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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Secrets And Lies"
Original Air Date:6/8/02 Featuring Footage & Some Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #08 - - Inu, Hashiru!!(The Dog, Runs!!)
*Season 10, bite 18
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1218
*18th episode of PRWF
*436th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Bergen Williams Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Tom Knickerbocker _AS_ John Johnson
Moira Price _AS_ Betty "Mom" Johnson
Nicole Becher _AS_ Claire Johnson
Shannon Muchow _AS_ Librarian [Note: 'Pregnant Woman' from End Of Time!]
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Tony Oliver _AS_ Signal Org (voice)


[Opening Credits, version 2. Merrick still credited, though doesn't appear!]

In the dark and dusty passageways leading to the cavern known as the Nexus, Jindrax seeks out his fellow Duke Org and partner, Toxica. He steps past a tall gray stone totem pole, cups his hands around his mouth, and screams into an echo, "TOXICA!! Where ARE you?!" He pauses in the middle of the misty floor, and puts his hands on his hips, griping, "She'd better not be out getting in TROUBLE again!" Jindrax strolls down the narrow hallway, referencing the previous episode as he scoffs, "Pretending to be a General... HUH! SOMEone should teach her a LESSON. Yeah!" Almost on cue, just as he's rounding the corner, a bright bursting flash, along with the sound of Toxica crying out in intense pain, startles him into alertness. Jindrax jumps back, and holds close to the stone wall, inching closer to peek around the corner. From around it, Toxica's desperate voice pleads, "NO! Augh! Ahh! PLEASE, Master! Y-you misunderstood!" Master Org's voice, sounding quite wrathful, also echoes outward, and demands to know, "WHAT were you trying to PROVE?!" In the main room of the Nexus, we see Master Org, holding his right hand out, and showering Toxica's entire body with a surge of deadly orange electricity. She struggles to remain standing against the onslaught of energy, arguing in agony, "I was testing the.. AHH!.. power of the crown for YOU!" Jindrax nods and gestures his finger, whispering in support from the safety of the sidelines, "Yeah! That's ALL she was doing!" Master Org ceases releasing electricity for a moment, sternly declaring, "I don't beLIEVE you, Toxica!" Jindrax turns away, as if trying to muster up the courage to take a stand against his ruler in defense of his longtime partner. Toxica has fallen to her knees, and in an attempt to spare her life, lies to Master Org, pleading, "But it's TRUE! I WOULDN'T lie to you!" She's enveloped in smoke, clutching her chest, and moaning in restrained-sobbing pain. Jindrax gasps in soft protest, "No!" Master Org grips his trident staff with both hands, aims it at the Duchess Org crouched before him, and charges up the sphere amid it, while giving a vicious growl of intent.

No longer having a choice in the situation, Jindrax dashes into the room, putting his own life on the line over Toxica's mistake. He calls out, begging desperately, "NO! Wait! Master Org, PLEASE!", while kneeling before the Master, shielding Toxica from the glowing trident with the comforting support of a hand on her arm. She shrieks in fright, still cowering at the sight of the Master's fully-charged weapon, throbbing with power before them. Jindrax argues persuasively, "I... know her like the tip of my horn! She's NOT lying!" Toxica adds, in a totally miserable and mercy-begging tone, "It... it's true! I only want to serve you. NOT anger you. Please! Forgive me." She clasps her hands together, literally praying to be spared. Master Org stares at the Duke Orgs, with an expression no less forgiving than usual. Despite this, reluctantly convinced by their blabbering, he powers down his staff, and lowers it from the attack position. Jindrax pats Toxica on the back, turning to her to comfort her during her sobbing hysterics, but quickly turning his attention back to their dangerous overlord. Master Org paces away from them, raspily stating, "I will let it go this ONE time." Jindrax bows gratefully, respectfully remarking, "Oh, thank you!" The Master warns threateningly, "Don't ever try to do anything sneaky again!" Jindrax vows graciously, "NEVER. We promise!" Master Org turns around to face the pair, and shouts, "NOW!", causing the Dukes to be taken both by surprise and fright, gasping & jumping back almost simultaneously. He demands, "Make yourself USEful! And go find a NEW Org!" The Duke Orgs both bow down even farther, facing the foggy floor. Jindrax replies obligingly, "YES, Master!" Toxica breathes labouredly, though finally calming down, as she utters contently with brief inhaling squeals, "Yes. THANK you, Master!" Feeling dominating once again, Master Org turns around, and marches off into the unseen recesses of the Nexus. Toxica continues to exhale small moans, prompting her partner to touch her shoulder in continued concern. Once their ruler is out of range, she opens her eyes, and glares with deep distrust & suspicion at direction the man calling himself the Master Org departed.

A lovely day in Turtle Cove Park, and the slender, tanned, burgundy knee-high socked legs of the Wild Force Activist named Alyssa piston gently as she peddles jovially upon her bicycle's wheels. She's swiftly riding down a sidewalk, smiling as big as ever, with her white backpack on her back, making it evident that she's just finished another day at Turtle Cove University. The park's sparsely crowded, people keeping on the grass, and frolicking in the shaded sunlight. Alyssa glances at her surroundings, and eventually, she spots something which not only erases her bright smile, but causes her to skid her bike to a quick halt. She stares with as much confusion as intrigue at something occurring downhill. It's Cole, her red vested teammate and leader. He's in the park, looking around, visually searching for something. He pats his torn and tattered family photograph against his left palm distractedly, before calling out "Hey, guys! Come here!" Cole crouches down, gesturing his hands and urging with a smile, "C'mere!" Two small dogs, one a mutt that looks like Benji, and the other a fuzzy miniature schnauzer, race up to him. Benji begins chasing his own tail, barking loudly, as schnauzer (not to be confused with Org General Nayzor, who has a big ol' "Schnozzle") hops up on Cole's leg, anxiously wagging. Amusedly, Cole comments quickly, "Hey-hey-hey-hey!" Holding the black & white picture up in front of the dogs, he queries, "Do these people look familiar to you?" Since Benji lacks an attention span, the schnauzer is left to simply bark once in reply. Though it sounds like an affirmative bark, Cole's animal instincts know better. He seems discouraged, somberly remarking, "Thanks anyway. Keep a look out for me, okay?" Benji & schnauzer immediately race off the way they came from, with schnauzer merely giving snorting grunts, and Benji rapidly yapping, as if they're saying to each other that Cole looks like a human fire hydrant.

Walking down the hillside toward him, Cole sees Alyssa approaching, walking beside her bicycle, helmet off, with her smile on high. She waves, and chipperly calls out, "Hey, Cole!" Cole climbs back up to his feet, giving a friendly point and greet of, "Hey." He rushes over to her side, and joins her in walking along the grass. Alyssa wonders, "Any lucky?" Cole shakes his head, and sighs heavily, lamenting, "No." Her smile dies off, and she sadly looks away. They stroll in silence for a moment, before Cole, staring at the picture of his mom & dad, vows something he learned from Max & Danny, "But I'm NOT giving up." Alyssa grins and nods in assurance. Finally ceasing his picture-gazing, Cole turns the conversation toward her day, asking, "So... How was class?" Alyssa explains pleasantly, "We worked on computers today! Researching old newspapers." Cole makes a somewhat interested grunt, and continues walking. Alyssa, though, pauses in her tracks. She stares at the ground for a second, as a plan blooms within her brain. Urgently, she cautions him, "Wait!" Cole stops, and turns around, as she points to his family picture, and asks nicely, "May I see that?" A little confused and hesitant, he looks at the photo one last time, then hands it over to his teammate. Alyssa takes it, holds it in both hands, and looks at the wrinkled and faded photograph, before optimistically announcing, "I have an IDEA!"

Momentarily, at what the sign outside of a white building calls the "library department", obviously at Turtle Cove University, we find Cole in utter amazement. He's led (Alyssa has hold of his wrist) through the endless aisles of books, staring at them eyes widened while passing them. Cole comments breathlessly, "Wow... All these books!" Alyssa soon lets go of his hand, saying, "RIGHT here!", as they reach the computer lab area. She stands in front of a computer, which faces the check-out desk, prompting an always confused (titling his head like a dog in one shot) Cole to wonder, "What're you doing?" Alyssa places her hand against the lion-patch on his vest in alleviation, promising with a smirk, "You'll see." She presses the power button, causing the computer to turn on, filled with a bunch of green digital warping coloring. Immediately, before anything appears, Alyssa starts typing. Cole just looks at her, awaiting an answer of what her plan is. Alyssa finally admits, "I'm looking to see if there's anything about your parents!" Eagerly, he turns and looks at the monitor over her shoulder. As she rapidly types random keys, the monitor displays a series of text filled boxes, reading such things as "searching files." There's also a small box with various maps flashing past. Anyway, some blinking red letterings appear, causing Cole to anxiously stir, lean closer to the screen, and ask, "You found something?!" Alyssa confirms, "I think I found it! Let's print it." She moves the mouse up, then right-clicks it, causing a box reading "printing page 1" to appear on the monitor. On the other side of the table divider, a grey printer starts up loudly, making the usual annoying noises you can expect. Cole & Alyssa look up and over at it, then exchange excited glances.

Suddenly, the sound of the loud printer is overshadowed by the standard ring-tone of the Growl Phone! An old lady at a nearby computer puts her finger to her lips, as do a woman and a man in the crowd behind her, all shushing, "Shhh!", in unison. With all eyes in the library on them, Cole & Alyssa grimace embarrassedly. She turns around and looks at the main librarian, a woman with a tightly-wound hair style and black-rimmed glasses. The librarian adjusts her glasses, and gives an annoyed clearing of her throat. Alyssa whispers apologetically, "Sorry!" She & Cole huddle their ears close, as Alyssa pulls out and opens up her golden Growl Phone, answering the call with a quiet, "Hello?" Up on the Animarium Temple Ruins, Princess Shayla grips her necklace, and informs them urgently, "There's a new Org near the Riverside!" Alyssa no longer whispers, as she affirmatively replies, "We're on our way!" She lowers her Growl Phone, closing it offscreen. Glancing over to the empty tray of the still-printing printer, Alyssa makes a frustrated gesture. She pats Cole on the shoulder, urging him to stay put while she rushes over to the front desk. The main librarian sternly stands behind the desk, watching Alyssa with distain as she grabs a pencil, and writes some numbers down on a sign-in sheet. While doing so, she respectfully asks, "I'm waiting for something to print. Can you save it for me?!" Librarian shakes her head, losing her attitude only slightly as she responds, "Sure." Alyssa slides the paper to the librarian, and races toward the exit, shouting, "THANKS!" Cole begins to follow, kinda hopping along backward for a moment. He's visibly reluctant to leave, lagging anxiously behind, focused solely on the printer and what answers it may provide. Alyssa's already long gone, more concerned with the pressing matter of an Org monster in need of being fought. Having no choice, he turns and follows her out the way they came. Literally the split-second Cole turns around and runs off after Alyssa, the printer finishes its job. The white paper with a black & white picture atop it, along with some large print writing, slips out onto the tray. I'd tell you what we see on it exactly here, but let's save it for later.

On a fenced walkway, directly beside the river (hence the "Riverside"), is a strange creature, racing away from a bridge in the distance. Where's he going? No clue, but he's wickedly laughing, so it must be someplace evil. He's called the Signal Org, due to the fact his face has a horizontal row of three round traffic lights, colored green, yellow, and red. His body is a light grey color, with red, yellow, and green gems sprinkled throughout, two arms, two legs, no real 'facial' features, a green 'person' and a red 'person' symbol on his chest, and a series of six horns atop his traffic signal head (two for each light). The Org's path is suddenly blocked, when the Red & White Wild Force Rangers appear on the scene, having morphed offscreen. Red Ranger declares, "SIGNAL Org! That's FAR enough!" Signal Org jumps back and is shaken up, groaning confused, "Huuuh!?" White Ranger demands, "STOP right there!" She & Cole dash off toward the monster, but barely get a few steps, when they're struck by unnatural bolts of electricity. Red Rangers gets an agonizing zap from a blue bolt, while White Ranger is fried by a purple bolt of electricity. The jolts only last for a few seconds, but are enough to send the pair falling to the ground in writhing pain. Signal Org isn't surprised by this attack, boasting in third person, "Signal Org says STOP, not YOU, right?!" He turns around, and standing on the top edge of a wall, are the Duke Orgs, revealed as the source of these electric charges. Jindrax responds confirmingly to Signal's remarks, "Right!" Toxica suggests sadistically, "HUH! Let's see what ELSE you can do! Ahehah!" Signal Org quips, "THEY'RE not gonna run MY lights! Huh!", before turning his attention back to the two Rangers. Slowly recovering to his feet, Red Ranger defiantly states between winded grunts, "We'll SEE about that!" The Org gestures to his tri-traffic light head, and gloats, "I can take BOTH of you out in a ONE flash of light! Haah!" The green light is illuminated, sending a swirling surge of green energy firing toward the two Rangers.

With the White Ranger still lying defenseless on the ground, Cole cries, "Alyssa, look OUT!", and steps in between her and the oncoming squall of power. The green light whirls directly into Red Ranger's helmet, crashing into him with such intensity that the image goes negative, black & green, for a moment. Cole screams in agony as he's immersed in the energy, growing silent when the green light fades, causing his body to topple over limply, crashing against the cement on his chest. Alyssa concernedly calls over to him, "Cole! Are you alright?! Cole?" Red Ranger climbs up onto his knees, and immediately grasps his left hand against his helmet head. He slowly lowers his hand, and begins to wearily look around, whispering to himself in a daze, "Where am I? What's going on? HOW did I get HERE?" White Ranger squats beside him, touching his arm gently, and asking worriedly, "Cole? What's the MATTER with you?!" Disoriented from the blow to his head, and disturbed by the female's morphed form, Red Ranger backs away terrifiedly, holding tightly against the railing and yelps, "Who ARE you?! Don't TOUCH me!" Signal Org motions his arms, and proclaims, "RED light! Everybody go BOOM!" The red light on the left side of his face is illuminated, sending a flash of red energy firing at both Wild Force Rangers. Once engulfed by the light, Cole & Alyssa cry out in pain. The redness gives way to a massive explosion where they stand, which hurtles the Red Ranger into the air, shouting as he's apparently flung into the river (offscreen). As a fire rages in the foreground, the Duke Orgs join Signal Org in basking before the blast site. Toxica claps her hands, and commends, "NICE work, Signal Org! Yeeheheh!" Jindrax chuckles wickedly in agreement.

At an empty courtyard/park, likely somewhere near the Riverside, the three Wild Force Activists that weren't involved with the recent battle with Signal Org wander about. Where were they when they were needed? Beats me, but it was probably some emergency that required someone with experience in the Air Force, flower maintenance, and being a kid. Taylor leads the way, visually scouring the area along with Danny & Max, the latter who shouts, "ALYSSA!" The only response comes in the form of Alyssa herself, panting painfully and staggering along, having demorphed between scenes. She rests against the corner of a cement block, clutching her right shoulder, and sporting scrapes upon her face. Her three teammates, still searching for her, stand on the grass, looking in various directions (with a small sign reading "Pedestrian Tunnel" and an arrow stating "To Music Center" behind them). Taylor is first to spot Alyssa, yelling, "There she IS!" She rushes over toward her first, but somehow Danny, who was behind her a moment ago, takes the lead between shots. Alyssa limps along, panting all the while, until Danny comfortingly takes a gentle hold of her. She weakly informs the trio, "S-signal Org attacked us!" Max concernedly wonders, "Are you okay?" Alyssa frantically explains, "DON'T worry about me. We HAVE to find Cole! One of the blasts from the Signal Org hit him REALLY hard. He didn't remember who I was!" She stops clutching her shoulder, and reaches into her right vest side pocket, pulling out a closed Growl Phone. Danny, Max & Taylor exchange worried glances, as Alyssa holds up the Growl Phone in her palm, revealing it to be the one with the red lion features (not that it helps, since they all seem to use the American toys as props, which are ALL red lion based), which obviously belongs to Cole. She admits distraughtly, "I think he lost his memory."

Somewhere on the outskirts of Turtle Cove, just beneath the mountain ridge, is a small farmhouse. It's your typical, clichéd farm, with bails of hay in the foreground, stalks of corn behind a maze of wooden fences, various farming machinery, wheelbarrows and buckets lying around. Anyway, just down the dirt road, is a young woman riding a blue tractor. Her name is Claire Johnson, she has black hair, done in braided pigtails. Her attire is casual, a grey sweatshirt over a horizontally striped shirt. Claire's steering that big and loud vehicle well, when she looks to the side, and spots something that causes her to hit the breaks. With a gasp, she hops out of the driver's seat, and races along the edge of the nearby river. On the opposite side of the shore, lies the lifelessly still body of a man with dark hair and bright red vest. It's our pal Cole, unconscious, sprawled out on the muddy shore, with flies buzzing around him. He's got a bad scrape on his face, and judging by the sogginess of his outfit, he's spent a good deal of time being washed downstream. He obviously arrived here, as I said, by floating away from the Riverside after the big explosion. Got it?

That night, with an owl hooting outside the American Gothic-y farmhouse, inside, Cole slowly begins to open his eyes. His vision is a little fuzzy at first, but clears up enough to witness Claire sitting diligently and wide-eyed beside him. Cole startledly sits up, prompting Claire to excitedly announce, "He's awake!", to her parents. Cole finds himself laid out on a couch, in their traditional style living room, with a green blanket partially covering him, and his clothes exchanged with red longjohns & an untied red-plaid robe (his bandanna is also absent). He turns around and sees Claire's parents in the next room: the mother puts down the pitcher of whatever drink she was just pouring, and the father puts down the newspaper he was just reading. The older man & older woman, both maybe middle-aged at best, walk into the living room together with warm expressions. The bespectacled, flannel-shirted father, named John, gives a hearty remark of, "WELL! You're finally awake!" Cole looks around, gripping the top of the couch in nervous confusion. Claire seems like a schoolgirl with a crush as she lightly giggles and clasps her hands in her lap, sitting on the couch close to him, staring admiringly at the big hunk of meat she found discarded on the side of the road. He finally asks softly, "Where am I?" The mother, named Betty, puts her arm around the father, and states pleasantly, "Oh, this is our home! We're the Johnson Family, and this is my husband John." John Johnson, whose parents must have had a sense of humor, grins, nods, and says in his slight southern drawl, "Howdy!" Betty then points out, "This is our daughter, Claire." Cole turns to the young woman, probably just a few years younger than him. Claire flirtatiously sighs, "Hi." He simply smiles faintly. Betty explains, "She's the one who found you. And... you can just call me 'Mom'. Heh. EVerybody does!" John chuckles gruffly. Cole lowers his gaze, and stares deeply, with heavy thoughts on his relatively memory-less mind. He sharply stands up and paces across the room, wiping his left eye with his hand and looking at whatever gunk it was he just wiped out. John wonders helpfully, "Son, is there someone you want us to call?" After a silent moment, Cole turns and puzzledly states, "I dunno... I don't know who I am." Betty & John exchange confused glances. Ever the Samaritan, John offers kindly, "Well, you're welcome to stay here until you figure it all out." Claire eagerly gets up and goes to Cole's side, hopefully noting, "The farm could always use an extra set of hands!" Cole looks away for a moment, inhaling heavily, before looking toward her parents and reluctantly nodding. Without a clue to his identity, what other choice have he?

Elsewhere that night, at the Temple Ruins on the flying island of Animarium, Alyssa sits on the edge of the Viewing Pond, with her back to the gorilla statue. She has her legs crossed, with her hands resting together atop her knees, still clutching Cole's Growl Phone between her hands. Staring somberly into space, she's expressively depressed and sad over the absence of the team's leader, ready to cry at any minute. Taylor approaches, walking slowly up the steps, before stopping, and assuring Alyssa, "We'll find him." Alyssa, likely blaming herself for his MIA condition, briefly glances at her, but resumes sulkingly gazing into the air. She frets aloud with misery-filled sighing, "I can't stop thinking about Cole. He's out there with NO memory! Who knows what condition he's in?" Taylor walks around, and sits down on the pond's edge beside her, putting her arm around her teammate, and promising softly, "We'll continue our search FIRST thing in the morning." Alyssa nods, comforted somewhat. On the other side of the temple floor, past one of the many burning torches, stand Danny, Max, and Princess Shayla. They too are worried and concerned, watching the two females from afar, mutual in their silence and somberness.

The following morning, Danny & Max are out in the countryside bordering Turtle Cove, facing opposites sides of an inlet surrounded by river water. By the amount of flies buzzing about, they're not very far from where Claire found Cole the previous day. Both men cup their hands around their mouths, and call out Cole's name, along with a "Where are you!?" added in at the end. Their voices echo against the wilderness, with no reply returning. Elsewhere, in the middle of the city, Taylor walks onto the lawn in the busy park, straining her eyes against the bright sunlight as she seeks any sign of her amnesiac teammate. Lots of people to be seen, but no Cole. Meanwhile, in the courtyard where she met up with her teammates after losing Cole yesterday, Alyssa searches for him. It's a more crowded place than earlier, but still zero percent Cole in the area. Suddenly, Alyssa's Growl Phone rings. She pulls it out of her vest's right side pocket, opens it up, and presses it to her ear, asking, "Hello?" It's the main Librarian! She's holding a manila envelope, and states somewhat snobbily into the phone, "We have that article that you printed out." Alyssa gratefully replies, "Thanks! I'll be right over to pick it up!" She races off to do just that, and one flip-flop transition screen later, she's rushing up to the front desk of the library. Alyssa urgently remarks between labored breaths, "Hi, I'm Alyssa. You called me..." The Librarian merely pushes the manila envelope across the desk without saying a word, as if wanting nothing to do with her. Alyssa returns the icy gesture, by grumbling, "Thanks." She turns around, and slowly pulls the white piece of printer paper out of the envelope. At first, Alyssa sees the familiar picture of baby Cole and family, which causes her to smile brightly. But then, she slides the paper farther, and reads the writing. Her smile fades, and her expression turns to grim shock.

Meanwhile, over on the Johnson Family farm, Danny & Max stroll along the dirt road, leading to the maze of wooden fences keeping several cows safely in the green pastures. Danny puzzledly wonders, "WHAT are we DOing out here?!" Max remarks in a tone of obviousness, "Uhh, there's FARMS out here?" The cows 'moo' in a chorus, as if confirming this as true. Danny scoffs, "So?!" Max spells it out for his simple minded pal, "Farms? ANImals?! Get it?! Cole knows animals, so, he might have wandered out here." Danny finally gets it, pointing out, "Hey! That... THAT'S smart!" Max pauses in his tracks to nods with a smirk, then shakes his head in disbelief over his buddy's slowness at catching on, and resumes walking down the path along the farm. Danny smiles, and dwells on his best friend's 'genius', which leads to him turning and looking off to the side of the path. The sight he witnesses causes his smile to drop, as he bends down to gaze between the large slats in the fence. Across the barnyard, squatting in a chicken coop, is Cole! He's wearing blue denim overalls, with a red flannel shirt under that, a small wicker cowboy hat on his head, a red handkerchief tied loosely around his neck, and a piece of straw in his mouth. Claire is with him, noting, "Those chickens seem to LIKE you!" Cole smiles, biting down on the straw, and aiding in feeding the happily clucking foul. Danny excitedly calls to his partner, "MAX! Look! That's HIM!" Max hurries back to Danny's side, and focuses upon the man he's pointing to, inspiring both of them to smile with relief. Danny puts his arm around him, and pats his back, beaming, "You were RIGHT!" Max glances at his pal, and cockily gestures & nods, agreeing humbly, "Yeah."

Momentarily, as the chickens cluck and roam around outside near one of the many white & black cows, Claire leads Cole into the barn. She carries a wooden stool in one hand, and a metal pail in the other, explaining to her amnesiac helper, "Now... milking a cow can be a little tricky at first. But once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy!" Claire places the wooden stool beside the sole cow in the room, sits down on it, sets the pail under the udders, and reaches down to get started. Cole carries two large metal milk containers (aka 'totes') into the barn, and places them behind her, as he begins to observe his first milking. Claire begins to squeeze the teats (tee-hee!) of the cow, two at once, in gentle succession. Not a drop drips out of the pink & black dangling nipples, prompting Claire to cease the teat-squeezing, turn to Cole, and comment confused, "That's odd. She's never done THAT before." The cow, with eyes appearing to be a bit bulging, turns her head, and gives a long, drawn out, "Moooooo!" Cole grins, shakes his head, and walks over to softly pet the cow's back, stating intuitively, "She's got a nail stuck in her hoof. It's REALLY hurting her." He bends down, grips her front left leg, bends it back, and removes a small nail from beneath the bovine's hoof. The cow releases a relieved, "Mooooo!", follow the nail's removal. Cole stands up, still holding the tiny nail, and urges, "There! Now go ahead and try." Claire smiles charmingly, and repeats the teat-squeezing process, finding the pair of nipples now flowing with that calcium-filled goodness. Claire continues to milk the cow, but turns her head sharply, and asks astonished, "How did you KNOW that?!" Cole pats the cow's back, mentioning slyly, "She told me!" Claire stops milking, sits back, and scoffs, "Yeah, RIGHT." She gets off the stool, goes over to Cole's side, taps his chest, and urges with a giggle, "Okay, it's YOUR turn!" Awkwardly, he responds, "Okay, umm... Take the nail!" Claire does so, saying, "Okay." Cole adds, "Alright!," as he prepares to get milk from the Gateway mascot.

Peeking at this scene through a pair of wide spaces between the weathered woodened boarded wall of the barn, are Cole's four Wild Force teammates. Danny & Max stare through one side, while Taylor & Alyssa spy through the other. Alyssa has a small smile on her face, though in total contrast, Taylor is visibly fuming. She's furious at the sight of their brave leader being squandered on simple farm chores, and soon marches away from their peep-slots, preparing to storm in and recover the amnesiac, stating firmly, "I'm going to go in and get him." Danny & Max follow, until Alyssa hesitantly protests, "WAIT! Maybe you SHOULDN'T!" Taylor walks back over to her, stressing, "We've got to get his MEMory back before 'Jungle Boy' thinks he's really a 'Farm Boy'!" Alyssa seems to be trying to convince herself as she tries to figure the right words to say to persuade her teammates, "But, he's so HAPPY now! ...Maybe, it's BETTER we let him live this life..." She paces away from the other three, staring deeply at the manila envelope still in her hands. After a moment, Alyssa laments, "But if we make him remember, we're gonna have to tell him, about this." Slowly, she pulls the paper out of the envelope, and turns around, handing it over to Taylor, as Danny & Max gather close to join her in viewing what is printed upon it. At the top of the white sheet, it reads "Turtle Cove Times", thus being from newspaper archives. The picture we've seen so often, of baby Cole, his mother holding him, and his father standing to the side (in front of a podium), is there, no more colorful than the other copy, but lacking wrinkles. It also lacks tears, revealing that, yes indeed, there was more to the shot: beside Cole's mother, is a tall, familiar, brooding man in dark clothing. More on him later, as we see a large headline below the picture, which Taylor reads aloud, "Tragic accident in Amazon jungle. Three scientist and baby from Turtle Cove presumed Dead." (they oddly capitalize "dead") Danny makes a horrified expression, shaking his head in disbelief. Max shallows hard, furrowing his brow and fighting back emotion. Taylor seems too shocked to react, simply staring at the paper with sad eyes, which soon rise to look at Alyssa. She sort of nods, as if this paper being the inspiration for her desire to leave Cole in this blank-slate state, where he has a happy family and is free of a disappointing and heart-wrenching revelation about his search for his real family. The scene is tense and silent, until Max figures aloud, "Maybe Alyssa's RIGHT-- he'd be better off NOT knowing!" Taylor quits gazing at the paper, jerking it down as she argues passionately, "Good or bad... he should KNOW the truth. And besides, we NEED Cole!" Max nods, realizing she's right. She then addresses Danny directly, stating, "He's our leader." Danny nods, also realizing she's right. Taylor next turns to Alyssa, who clutches the empty envelope closely to her chest, staring into space sorrowfully. She places a hand on the Alyssa's shoulder, reminding her, "And leading the Rangers is the path, HE chose." Max nods, as does Danny, both tightening their expressions in agreement with this intensely tough decision. Alyssa slowly looks up at Taylor, still unsupportive with ruining his oblivious bliss, but her eyes seem troubledly willing.

Exiting the barn, Claire carries the pail & wooden stool, as before. She stops and turns to Cole, chuckling as she asks, "Are you okay?!" Cole, again hauling the pair of silver metal totes, though this time they're both filled heavily with milk, struggles to balance one in each arm, grunting strainedly, "Yeah! Yeah... I got it!" He walks kinda squatted, lifting the double containers of milk with his legs. Claire finds this amusing, snickering as she replies, "'Kay." She sets down the stool & pail off to the side of the chicken coop, just before Cole collapses onto one knee, managing to keep hold of the totes long enough to safely set them down without them tipping over. As they're putting these milking items away, Taylor calmly walks up into view, just across the yard. Claire notices her first, asking, "Can I help you?" Cole turns his head, and slowly rises to his feet, adjusting his cowboy hat as he joins her in looking at the strange woman in the yellow vest. Alyssa, Danny, and Max soon step out from the side of the barn, standing behind Taylor in silent solidarity. Claire wonders, "Who're you?" Taylor responds, "We're friends of Cole's." Claire turns to her amnesiac friend, and comments, "Cole! Is THAT your name?" Cole shrugs, and admits with a clueless expression, "I dunno!" Walking across the barnyard, Taylor softly states graciously, "We really appreciate you looking after our friend. But it's time for him to come home." She approaches Cole's side, gently touching his left arm. Cole responds with expected nervousness and confusion, turning to the only familiar face, Claire, pulling away to hide behind her somewhat. Claire pushes Taylor's arm off of him, and gets in the taller woman's face, firmly declaring, "I think that's something for HIM to decide." Taylor blinks rapidly at first, as if a bit shocked at the farmgirl's boldness, but soon turns to look at Cole, who looks back at her with true innocence. Alyssa, still holding the manila envelope close to her chest with her arms crossed in a very melancholy manner, steps forward from the background group. Danny places a hand on her shoulder, in both support and urging to stay out of this confrontation. Cole notices them, and appears to read their sad attitudes as easily as he reads what animals are saying. He swallows hard, inhales, then walks around Claire, looks her in the eyes, takes her hands, and gently states, "It's okay. Don't worry." Cole looks at the four strangers in colored vests, gives a solid nod, and informs her, "I trust them." He takes the wicker cowboy hat off, and places on Claire's head, causing her to smile. Cole sniffles, and gratefully says, "Thanks for everything." He turns to the others, nods assuredly, and begins to walk away with them. As he departs, his hold on Claire's hands loosens, leaving her standing behind alone, hat still on her braided head. Taylor leads him away towards the other three, though Cole briefly turns around, and gives the farmgirl one last smile.

Soon, at the spot where the dirt road leading to the Johnson Family's farm meets pavement, Cole pauses the group to ask, "So... What do you want?" Taylor, having been walking ahead of the rest, comes back to explain to him in simple terms, "You lost your memory. You have to come with us, so we can help you get it back." Cole ponders that request, looking at the two men with a small nod. Max & Danny approach him, each patting one of his shoulders firmly. Max promises in a friendly tone, "Don't worry. Everything's gonna be okay!" The two men motion for him to turn around, which he does, hands in his overalls pockets, still displaying an aura of reluctance. Taylor resumes leading the way toward the city, as Max & Danny place an arm around Cole's back in a supportive (but manly!) way. Alyssa lags behind them all, squeezing the envelope filled with life-altering information inside between her folded arms. She stands quiet for a few seconds, before stepping forward and calling out urgently, "WAIT, guys!" All four halt their progression and turn around to look at her with confused expressions. Alyssa glances down at the envelope, held tightly against her chest, as if contemplating the repercussions of revealing the contents of it sooner or later. She swallows hard, and begins to ask, "Should we...", when a swirling red light smashes against the scene, right behind her! Alyssa cries out, gets a shock of smoke and sparks, but is spared any injury. She turns around and backs up to join her teammates in alert stances, witnessing the source of this attack as being the Signal Org! He's got Toxica & Jindrax by his sides, and a gang of Putrids flanking all around. Signal Org, standing beneath a power-line tower, announces wickedly, "We're BAAAACK!" Horrified, Cole points the creatures out, and asks, "What ARE those?!" His four teammates are standing protectively in front of him, with Taylor demanding of him quickly, "Get OUT of here!" Jindrax orders the stalling Putrids, "What're you WAITin' for? Go GET 'em!" The muck-drones charge into battle, crying a chorus of retching, as they leave the Duke Orgs & Signal Org back on the sidelines.

Each of the four memory-equipped Wild Force Activists engage in combat with the pack of Putrids, as the camera pans back to reveal each one in this order: Taylor blocks a battleaxe swipe, then kicks back at the creature; Danny throws a kick, then a punch, blocking and getting into a heated battle with his Putrid; Max avoids the battleaxe of one Putrid passing, throws a high kick over a second Putrid, following this up by hitting number 2 and tossing a kick at the first one; Lastly, Alyssa blocks the clubbing of a Putrid, dropping her guard and swiftly giving both that muck drone a punch to the gut, along with a second one to her right. On the sidelines, Farmer Cole is watching the fight, when a Putrid pops up behind him, and attempts to swat its battleaxe at him. He spots it just in time, ducking back with a cry of fright. Unfortunately, the Putrid manages to poke him in the chest with its club, knocking Cole against a wooden fence. He falls to his knees, clutching his chest in pain, when Taylor dispatches the Putrid, then crouches by Cole's side, urging, "Get OUT of here!" Not needing to be told more than twice, he recovers to his feet and flees. Nearby, Signal Org notices the man in flannel and overalls attempting to escape. He chases after him, whining, "_I_ didn't say GO!" The Org follows Cole to a large ravine beneath a wide overpass bridge (seen in the background earlier on their trek toward the city), where he commands, "STOP!", and fires off a beam of red energy. Cole runs like he's missing an episode of "Hee-Haw", but he's not quick enough to avoid the explosive bolts crashing down right behind him. The blast makes him cry out, as he's flung off his feet, hitting the gravel harshly. Still clutching his chest, Cole crawls onto his back, watching the Signal Org coming closer, and threatening, "I'M gonna put your LIGHTS out!" Luckily, Taylor's voice calls out, "Cole!", turning both of their attentions to the side. The four WF Activists have apparently finished off the Putrids, and race together, stopping defensively in front of their grounded amnesiac teammate. Taylor pleads, "DON'T try to fight him!", which prompts the Org to give an offended huff. She adds, "Just STAY behind us!", before dropping her stance, and asking her three teammates, "Ready?" Danny, Max & Alyssa follow her movements, concurring in unison, "Ready!" Signal Org trembles a tad, as he quips, "Me TOO!" The four whip out their golden Growl Phones, do the hand gesturings, and press the button, proclaiming, "Wild Access!" Cole's agonized & tense face loosens completely in astonishment as he witnesses their transformation. Their morphing sequence is shortened to a simple four-block screen shot of their helmets forming over their heads.

Cole recovers to a standing position, but can't take his widened eyes off of the four Wild Force Rangers that have morphed before him. With Yellow Ranger posing fiercely to dissuade the Org, Blue Ranger demands, "GET Cole out of here!" White Ranger turns to the confused amnesiac, and points to the other side of the ravine, compelling, "Run to safety! GO" Cole, despite his injuries, shakes his head and refuses bravely, "No! But I..." Black Ranger grabs his shoulder, and stresses, "It's TOO dangerous! GO!" He gives Cole a forceful shove, sending him staggering off in the direction Alyssa pointed out. Cole only goes as far as pushed, turning around to watch as the four Rangers storm into action. Signal Org commands. "SLOW down!", before illuminating his yellow center light, firing a beam of yellow energy outward. Ironically, it's the Yellow Ranger that is quick enough to cartwheel out of the way of the yellow bolt. Black & Blue Rangers aren't so fortunate, becoming enveloped in the yellow ray. They cry out, as their bodies begin to slow down to the point that their images trail along behind them, randomly changing positions in a freaky fit. Signal Org gasps, "Huh?!", as Taylor hurtles through the air, shouting, "Soaring Darts!" She removes a trio of yellow & white metal feathers from the edge of her Golden Eagle Sword handle, and tosses them at the monster with a mighty 'yah!' All three of these darts stab into Signal Org's body, and instantly ignite into a burst of smokes & sparks, making the creature yelp in agony. Yellow Ranger drops onto the ground, and rushes into battle on foot. Just behind her, is Cole, sticking out like a sore thumb (or red neck, given his clothes). White Ranger turns to him, and with a motion of her arm, encourages, "Go! We can handle this!" As she heads into battle, he starts to do as requested, stepping back a foot or two, but is just too involved with the fight to turn his attention away from it for long. Signal Org sparkily claws into Taylor's chest, knocking her away just as Alyssa approaches, tosses a failed kick, and gets kicked in return, making her chest burst as she staggers off. Cole appears alert and frightened, turning his head to the side. Signal Org boasts, "_I_ don't think so! RED light!" His red face-light is lit up, unleashing a beam of red energy that is discharged toward the defenseless amnesiac. Good news? The four Wild Force Rangers are standing protectively around Cole when the blast hits. Bad news? The explosion is so intense, the fireball spreading so high, that even the four Rangers guarding him can't prevent him from getting hit by some of the blast.

Cole soon topples over next to the fiery heap of heroes at his feet, but sits up quickly to stare at them in concerned shock. With dying flames pocketing the gravel around their weary morphed bodies, the four Wild Force Rangers lie on the ground, unable to muster the strength to do much more than groan in pain. Yellow Ranger is able to demand of the amnesiac, "You've GOT to get OUT of here!" Cole recovers frantically to his feet, pausing in a fierce stance with his arms down and out to his sides, appearing a bit primal, implying he may be getting some of his jungle-life memory back. Black Ranger turns his head to see Cole remaining in the danger zone, and pleads, "Cole, you got to get OUT of here!" White Ranger stresses his helplessness, "There's NOTHING you can DO!" Despite his Swiss-cheesed mind, Cole stands his ground, determinedly declaring, "I CAN'T leave you guys! Something inside tells me I could help too." Blue Ranger refuses to let him risk it, denying, "Well... you CAN'T!" Cole passionately nods, while assuring them, "Somehow, I think I CAN!" Yellow Ranger climbs to her feet, and states persuaded, "Well... _I_ think you can, too!" She heaves something at him, alerting, "Here, CATCH!" Cole snatches the item in the midair, discovering it to be a golden & black cell phone. Taylor immediately informs him, with hand gesturings, "Open it... press a button, and say, 'Wild Access'!" Cole grips the Growl Phone tightly, gazing upon it with some uneasiness, but slowly opens it up, and presses the most prominent button within its keypad section. Rapid beeping erupts, as golden energies flow into the symbol atop the earpiece. Cole holds the Growl Phone to his ear, and holds out his other hand, just as he was shown to do, commanding, "Wild Access!" His morphing sequence is narrowed down to the simply helmet-forming shot, like the others had been.

Standing fully poised, the Red Lion Wild Force Ranger raises his balled fists, feeling the power flowing through his morphed form, and gasping in amazement, "Whoa... I feel so much STRONGer now!" Signal Org approaches, boasting, "YOU'RE still a LIGHT-weight to ME!" Yellow Ranger holds up her Golden Eagle Sword, and urges, "We NEED to comBINE our weapons!" That sword, along with the Bison Axe, Fighting Fins, Tiger Baton, and Lion Fang, form together into the Jungle Sword, as per normal. Signal Org still treads closer, scoffing, "You'll need MORE than THAT!" Red Ranger, unable to recall the fact the Jungle Sword is used in conjunction with the rest of the team, grips the lengthy blade, and charges into battle with his. His four teammates, remaining behind in position to aid in the activation of the sword, are too stunned by his spontaneous mood to do nothing but react with reaching arms that fail to connect with him. Taylor warns, "Cole, you DON'T know how to use that thing!" Red Ranger furiously assures them, "I can HANDLE this!", as he lets loose a ferocious howl and barrels toward the monster with the mighty combined weapon in hand. Signal Org shivers in place, demanding, "Stop! I said STOP!" Cole rushes up to the Org, slashes into him with sparking results, cutting into him a total of three times, with the final strike sending him flying back into the air. Signal Org crashes onto the gravel a yard or two out from under the bridge, falling groanfully on his face. As he struggles to recover, the other four Wild Force Rangers regroup behind their leader again, forming into their usual 'two holding on from each side' stance. Red Ranger stays in place this time, quipping to the creature, "Lights OUT, Signal Org!" Yellow Ranger proclaims, "Let's use the Jungle Sword TOGETHER!" Cole calls out, "Savage Slash!", as the golden gleaming Jungle Sword is encircled against the black backdrop, before being sliced into the air. The expanding golden beam of molten energy pierces through Signal Org's body, freezing him in place for a moment as blue electricity crackles about. Witnessing this from the sidelines, are a frustratedly growling Toxica, and Jindrax, who whines, "Oh, NO, not again!" Signal Org begins to burst with reddish smoke, wailing in agony as he falls onto his back in slow motion, with electricity crackling about and sparks flying. Upon hitting the gravely ground, he disintegrates into a lump of bubbling green goop, sprinkled with... you guess it, blue electricity.

The Wild Force Rangers hoop and holler in a clamor of success and triumph (the Jungle Sword having returned to wherever its parts came from between shots). Red Ranger jumps up and pumps his fist into the air, cheering, "All RIGHT! We DID it!" Suddenly, he pauses, and points to his head, as he enlightenedly admits, "Hey... Wait a minute... I think my MEMORY's starting to come back to me." Alyssa excitedly comments, "Cole, that's GREAT!" Cole claps his hands together, happily confirming, "Yea-heah! I REALLY remember!" Taylor, sounding a little unconvinced, suggests, "Okay... then why don't you tell us who YOU are?" Red Ranger gestures an 'okay' sign with his left hand, and replies, "Ohh... heh, THAT one's easy!" Raising a fist, he proclaims proudly before making a fierce pose, "I'M a Wild Force Power Ranger. Hyah!" Toxica waves her staff from side to side, with Jindrax standing by her side, as she incants, "Evil spirits of toil & strife, give this fallen Org new LIFE! YAAAH!" The five seeds are fired off, they land in the green goop, then grow into spiraling stalks, which then form into the Signal Org, all grown up! Towering over our heroes, the giant Signal Org releases a vicious snarl, and gloats, "The LIGHTS are back on, and you RANGERS are on the spot!" All five of the WF Rangers aim their Crystal Sabers into the air, and command in unison, "Wildzords, descend!" The main five Power Animals race down the spectrum cloud bridge from the Animarium. Pointing Sabers together with the others, Cole looks skyward, and orders, "Wildzords, combine!" In an instant, the Wild Force Megazord (in standard mode), is leaping into the air, posing amid the purple thunderous lightning. Notice, the cockpit of the Megazord appears to lacking the Soul Bird for a change (though we don't see enough of it to be that sure). Why? Because Cole probably FORGOT it! Geddit? Bwahahahaah! Brain damage is funny! I'm proof of... ahem. In the cockpit, Blue Ranger replaces his Shark Crystal with the Giraffe Crystal in his Crystal Saber, and aims it skyward, while summoning, "Giraffezord, attach!" The Giraffe Wildzord snarls, as it begins to transform into the replacement right arm for the Megazord. The Wild Force Megazord, now in Spear Mode, points its Spear Of Pardolis arm into the air, causing a magnificent sparkle. The Megazord then aims the silver-pointed head-hand at the Signal Org, who stands across the city from it, right down the street, howling intimidatingly while trembling in fear. The WF Megazord charges up its Giraffezord arm, fires off the silver pointed head-fist, with a cable trailing behind. The spear rips through the air, creating a wave of fire curving around it. The Spear of Pardolis pierces right through the Org's chest in a blindingly bright burst, with audible feedback. Signal Org yelps in pain as the wound explodes with smoke and scorching flames. The Megazord retracts its spear-hand, and poses with it poised across the chest. Signal Org bursts and crackles some more, before falling over, giving a winded 'ooof!', and exploding massively. The Wild Force Megazord in Spear Mode poses triumphantly under a cloudy blue sky. This win was for all people stuck in traffic, everywhere!

In a dark place, with cobwebs covering the passageway, a creaking steel door is slowly pushed open by the Duke Orgs. Toxica, the main pusher of this door, steps out of the faint light of what appears to be Master Org's throne room, and into the dim light of this dank area. Jindrax is with her, holding her 'Toxsticker' staff in his hands, causing it to shake from his terrified shivering. He worriedly remarks in a whisper, "I-I REALLY don't think we should be doing this!" Toxica sneaks up against the stoney wall, but turns to snatch her staff out of his trembling hands, and softly demands, "Quiet! C'mon." Jindrax is a bit thrown when she yanks the staff out of his possession, yelping, "Whoah!" He's disoriented and afraid so much that he lags behind when she creeps off into the dark room (tearing through the cobwebs with her staff). Jindrax makes dismayed sounds while glancing from left to right to be sure the coast is clear before joining her. Seems this dark doorway leads to another hallway, lit with a few blazing torches spaced out along the wall. The walls are very much non-cavernous, and a look at the ceiling reveals this to quite clearly be part of some run-down building. Org-related statues and artifacts are strewn about, so it's not your average place for sure. While strolling down the hall, Toxica comments, "We have to learn the TRUTH about Master Org." Jindrax follows, arguing like the humble lackey of a megalomaniac tyrant like that he is, "Look, I can SEE the truth: he's our boss, and if we don't do what he says he's gonna deSTROY us!" Toxica halts, and sharply turns around, telling him to his face, "DON'T be so BLIND. Whenever I'm NEAR the Master, I can SMELL human!" Jindrax, who came to a stunned stop when she turned around, disgustedly groans, "Yuck!", at the mention of the h-word. Toxica, holding her left index finger upwards, notes, "AND, I saw him move his HORN once!" A brief flashback to said scene from "Wishes On The Water" plays, showing Master Org fiddling with his forehead appendage as she looked on. Jindrax scoffs at his longtime partner's accusations, claiming, "Maybe it was just your imagination!" Toxica asks curiously, "But what if it WASN'T? What if I'm RIGHT?" He thinks about it for a moment, prompting her to press on further into the hallway. Jindrax regains his composer and rushes off after her, cautioning, "Wait! Don't go down there!"

Toxica briskly heads down a dark stairway, and again he reluctantly follows, listening as she contemplates aloud, "How huMILiating it would be to find out we've been BOWing down to a HUman all this time!" Jindrax quivers with disgust as he remarks, "Yuck. That's not EVEN funny." The stairway leads to a WIDE basement room, filled with all sorts of dusty clutter. Stone totem poles, wooden chests, lit torches, an electric chair, posts with chains and ragged cloth hanging from them... and, 'The Prisoner' fans be on the look-out, there's even a Penny Farthing in the room, too! Toxica journeys across the place, seeking anything that can back up her claims of falsehood. Jindrax hangs back, keeping an eye out for the Master, while dreadfully mentioning, "This place gives me the creeps. Can't we do this some other time?!" Toxica refutes, "No. I KNOW there's got to be SOMEthing around here that PROVES I'm right!" She rushes over to an old but sturdy wooden table, covered in various items (most notably a cleaver-style axe and a rope-winding torture device). Picking up a wrinkled rag, Toxica holds it to her face, takes a few sniffs, and tosses it aside. She rummages through some books, then knocks over a small microscope. Just in front of a small hourglass, she finds a brand spanking new photo album lying amid all the ancient relics. Running her hand across the blank cover, Toxica soon opens it up, discovering a single photograph resting against one the empty pages. She picks it up, and takes a closer look, calling in a near-whisper, "Jindrax! Look at this!" The picture is a perfect condition copy of the same one Cole's been carrying around for the whole series, also the same as the one that appeared in the printed newspaper article. Cole's father, Cole's mother, baby Cole, and the mysterious third man. He's taller than both the other adults, with long black slightly-curly hair down to his shoulders, a dark shirt, and standing with his arms around his back, giving a non-expression in stark contrast the happy husband, wife, and child to his right. Though we already knew this from the flashback in "Soul Searching" where we witnessed this man murdering Cole's parents in the Amazon, Toxica dreadfully gasps, and Jindrax notices the resemblance, announcing, "It's Master Org!!"

Almost on cue, stepping out of a small room beneath the stairway in the back of the room, Master Org appears, giving an angered growl. Hearing this, Jindrax spins around and makes a gasp of fright., Toxica also turns around and gasps sharply once again. Her partner jumps back, and bemoans in fear, "Uh-oh!" Master Org looks considerably enraged, as he marches across the room, using his trident staff like a cane, as usual. The two Duke Orgs move away from the table, ending up facing the Master from across the center of the room. Jindrax stammers terrifiedly as he steps to the side, though Toxica remains totally calm. She does give an offended huff as she holds up the photograph, giving us a 'before' and 'after' look at the mysterious third man in the picture, and the pale-faced overlord he's become. While Jindrax trembles behind her, Toxica proclaims defiantly, "YOU don't frighten ME... HUMAN!" After she throws the photo onto the floor, Master Org wrathfully demands to know, "How DARE you defy me AGAIN!? _I_ am the Master!!" Toxica unequivocally denies, "You're not MY Master!!!", before jabbing her staff forth and firing off a blast of purple lightning at him with a furious grunt. Master Org shields his face with his left arm, but the purple jolts manage to strike the top of his head, knocking his scalp-covering headpiece right off! It falls to the dirt, smoking and crackling with purple electricity. Jindrax notices it, and immediately cries, "WHOA!" Toxica also gasps in shock. The headpiece not only provides a false horn for this man posing as Master Org, but the third eye as well. A closer look at the inside of this scalp-covering decoration reveals a small mechanical device inside, whirring loudly and sparkily malfunctioning from the jolt of energy shot at it. Obviously, this tiny device is what controls the life-like movements of said fake third eye. Also apart of this headpiece is the standard stuff that is worn on the head and matches the rest of MO's robed attire, though the excess fake grey-hair seems to serve no purpose (unless that's his REAL hair, having been torn off when the headpiece was hit... eww!). Toxica gasps yet again, taken aback by this undeniable proof of Master Org's treachery. Jindrax glances from the headpiece to the man himself, cries in disbelief, "No WAY!"

Slowly lowering his arm from the shielding position, Master Org's true upper-head is unveiled, lacking any kind of third eye on his forehead, and no sign of a horn amid the curly mass of uncombed grey hair. He gives a wicked sneer and snickers sinisterly below his breath. Jindrax points out, "You really ARE a human!" Master Org proves he's far more than that, by aiming his trident staff at the pair, and howling viciously. The sphere centerpiece of said staff turns into a green & white conduit of the Master's trademark attack: the swarm of tendril vines! At least five thick, slithering vines are fired from this staff, two for Jindrax and three for Toxica, wrapping around each of them and binding the pair into an inescapable living prison. Both cry out in protest, their rising voices turning into as much an unintelligible tangle as the vines ensnaring them. The vines wrap tighter and tighter around the Dukes, similar to how MO dispensed of Cole's parents so long ago. Rather than letting his vines strangle the life out of the Duke Orgs, Master Org fires his trident staff again, blasting the both of them with a beam of reddish orange energy. It creates a brief but blinding sparkily flash, and when the smoke clears, where once stood the simpering Jindrax & Toxica, there now stands... well, Jindrax & Toxica, but they've gone through a major makeover! First and foremost, they no longer cry out or cower in fear, instead standing tall and ripping the limp vines off of their bodies. Toxica looks essentially the same, though her chest armor is a big bulkier and stretches out along the shoulders. Her face lacks any human characteristics now, save for two glowing yellow eyes. The way her head looks now can only be described as scorpion-like, with her much-taller horn curled forth like a stinger and four curled leg-like things sticking out of the sides of her head. Her voice is also much deeper, soulless, and downright demonic, as she exhales menacingly. Jindrax has gone from whisper-thin to warrior-esque, with his white & purple spandex modified into hefty shoulder & chest armor, considerably mangled and twisted. His face too has gone a change, yellow eyes still glowing, but his face is all monstrous. His head is lacking its yellow-shade, now dark black with a front-curled taller horn (the fin-shaped sides of his noggin remains, as does his blonde hair). Jindrax's voice is also deepened for effect, evident by his seething snarl. Master Org chuckles, pleased with his will-less Duke Orgs. Toxica says with an icy tone, "Massster..." Both she & Jindrax bow deeply, kneeling with utmost respect before him, obediently asking in unison, "How may we SERVE you?" Master Org pulls back his trident, spreads his arms outward, and begins to laugh maniacally, similar to how 'he' did during the destructive fall of the kingdom of Animaria. As his wicked laughter echoes through the room, the malfunctioning headpiece continues to whirr loudly, as the photograph that broke the Master Org's horn (so to speak) lies on the dusty ground close to it.

Elsewhere, in a nondescript cemetery somewhere in Turtle Cove, all five of the Wild Force Activists, along with Princess Shayla, walk somberly through the rows of endless grey tombstones. Cole, wearing his old clothes again (which means he must have dropped by the Johnson Family farm one last time between scenes), walks with his head hanging low, and both hands in his pants' pockets. He's at the center of the group, obviously aware of what that printed article had to say. Princess Shayla keeps a look out for a particular gravesite, and when she spots it, she turns to Cole, taking his arm with gentle support. A series of three tombstones, two large and one small between them, lie at their destination. The six stop upon the lawn, facing these graves in total solemn silence. Cole's face tenses up, eyes welling with tears, as he looks at each of the tombstones. The one of the far left reads, "Richard Evans. Devoted FATHER and scientist. 1948-1982." The smaller one in the middle reads, "Cole Evans. So small, so sweet, so soon. 1981-1982." The final one, on the right, reads, "Elizabeth Evans. Devoted MOTHER and scientist. 1951-1982." Needless to say, Cole's face grows even more emotional. He pulls away from the others, and approaches the trio of empty graves, with Alyssa watching from behind with an empathetic face. He crawls down onto his knees atop his father's symbolic grave, holding his arms loosely like he's lost all hope. Glancing from stone to stone, he sighs heavily, frowning miserably, and eventually begins to say with a breaking voice, "I came all the way down here... to find my parents." Motioning his limp arms at the both of the graves, Cole laments with sadness welling up intensely in his tone, "And all I have left are these cold stones." Alyssa immediately goes over to his side, touching his right shoulder, and telling him in an attempt to ease his tortured and broken spirit, "I'm SORRY, Cole. I KNOW how tough this is for you. But you're NOT alone!" He sighs, lowering his head, before slowly lifting it, and shaking it, as he pitifully states, "I'll never see my parents again." Breaking away from the others, Taylor crouches behind Cole, placing a firm hand on his left shoulder, and optimistically proclaiming, "You DON'T know that fore sure." A bit angered, Cole turns to ask, "What're you TALKing about?!", before reaching into his left vest side pocket, and pulling out the severely wrinkled printed newspaper article, noting, "It says RIGHT here." She points out in turn, "And it says right here YOU died!" Cole looks to what she gestured toward, the smaller tombstone, that of Cole himself. Taylor grips his shoulder, and reminds him, "But, LOOK... YOU'RE alive!" Cole considers it, slowly nodding in enlightenment. She takes his arm and helps him back to his feet, hopefully suggesting, "Maybe your parents got LOST in the jungle, too... like you did." He glances down at the empty graves for a moment, then looks back at his other teammates. Danny, Max, and even Princess Shayla seem to concur with this 'positive thinking' way of looking at the situation. The three of them walk closer to the other three, joining in what looks to be a group hug atop the symbolic resting place of Cole and his parents. Of all the things he's forgotten lately, it seems an unwavering cheery outlook is the one he needed most reminding of.

[Scenes from "The Tornado Spin"; End Credits]

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