-dc battery butt. Elgar whines from below, knowing he's going to get blamed for losing another monster to the Rangers' meddling. He teleports back to the Subcraft, as Robo Racer & Turbo Megazord do a little victory stance together.

With that battle over with, Adam, Kat, Tanya & Justin head back to the soccer game together. Evidence of Adam's statical encounter are evident by his frizzy hair! No, wait, his hair is always like that lately. He returns to his neglected coaching duties, learning from the overworked assistant the score is tied 3-3. Justin's Turbo Navigator is heard going off by Kat, all the yelling & cheering had been blocking out the sound for the most part. Tanya said they should have known there would be a detonator involved with Divatox behind things. The Navigator does a good job for once in locating the bomb, the scoreboard showing up on the T-Nav screen. As the game goes on, the three Ranger teens check out the back of the scoreboard, discovering the tiny opening in which the detonator has been tossed into. It's too small for the big bulky hand of Tanya to reach, so Justin tries sticking his little flimsy arm into the port hole (not Porto, he'd never let someone do that on the first date). Katherine urges her young friend to be careful as he fumbles his hand blindly inside the scoreboard while trying to grab the detonator. On the other side, Carlos has the soccer ball yet again in his possession. He plans to make a clean sweep to the goal, when he spots Barry trying to get his attention to pass the ball to him. Carlos remembers Adam's words about everyone getting to play is the most important thing, so he kicks it over to Barry. Justin grunts as puberty, or at least Dunkin Donuts, turns out to be his enemy as his chubby arm is taxed to the limit. They better get some grease to get that boy's arm out of there, or else they'll be calling him 'lefty the one-armed bandit' soon! Barry fondles the ball with his feet, as Divatox is on the edge of her seat awaiting the scoring goal for evil. The crowd cheers mindlessly, and I can't stress that enough, while unbeknownst to them (what isn't?) Justin manages to snag his finger on the detonator. He drags it into his palms and is able to pull it, and his limb, out of the scoreboard safely (I suspect he practiced on many Pringles cans). Barry kicks a high flying gooooooooaaaaallll (continue until you run out of breath and your lung explode to get the full effect) just as Justin flicks the switch on the detonator! Angel Grove's score blinks to '4', Divatox cheers triumphantly for but a moment when she realizes no one is picking shrapnel from their hineys yet. Tanya gives a 'whew', which Kat echoes as they both hug Justin for saving the day with his puny yet portly (but somehow muscly) arm. Barry is lifted up by the entire team for scoring the winning goal, hailed as the hero of the game. Divatox loses enthusiasm and slacks down in her, what, 14th defeat?
The perky Angel Grove Cheerleaders proudly proclaim THEY are #1, giving a shish-boom-bah and a blah-blah-blah. The Bulk & Skull Chimps are there as well, dressed as Cheerleaders trying to get noticed. Skull is depressed as always (I get the feeling he's close to simiancide) not feeling he has the legs for this. Bulk is really getting with the routine, but giving up after no one understands a thing they say. They then figure they need the perfect cheer, Bulk doing a flip over and over thanks to reversing the footage over & over. It's making Skull dizzy, and the rest of us bored. Over at the victory celebration, Barry is still living his fifteen seconds of fame as he's carried around on the shoulders of all the players. Carlos just walks slowly by himself, when Adam comes over to shake his hand on playing a great game. He thanks him, saying he had a great coach when Adam is yanked away to get doused with Gatorade, or more fittingly, Powerade. Ashley comes over to talk to Carlos, telling him she saw what he did, and that she thought was pretty cool. They smile like spokespeople for dentistry or toothpaste, he remarks that's what teamwork is able out. She agrees, and asks if he can walk her again, just to be on the safe side. He thought she could take care of herself, which she states she can, she just needs an excuse to talk to him. That sounds like a put down if you say it the right way, but they smile and giggle and the hormones fly as they head off into the cheering crowd. In a nearby cooler full of ice & drinks, the Periscope appears to watch the gather of soccer fans. Divatox is on the other end making sickened noises, while wearing a big woolly parka (no relation to Adam Park) in reference to the Periscope being in a cold area I assume. She thinks she's going to lose her lunch, complaining to Elgar & Rygog standing by her side. She says it's all Elgar's fault, he expected her to blame the egghead as usual. She isn't done yet, she will never let the Millennium Message come to pass! She sternly peers through the periscope and never mentions the message again. Pity.
[end credits]

Ashley tells us to listen, we're representing Angel Grove High out there! Then she forgets the rest of her line; Tommy falls down on the mat hard, take one; Ashley tells us we're representing Angel Grove High, then abruptly forgets her line, telling the director she's sorry; Tommy falls hard on the mat, take two with a grunt; Skull Chimp just sits there, chewing on his pompoms as Bulk gleefully flips over and over; Ashley tells us to listen, then screws up but keeps going, telling us to listen again, we're all tired but we're representing Angel Grove High out there. So let's keep it up, until we get it right. Okay?! Grin grin! Perky perky! Giggle giggle! Giddy giddy! Tee-hee! I hope she's not reading this!! Rah-rah!

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