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Power Rangers Turbo
"The Song Of Confusion"
Original Air Date: 11/7/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #25 - Nazonazo Warikomi Musume
(The Mysterious Squeezing-in Girl)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-520
*36th episode of PRT
*241st total Power Rangers episode
Writer: John Fletcher Director: Blair Treu
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Hilary Shepard Turner _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
Barret Swatek _AS_ Vicki
? _AS_ Crash
? _AS_ The Creeps (voices)


Inside the Juice Bar, Cassie & her best friend of the episode named Vicki, entertain the patrons and Lt. Stone with their acoustic guitar song "All That You Really Need Is Love, Love, Love So Strong The Smell Killed My Cat". Seems we've forgotten the subplot of Cassie wanting to be a singer, so she reminds us here, and everyone is impressed. Cassie tells Vicki they should start a band, holding an audition for other plays, Jerome offering for them to use the Youth Center for it. The girls think it's cool, nobody noticing the small periscope peering through the juice in the blender. Divatox is watching, commenting to Porto about the little pink power punk holding auditions. He hands her a sharp edged guitar he calls her 'ax', she takes it and sits down, telling Porto to takes notes as she's about to write the most memorable hit those power pukes have ever heard. He's ready, as she begins to strum the guitar and kick up a tune, which sounds awfully like a low-key version of Heart's "Barracuda" to me, until she instead cues up the theme song.
[opening credits, The Robot Ranger version]
It's audition day in the Juice Bar, Vicki & Cassie sit at their table while the young hopefuls begin to display their talents. First up is a small girl with glasses playing the accordion, Cassie saying they'll let her know. The next is a Scotsman with his bagpipe, Vicki calls it 'interesting'. Next is a beatnik babe with her bongos, Cassie says they'll call her. An old lady with a kazoo, Vicki in unimpressed and calling on the next person. An old man with a banjo on his knee, a young guy with his huge pair of bongos? Both turned down. Next is a teen and his electronic piano, he's a pretty good player, but Cassie, gaining an ego already, tells him to keep working as he'll get better. Following him is two guys with large cymbals, smashing them together, Cassie saying they have great energy but they'll let them know. The girls are exhausted from failures, none they've liked so far, up now is Bulk & Skull. Skull, dressed in a punk look that resembles the lead singer of Prodigy, asks if it pays, Cassie says no, Bulk figures they'll do it for the babes and will take the job. Bulk's decked out like a rastafarian, Cassie asking them to play something first, Bulk banging on his own bongo (i'm sure these haven't all been bongos, but damned if I know what they are. Besides, Bongo's fun to say. Bongo! Bongo! Oingo! Banjoooooo!) while Skull wails on his electric guitar. They've sure got the rhythm for it, but the few seconds of nonsensical noise are enough for Cassie to say that they're sorry but can't use them. It's a shame since Skull was about to play the guitar with his tongue, both defeated in being rejected, Cassie suggesting they practice, but Bulk tosses his dreaded hair aside and says he's an artist. He storms away, Skull following and stating with a cockney accent that "I's an artist". They were last on the list, but suddenly a guy in red along with his four pals shows up and asks if he's too late, the girls guess not. The guy introduces himself as Crash, and the others are his Creeps, saying to check out this tune, the band quickly setting up their equipment and getting right into it. The Song Of Confusion starts, and here's the words as sung by Crash:

I'm Changing Over
Into Another
Face To Confuse You.

I'm Gonna Trick You,
Tease And Taunt You
You Might Understand Real Soon.

Confusion (said 9 Times)

My World Is Full Of,
Chaos And Clutter,
Your Own Thought Will Deceive You.

My Mind Is Crazy,
Messed Up And Hazy,
You'll Never Know What I'll Do.

Confusion (said 5 Times).

The girls are in awe over their excellent song skills, approaching them to saying they wish they could use all of them. Crash says they come as a package, Crash & The Creeps all of them or they blow this popsicle stand. Cassie mentions Vicki plays base and they don't need two, Vicki saying it's okay but she'll step out. Cassie steps aside with her to remind her it's their band, Vicki says she'll sound great with them, how bout she writes the songs and maybe plays now and then. Cass agrees reluctantly, telling the Creeps they all have a deal, Crash giving a smooth 'rock on', Vicki an instant groupie!
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The following day in Angel Grove High School, Cassie is at her locker, singing the words to the Song Of Confusion to herself as TJ walks up and asks how the new band is. She says they'll have their first performance at the Youth Center, he tells her he'll be there, leaving her to continue humming the catchy song. Soon enough, Cassie With Crash & The Creeps is playing to a pack crowd inside the darkened Juice Bar, the place is rocking to the Song Of Confusion. Cassie sings alongside Crash, with her Ranger teen friends in the front row and Vicki frustratedly stuck in the crowd as well. The song ends, the audience roars with applause and the lights come back on. Vicki begins to leave, Cassie hopping offstage to tell her she can't wait to play her new song. Vicki mentions Crash said the song they're playing now is good enough, Cassie tells her they'll get to her songs soon, but Vicki won't hold her breathe, walking away on her star-struck friend. Carlos & Justin rush over to shake her hand, saying she sounded great and the song is so good they can still hear it in their heads. Ash thinks they have a hit, TJ giving her a big hug on a job well done. Carlos & Justin give the band a hand in taking the microphones out to the van in the back, stopping to sing a quick chorus of 'Confusion' themselves. When they get outside, they bump into a group of Piranahtrons with band equipment in their hands, not noticing the fishdrones are putting the stuff into the van they wonder what they're doing here. The P-Trons quickly swarm on the two Ranger teens, a usual fight breaking out, although the use of musical instruments creates a strange occurrence. Carlos takes a microphone, begins to croon out the Confusion Chorus as the Piranahtrons tap their feet to it, Carlos & Justin able to take advantage of the weird reaction and defeat a few fishdrones. The others suddenly puddleport away after Carlos finishes his verse, he's totally shocked at his behavior, saying the whole time he was fighting he kept hearing that song, he doesn't know if he loves it or hates it. Justin dittos his reaction, and the next day, TJ is in the library tapping his pencil and singing the Confusion song a little too loud. The teacher asks him to stop, he's able to, Justin mentioning he has the song stuck in his head as well.

Soon the whole Turbo Teen gang is together on the High School stairway, telling Cassie her song is good but it's driving them crazy! She says it's just catchy, as is any hit, and speaking of catchy hits, the Communicator sounds and they all sneak behind the stairway to make out... what Alpha has to say. He tells them Divatox's monsters are about to attack Angel Grove, the teens leaving and making a Shift Into Turbo offscreen. The Rangers search about the city, waiting for the monsters, and within moments they show up, all five of them, each baring the color of a Turbo Ranger! Red Ranger has news for them involving them not going any further, but they won't listen to his tune, our heroes whipping out their Turbo Blades and facing the gang of monsters in sudden combat! Each Ranger takes on their color counterpart, Blue fending off a cleaver-wielding blue-wearing monster, Pink fighting a pink-wearing rake-wielding creature, and so on. They seem to be no match for their twisted twins, as up on the Space Base, Divatox is singing the Song Of Confusion over and over, before shouting to her monsters to finish them off! The Power Rangers aim their Auto Blasters and fire at the evil team, they all fall down and quickly retreat. Divatox tries telling them to stop and get back there, but she has to send Rygog to go after them, whining about not being able to find good monsters when you need them. Rygog gives them a stern pep-talk about them continuing to fight, the red monster saying the Rangers had really big weapons, and ripping off Bulk & Skull by saying they're artists. Porto has made them their own big powerful weapon, a device Elgar calls a Ranger Scrambler and saying they can do some serious damage with that baby. The red monster states it's curtains for the Rangers, and speaking of curtains....
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The red monster admires the Ranger Scrambler, Porto explains how to work it by having it aimed at the Turbos, then insert the energy jewel and fire away, the monsters ready to destroy the Rangers with it. Sometime later in Angel Grove High, Cassie is at her locker singing the Song of Confusion again, pausing herself to say she can't get it out of her head. She turns around to notice every teen in the school is hypnotized by the explosive hit as well, and it seems bootleg copies of her performance are already being distributed and played, Cassie knows this is all her fault! Crash rushes around, handing out flyers to every kid in sight, Cassie coming up to talk to him about the song. He's excited about it spreading like a wildfire, but she says she's tried of it and they need a new sound fast. She tries bringing up some of Vicki's songs, Crash tells her Vicki is out and they're keeping the sound they have. He hands her a flyer, saying their next gig at Angel Grove Lake is broadcasting live by KAGV (a cameo by Tanya sorely missed), soon they'll rock the town, then the world and nothing can stop Crash & The Creeps! Cassie stares at the flyer, not having any idea Crash has been captured by Divatox and brainwashed into doing her evil work! Has the entire band been replaced by Divadrones? No, turns out they were that team of Turbo Twins all along, and the Song Of Confusion is Diva's invention (bet you didn't see that coming, huh?). Crash is on the Space Base later, the Creeps loading up their equipment with Piranahtron help into the Divacar introduced back in "Fire In Your Tank". Crash tells Divatox that they'll soon be world infamous, she says she's heard it before and for them to get moving as they're on a tight schedule. She then turns to Crash, saying if he ever runs from a fight again he better run fast, Divatox fires her eyebeam blasts over his shoulder, hitting a P-Tron in his ass! She gives an 'oops', telling him he'd better run fast or she'll use him for target practice, asking 'Crash babe' if he's got it, and it's crystal clear to him.

Later on Earth, the evil space aliens are setting up the band near the lake, Elgar forgetting what comes after two in the sound check. As Crash & The Creeps tune their instruments, the Power Rangers teleport to the scene, Pink Ranger yelling for Crash to look out as those monsters are dangerous! Crash & Elgar laugh, Crash showing her dangerous as her rips off his human disguise and reveals himself as the red monster. Red Ranger puts two and two together finally, as a school or Piranahtrons engages our heroes in the token P-Tron battle of the day. Rygog, Porto & Elgar take off, leaving Crash & The Creep to begin playing the Song Confusion yet again, the sound blasting out enough to disorient the Rangers. TJ reaches for his Auto Blaster, firing Crash's ax guitar into nothing, the other Rangers taking the cue to fire at each band member's instrument! Each Creep relieved of their musical talents, Crash asks why they pulled the plug on their song, Red Ranger saying without the song they can't control their thoughts anymore. Crash & his Creeps teleport away, but the Turbo Rangers follow all the way to the ocean! Facing the cowardly Ranger rip-offs, Crash And The Creeps decide they've had enough running and have enough firepower to crush them. The Rangers battle their monster counterparts, each creature has its own evil version of the Ranger's Turbo Weapons they use on them. Crash then finishes off the dazed heroes with his own blaster, before the whole Creep team pulls out the Ranger Scrambler!

The jewel inserted and the Scrambler online, the Creeps position themselves around it and fire at the Rangers. Each one falls explosively, but muster up enough strength to stand up, and suddenly they have their Turbo Weapons in their hands. Crash & The Creeps had dropped the Ranger Scrambler, all five fumbling around to pick it up before the Turbos attack them in retaliation. To make things even more weirder, TJ then calls on Turbo RAM cannon mode, which zooms onto the scene despite them holding the Weapons that make up the RAM in their hands! The Rangers position themselves around the Turbo RAM, it fires just as the Ranger Scrambler fires, the back-blast striking the Creeps and frying every one of them. Each Creep Monster falls into the ocean, and since they're never seen again, it seems they weren't waterproof and all drowned. Divatox is watching from the Space Base, not about to let the Rangers ruin her song, she orders Rygog to launch the Torpedoes. The Torps stream down to Earth, causing the final remaining monster, Crash, to grow into one blockbuster hit even Britney Hanson Sync Boyz couldn't top! TJ doesn't seem to think Crash much of a threat, he calls on the Turbo Megazord for the first time in quite a while, the Turbozords coming together and transforming quickly. It races to the scene in its boostered state, Crash swinging his sword around aimlessly while threatening to chop them to Turbo pieces. The Turbo Megazord begins to Spinout, ripping through Crash and giving him the grand finale he could only dream of, his fifteen minutes of fame over in a flash.
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Another day at Angel Grove High School, TJ mentioning to his Ranger teen pals about how he never thought he'd enjoy doing math again. Ashley says she's so relieved not to hear that song, but finds it weird she can't even remember the tune (there's a dumb blonde cheerleader joke in there somewhere, i'm sure). Carlos tries remembering it, belching out an awful screeching beat, Justin telling him to please not even try. They all laugh, happy to be relatively sane once more. Meanwhile at the Juice Bar, Cassie approaches Vicki and apologizes for being so excited about the one hit song she forgot about her. Vicki's mad at her, but reveals she's really just jealous, everyone was singing their song, even her. She tries remembering how it goes, Cassie remarking it was pretty forgettable. Bulk & Skull show up, saying they heard the girls were a little short on band members and think they have a sound that'll blow them away. Each of the two stooges equipped with tubas, they literally blow a huge gust of wind into the Juice Bar, sending toupees and papers flying. Lt. Stone orders them to get out, Bulk following Skull as he screams from being out of control over the weight of the instrument. Cassie shakes her head, and tells Vicki they should start again, Vicki agreeing that a two-girl band could be big right now. This time they both are sure, no auditions, autographs or interviews! Look forward to a VH1: Behind The Music Special on Crash & The Creeps, coming soon!
[end credits]

Bulk & Skull really rock, Bulk jamming on his drum while Skull prepares to smash his guitar. He tells the director in an English accent he could do that again if he'd like as Bulk's rasta wig falls over; Divatox tells Crash she'll use his butt for target practice but misses the mark, and has to redo it, aside from the obvious 'no butts' unspoken rule on PR for so long; After B&S pass wind, Lt. Stone picks up some popcorn on the table of some nerds, offering it to them before stuffing it in his mouth and continuing on.

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