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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Never Give Up!"
Original Air Date:2/23/02 Featuring Footage & Most Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #04 - - 2 Futari De Nebagiba!(The Pair That Never Give Up!)

Some Danny/Kendall Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #19 - - Mougyuu, Dakkai!?((The Iron Bison, Quits!?)
*Season 10, bite 4
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1204
*04th episode of PRWF
*422nd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Katie Torpey Director: Terry Withrow
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Sandra McCoy _AS_ Kendall
Aki Aleong _AS_ Old Man
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Richard Cansino _AS_ Jindrax (voice)
Bob Papenbrook _AS_ Bell Org (voice)


[Opening Credits]

Why, if I didn't tell you it was Max & Danny walking along a sidewalk on one of Turtle Cove's main streets in the late afternoon, you'd think it was two other guys wearing color-coded vests with giant animal slogans on the back. Max is mesmerized by an Inquisitor type magazine called the Turtle Cove Gossiper, reading it while he walks. He stares at the centerspread, which has a picture of a Japanese temple, with the headline, "The old Turtle Cove temple is haunted!" Max, managing to avoid crashing into any of the oncoming pedestrians, reads from the magazine, giving a slight scoff, as he claims, "The Turtle Cove Gossiper says that old temple on the edge of town is HAUNTed!" Danny reads over his shoulder, stammering an innocent-minded belief, "A-a-and the Turtle Cove Gossiper is NEVER wrong!" Max suddenly stops in his tracks, causing Danny, who was keeping up just behind him, to bump his feet into the back of Max's shoes, then stagger, nearly falling over until he grabs the back of his buddy's blue vest. Danny adjusts his glasses, as Max proclaims, "I-I bet it's an Org!" He starts walking backwards, urging his pal, "Let's go find out!" Danny worriedly reasons, "But it'll be DARK soon!" Max excitedly notes with a chuckle, "I KNOW! It'll be AWEsome!" Danny's expression turns grim, as he ceases following. Max stops his backwards walking, and slumps his shoulders in frustration. He walks over to Danny, looks his pal in the eyes, and asks with a grin, "You with me?" Danny gives it a little thought, but finally nods and smiles, reluctantly admitting, "YEAH, I'm with you..." To seal their friendly pact, a bit of right-fist bumping is engaged, their gentle pounding of knuckles done in a particular motion. When they end their quick fist-pounding, Danny turns his head, and spots a familiar site nearby. It's a small green flower stand, filled with many different kinds of flowers. Not so much the stand does Danny latch attention to, but to the dark haired young woman, about his age, wearing a purple sweater and jeans. She's strugglingly carrying a large white basket with a bouquet of white carnations & roses, the whole thing about half as big as her. Danny's face lights up, and he softly says her name to himself, "KENdall!" He watches her with a growing smile, as she reaches into her purse, and fumbles around for something. The scene shifts into a speechless flashback, filled only with music. Some time ago, Danny, not wearing his Iron Bison vest, is pruning a plant with some pillars. He slowly turns his head, and watches Kendall, as she arranges some flowers on a counter across the flower-filled room. Kendall puts them all together in a golden vase, with a light pink bow around them. Danny, ever the introvert, quietly watches from afar, admiring her as he remains on a stepladder.

The flashback ends where it began, with Danny's lovelorn smile. He stares at her from afar once again, though this time, Max is there to snap him out of it, by waving his hand in front of his face, and asking, "Danny? DAN! YOU in there!? Dan?!" Kendall resumes rummaging through her purse with one hand, after stopping for a moment. Unfortunately, the large bouquet of flowers nestled in her other arm finally gives way, slipping from her grasp. Everything goes slow-motiony for her, but Danny's moving at normal speed, as he pushes Max aside, never once taken his eyes off of his crush, as he gasps out her name, "Kendall!" Danny races down the sidewalk, now also going a bit slow-motiony. He charges toward a mother pushing her baby in a stroller, causing her to cry out in fright from witnessing the stocky man coming her way. Much to her relief, Danny quickly jumps into the air, and avoids the mother & stroller completely, falling to a safe roll on the opposite side of them. Danny rolls right back to his feet, and dodges around a citizen reading a newspaper and walking at the same time. Without much room to maneuver, and with the flowers somehow falling much slower than the events occurring around them (they must be a chronoton-pollinated brand), Danny hops onto a bench, spins around, and throws his leg high into the air, kicking over the man, who isn't even aware of what's going on. This enables Danny to avoid crashing into him, and he succeeds. Once back on the ground, Danny finally dives across the cement, stretching his arms out and letting loose a grunt. Just before the bouquet can hit the ground, with Kendall helpless to save them from being quite minorly disturbed by a very small drop, Danny falls onto his back, and catches the basket. Max just stares at this, appearing quite baffled by all the dramatics over something non-serious. Danny rises to his feet, holding the large bouquet in front of his face. Kendall swoons, "THANK you. You SAVED me!" She moves the flowers aside, and her savior is revealed to be a very bashful and familiar face. Kendall smiles wide, giggling happily, "Danny?! Is that you?!" He smiles like a goon, trying not to blush. Especially when she remarks, "You look GREAT!" Danny carries the basket over to her van, as she finally gets the keys from her purse, and presses a button, turning off the alarm with a double beep. Kendall wonders, "What've you been doin' the last four months?" Danny, unable to account for two missing months (due to the fact that we heard just two episodes ago that he'd been a Ranger only two months), just modestly plays it off, "Ohh... You know!" Kendall chuckles, and opens the passenger door. Max, still frozen in place by this entire stunning scene, gets to moving when the white van's engine starts up. He's unable to reach them before the van, driven by Kendall with a dazed Danny (still holding the bouquet) accompanying her, zooms away from the business it belongs to, called the "Turtle Cove Florist". Max calls out aloud, "Hey! Where you goin'?! Danny! DANny!" The van is too far out of range, just like Danny's mind, as he totally forgets his friend to follow his Iron Groin... err, heart. Max slumps his shoulders, and defeatedly sighs with sour grapes, "Fine. I'll get the Org on my own!" He scoffs, and heads off to sulk while on the mission they just agreed upon.

Soon, as Danny implied, night has fallen. And beneath a full moon, with the distant howling of a wolf, Max makes his way through the dark forest at the edge of Turtle Cove. An owl hoots amid the darkness, giving Max even more reason to utter trembling breaths. He's quite nervous about being out there, all alone, under the cover of night. Max slowly walks down the road, grasping the Turtle Cove Gossiper, looking all around, and reminding himself fearfully, "There's no such thing as ghosts! There's no such thing as ghosts..." He eventually reaches a clearing in the bushes, and spots the temple, of Japanese design. Crickets chirp loudly, the wolf repeatedly lets out length howls, and the owl keeps phrasing its calls in the form of a question. In keeping with that repetitiveness of the nature sounds, Max's breathing continues to be quite labored, his heart racing with dread. He reaches the front entrance to the temple gardens, and encourages himself with a doubtful sigh of, "You can do this." Max runs his hand along the wooden railing on the side of the ramp walkway to the temple's front door. He takes cautious steps, not moving too fast as a precaution. Unfortunately, for all of his awareness of his surroundings, Max fails to notice a stone vase on the railing, until after his shoulder bumps it. He gasps, "Oh no!", as it falls to the stone floor below, and shatters into many pieces, very loudly. Max sharply turns and looks ahead, witnessing a light come on within the temple. All reason drains from his frightened face, causing Max to try to flee from the sign of life (or afterlife) by running away. His feet get the best of him, and his anxiousness to escape causes him to stumbles against the wooden ramp. Max topples over, and rolls harshly backwards down the ramped bridge (which crosses a small pond surrounding the temple and gardens), landing against the cement ground while losing his hold on his magazine. He rolls off his back, and watches as a silhouette forms upon the illuminated temple door. Max whimpers, "Ohhh, no, i-it's a GHOST!", as he scrambles away without hesitation. I should note that the scenes from next time from last time had a different take of this whole event.

The shadowy figure emerges from the front door, turning out to just be a balding old Asian man in a bathrobe with a cane and a flashlight. He waves the light around, and shouts while beating his cane against the ground, "Who's there?! Whoever's out there, leave my house, NOW! Now!" A dog barks viciously from within the temple, obviously not a very good guard. The old man walks hunched over, leaning against his cane as he returns to within his dwelling, having scared off the intruder. The moment he turns his lights off, a shimmering warp of purple energy & yellow lightning forms at the base of the ramped bridge. It's a green, two-horned, glowing yellow single-eyed Japanese temple bell Org, named aptly, Bell Org. He's got a wooden frame over his head, and woodish arms & legs, plus a wooden mallet in his hand. The moment Bell Org pops out of that teleportation warp and lands on the ground, a subtle chime of a bell can be heard (by us, at least, since the Old Man doesn't hear it). He glances down with a grunt, and bends to pick up the copy of the Turtle Cove Gossiper that Max dropped. Bell Org reads the cover, and scoffs with a raspy & echo-y voice, "Ghosts?! HAhahahaHAAAA!" The following morning, at the temple ruins within the jungles of the floating island known as the Animarium, Alyssa is wrapping Max's forehead with a white bandage. He fidgets a bit, prompting her to urge, "Try and stay STILL, Max!" His head wounded from his tumble, Max sits anxiously, claiming, "T-there was an Org there... I-I FELT it!" Alyssa wraps the bandage around his afro'ed head, giving a small nod and bit of a frowning expression as if uninterestedly believing him. Cole, standing beside them and holding the medical supplies in hand, smirks at his ramblings, asking, "Are you scared of the DARK, Max?" He glances over to Taylor, who sits on the wooden chair beside the lion statue, reading a magazine in her lap, and unpeeling a banana. She looks back at Cole with an equal smirk of amusement & disbelief. Max proclaims, "I'm not afraid of ANYthing..." Alyssa secures the bandage to his head by pressing her right index finger against it on each of the sides, soon pressing against the exact spot of his main injury. Max lets out an agonized grunt of, "OUCH!" Alyssa calms him, pleading for his sake, "HOLD still! Stop squirming!" Cole watches the two with humored glances.

Stepping onto the main temple floor with leopard spotted slippers, yellow mushroom-dotted pajama pants, a red shirt with the words "Hot Stuff" on the chest, and a nightcap matching his pants, is Danny! He comes in from the path beside the lion statue, clutching his pillow tightly, and a small beige teddy bear, as well. Despite having woken from sleep, he walks around as if in a dream, staring into the sky with a wide grin. He walks past Taylor, and without even looking at her, he takes her unpeeled banana from her raised hand. She does a double take when she notices it missing, quickly spotting the lovesick culprit and shouting, "HEY!" Danny looks at the uneaten banana, and realizes it's not his, apologetically handing it back to her, claiming, "Sorry!" Taylor gets out of her chair and stares at him with a confused expression as to the source of his odd attitude. Danny glances over at the head-wound dressing session nearby, and gasps, "Max! What HAPpened!?" Max just sits there as Alyssa wraps more of the gauze around his skull, looking more hurt by his best friend's abandonment than by the injury currently being treated. He sulkingly looks away, refusing to answer. Taylor reclaims her banana, and sits back down, stating with a sadistic smirk, "The kid was searching for ghosts... Got scared... and fell on his face." The romantical music that had been playing since Danny walked in suddenly comes to a literal screeching halt, like a record being scratched. Danny's mouth drops upon hearing this, as does his pillow, as he shuffles over to his partner's side, lovingly offering, "Max! I forgot! Here! I'LL bandage you up!" He hands Max his teddy bear, and takes over Alyssa's job of wrapping the gauze around his head. Fed up and furious, Max throws his arms in the air, knocking the medical tray out of Cole's hand, and pushing Danny aside. He stands, storming forward, slapping the dangling bandage out of his face, and declaring in a tantrum, "I WASN'T scared! And I'm NOT a kid!" He looks at the teddy bear, and pitches it angrily at Danny, who shields his face, causing the harmless bear to bounce off his arm. Max hastily rips the long strip of bandage off of his head, taking the small patch off as well, exposing his throbbing red forehead bruise for all of us to see. His voice falters a bit, as if he's ready to cry, "If you'd have BEEN there like you SHOULD have, then they'd all believe me about the Org BEING there!!" Danny slowly approaches him, with a face filled with remorse and regret. Alyssa & Cole exchange glances, as Max races off, leaving Danny standing with open arms, calling out his pal's name in concern. Check out a VERY different version of this scene on last episode's scenes from next time!

Soon, Max is wandering around the park, somewhere in Turtle Cove. He whips a long loose stick against the grass & leafs as he casually mopes about. Danny, now in his Wild Force uniform, appears at the other side of the park, watching his pal swat at branches with his stick, over other people frolicking with Frisbees and such in the lower foreground. He's a bit upset & unsettled, able to tell that his abandoning of Max has caused him considerable turmoil. Danny looks away for a moment, and lingers no longer. He journeys over to the other side of the park, and attempts to apologize to Max upon encountering him. Max locks eyes with him, but quickly turns and heads in a different direction, continuing to whip his stick in front of him, as if cutting the grass in a very ineffective manner. Danny follows, arms out, pleading, "Hey, I'm SORRY about last night!" Max snaps, "Let me alone!" Danny argues his case, "I was CRAZY about her before I became a Ranger! I just NEVER had the courage to TELL her!" Max crosses the park, soon walking on the side of the road, lamenting, "Well, I thought I could COUNT on you, man." Danny promises, "You CAN count on me!" Just then, that familiar white Turtle Cove Florist van pulls up beside them both, with Kendall driving. She calls out, "Danny?", giving a big smile and joyful restrained giggle. The instant Danny spots her, he too begins to smile, his attention shifting to her and only to her, as he continues to walk along. Max pauses, and glares at them both. Kendall drives slowly, keeping up with Danny, as she gushes, "I thought that was you! Thanks for helping me with the flowers yesterday." Danny replies both modestly and chivalrously, "Ohh, sure. Anytime! Do you need any help today?!" Kendall denies, "Noooo, I'm just making a quick delivery nearby." Just when Danny somberly sighs, "Ohh," his lack of paying attention to his path of walking pays off in a painful way, as he crashes right into a green garbage can set on the side of the road. Max watches, but fails to laugh at the obviously embarrassing sight, still resentful by their relationship. Danny recovers quickly, causing Kendall to park, and ask worriedly, "Are you okay?!" He nods, and exhales, "Ah, yeah..." Danny turns and looks to Max, seeing him closing his eyes and shaking his head, as he heads back off across the park. With matters more important pressing, Danny nervously informs his crush, "L-listen, I-I have to go find my friend. Can I talk to you later? I want to tell you something!" Kendall smiles, and confirms, "Sure. Come by the shop." He smiles, but somehow manages to pull himself away from her enough that he's able to chase off after Max.

At the old Japanese temple on the edge of town, the Bell Org has returned to beat himself on the head with his wooden mallet. The repeated sounds of loud gonging echoes throughout the woods, soundwaves shaking the place up considerably. The old man comes out of his home once more, now wearing overalls like a farmer. He walks down the ramp, cane in hand, confusedly heading to the source of the awfully loud noise. The Bell Org continues to bonk himself on the head, standing in the worshipping section of the temple where there's already a bell hanging high. The closer to the source the old man gets, the more he has to cover his poor ailing ears. He rests against the wooden railing, and after taking enough auditory agony, he starts to shake his fist and cane in the air in grunting protest, before resuming his trip toward the noise. Bell Org finally ceases bonking himself, and turns to see the approaching human, letting out a snarl like an evil Kool-Aid Man, "Ungh, YEAH!" The old man wanders down the lane, glancing about, until he looks upward and notices the Org atop the wooden worshipping area. The green bell monster starts conking himself on the head again, this time sending out shockwaves in the old man's vicinity, causing the frail human to cry out as he's bombarded with noise pollution, loses hold of his cane, and is hurtled off his feet. Bell Org halts the gonging, and motions his hand, calling for, "BELL Trapper!" A large green temple bell warps into existence up in the air, crashing down atop the old man as he lays on the ground. He fits perfectly within the bell, grasping the inner sides and moaning aloud with his eyes widened. The Bell Org hops down from the worshipping area, and rushes over to the newly formed bell, asking, "HEY! How 'bout a big bang?!" He swings his clown hammer back, and impacts into the metal bell, causing the groaning old man within to cover his ears as every molecule in his body vibrates violently. Bell Org comments with a chuckle, "It's OUT with the old, RING in the new! HaHA!" He wipes his hand across the screen, causing the trapper bell to vanish from existence again. The old man, free of his blaring prison, lets out frightened little squeals, as he scampers to his feet in pure fear, fleeing as fast he can, without the help of his cane.

Bell Org blinks, and goads, "That's right, RUN! This is MY place now. Haha!" Jindrax's voice calls out, "BELL Org!" Said Org turns, and witnesses both Jindrax & Toxica walking up from behind the bell up on the worshipping area. Jindrax urges with raspy gusto, "Come HERE! I want to TALK to you." Bell Org joins them, wondering, "WHO are YOU?! Oooh, why, I..." When he gets closer to them, he spots their prominent unicorned heads, and gasps with whining groveling, "One horn?! ForGIVE me! You must be DUKE Orgs! What do you want from ME?!" Toxica walks around him, and temptingly remarks, "You seem to have quite a... TALENT, for scaring humans away. I LIKE that in an Org." Bell Org waves his hammer around, boasting excitedly, "I can destroy anyONE or anyTHING!" Jindrax motions his arms, while explaining, "Very GOOD. WE represent Master Org, and if YOU were to help us deSTROY the Power Rangers, he MAY consider you worthy of a proMOtion." Toxica raises her brow at the Bell Org, until he cheers, "Ooh, maybe he'll make me a Duke Org like YOU!", which causes her to roll her eyes in disgust. Bell Org proclaims, "It's a DEAL!" He then bangs himself on the head with his mallet once, more, sending out a loud gonging sound. Jindrax plugs his ears, and grunts in discomfort. Meanwhile, at the Animarium's temple ruins, Cole sits up in his tree, staring longingly at the picture of his family. He looks away only when Danny appears, walking in solo. He heads over to the main temple floor, where Taylor & Alyssa are conversing. They turn to Danny when he approaches, with Taylor asking, "Where's Max?" Danny acts ashamed, turning away from them as he admits, "He RAN off. He didn't want to be around me." Taylor & Alyssa give expressions of sympathetic dismay.

Elsewhere, Max is alone again in the woods around the temple gardens, snooping about. He looks from side to side, and strolls down a hill, suddenly slipping on some leafs. Max falls flat on his butt with a grunt, but quickly gets back up and dusts his pants off as best he can without diverting from his mission. He rests against a tree, and whisperingly vows to himself, "I'll show 'em I'm not a kid..." Just then, his Growl Phone begins to ring. He pulls it out of his pocket, and opens it up. Inside, the upper inner faceplate is displaying Danny's yellow & black bison symbol, with the word "Gao Black" appearing in the pink area, and a flashing number 2 below it. The light ringing continues, but Max just scoffs to himself, grousing, "Leave me alone, Danny." He presses a button, as to ignore the call, then snaps his Growl Phone closed again. While he's distracted doing this, the sound of retching & puking catches his ear. He looks forth, and spots a gang of Putrids hopping about on the stepway before him, surrounding the Bell Org. The Org mockingly remarks, "What do we have HERE?! A little KID, lost in the forest!" Again, if you watch last episode's scenes from next time, you'll see another unused take from this scene. Max whips his Growl Phone out and open, and hits the button, activating, "Wild Access!" It surges with greenish energy, and a first for the season, his morphing sequence is truncated just to his shattering helmetless appearance within the green tunnel. Emerging morphed as the Blue Shark Wild Force Power Ranger, Max leaps into the air, and with mighty kiyaahing, repeatedly kicks downward with each of his legs. Each of the Putrids he hits directly falls without any protest, and just as quickly as it began, every one of the muck drones lie on the ground unconscious. Blue Ranger turns toward the Bell Org, and confidently mentions, "I'm NOT a little kid. Just ask your friends here!" Bell Org motions his hand with a remark of, "Then let's stop KIDding around! BELL Trapper!" The large green bell materializes in the air, causing Blue Ranger to look up and wonder, "Huh!?", as it swiftly descends atop him. Trapped within the tall, wide, and heavy metal bell, Max muffledly screams, "HELLLP!" He darts his head around, wondering, "What's going on?! What IS this?!" Bell Org walks over, readies his mallet, and quips, "Time to ring your bell! HAH!" He slams his hammer into the side of the bell, causing the entire thing to sound deafeningly with a flash of sparks on the outside. On the inside, Blue Ranger is bombarded with bluish electricity, which crackles all around him from the loud noise echoing through his morphed body. Max clenches his ears and doubles over, crying out. The gonging sound doesn't last long, nor does Max, as he see his gold & black Growl Phone drop onto the dirt, a sign that he's demorphed reluctantly.

Up on the Animarium, Princess Shayla sits on the side of the viewing pond, running her hand lazily through the sacred waters. Suddenly, the puddle bubbles over, fountaining an alert of an Org attack. Shayla stands up, avoiding getting her white dress wet. She stares into the pond, and notes, "It's an Org!" Cole, sleeping on the back of the lion statue, awakens quickly, lifting his head at first, then rushing off the statue. He passes around a stone picnic table (where did THAT come from!?), placed in the center of the temple floor, which is holding some of Alyssa's schoolbooks. She gets up off the table, and joins Taylor near the viewing pond, with Cole the last to reach it. Princess Shayla bends over to get a closer look, and realizes, "It's at the old temple... where Max was last night!" Danny comes in from one of the back paths, hearing this along with the rest of the team. Alyssa laments, "We didn't believe him!" They all turn to Danny, who worriedly explains, "He-He's gone back there to fight the Org on his own." Cole flexes his fist, and urges, "Let's GO!" His three teammates follow along, racing to the exit, leaving Shayla behind to concernly await the outcome. Soon, the four Wild Force Activists scour the park where Max was the last seen. Taylor leads the way, with Alyssa behind her, and Cole far behind her. They keep their eyes peeled for any sign. When they pass through some branches, the scene shifts to a little farther into the woods, with Danny now back with them, walking beside Cole, and regretting, "I let him DOWN!" Cole adds, "We're at fault, too! We SHOULDN'T have given him such a hard time." Taylor & Alyssa, having come up short in finding Max, stop walking, shrugging their arms in defeat. Danny walks around them (holding his Growl Phone in hand), and turns to the three, stressing, "But _I_ shouldn't have deserted him!"

A flashback forms in the background behind Danny's face, as he states, "You don't understand! If it wasn't for Max, I wouldn't be here today!" The scene is some time ago, before Cole joined, when it was just the four of them taking on the Turbine Org. Seems the four Wild Force Rangers had been after that one Org for a lot longer than we saw on the show, as this scene takes place during the daytime. Turbine Org races along the roof of a building in the city, with Yellow, White, Blue, and Black Rangers following (in that order). As they gain on him, the Org eventually leaps off the side of the building, using his engine thrusters to make the narrow jump between roofs. Danny narrates, "The Org jumped from one building to another, everyone followed the Org but me." Indeed, the other three leap casually with superhuman launching, save for Black, who lingers behind, peeking over the side. He sees just the cemented ground multiple stories below, and his agoraphobia takes over for any sort of logic (including how his morphed body could more than likely survive the fall). The Black Bison Ranger shakes his head, and shifts his black boots back away from the edge of the roof, refusing to attempt the leap. The flashback fades for but a moment, showing Danny telling the gang this tale, saying emotionally, "I was SCARED! I had been afraid of heights my whole life." The flashback resumes, with Yellow & White following after the Turbine Org, as Blue Ranger remains behind the metal railing of the adjacent rooftop. He turns and spots Black still on the other building, hesitating. Max encouragingly points out, "Come ON, Danny! The Org's getting' away!" Black Ranger steps back as far as he can, getting enough running room. He then pumps his fists, and lets out a howl, before charging forward. He makes the leap, but in his reluctance and fear, Danny is unable to clear the space completely. He lands against the side of the building, his arms reaching out as he begins to slide down the wall. Luckily, the Blue Shark Ranger is there, barely able to snatch his arm, as he cries out Danny's name, while Danny shouts out in protest of his becoming a pavement pizza. Max promises, "I got you!", as Danny continues to dangling over the side, only the grip of one hand on one arm preventing him from going splat. Black Bison Ranger whines, "I-I can't hold on!" Blue Shark Ranger holds tight, pleading, "DON'T let go! NEVER give up!" Danny likes the sound of it, nodding and echoing with relief, "Never give up, yeah!" Max urges, "You can DO it, Danny! I-I KNOW you can! HANG on!" Black Ranger vows, "I'll NEVER give up!" He reaches up and clenches his hand to Max's wrist, trying harder to pull himself to safety than before, adding, "NEVER!" Max repeats their encouraging mantra, "C'mon! NEVER give up!" He reaches down and adds his other hand to the mix, pulling Danny's left arm up with added strength. Once high enough, Danny grabs the edge of the building, and aids his partner in lifting him. Once on solid ground, both safely on the roof, they collapse to their knees, each catching their breath. Black Ranger turns to Blue, and despite their face-less helmets being on, you can tell friendship and respect was gained at that moment.

The flashback ends, with Danny stating, "That day, he saved my life! And we've been best friends ever since! I OWE him my life." He walks on through the park, until Cole comes up to the tall & somber fellow, comfortingly addressing, "We'll FIND him. I promise." He gives Danny a pat on the arm, with Alyssa & Taylor both giving gentle smiles and nods of encouragement. They continue walking together, Taylor adding her own pat to Danny's back. Soon, they reach the temple gardens, passing through the greenery. As they approach the forest path, Cole, Danny, & Taylor each call out Max's name. That's when Danny spots the opened Growl Phone lying on the ground (despite having been closed when it fell to the dirt a little while ago, it's now open and lying on leafy soil) just ahead. He pauses for a moment, then races toward it, scooping it up in his hand, and staring at the Growl Phone dreadfully. Danny looks at each of his teammates, their worried expressions echoing his. Without delay, they continue rushing to the temple, slightly quickly this time around, though it appears as though they're already too late.

The four Wild Force Activists round the path through the gardens, and reach the old Turtle Cove temple at last. They're not alone, discovering Toxica & Jindrax hanging out on the front porch with a gaggle of Putrids. Danny's leading the team, and when he stops, they stop (Cole nearly trips he stops so fast). He shouts to the Duke Orgs, asking, "HEY! What have you done to Max?!" Jindrax folds his arms cockily, the Putrids head-pattingly hop around, and Toxica gloats wickedly, "Hahaha! Oh, BLACK Ranger. If we TOLD you, then it wouldn't be a surPRISE!" She raises her staff, bracing herself against it, aiming it forward with a fierce, "YAH!" All four of our heroes pull out their Growl Phones, and activate in harmony, "Wild Access!" Their full morphing sequences play in a four-grid screen: White (upper left), Red (upper right), Black (bottom left), and Yellow (bottom right). The White Tiger Wild Force Power Ranger is the first to emerge fully morphed, leaping into the forest air with her hands held out like claws, hiyaahing. She lands with a bodyflipping maneuver, which enables her to avoid a group of Putrids passing by her. When Alyssa comes to a stop, one Putrid gets bold enough to attack by swiping his battleaxe in the air. White Ranger blocks it, and grabs his neck, pinning the muck drone down on the ground. She doesn't get to inflict any more damage on him, because the moment she lifts her helmeted head, Toxica's staff jabs forth, hitting her in the face! Alyssa is knocked back, rolling down the grassy hill, before recovering from the sneak attack. The Putrids all hide behind Toxica, as she lowers her staff, puts a hand on her hip, and mocks, "HOW cute. The Power Rangers, have a little GIRL on their team!" Alyssa, despite her usual chipper demeanor, gets defensive, by pointing out with her golden-clawed fingers, "Ohh YEAH? Well it looks like the ORGS have a wrinkled old grandma on THEIRS!" Toxica's veiled face displays considerable offense, as she attempts to correct her, "You mean... Older sister, DON'T you?!" She glares at the White Ranger, and storms forth with a yelp of anger.

With the tall temple poking up through the trees in the background, Jindrax is engaging the Yellow Eagle Wild Force Power Ranger in combat. He jabs into her with his jagged saber, but Taylor grabs it with both arms, and attempts to strike back at him with her Golden Eagle Sword. Jindrax blocks it in kind, and the two of them end up locked arm-in-arm. Staring each other, face to helmeted face, Taylor quips, "I've never seen a CLOWN with a sword before!" Jindrax offers viciously, "Allow me to show you why they call me the MASTER of BLADES!" They both break free from each other with strained grunts, hopping back and getting reorganized with their weapons. Jindrax yelps out, and leaps into the air, prompting the Yellow Ranger to copy his movements. They pass each other, swords drawn, each slicing to their respective left. Jindrax proves his point, literally, by slashing into Taylor's chest with sparks bursting as a result. Elsewhere in the woods, the pack of Putrids take on the Red Lion Wild Force Power Ranger. Cole jumps up, hiyaahs, and dives into a Putrid, taking the muck drone down with a tossing roll. Red Ranger gets back on his feet, hands at the ready, and swiftly ducks under a passing Putrid's battleaxe swipe. The Putrid pauses and tries to bash him again with the spiked club, but Cole just blocks it, then has to block the bare-handed attack by yet another Putrid. He does so with his forearm, allowing the muck drone to reach around and grab the rest of his arm. Red Ranger is flipped completely over by the Putrid, but being quick enough, Cole is able to keep hold of the muck drone's hand, so that when he lands on his feet, he can toss his leg into the Putrid's chest before it can move away. The Putrid is punted into the air, and thanks to the other Putrids all keeping clumped together as a group, the flying slimeball slams into a whole gang of them at once, taking them down like bowling pins.

Battling in the valley below some cliffs, the Black Bison Wild Force Power Ranger scuffles with the Bell Org. Danny is held by the throat, and is being drug around on his feet by the bulky Org. Pretty soon, the Org punches the Black Ranger in the head, so hard that it sets off his body with a loud clang. Danny staggers back, sparking and clutching his helmeted head. With the Ranger dazed, Bell Org slams his mallet into himself a few more times, sending the deafening ringing echoing into Danny some more, before turning the clown hammer on him. Black Ranger is thrown across the dirt & mud-filled quarry by this blow, with a piercing groan. He shakes it off, and slowly tries returning to a standing position, commenting to himself, "That bell is so LOUD..." Bell Org beats on himself some more, the gonging keeping Danny off-balance enough to prevent his recovery. Black Ranger clenches his head, and struggles to his feet, shouting, "What did you do to the Blue Ranger!?" Bell Org pauses from his gonging, and paces about, explaining with maniacal smugness, "You mean that DING-a-ling little KID!? He RANG me the wrong way, so I decided to TRAP him, in my BELL up on the hill!" Danny glances skyward, spotting the large green bell situated atop the cliff. He vows at the top of his lungs, "MAX! Don't WORRY! I'll get you outta there!" Danny then looks at the Bell Org, who gestures his hands, as if just waiting for him to make the first move. Cupping his hands to allow his words to travel better, Black Ranger screams, "MAAAX! Hold ON!!" Within the big bell, Max is unconscious. His buddy's loud voice echoes into the dark hollowed structure, saying muffledly, "Max! Hold on, buddy!" The noise causes Max to slowly open his eyes, saying Danny's name weakly. He's demorphed, obviously, and sitting against the wall. Max's voice grows, as his eyes squint and his teeth grimace in agony, softly begging, "Never give up... Danny..." The Black Bison Ranger snatches the Bell Org by his twin horns, then hoists the beast up into the air! Bell Org yelps, as Danny spins around with the creature held high over his shoulders, and soon letting go, sending Belly hurtling onto the gravel harshly.

Black Ranger glances up at his destination, the green bell atop the cliff. He shouts out Max's name once more, then repeats the mantra to himself over and over, "Never give up... NEVER, GIVE, UP...", as he starts to climb the rocky hillside on his hands and knees. Inside the trapper bell, Max is partially unconscious, as silent flashback visions begin to hover around his head: walking through the street together while reading the Turtle Cove Gossiper; Max happily asking Danny if he's with him; the two young men pounding fists. Max apologizes softly, starting to blubber with tears in the middle, "I'm sorry I ran away, Danny. You're the BEST friend I ever had! Forgive me..." Down below, Bell Org recovers, and targets the hill-climbing Black Ranger, uttering, "OH no, you DON'T!" He activates a blow so powerful it has its own name, "BELL Banger Wave!" The Bell Org hits himself on the head three times in a row, the ringing sounds aloud, and soon turns into light-blue rings of powerful energy. These bell banged waves zap in Danny's direction, smashing into, not only the hillside, thus kicking up a lot of dirt, but into his body as well. The Black Ranger cries out, as his body bursts with sparks, and flips over completely. The shot is repeated from various angles just in case you missed it. At various locations throughout, the other Wild Force Rangers become aware of their teammate's plight. White Ranger grabs Toxica's staff, turns, and calls out Danny's name in concern. Yellow Ranger is locking blades with Jindrax some more, but is able to look skyward, wondering, "Huh!?" Red Ranger still has quite a few more Putrids to clean up, and as he blocks the club of one, he looks up, and goes, "Oh no, Danny!" The Black Bison Ranger rolls uncontrollably down the steep and jagged hillside, until he finally latches onto a chunk of clumped soil. He reaches up and grabs the higher ground with both hands, pulling himself up, and gruntingly proclaiming, "Never... give... up!" He stands up once more, and calls toward the big bell, claiming in his Spanish accent, "Max! We can DO it!" Max is finally fully awake, as he screams as loud as he can, "DAN-NY!!!" Danny replies, "MAX!" The screen is suddenly sliced by twin face-shots of the two, each exclaiming in unison, "NEVER GIVE UUUUUUUP!!!!" The two screen-slices begin to swirl around into a flaming circle, before shrinking out of sight with a flash of light, with explodes into a blaze. Racing out of the fires of relentlessness, are the Blue Shark & Black Bison Wildzords!

As the Black Bison roars and charges into the screen with flashing yellow eyes, the yellow eyes atop Danny's black helmeted head also flash. Given a Power Animal recharge, the Black Ranger shouts, "Here I come! Maaaax!", as he launches himself off of the hillside, zooming through the air without touching the ground. Bell Org protests, "Oh no! STOP!" As Danny clears the cliff, he whips out his Black Bison Axe, and finishes his mighty leap with a sharp slice into the green trapper bell. The metal bell-prisoner chimes, as searing energy chops through it, sending the unnatural bell halves flying skyward. Max is left sitting on the ground, but drops onto his back when the wall he'd been laying against is rocketed away. The bell tolls one final time, and I guess you could say it tolls for him. So, Max falls over, clutching his chest and groaning aloud, before dropping limp, appearing lifeless. Black Ranger rushes to his side, holding his torso up, and repeatedly begging vigorously, "Max!? MAX! TALK to me! Are you okay?! Max, TALK to me! SAY something!" Slowly, but surely, the bruised and bell-bashed boy in blue stirs to life, half-opening his eyes, and playfully saying with a groggy voice, "WHY are you yelling in my ear?" Max smiles faintly, and lets out a few feeble chuckles, as he lifts his fist. Danny is relieved to see him okay, "Alright. Y-you didn't give up!" Max confirms, "Course not." The Black Ranger balls his gloved hand into a fist, and holds it beneath Max's. He bumps down on the top of Danny's fist, then up toward the bottom, before the two both bop knuckles, finishing the gesture by twisting their fists sidewards, as if unlocking keys, then quickly breaking apart. Max, eyes opened a little more, smiles with renewed strength at his best buddy. The other three Wild Force Rangers finally make the scene together, racing up to their teammates' sides as Danny helps Max to his feet. He still needs some aid in standing, to which the Yellow Ranger assists with, as she asks concerned, "Max, are you okay?!" Max grasps his chest, and confirms strainedly, "Uh-huh." The Bell Org pops up just ahead of them, yelling with his echo-y voice, "HAHAAAAH! I'M not through YET!" Taylor asks her injured teammate, "Max... Do you think you can morph?" Max stands upright on his own, letting go of both her and Danny, as he displays an expression of confidence, stating maturely, "Of course. I'm not a kid." He glares at the Org, when Black Ranger suddenly hands him his Growl Phone, urging, "HERE you go." Max looks at Danny, who nods in reassurance. He takes the Growl Phone (which, thanks to using the American toy, has a red lion head on it instead of the blue shark), nods in return, and marches out to face his captor, with Danny adding, "GO for it!"

Bell Org waves his mallet in the air, and gleefully bounds, "YEAH! Gaah!" Max snaps open his Growl Phone, it gives a gentle beep. He then holds it up by his head, and his fingers turn a much paler shade than usual as he presses the large button on the keypad, sending a surge of glowing energy into the interface. Max calls out, "Wild Access!", then holds the phone to his ear while holding out his left hand. The theme song plays, and Max's morphing sequence plays from the start, though stopping once he appears morphed but helmetless within the green tunnel. Forgoing the usual introductions, the Blue Shark Wild Force Ranger simply clutches his yellow chest emblem, and motions his arm outward from there, while proclaiming, "GUARDians of the Earth... United, we ROAR!" Bell Org shows no fear, simply taunting, "COME on!" Max shouts, "Let's DO it!", and with him in the front center, all five Rangers leap and pose together, proclaiming in unison, "Power Rangers Wild Force! YAH!" Bell Org summons an old trick, "BELL Banger Wave! DeSTROY them!" He begins to pound his hammer into his head, and after the third successive hit, a set of blue energy-rings ripple outward. They crash around our heroes, not only engulfing the Rangers in bursts of dirt, but knocking them off of their feet. Blue & Black Rangers are prepared enough, and roll to safety. Max now has his twin Blue Shark Fighting Fins out, one in each hand. The pair brace for action together, with Danny suggesting quickly, "Max! Shark Shooter!" Blue Ranger responds eagerly, "I'M ready!" His feet launch him into the air, and with his body erectly horizontal (much like a shark), he hovers into Black Ranger's arms, held on Danny's shoulder like a cannon. Danny pulls back, and then releases Max with a heaving grunt. Blue Ranger, Fighting Finned arms held outward soars toward the Bell Org across the valley. The monster remarks, "Oh YEAH?!", and begins to beat himself on the head with the hammer again. The blue rings of power bang forth, crashing into the ground all along Max's flight path. The bursting flames fail to flay this sea-dwelling Ranger, as Max zooms through the air, as explosions rip through the ground around him. Blue Ranger comes in for a landing with a flip, and a chop of his Fins into the Org's mallet! The long wooden hammer is sliced in two, worthlessly dropping to the ground. Bell Org stomps and mourns, "NOW how am I gonna bang my bell?!"

Black Ranger rushes up, and offers, "Let US give you a hand!" Blue Ranger backflips over, and spreads his legs outward when he goes to land on his stomach. Danny grabs Max's opened legs, as if about to making him a human wheelbarrow. Instead, he announces, "Here goes!", grips his ankles, and starts to spin around in a tight circle. Blue Ranger continues to hold his Fighting Fins outward, as he's spun around rapidly, the increasing speed of the whirling around causing dirt to rise in the updraft. Black Ranger spins closer to the Bell Org, who gets repeatedly slashed in the face by Max's bladed weapons with each quick rotation. Slice, dice, and frappe, the Bell Org's metal body doesn't gain a scratch, but does spark and burst considerably. He finally falls back, groaning in agony from the helicoptering assault. All five Wild Force Rangers stand together, whipping out their Jungle Weapons, and calling out their animal names. The weapons are locked together, forming the good old Jungle Sword, to which Red Ranger names aloud, as he wields the heighty blade with his teammates gathered behind him. Bell Org, back on his feet, the spot above his prominent eye still smoking, wonders scoffingly, "What's THAT supposed to do?!" Cole steps forward to brace the attack, and replies, "THIS! Savage Slash!" He crosses the Jungle Sword around in a circle, as it glows golden, giving a howling cry as he slices the blade forth. The gold beam of energy shears through the Bell Org, freezing him in place for a moment as his body crackles with blue electricity. The Wild Force Rangers break apart their weapons and pose with kiyaahs, Blue & Black getting focused upon mostly. Bell Org begins to burst with sparks, and where those sparks burst out from, he springs leaks of toxic foam. The Rangers do their usual about face leap, as the Bell Org explodes massively, without even falling over. When the raging fires fade, the remnants of the Org are but a clumpy pile of greenish white pus, crackling with electricity. Toxica hurries out of the woods, and gives a grunt of frustration when she sees our heroes standing successful. She waves her long wand-like staff in the air, and incants, "Evil spirits of TOIL and strife, give this fallen Org new LIFE! YAH!" Toxica jabs the staff forward, and fires five seeds, which land in the foamy remains of Bell Org, then sprout into green stalks, which grow skyward, and form into the Bell Org reborn all gianty with his mallet repaired and laughing maniacally.

The Wild Force Rangers reply in kind, unsheathing their Crystal Sabers, motioning them into the air, and summoning, "WILDzords, descend!", all simultaneously. The Sabers let out that ear-splitting little ditty, which sends poor Red Lion into an uproar. The Wildzords leap off of the Animarium together, attempting group suicide to avoid hearing that sound again, but instead they're whisked along toward the Earth on a bridge of light, opting instead to shut that darned noise off by munching on every Crystal Saber they can find. The five Wildzords land in the mountainous desert-like area, and charge toward the section they were summoned to. The Rangers quickly gather in a circle, and aim their Crystal Sabers centerward, activating, "Wildzords, COMBINE!" Cole looks up and yelps, "All RIGHT, Lion!" The Red Lion roars, eyes flashing, followed by the other Power Animals doing the same. They all come together as per usual, locking on in their usual fashion. Red Ranger proclaims, "Let's DO it!", and leads the team into a session of jumping up and merging into the Red Lion's forehead. Once within the cerebral cockpit, Cole places his Crystal Saber in the slot, and calls for, "Wild Force Megazord!" All of their slotted Sabers begin to shimmer with energy, causing the combined Wildzords to complete the transformation, shifting around into the Wild Force Megazord. Right off the bat, the right Blue Shark fist is thrown in the Surging Shark maneuver. It hits Bell Org in his metal chest, making him spark, but not budge an inch, only giggle. The left White Tiger arm is thrown in the Tiger Fury maneuver. It punches into his head, again with the sparks, and again with the giggles, as he remarks, "Haha! Oh, that TICKLES!" The Wild Force Megazord steps backwards, as if shocked by the fact that the usually effective attacks were of no use. With the temple in the foreground for a moment, Bell Org quips, "Now, let me make this as clear as a BELL!" He cries out, "Bell Banger Wave!", and with only one mallet-smash to the noggin, the Org fires a streaming flash of bluish energy. It slams into the Megazord, causing it to burst with sparks, and the standing Rangers within to be shaken about. They manage to keep on their feet, but the Megazord isn't so lucky, as it topples onto its stomach.

Bell Org tauntingly swings his hammer around in the air, as he mocks, "Last one standing at the final bell is the winner! Yahahah Ahahahah!!" He marches slowly toward the downed Wild Force Megazord, which lacks strength to recover at the moment, but does succeed in rolling onto its back, resting against a mountain. In the cerebral cockpit, White Ranger panicklingly squeals, "Oh no, he's COMING! We've GOT to get up!" Blue Ranger, riding on the high of regaining his friendship with Danny and taking out the Org a few minutes ago, doesn't sweat a thing, confidently commenting, "DON'T worry about it! We've gotten out of tougher situations. Right, Danny?!" Black Ranger lifts his fist, and nods, "That's RIGHT! Haha!" Bell Org reaches the writhing, toppled Wild Force Megazord, and as he towers over it, he gloats, "And AFTER my win, _I_ will become... a Duke Org." He lifts his mallet high into the air, preparing to drop it onto the downed Megazord. Right then, Danny activates, "Bison Kick!" The right Black Bison leg of the Megazord kicks upward, striking the Org right in his tender lower bells! The impact causes him to ring out in both gonging sounds, and groans of agony. Bell Org staggers back, allowing the Wild Force Megazord to get back up, and pull out its Fin-Blade, which crosses over its face, turning it primally furious. Max motions his arm, and shouts, "FIN-Blade!" The Megazord swiftly slices the Bell Org's clown hammer in half for a second time today, leaving him with but a broken wooden stump. The Org groans defeatedly, and slams the stump on the ground, before waving his arm and summoning, "Bell Trapper!" The big green temple ball materializes above, and plummets directly over the Megazord, which looks up. Black Ranger eagerly offers, "I'LL get it!" The Megazord turns around, and when Danny calls for another Bison Kick, the whole Megazord flips over, kicking the base of the massive bell with its extended leg perfectly. Bell Org is caught right beneath his own trapper bell, crying out helplessly as it falls on top of him, imprisoning him within. With trapped within the nearly dark hollowed structure, he whines, "Awwh, this isn't fair! Let me outta here!" The Wild Force Megazord happily obliges, as the chest lion roars, and all five of the Power Animals fire their energy essences outward. The Mega Roar attack is launched, forming into a pure beam of rainbow light, which tears through the trapper bell, causing the whole thing to explode massively, leaving nowhere for the Bell Org to run as he's caught at ground zero. In the cerebral cockpit, the five Wild Force Rangers cheer over their victory. The Wild Force Megazord lowers its arms, while standing beneath the blue sky. Yes, it'll sure keep them Orgs' heads ringin'.


Later that day (or the next day, or 7 years from then... I can't tell time on this show!), Danny stands outside of the Turtle Cove Florist shop. He paces about, staring at a small piece of blue paper. Rehearsing for his big moment, Danny recites, "Kendall. Seeing you again, I realized, I really, really... MISSED you." He nods to himself, and smirks, figuring with slightly more self-confidence than usual, "Yeah! I got it! Okay." Danny walks over toward the shop's entrance, holding the piece of paper in his hand, gathering more courage to be true to his feelings along the way. Just then, Kendall exits the business, carrying a small bouquet with her. He quickly spins around, turning shy once again upon seeing her pretty face. In Danny's disorientation, he fails to notice the numerous amounts of pockets on his Iron Bison vest, when he frantically seeks a place to hide the slip of paper with his emotion-admission speech on it. Kendall spots him before he can stuff it away, calling out with admiration, "Hi, Danny!" He groans, and simply holds the note behind his back, mumbling, "Oohh, uhh..." Kendall slowly approaches, wondering, "Did you... remember what you wanted to tell me?" Continuing to stammer, Danny claims, "Ohh, I, uhh... You see, I just wanted, uhh..." While he stalls, he steps over to the rows of flowers outside the shop, and hastily stashes the little blue note inside of a bunch of yellow flowers. Once it's discarded, Danny opens up a little more, pacing away from Kendall, staring at the ground, and admitting, "Kendall... Seeing you again, I realized how much I really, REALLY missed..." He pauses, and struggles to pour his heart out, instead switching to the next best thing, "... This place!" He turns and walks back toward her, still not gazing her way, as he mentions, "There's something I've wanted to tell you for a LONG time. Kendall, I... I really, REALLY like..." He pauses next to the rows of plants, and paraphrases his note by painfully adding, "... Flowers!" Danny's face is wracked with guilt, as he knows he's unable to go through with expressing his true feelings about her in person. Kendall disappointedly sighs, "Ohh. I see, well... I really like flowers, too, Danny." She looks at the multicolored bouquet in her hands, and walks over to him, handing the big & bashful young man the bouquet, while offering, "Here. Why don't you take these? Think of them... as a GIFT from one flower lover to another!" Danny accepts them, still unable to look her in the eyes, "Thank you very much, Kendall." The dark haired girl literally looks up at him, as she nods with visual affection. Danny starts to talk away, gazing at the bouquet, as he bids gently, "Take care of yourself." Kendall replies in return, "You, too, Danny." She somberly watches him depart, and makes her way over to the rows of plants set outside of the florist shop. Kendall runs her fingers through some flower petals softly, when she notices the small blue piece of notepaper sticking partially out of the yellow flowers. She picks it up, and reads it, hearing Danny's voice in her mind narrate the note, "Kendall, seeing again, I realized how much I really, really LOVED you!" Kendall smiles happily, causing her to lovingly look up and towards the direction Danny departed. If her expression could allow us to read her mind, we'd think the feeling is mutual. But she's a female, so she's likely thinking she has no more feelings for him other than as a friend.

[Scenes from "Ancient Awakening"; End Credits]

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