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Power Rangers Turbo
"The Fall Of The Phantom"
Original Air Date: 09/25/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #31 - Furu Moderu Chenji da! VRV Robo
(A Full Model Change! VRV Robo)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-512
*28th episode of PRT
*233rd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Steve Markowitz
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Hilary Shepard Turner _AS_ Divatox
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich

Additional Cast:
Henry Cannon _AS_ Mr. Kaplan
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Alex Dodd _AS_ The Phantom Ranger (voice)
Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ General Havoc (voice)

Sentai Scene


Inside the hallowed halls of Angel Grove High School, amid the endless stream of teenagers going about their normal everyday lives, sits Cassie, alone upon the stairway. She's daydreaming about the Phantom Ranger, featuring him saying things we've never heard like 'You're Welcome', 'Phantom Ranger, At Your Service' and 'I'll Always Remember You'. She's so caught up in her lovesick trance she fails to notice Mr Kaplan calling for her and giving her a last name (Chan). She pops out as he consults her about how she wants to take a test of Miss Appleby's at a later date due to being busy with other interests. He suggests she take an interest in school and take the test as scheduled, leaving her with no choice but to put Ranger duties aside and study! Meanwhile on the Space Base, General Havoc oversees the rebuilding of Metalasaurus with use of the Turbo Megazord design info. He plans to go back to Earth for a rematch and outmatch the Ranger's new set of super powered matchbox cars! Nearby, Divatox ponders all the possibilities of destroying the Phantom Ranger, including the Vortex Of Eternal Doom and feeding him to the giant squid on planet Vreedom! Elgar sneaks away from her rampaging brain-wracking, as Havoc tells his sister she doesn't want to destroy Phanty. What they need to do is get the gem from his chest, his Power Ruby. It's the source of his incredible power, without it he's worthless and then she can use it to conquer the entire universe! Only catch is, it's impossible to get it from him since he's such a wily fellow. Divatox is at first depressed over the notion of it's unlikelihood of happening, before realizing nothing is impossible and telling her brother he's going to get that Power Ruby for her!
[Opening credits, featuring a new montage of shots; Blue Senturion on his cycle driving by; Rescuezords in High Stance Mode; Phantom Ranger decloaking from 'Vanishing Act'.]

Rescuezords: High Stance Mode
Ashley mentions to Cassie she's so far behind she's not going to be ready for this test, Cassie mentions them studying later as she heads to her locker alone. She discovers a black envelope inside, checking it out she discovers a black piece of paper with nothing on it. Suddenly, writing appears on it stating to meet him at Angel Grove Park, signed only as 'A Friend'. Cassie figures it has to be the Phantom Ranger, having realized his love for her and is ready to marry her just like Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask! Later, she gets to the park and finds Phantom Ranger hiding behind some bushes. Figuring nothing wrong, she get the shock of her short offscreen life as Phanty quickly turns into General Havoc along with a pair of Piranahtrons & Chromites. Before she can alert her friends to the danger, vines come alive just like in "The Evil Dead," wrapping around her arms and shackling her. Havoc taunts her by putting his hand on her chin, before he and his little crew of evil teleport the imprisoned Pink Ranger away. At the Juice Bar, Bulk & Skull are trying to convince the other Rangers teens to pretend to be Power Rangers for the Monster Tours. They've got sewed up Turbo Ranger outfits ready and everything, Bulk saying Justin's too small to be a Ranger though. Skull does his Nelson from the Simpsons laugh while pointing at the annoyed small fry. TJ collectively turns them down, as they've got a killer test to study for. Bulk & Skull leave to find some other lackeys, as they guys ask Ash where Cassie is. She was supposed to be there, and is unusually late. Within moments, the teens are in the Power Chamber doing a scan with Alpha, but unable to track down anything concerning her. Alpha gets a signal coming in, putting it up on the Viewing Screen to reveal good old General Havoc greeting them on behalf of Divatox, the queen of evil. He shows them Cassie, sleeping peacefully on a bed in the background, her arms chained together. He tells them with a pinch of Darvanian Dust she'll be turned to stone forever, horrifying our helpless heroes.
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Havoc holds a container of Darvanian Dust above Cassie, threatening to pour it on her. TJ asks what he wants them to do to save her, Havoc states the only way he'll let her go is if they exchange Phantom Ranger for Pink Ranger. Ashley tells him they couldn't if they wanted to, Havoc not believing and thinking they're holding out on him. While he speaks, Justin whispers to Alpha and the two go off to do something in the background. Carlos says they don't even know if Phanty is still on Earth, Havoc saying they don't need to find him, he's hearing this message wherever he is. General Havoc tells Phantom Ranger to surrender now or he'll turn Cassie into a paperweight! Havoc ends transmission, but not before Justin & Alpha are able to trace the signal and pinpoint his location in the Cirrus (or Sirus) Dimension! Dimitria warns her wards to be careful as this came so easy it could be a trap, but the four teens press on and Shift Into Turbo as Alpha tries talking them out of jumping into this thing blindly. In the dimension, Elgar & Rygog are left to watch over Cassie's body, and if Phanty doesn't show in two minutes to dump the dust on her. The Turbo Rangers teleport in and try to stop them, but Elgar leads an army of Piranahtrons to hold them back. Rygog takes the initiative to sprinkle some of the Darvanian Dust on Cassie, despite Red Ranger's Auto Blasting him away which leads into an extended hot potato fight involving the dust container. Once Cassie is exposed to the dust, she immediately turns to stone, our heroes shouting for her does no good. With the Pink Ranger stoned, the gang of evil teleport away with a job well done. TJ apologizes for failing her to her rock hard body, Ashley asking how they could have let this happen as Carlos says they did everything they could. Nearby, Phantom Ranger does his decloak/teleporting in thing he does so well, appearing on the scene apparently too late. Phanty approaches her anyway, stating the only thing that will bring her back to life is his Power Ruby. He removes it from his chestplate, and waves it across her stone body. The Ruby glows as Cassie's rosy pink cheeks return to their normal color, and her eyes pop open rather quickly and evilly. She reaches up and grabs Phantom Ranger's Ruby holding arm, suddenly turning into General Havoc and saying at last he has him! The two teleport away before the Rangers can stop them, our heroes having fallen for the bait, hook, line and Ruby!

Later in the Power Chamber, Carlos wonders why they captured the Phantom, Alpha & Dimitria mentions it's the Power Ruby Divatox wants as it has magnificent powers. If she finds a way to use it for her evil purposes they'll be in for one long battle. Alpha says the Space Base is shielded from their sensors so locating the Power Ruby is going to be near impossible, TJ thinking they'll have to find another way. He starts up another scan with Alpha, beginning with the dimension they just exited. In what appears to be said Cirrus, Divatox has the Power Ruby in her clutches, talking about the haul she's gained today. Two Rangers, Cassie's wrist Communicator and the Ruby. She gives the glowing red Ruby a big old kiss on the promising of ruling the world with it, as Cassie struggles with the Piranahtrons keeping her captive behind her. Havoc, Rygog & Elgar come heading in with P-Trons confining the weakened Phantom Ranger. Diva's brother has one last present for her, presenting Phanty for the inevitable dehelmeting of her greatest foe! Just as she's about to remove it, Cassie breaks free from her P-Tron guards. Divatox turns her head to watch the commotion, as Phanty knocks the Communicator from her hand, sending it flying Cassie's way. He tells her to take this chance and get out of here, Cassie says she'll be back for him as she teleports away just in time to make a complete getaway. Divatox is really annoyed at having her victory reversed so quickly, ordering her brother to put Phantom Ranger in his little cage and to get down to Earth to teach the Ranger brats some respect! She injures herself in making her angrily loud point to her ever calm bro Havoc, who sets off to do just as she wishes.
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Near Angel Grove Lake, Cassie teleports down from Cirrus rather sloppily and hops to attention in case the enemy is still around. Elsewhere, Bulk & Skull's Monster Tours takes them to the end of the line, when, to make a long scene short, their group of hired Rangers approach into weak action. Yellow is an old woman with a cane, Red a large obese man, and the others just really out of shape and weird looking. The tourists realize what a scam this is, Bulk pointing out a real monster in the city, everyone gets a good look at Metalasaurus (in his old mode, oops) and runs screaming for their lives, including the League Of Substitute Rangers! In the Power Chamber, Alpha gets a signal lock on Cassie, teleporting her teammates to her location near the lake. Teej asks her if she's alright and she says yes, but is worried about the Phantom Ranger. General Havoc is on the scene as well, saying they'd better stop worrying about Phanty and worry about his Zord! Our heroes quickly Shift Into Turbo, only to bare witness to the unveiling of Heavy Duty Metalasaurus! He's largely the same, cept with a few more sharp edges, a cannon in his chest and his face resembling not a dog but Mecha-Godzilla.
Heavy-Duty Metalasaurus
Havoc hops into the usual cockpit atop it's head, thinking this a lovely place for a barbecue, firing eyebeam blasts down on the defenseless Rangers. After the smoke clears, Red Ranger calls on Rescue Megazord Power Now, causing Artillitron to roll out from the stadium with the Rescuezords. Soon, the Rangers board their Zords and everything is set up as normal for another round with Havoc! Star Racer & Thunder Loader run over Metalasaurus' feet, but he casually kicks them away this time. Before they can attack any more, he shows them what Metalasaurus is carrying in his hand, a cage on a chain containing the weakened Phantom Ranger! Havoc tells them if they want him they'll have to come get him, firing a smiley bomb from the chest-cannon! It just ruins some pavements and shakes our heroes a bit, TJ ready to see just what these babies can really do. The team presses a red button on their control consoles in unison, calling for High Stance Mode and each Rescuezord transforms as initiated!

All five Rescuezords are in full battle mode, impressing Havoc with something he hadn't seen before. Lightning Fire Tamer uses the element of surprises to his advantage and jumps Metalasaurus, wrestling control of the cage from its hands. He then sets the cage down, Cassie exits her Zords to come free her love interest from his iron bars. Phanty asks if she's alright, she tells him she told him she'd come back for him! She has him stand clear as she Auto Blasts the cage open, helping him out to safety as he tells her to destroy Metalasaurus they'll need to create the Rescue Megazord. Pink Ranger returns to her Rescuezord in time for all five High Stance modes to stand together, ready to take General Havoc down for good (as Phantom Ranger collapses from loss of power). "Invincible" plays as the Rescuezords brave the eyebeam blasts of the ever arrogant Havoc's Metalasaurus attacks. He rips through each of the Zords, doing pretty well, though outnumbered. His tails comes in handy, even knocking Siren Blaster back to vehicle mode! The lasts only a moment before Justin returns to High Stance to give him a high flying kick. Metalasaurus knocks Thunder Loader down and begins to stomp on its chest, Carlos reverts it to vehicle mode and dumps the Zord of destruction's foot out from the back, sending him toppling backwards! TJ states this lizard is lunch meat, as Lightning Fire Tamer races towards Metalasaurus, reverting to firetruck mode and back, catching the smiley bomb the chest-cannon fires in his hands! Red Ranger returns the bomb in spades, as the Rescuezords lineup and our heroes begin to initiate Rescue Megazord!

As the High Stance Zords rearrange themselves, Rescue Megazord forms in a flash, the Turbo Rangers ready to demote the General! Metalasaurus is in shock, Havoc had no idea they could do that with these new Zords. Artillitron beams the two huge bazooka cannons from atop itself onto the arms of the Rescue Megazord in a move the Rangers call Artillery Power. They call for it to fire in unison, an endless barrage of high-explosive blasts rain on Metalasaurus, Havoc thinking this is not possible (forgetting his sister's early words of nothing being impossible). Heavy Duty Metalasaurus falls limp and explodes into a scrap filled ball of fire, the Rescue Megazord stands triumphant over the city it has saved. The Rangers exit the Megazord and head to the cage, finding Phantom Ranger missing from sight. They realize they have to get the Ruby back, leaving to plan to do just that.
Rescue Megazord
On the Space Base, Havoc is alive and well, but scared alien-poopless as he tells Divatox he's leaving but will be back soon with a new Metalasaurus. She tells him not dawdle as his last promise took a hundred years to make good on, Havoc calls her an ingrate as he exits along with most of his Chromite army (but leaving quite a few around). Divatox still has the Power Ruby in her leather gloved hand, ready to see just how powerful it really is, calling for Porto as she has a plan!
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The next day, Ashley, Cassie & TJ walk along the sidewalk, complaining of the test being hard. Alpha contacts them on their Communicators to say he's had no luck on finding the Phantom Ranger, but tells Cassie not to worry as he isn't giving up until he's found. Meanwhile below the city in the sewer corridors he had once lead them in to find their Rescuezords, Phantom Ranger stumbles about. He's giving the final entry to his voice journal, saying he's giving the Power Rangers their new Zords, but lost his Power Ruby to Divatox. His Life Force is fading and soon he'll be gone forever, gasping for breath as he makes his way to who knows where, who knows why! 
[to be continued; scenes from "Clash Of The Megazords"; end credits]

Rygog begins to sprinkle the dust on Cassie, turning her into stone. She starts to awaken from her slumber and bust out laughing, Rygog saying a very ticklish stone; Cassie knocks the Piranahtrons aside and attempts to catch her Communicator, but is unable to, picking it up anyway and laughing as the take will have to be redone; Divatox tells Havoc she wants that Power Ruby and he's going to get it for her, just as soon as he brushes his teeth. She cringes at the smell of his bad breath. Err, what teeth?!

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