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Power Rangers Turbo
"Honey, I Shrunk The Rangers, Part I"
Original Air Date: 05/21/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #22 - Higeki no Koutsuu Ruuru Taishitsu
(The Tragic Traffic Rule Habit)
*4th Regular Season
(5th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-446
*16th episode of PRT
*221st total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Shell Danielson Director: Chip Lynn
Starring Cast:
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam Park (Green Ranger)
Nakia Burrise _AS_ Tanya Sloan (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy Oliver (Red Ranger)
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Katherine Hillard (Pink Ranger)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos
Additional Cast:
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

David Walsh _AS_ Blue Senturion (voice)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Bulk Chimp (voice)
Jason Narvy _AS_ Skull Chimp (voice)

Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Shrinkasect (voice)
? _AS_ The Mayor Of Angel Grove [Note: Played by the same uncredited white-haired lady as every Mayor appearance in the past.]
Ed Neil _AS_ Man With Glasses

Sentai Scene


It's yet another mass clean up day in Angel Grove. Sheesh! You'd think this city was built on landfills! Adam & Justin are among those handing out large brooms while Lt. Stone helps distribute trash bags to various children & teens involved in the community effort. Among those are Tommy, Tanya, Kat and the return of Ashley & Carlos. The crowd parts way as the Mayor of Angel Grove approaches, heading up to the "Beautify Angel Grove" podium. Cheers ring out as she thanks everyone for being a part of the clean up week, mentioning the team that cleans up the most garbage will receive a donation in the name of their favorite charity, or special program of their choice. Adam & Justin are part of one set team of janitors while the other Ranger teens get hauled off in a different direction. They'll meet back up in a few hours at the Youth Center, Adam & Tommy hastily agree upon. Justin & Adam's team loads up a truck with garbage bags full of litter cluttering the streets, as Adam remarks they might just make enough money to fund the soccer camp Carlos & he were talking about it. The boys are excited by that prospect, when Justin mentions Ashley seemed pretty serious about that Cheerleading camp, to which the girls there cheer about. This is the fun world of 'everybody wins', so Adam thinks maybe they'll split it between both (although sticking Cheerleaders with athletes alone at camp is only the stuff bad comedies are made of). Nearby, the Bulk & Skull Chimps hide behind a bush, Skull glad that being monkeys they don't need to pick up trash. Bulk thinks this would be perfect opportunity to prove who they are, explaining if they collect the most trash, and win the prize money, everyone will realize they're really humans. Lt. Stone comes up to them, having been looking for them all over. He asks why it is everytime he turns his back they always slip away. Little does anyone know that Divatox's Periscope is spying on the civilian Rangers, as she inside the Subcraft is threatening to clean the clean-freaks' clocks. Elgar & Rygog like that offer, pulling out their own little alarm clocks for her to make shiny. She bonks them on the head, reminding them what she really means. She wants Elgar to take a school of Piranahtrons with him up to the surface. Divatox boasts those little Turbo Twinkles wouldn't dare Morph in front of those little urchins they're baby-sitting. As said urchins continue scrubbing the ground till they can see their reflections in the dirt, Elgar & some P-Trons teleport to the scene and begin to dump garbage all over the place. The children rush behind Adam, scared actingless. Elgar mentions there's never a Power Ranger around when you need one, while laughing maniacally
[opening credits]
Elgar calls this a nice day for cleaning up, asking if they're just going to stand there all day. Adam glances over at a dumpster and has Justin take the rugrats to hide behind it. Not about to miss this chance to blow their identities, Elgar sends some Piranahtrons after the kids, but Adam gets to the kicking and is soon engaged in a heated battle. He takes them all down, Adam being one of the best fighters the Rangers will likely ever have, period. Elgar feels left out, so he runs toward Adam with his card-sword drawn, but it's not his sword that strikes the Green Ranger, but his foot. Kicking Adam against the dumpster, Justin whispers to his teammate that they need to Morph, Adam against it since the children will see everything. No more time to breath, Piranahtrons are swarming, so Justin and Adam must fight without the help of Turbo powers. They do pretty well, Adam once again going one-on-one with Elgar. He gloats about Adam not having an easy time without his Morphing edge, but the longtime Ranger quips back about how he doesn't need it to defeat him. Elgar gets kicked in the chest, revenge for the earlier kick I presume, and Adam rejoins Justin in guarding the cleanup crew. The group of evil space pirates close in on the humans, just as Blue Senturion teleports mere inches from Elgar and orders them to hold it right there! They're taken aback, as he asks why they don't pick on someone their own size. Adam, Justin and the kids are relieved to see the intergalactic cop there to save the day, Blue Senturion angrily stating their kind of scum really bugs him! He tells them they're under arrest, rushing the school of P-Trons and Elgar, beating the seasnot out of them. Police brutality? It's legal in outer space! After a quick robotic whupping, Elgar takes his gang and teleports away just when Blue Senturion thinks they were about to come in peacefully. Blue Senturion calls him a clever criminal, and makes a note in his little logbook. The Ranger teens and the grateful kiddies rush over to thank him for blowing the whistle just in time. He calls malicious littering an ugly crime, Adam asking who says there's never an officer around when you need one? He was just doing his job, glad he could help. Down in the Subcraft, Divatox takes a gentle sip from a golden goblet. Disgusted, she spits out green acid onto the floor, exposing a Piranahtron shaking his fists up from a lower level. She complain to her Porto to make her another one this time, and to make it STRONG. He tells her right away and waddles off. Divatox struts her way over to a treasure chest, where Elgar is engaged with a P-Tron in an arm wrestling competition. He boasts over a thousand challengers and still unbeaten. Auntie D knocks the fishface over and sits down to get on Elgar's case for failing again. She casually places her arm in his, giving a tighter grip than even he can handle! She complains about those power punks and their hulking metal Senturion fuzz bucket making too strong of a team. Everything was going fine until he showed up, trying to think of a way to get rid of them all! Elgar struggles with his Aunt's might hand, but she forcefully shoves him to the floor, breaking the mutant's winning streak, and likely a few remaining bones.

Blue Senturion finishes logging the disturbance, taking one last look around the park area where the kids are still cleaning up. Suddenly, a small fly buzzes it's way around his head. He frantically swipes at it, until it finally lands just behind his neck. Adam & Justin notice the convulsions the Senturion is going through and approach him, as he alerts about the high-pitched frequency jamming his receivers! Justin knocks the fly off his neck, and Blue Senturion returns to normal, walking away clam as usual. The two Rangers scratch their heads over this weird phenomenon. Just a few feet away in a mud puddle, the Periscope is watching. Divatox is excited, as if on cue the answer to her problems appears from nowhere. She asks Porto if Shrinkasect is ready, and he waves his hands at the hatch, it opens and tiny fly exits. It buzzes it's way over to the center of the bridge, growing into normal size, Shrinkasect offering himself to their service. Divatox hands him an aluminum can, with a detonator jammed inside, telling him to take this to surface to hide it. Stressing for him not to let the Rangers see him! He tells her she's got it, shrinking down to fly size and lifting the can on his way to finish her plan. Divatox gives us a look and tells the Rangers to enjoy their soda POP!

At the Juice Bar, Lt. Stone is handing out free drinks to those helping to sort out the recyclables. The Ranger teens have regrouped, accepting the free drinks and once Jerome's gone, Adam continues filling the others in on the P-Tron problem. Lt. Stone heads back to the counter, while the Bulk & Skull Chimps sit at a table, getting tired of playing chess. Bulkie says he needs something more challenging, spotting Lt. Stone's keys hanging from his belt. He asks Skull if he wants to go for a spin, Skull pointing out that he's not exactly the man he used to be. The monkey presses on with his scheme despite situations against him, snatching Jerome's keys as the Chimps sneak off to begin collecting trash. Lt. Stone notices they're gone, and asks Ashley & Carlos if they've seen them. They come up blank while holding containers of plastic bottles, Jerome remarking it's like trying to keep track of a couple of teenagers. The two teens are offended, but he quickly tells them no offense, of course, and they laugh.

In the front entrance to the Juice Bar, Shrinkasect barely misses an opening of the doors and slams his can into the glass. He falls and reverts to normal size, complaining while trying to regain hold of the detonator can. He bends over to pick it up, when the Bulk & Skull Chimps open the door, unknowingly knocking him over! Skull picks the can, calling it their first collection of the day, as Bulk (holding the keys in his mouth) leads the way to Lt. Stone's car. Skull asks him if he remembers how to drive this thing, and he assures him it'll come back, as Skull drops the can in the back-seat. The Chimps seatbelt up, adjust the mirror and crank some driving tunes, ready to go. Unfortunately, Bulk's attempts to get it moving just send the windshield-wipers and lights flashing. Skull thought he could said he could drive, Bulk stating that was back when he could reach the pedals! Skull knows he's in for an interesting ride, as somehow Bulk gets the car moving and the two Chimps take off in their Apenapped vehicle. Just as Shrinkasect recovers, Lt. Stone bursts out the front door, knocking the monster over once more. He shouts toward the escaping monkeys, asking them what he told them about driving, before racing on foot after them. Shrinkasect rubs his aching cranium, having lost the detonator he needs to come up with a new plan before Divatox finds out, flying away. Bulk continues driving along, telling Skully to mark his words about them becoming the best trash collectors this town has ever seen (wipers still going, by the way). Lt. Stone gives up trying to catch them on foot, the Chimps begin talking about how surprised said Lieutenant is going to be when he finds out they're gone. Skull puts on some trash-hunting tunes, as the detonator ticks down right behind them!
Lt. Stone, out of breath, spots a little girl on a pink bicycle riding down the sidewalk. He runs over and asks how much to borrow the bike & her helmet, offering $20. She says make is $50 and they've got a deal, to which Jerome reluctantly agrees, calling it highway robbery. The large man nicknamed "The Rock" takes off down the sidewalk on the tiny bicycle, trying to apprehend those simians that stole his car! Elsewhere in the city, a frail old woman attempts to cross a busy street. Blue Senturion walks toward her and offers assistance, calling this a dangerous intersection and he's programmed to serve & protect the good citizens of this town. He presses the button on the walk sign, and takes her arm while they slowly make their way across the pedestrian crossing. Shrinkasect returns to normal size behind a bush, watching Blue Senturion and mentioning his plan to scramble the space copper's brain. He returns to fly mode and targets Blue Senturion's helmet head, entering a kink in his systems. Blue Senturion announces a computer alert, unauthorized entry to the system, short-circuiting, losing control of motor-functions! He begins to race around in circles in the middle of the street, dragging the old lady along with him violently! He's somehow able to make it to the other side of the street before any cars come, but the senior citizen is completely dizzy from the experience! She gives the intergalactic officer a kick in the shin before shuffling away in anger, leaving a limping whacked-out Senturion behind. He twists around, walking like a drunk after a bender, trying to figure out what's wrong as sensors are on maximum overdrive. Things get worse, as he begins to announce a red alert, cold red and then starts to recount hickery-dickory-dock! Alpha 6 is aware of the activity in the Power Chamber, picking it up on the Viewing Screen. Blue Senturion stumbles in an alley until he reaches a wall, shouting about 'countdown to detonation' before banging his head against the wall! It shatters against his robotic noggin bonking, Alpha shocked by the mind meltdown his fellow robot is going through. Dimitria makes her first appearance in a while, asking if it would not be wise to contact the Rangers immediately.

At the Juice Bar, the Power Teens say good-bye to Carlos & Ashley, Adam telling Carlos they're going to go finish cleaning up the Park. Carlos says they'll catch them later, needing to count all those stacks of cans next. Just as the five Rangers exit the place, their Communicators go off, and they duck behind the building to contact Alpha 6. He informs them Blue Senturion is acting like a New York cabbie on Friday traffic, telling them to go check it out before he goes medieval on someone. They teleport to the park, as Blue Senturion complains of high-frequency scrambling syntax, unable to read, losing motor control as he beats his head against a tree, a crowd gathering to watch the cop go nuts. Tommy tells his friends they need to stop him before he self-destructs, the five teens rushing to his side, trying to grab hold of him. He's totally losing it, lashing out against them, alerting to their unauthorized entry into a secure area, while tossing them away violently. Kicking and screaming, basically, Blue Senturion jerks around while announcing he's preparing to self-destruct, clear the area! The crowd makes a dash for it, as the robocop continues his rampage at anyone that gets in his chaotic way! Blue Senturion begins to bend a metal traffic sign, while talking about there once being an old woman who swallowed a pie, buzz, buzz in his head! He beats against his head, as Tanya thinks she's hears a fly buzzing. Adam thinks it's coming from inside his helmet, so they make another attempt to settle Senturion down. Elsewhere, the Bulk & Skull Chimps drive like any normal student drivers would, swerving all over the road while looking for trash. They spot a man on a street corner, thinking they'll start with his huge load of garbage, backing up rather impressively for monkeys.

Back at the park, Blue Senturion's helmet is overheating, smoking pouring out as the Rangers try carefully to get close to his malfunctioning helmet. Meanwhile, the Chimps fill the back-seat with that nice man's trash, thinking they're sure to get attention and returned to normal now. Skull tells him to hurry back, he's dying to get out of that monkey suit. Lt. Stone finally reaches them on his little pink bike, but he just misses them speeding away, causing him to slam into the trash guy. Elsewhere, the Rangers try telling Blue Senturion to remain calm while they try to help him. He doesn't hear a thing, lashing out at nothing, his head releasing smoke and his mouth rambling off mixed up nursery rhymes. Suddenly, they hear a car horn blaring, as the Bulk & Skull Chimps recklessly drive down the streets trying to deliver that trash on time. Justin mentions someone could get hurt, so Tommy sends the boy by himself to stop them (smart move, Tom!). He does so, as the others face the malfunctioning Blue Senturion head-on. They finally grab hold of him, everyone bracing against the mighty robotic officer. Justin gets into a safe location and Shifts Into Turbo, Morphing into Blue Ranger and racing after the runaway Chimps. The other Ranger teens hardly hold on to the wildly whipping Senturion, Tommy trying desperately to open up the robocop's helmet. The Chimps are driving even worse, so Justin leaps atop the vehicle as a last-ditch attempt to halt them. He holds on for the ride, staring down the front window at them, yelling for them to stop the car. Bulk points at him and calls him a blue monkey, while Justin racks his brain trying to find a way to pull them over safely.
Blue Senturion is still preparing to self-destruct, as Tommy yanks on the back of his helmet. Finally, it pays off as the latch pops open, and from the wires inside buzzes out a simple fly. Blue Senturion talks normally, mentioning it's stopped and he's regained control. Adam remarks it was just a stupid bug, Tanya noticing it must have chinked up the system. The fly turns out not to be so simple, forming into Shrinkasect before the Rangers' eyes, asking whom he's calling stupid. Blue Senturion announces a warning, as Tommy heads to battle with the monster (leaving the others to help Senturion back to his feet after being forced to his knees by them moments earlier). Shrinky & Tommy give and take quite a few kicks, the monster actually giving far more, sending the Red Ranger teen scrambled back to rejoin his retreating teammates. Shrinkasect isn't about to let them get away that easily, flying off and popping up ahead of them in a grassy field. Adam asks if anyone has a fly swatter, but all Shrinky has is a bug zapper, lifting his arms, preparing to fire a beam. Tommy jumps in front of his friends, grabbing a garbage can and holding it to block the attacks. The laser beams fired off wrap around the can, and shrink it to the size of Tommy's palm! Shrinky is ready to play 'shrink-to-fit', mentioning Blue Senturion is up first. The robotic officer is still dazed from the malfunction, but stands up tall and is ready to take the creature on. Bad move, as Shrinkasect lets loose on his shrinkray, striking Blue Senturion perfectly, and resizing him to something smaller than even his action figure! He's stunned that the mutant miniaturized him, glancing up at his now giant Ranger teen pals, all shocked by this small turn of events. Shrinkasect says it is a small world after all, as meanwhile Blue Ranger continues car surfing with Bulk & Skull at the wheel. Lt. Stone is still on that little girl's bike, trailing them very slowly. At the park or wherever, the Rangers duck behind a bench as the monster comes after them, he shrinks the bench as Kat remarks they need to Morph! The four head behind a parked car and Shift Into Turbo quickly, as Shrinkasect reduces the car to bite size. They're Turboed up, and really bad puns are exchanged, like 'cut the small talk', 'do you need a shrink' and the already used 'pick on someone your own size'. Piranahtrons appear right behind the Turbo Team, lead by Elgar, they all give a collective kick to the forces of good. Tommy says this getting real ugly, to which Elgar tells him to look in a mirror. Shrinkasect will give them ugly, unleashing his shrinkray on the overwhelmed Turbo Rangers! They begin to shrink to the size of mere insects against their will, as the monsters all laugh hardily. Elgar walks over to their location, calling them the Jelly Bean Rangers as he does his worst Ed Sullivan impression. Time for a really big shoe, as he steps down (gently, apparently) on our pint sized heroes.
Shrunken Rangers
The Bulk & Skull Chimp's driving day out reaches the freeway, as Bulk realizes that's a Power Ranger hitching a ride on their roof! He suddenly pulls over, swerve to the point where Blue Ranger almost gets thrown off. He instead, leaps off after it's come to a complete stop, Skull thinking they're in big trouble. Lt. Stone pulls up on his bicycle, Justin acting like he doesn't know the guy, asking if he thinks he can handle it from here. Jerome takes full responsibility, assuring him their driving days are over! Blue Ranger tells him good, and then teleports back to the park to see what his friends are up to. Lt. Stone gives the Chimps a talking to, asking how many times has he told them not to drive the car without him in it. Jerome shakes his finger at them, and they try to bite down on it. One final subplot remains, the detonator can continues counting down on the back-seat floor! Over at the park, Justin's demorphed as he searches around for his teammates. Nothing comes up, until he hears the faint voice of Blue Senturion. He's just below his feet, hardly inch-high, nipping at Justin's heel. He bends down and picks him up, the intergalactic police officer informs him the Rangers were taken captive. Justin holds the Pocket Cop (or Pokecop, gotta bust them all!) in his hand, and asks him where everybody went! On the Subcraft, Elgar enters the bridge holding a silver & black gift-box. He always told Divatox he'd bring her the Rangers on a silver platter, here's the next best thing, a silver box! He kisses it and places it on a special table, presenting it eagerly to his Auntie D! She's finally succeeded, Porto calls this a moment most glorious indeed. Divatox slowly opens the box, Elgar anxiously awaiting the look on her face when she witnesses the tiny Turbos inside the package! He face lights up like a Christmas Torpedo, as she stares down at the miniature Rangers trapped in the box. They helplessly watch her, as she welcomes them to the last voyage they will ever take! Elgar thanks himself for finally doing something right, as Divatox laughs insanely at finally having her enemies totally at her fingertips! Kat tells her to let them out of there, Tommy warns her she won't get away, but who is he to talk? The Rangers are shrunk, and as we see as the camera zooms around them, they've got wings on their backs! Divatox continues cackling, as we all theorize the Rangers are slowly becoming actual insects!
[to be continued...; end credits]

Adam & Tanya look around, before Tanya finally begins howling nonsense; Adam & Kat stand near the turned-off Blue Senturion, Adam telling someone offscreen he just remembered that too. Katherine begins moaning and panting in a perverse manner while jerking her body back in forth. You can't make up bloopers like that, folks!; Divatox wins in her arm wrestling competition with Elgar, causing him to fall over. She sits there pondering her next move, when she lifts her injured elbow and gives off an 'ow'; Tanya smacks Blue Senturion's head, while Tommy tells someone offscreen he doesn't know what the bug is; The tiny Blue Senturion asks if anyone has seen his stunt double, as the normal sized Rangers tower above him. They stare down at the speck of a robot, when Tommy suddenly stomps his foot down on him! Adam begins to cry & sob, covering his mouth in horror.

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