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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Ancient Awakening"
Original Air Date:3/2/02 Featuring Footage & Some Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #05 - - Yama ga Ugoku!!(The Mountain Is Shaking!!)
*Season 10, bite 5
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1205
*05th episode of PRWF
*423rd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Suzi Shimoyama Director: Terry Withrow
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Gregory Gast _AS_ Professor
Aki Aleong _AS_ Old Man
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax [Note: Now also the voice, as "Danny Wayne"]
Derek Stephen Prince _AS_ Tire Org (voice)


[Opening Credits]

Another bright yet cloudy day on the Animarium, so early that the score music is all whimsically chimey. "Come and GET it!", announces Alyssa, as she forks several fresh pancakes onto a plate. There are four plates out on the wooden breakfast table, each with matching cups filled with orange juice, the ware designs are brownish glazed stone types. She moves to the next plate, and adds a few pancakes to it. Cole, wearing crimson red sweatpants & sleeveless shirt type pajamas, leads the way out of the jungle path beside the great stone lion. He rubs the back of his neck, adjusting his stiff bones. Danny follows behind him, wearing a black two-piece buttoned pajama outfit (quite different than what we saw him in last episode), and stretching his arms upward. Max is last, wearing blue skater styled long-sleeved sweat pajamas, and staggering with sleepy eyes. Alyssa spots them coming to get the breakfast she prepared, and promptly gives one of her sunrise-rivaling smiles. Taylor alertly rushes down the stairway in the back of the room, implying that the area of the temple ruins where the girls sleep is separate from where the guys do. She's got on yellowish tinted blue skies & clouds printed pajamas, her blonde hair quite loose and wild compared with her usual tied look. Danny catches a glance of the meal, and comments, "That looks GOOD, Alyssa!" She smiles, adjusts his plate, and turns away from the table as her four teammates all sit down to eat the butter-less pancakes (there appears to be a tiny syrup cup in the middle near the bowl of fruit, at least). As Danny rubs his hands together and Max gathers his silverware, Taylor notices that the chef is lacking a setting at the table, and asks her, "Hey... Aren't you gonna eat with us?" Alyssa collects her backpack from off a boulder, and as she struggles with the zipper, she chipperly replies, "Sorry, CAN'T!" Cole wonders, "Why not?", causing everyone, all without having taken a single bite of their meals, to look over toward her. Alyssa explains, "I have to get to the University. My archeology class is going on a research trip today!" She slips the backpack (with bicycle helmet attached) over her right shoulder, finishes zipping it, and urgently bids with a smile, "I gotta go now, or I'll be late. BYE!" She waves quickly, and scampers off toward the exit in the ruins proper, prompting Max to ready his fork & knife. Taylor grins, and replies to her departing teammate, "SEE ya!", finally preparing to eat.

Traffic may be pulling to a stop at a red light on a street in Turtle Cove, allowing pedestrians to cross at the crosswalk, but that doesn't mean Alyssa will be slowing down! No, by golly, she's on a bicycle, gently peddling her way past the ratrace! She navigates past the citizens and idle cars, and rounds a corner sharply onto the sidewalk, skidding perfectly to a turn, before continuing on. Alyssa begins to peddle with greater stride, lifting herself up off the seat, smiling almost as much as that guy in the background who's getting a good look at her arched backside from behind (I kid you not, that extra is WAY too excited for his own good). Well, Alyssa's got her small white helmet strapped to the top of her head for protection, and her backpack secured on both arms. She's quite carefree, with the sidewalk ahead of her mostly clear for smooth riding. That is, until some bumbling delivery boy, removing cardboard boxes from his van, knocks a few of them accidentally into her path! Alyssa gasps in distress, and swerves to avoid them, sending her veering directly to the left. She cries out, as she hoists her bike up, and leaps it up onto a series of metal connected bus-stop benches to prevent from crashing into them. Never ceasing momentum, Alyssa rides on, crying out as her face displays an expression mirroring her dire circumstance. The benches are only connected enough to ride so far, before there's a wide gap, with another bench on the other side. Sadly for her, there's a pair of old women sitting on it! Rather than hop over and crush the grannies like bugs beneath her wheels, Alyssa perfectly maneuvers a major leap into the air, along with her bicycle. Her wheels spin loudly, as she glides high and directly over the heads of the old ladies. Everybody nearby watches in shock and amazement, as Alyssa performs this impossible feat with ease. She even glances over the side of her bike, looking down at the women with her eyebrows raised and her lips crooked. The grannies gasp, as Alyssa glides down to a slow & soft landing on the pavement safely away from them. Alyssa immediately resumes peddling, never once looking back, save for a quick head turn and a one-hand wave of, "SORRY!", while continuing to zoom past baffled citizens on her way to school.

Shortly, we see a rather weathered white truck, with numerous muddy scrapes and such on the sides, along with a perfectly untarnished logo for Turtle Cove University (the same style as seen in "Darkness Awakening"). In the back of the truck, are an abundance of shovels, crates, and other archeological equipment. There's also a jeep nearby, but who cares? The students from the university have all gathered at a large cavern opening at the base of a mountain. There's, ya know, researching equipment lying around, and people sitting in various spots and others just wandering all over. The Professor, a slightly less than middle-aged man (surprisingly lacking glasses and not lacking hair, which goes against the typical Proffy sterotype), stands beside the rocky wall outside the cave, calling aloud to the students, "Okay, class, come on in, have a seat! Guys & girls, settle in, settle in. We've got a LOT to talk about today!" He's got this kinda greenish Indiana Bones vest outfit going on, and most of the students are also dressed fitting of the digging situation. Think Alyssa would be wearing anything different for the occasion? Nah, she apparently LIKES getting her white Noble Tiger vest dirty! Well, maybe not 'like'. She doesn't seem to be there to do much digging, as she sits on a boulder, taking notes on a clipboard. Well, the Professor turns away from his class, readies a small chisel, and starts to chip away at the naturally-formed stone wall. After a few strikes, a thick, oval-shaped chunk of rock comes loose. The Prof picks it up, the large fossilized formation so big it barely is gripped in his palm, and shows the class its particular scaley design, noting, "THIS, is a trilobite! It's believed that a hundred million years ago, Turtle Cove and EVerything around it, was under an inland sea." Alyssa interestedly continues taking notes, when she begins to hear a very subtle noise echoing softly from within the dark cave nearby. Despite how she's not even really the student closest to the cave, only she appears to hear it. The noise repeats, very faint, sounding quite similar to the trumpeting of an elephant's trunk. She looks toward the cave, but slowly looks away and seems to shrug it off with the shake of her head.

The Professor announces, "Okay, class. Now it's your turn to dig, so pick a site! And, uhh, be careful with those tools, you don't want to damage anything that might be an artifact!" Alyssa nods and smirks, as she finishes her notes, and sets the clipboard down beside her backpack, before gradually joining the other students in progressing over to select some tools. She sort of lags, and over the sound of obxious college guys, she overhears that vague nasally animal noise again. Alyssa freezes in her tracks, and cautiously turns around, appearing quite curious. She keeps an eye on her classmates, being sure nobody is following, as she ventures toward the cave, step by careful step. Alyssa enters the cavern, and just as she turns her hair-bobbing head around to check behind her, that elephanty noise echoes outward once more. Focusing only on that sound, she explores the dark, barely lit tunnel, her breath visible to us, implying the weather is a tad bit on the chilly side. She takes a turn into the murky unknown, and I dare say is going by almost instinct. Alyssa reaches a dead end, finding a jagged wall at the end of the tunnel, and confirming it's the source of the sound when the trumpeting blasts out once more. As she's now deeper in, the noise is much louder, though still a bit muffled. The spot on the cavern wall that appears to be the source has a certain shape to it, as if it were carved in, covered in a light layer of greenish moss. Alyssa eagerly approaches the wall, and just as she reaches out to the touch it, another burst of trumpeting noiseness erupts. She's taken aback for a moment, pulling away until the sound desists. Alyssa's eyes dart around the cave wall, before she finally places her right palm against the ancient stone surface. With deep strokes, she rubs her hand against the greenish moss and accumulated dirt, cleaning off the apparent carved design. The loose dust and soil begins to scrap off without much force, leaving only the original stone behind. Alyssa pauses for a second when she starts to notice just what the design is, shifting her head curiously. She continues to clear away the moss and dirt, using her fingers to dig into the grooves around the embedded carving. It becomes quite clear to both her and us, that the design if of the shark, lion, tiger, eagle, and bison, all formed together into a condensed circle. Yes, the amalgamated animal belt-buckle symbol! Alyssa licks her lips and ceases wiping it off, causing the round carving to immediately begin to gleam with a dull greenish light. She stares at it with her eyes widened, watching as the symbol shines audiably, its energy once inert now being revealed just slightly.

Meanwhile, at that very same moment, deep beneath the city of Turtle Cove, the pale-faced three-eyed, single-horned, robed man known as the Master Org suddenly opens his yellowish eyes. He lets out a disturbed grunt, and as he turns his head in the darkness (his eyeline highlighted by a faint beam of light), he begins to chuckle menacingly to himself. Master Org has become aware of what Alyssa discovered. Back at the cave, the carving has stopped glowing. Alyssa can only give a restrained exclaim of, "Wow...", as that familiar sight in such an odd & old place. She pulls away from the carving, and departs. Presumably, Alyssa sets the whole thing aside, goes back to the research dig, and doesn't even bother calling her teammates on her Growl Phone. But eventually, later on, she returns to the Animarium. Danny's doing his usual duties of taking care of the exotic plants in the temple ruins. He grips an orange fern gently with gloved hands, spraying the leaves with a small bottle. Alyssa strolls through the temple entrance, prompting Danny to call out, "Hey, Alyssa!" She replies simply, "Hey." Continuing on, Alyssa walks up onto the temple floor, and looks around attentively. Taylor lounges on one of the rock formations, casually reading a magazine ("Fighter Jet Monthly"). Without taking her eyes off the article, she asks her teammate, "Hey. How was class?" Alyssa, turning her head from side to side so much you'd think she'd be dizzy, replies, "Good," before asking everyone, "Has anyone seen Princess Shayla?" Cole is winding up some jungle vines, with Max holding the coil for him. They both shake their heads negatively, with Cole remarking, "Uh-uh."

Exactly on cue, the sacred waters within the viewing pond (located beneath the gorilla statue) start to glow with a light blue energy. A sphere of said energy instantly sparkles out of it, and materializes quickly into Princess Shayla, who basically 'lands' in physical form in the temple while doing a sort of curtsy. Shayla clasps her hands together, and asks congenially, "What is it, Alyssa?" Without even bothering to ditch her backpack (with bike helmet attached), Alyssa approaches the Princess, and anxiously explains while leading her by the hand toward the exit, "Today I found something that I think you should see. It had the same symbol as our Ranger belt buckles! Will you PLEASE come check it out with me?" These remarks catch Cole's attention (Max seems more intent on winding the vines), along with Taylor's as well, causing her to finally take her eyes off of her magazine. Alyssa stops for a moment, just so Shayla can graciously confirm with a reinforcement of the hand-touching, "Well, of COURSE!" Taylor rises and pauses them, asking the two, "Wait a minute. Do you think it's safe?" Cole hands the thick vine-coil over to Max, pats him on the shoulder, and walks up onto the temple floor to join in on the argument. He offers, "Maybe I should come along. Just in case?" Alyssa agrees with a nod, as does the Princess, with the both of them looking to Taylor, who returns the gesture a bit reluctantly. Quickly dashing toward the exit, Alyssa leads the way, with Princess Shayla following as fast as she can (holding that long flowing skirt with one hand takes coordination!). Cole is last, giving Taylor a reassuring pat on the back, as he follows the others. Taylor stares at the departing trio with concern, and is soon joined by Max, who is still carrying the coil of vines, displaying equal interest with their mystical mentor's well-being. Momentarily, Princess Shayla is striding through the park in broad daylight, presumably her first trip out of the Animarium in several thousand years (first so far onscreen, at least). Cole & Alyssa walk side by side, trailing behind their royal highness. The sight of the long dark-haired Princess in the fancy flowing dress doesn't go unnoticed by the citizens of Turtle Cove. Passersby gawk and gape at Shayla, freezing in their tracks and staring at her with confused expressions. Still considerably far from the mountain range, Princess Shayla slaps her hands together, and turns back toward her companions, wondering, "Are you SURE this is the right way?" Alyssa points forth, noting, "Up THERE!" Shayla turns back around, never ceasing walking, merely uttering a soft, "Ohh."

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the city, a roving gang of professional motorcyclists are zooming down the open urban road. They're not the wild Heck's Angels types, but rather the helmeted & traffic-law conscious kind of bikers. As those wicked little critters with sissy bars burn rubber on the tar, rubber comes burning their way big time! It's giant black tire, about... oh, maybe 6 or 7 feet in diameter... with a silver sectioned hubcap in the center. The huge tire peels out from out of nowhere, catching up with the bikers in no time flat. It drives around and positions itself in the center line between the dozen or so motorcyclists, cause several of them to become so surprised and distracted, that they lose their balance and tip over, skidding to a stop in the middle of the road. Some of the other bikers then hit the fallen bikes, and are thrown from theirs just the same, crashing and scraping against the pavement. Needless to say, there's a great deal of road rash being dealt out in this scene, but apparently no major injuries. The giant tire picks up speed, and disobeys traffic lights, as it zooms through an intersection, causing a pair of vehicles going in opposite directions to swerve to a stop upon nearly hitting the strange creature. Upon reaching several rows of cars, trucks, and vans stuck at a standstill in heavy traffic, the giant tire simply begins to bounces off the tops of some of them. The hefty wheel crushes the roofs of a few, causing one motorist to raise his head out of his window to survey the damage with startled confusion (likely confused how in one shot he was sitting on the wrong side of his car wearing a different outfit).

The giant tire speeds on, having passed traffic, and reached another roadway lacking any obstacles. It rounds a corner, and proceeds through the back lot of some sort of warehouse. Suddenly, it encounters Toxica & Jindrax, who're standing in its path, holding out their left hands. Toxica demands, "STOP!" The tire squeals, as it hits its self-breaks, and comes to a halt with perfect precision, having stopped just in front of the Duchess Org's hand. Both she and Jindrax lower their arms, with the Duke Org ordering, "SHOW yourself!" With the background now showing him as being on a two-lane roadway, the giant tire turns to the side, then splits into two halves, which then morph into the body of a black-rubber beast. He's the Tire Org, with a single large eye, two red horns, an engine for a chest, and a rounded upper head area. With a raspy but jaunty voice, the Tire Org asks agitatedly, "HEY! Who do you think you are, Duke Orgs or something?!" Toxica & Jindrax exchange amused glances, as they both nod, with Jindrax confirming, "Why... Yes!" Tire Org surprisedly exclaims, "Wh-OAH! Why, then THAT must mean that..." Jindrax (now sporting as slightly younger sounding voice than before) ratifies his remark, by adding, "Master Org has reTURNED." The Duke Orgs approach Tire Org, with Toxica seductively stating, "And WE'VE come, to recruit you, for his SERvice." Jindrax offers, "We have a JOB for you." Tire Org excitedly jerks his treaded arms about (smacking Toxica's shoulder attire roughly by accident), and replies with enthusiastic glee as he steps forward and turns to face them, "All RIGHT! Woo-HOO! I cannot wait to get revved up and ROLLing!" Toxica chuckles wickedly, while Jindrax motions his hand sinisterly, promising, "SOON, Org... Soon." He snickers, then looks at her, the two quite pleased about finding another lackey to do their dirty work. Responding to the disturbance in the city, the viewing pond at the Animarium begins to violently bubble up. Taylor, Max, and Danny drop everything they're doing, and race over to it, gazing at the images shimmering within. They witness Tire Org, standing atop some damaged cars, stomping fiercly and laughing maniacally. Taylor urgently notes, "It's an Org. Let's go!" She's just about to dash toward the exit, when Danny (who just removed his gardening gloves and green apron) snags her arm, gently asking her and Max, "Wait. Shouldn't we call the others?!" Max shakes his head, and Taylor breathlessly responds, "No, they're busy. We can handle this on our own." She resumes racing for the exit, and after exchanging a 'go with the flow' glance, Danny & Max do so as well. The camera pulls back to show us a small stone panther or jaguar statue in the ruins.

Before you can say "stuff happens offscreen", the Black, Blue, and Yellow Wild Force Power Rangers are morphed and leaping onto the city scene. Tire Org turns and gasps, "Huh?!" when they make their presence known by hiyahing aloud. Yellow Eagle Ranger takes advantage of the surprise, and aims her doublely kicking legs at his chest. Due to the Org being made of rubber, Taylor's attacks are deflected, along with herself, bouncing off into an uncontrollable spin. She's flung onto the cement, but quickly recovers with Blue & Black Rangers gathering around her, all posing readily. Yellow Ranger declares with motioning fists, "WHATever you're up to Org... it stops HERE." Tire Org, standing on the caved-in roof of a window-smashed car or two, remarking, "Ahh, POWer Rangers. JUST what I was looking for!" He counts the trio aloud, and disappointedly mentions, "One, two, three... HEY! I thought that there were MORE of you than that!" Black Bison Ranger confidently claims, "We only NEED three of us, for you!" Taylor grabs both of her teammates' shoulders (Danny on her right, Max on her left), and urges bravely, "Let's DO it!" The guys both gesture their arms fiercly, and let out kiyaahs. Blue, Yellow, and Black Rangers leap into the air in simultaneous succession, unsheathing their Crystal Sabers with mighty battle cries. Our heroic trio smack Tire Org upside the head with the blades in unison (their Sabers lack the crystal orbs in this shot, oddly), but he's completely unfazed. The Org (now no longer on top of any car) slips under their Sabers, and shoves his broad shoulders and arms into all three of them, knocking the Rangers down. They roll away, as Tire Org whips out a pair of wheel-blades (not to be confused with rollerblades, these are small dagger-like weapons). He charges them up with pink energy, and boasts, "Time to cut YOU, down to SIZE!" The Org fires his wheel-blades at the Rangers, just as they get back on their feet. The bolts of pink power swirl around, and slam into each one of them, Max first, Danny last, each pelted with painful sparks. The three Rangers cry out all the while, as they're thrown across the lot by the blast, crashing haphazardly into a stacked collection of cardboard boxes, which also bursts when they hit it. Tire Org charges his wheel-blades up again, crosses them together, and offers, "How 'bout a steel BELT?!" The wheel-blades are tossed while in pink-energy form, and quickly deliver another bombardment of agony to our three heroes. They cry out again, while being engulfed in smoke & sparks, falling back down into the (briefly non-cardboard boxed) garbage just when they were recovering.

Tire Org, with wheel-blades in hand, gets a laugh out of their misery. Jindrax drops by, and join his side, though not in the celebration. He annoyedly reminds the creature, "ForGET them, Tire Org! GET the Princess!" Tire Org argues, "But you said to destroy the POWer Rangers, and I'm DOING that!" Toxica steps forth, snapping, "NEVERmind THAT!" She saunters toward the two Orgs, explaining with slow emphasis, "WE just saw the Princess with the OTHER Rangers. DON'T bother with THESE guys. Go after THEM." Jindrax rushes around and gets behind Toxica, adding, "Yeah!" Tire Org obeys, "WhatEVER you say!" His chest-engine's exhaust pipes let out some steam, before he grunts and shifts his body around, as it transforms back into giant tire mode. With rapid techno music blaring as his theme, the Tire Org screeches himself against the pavement, and speeds away once again, kicking up dust. Lying in the cardboard rubble, Blue Shark Ranger smacks aside a box and spots the departing tire, pointing out to his teammates, "He's getting away!" Black Ranger rises up, and wonders, "WHY is he leaving?!" Yellow Ranger staggers forward, clutching her left shoulder, and urgently proclaims, "I dunno, but we HAVE to find a way to STOP it. Let's GO!" She nods to the two, just before leading the charge as they race away from the crushed boxes, one after another.

Outside of the (something)edlow Pavilion (as seen in "Worlds Apart"), Princess Shayla briskly walks along, with Alyssa & Cole behind her, trying to keep up with her specific pace. They remain focused on their destination in the unseen distance, so much that they fail to notice the big ol' tire rolling up until it's nearly too late. The sound of the treaded wheel against the pavement grows louder as it speeds closer, the noise eventually catching the trio's ears. They turn their heads sharply, and react just as quick, with Alyssa warning the Princess, "Look OUT!" Shayla scurries out of the huge tire's path, while Alyssa rolls away on the ground. But Cole is unable to get out of the way enough, and ends up getting struck as it passes, sending him slamming into the outer pavilion wall, before dropping against the ground harshly with a loud grunt. The massive tire squeals as it breaks to a halt, and this time around, instead of shifting and morphing into humanoid form, the Tire Org switches from tire mode to Org in a circling spin of light-blue light. He immediately begins to laugh viciously, causing Princess Shayla to gasp aloud in fright. Alyssa gets up and courageously stands in front of her, protecting the Princess with her arms held in tiger-stance. Tire Org points their way, gloating, "YOU'RE coming with ME, Princess!" Alyssa denies, "You're not taking her, ANYwhere!" Tire Org retorts, "We'll SEE about that!" He lets out a roar, and charges forth. Alyssa turns quickly to Princess Shayla, and demands, "GO!" With a tense and fearful face, the Princess does as commanded, attempting to escape. Alyssa remains in the same spot, and just as she turns back to face the oncoming Org, he's right up on her. Tire Org throws a high punch, she blocks it with both her arms, he tries it again with the other hand, and she does the same again. He kicks up his knee this time, and as she blocks it, she hops back with a yelp. With enough space between them, Alyssa is able to throw a whipping kick into the air. He blocks it, but when he tries to throw a kick of his own, she's able to smack the weak effort away, since the creature appears to be having a tough time even staying upright! Alyssa tosses her own punch at his gut, which proves to be a mistake, as it allows Tire Org to grab her hand and clench it tightly. As she cries out in agony, the Org chuckles and comments sarcastically, "Ooh, you're SO tough!" Tire Org flips her over and lets her go, causing Alyssa to land roughly on her back against the cement. She rolls over onto all fours, just a few feet from Cole, who's struggling just to sit up with a bruised back.

Princess Shayla pleads, "Let GO of me!" Tire Org holds her by the shoulder, having captured her despite how she had enough time to get far enough away, manhandling Shayla, causing her to let out restrained groans. He remarks, "STOP your fussing! You and me are going for a little RIDE!" In another circling whirl of light-blue energy, Tire Org morphs back to his giant tire mode, though this time, the Princess is incased within the opened center. Shayla sits up, but is unable to protest as the hubcap wall reseals itself beside her, trapping her within him for as long as he chooses. Tire Org in tire mode zooms away once again. Alyssa & Cole get back on their feet, and watch helplessly as the frightened Princess Shayla is captured. Cole's still gripping his injured back, grimacing with anger. She looks to him, he nods, and in unison, they pull out their Growl Phones, do the motions, and summon, "Wild Access!" A split screen appears, Red on left and White on right, featuring their full morphing sequences in stretched-out viewing. When the morphing has completed, the two Wild Force Power Rangers stand together, with White Tiger Ranger urging, "C'mon, let's go!" Red Lion Ranger concurs, "RIGHT!", and the two race off in pursuit. Soon out on the open road, the camera is focused upon Tire Org's hubcap, allowing us a peek inside when it fades a bit for effect. Princess Shayla is visible within, panting in fright and kicking her feet & arms about, as she lies there reluctantly. The Tire Org rolls on, journeying over a cracked and weathered road zigzagging through the mountains just outside of Turtle Cove. Just as he passes by, the Yellow, Blue, and Black Rangers rush onto the street, having just missed catching the Org. They pause to catch their breath, and watch as the giant tire zooms along on the curved road. Taylor wonders, "Where's it going NOW?" Suddenly, Cole calls out, "GUYS!", gaining their attention. White & Red Rangers leap onto the scene, and race to the other three's sides, bracing against them after nearly collapsing from exhaustion of having to keep up with the wicked wheel. Cole explains to Taylor, "That Org took Princess Shayla! We've GOT to rescue her! C'MON!" His resting period is quite brief, as he releases his lean on Yellow Ranger, and sprints onward, prompting White Ranger to follow behind. Yellow Ranger doesn't have time to react much, simply turning to Blue & Black, stressing, "Let's get moving, guys. We've GOT to catch it!"

The big wheel keeps on turning, while the proud Rangers keep on trying to catch up. With the Tire Org considerably in the lead, the five Wild Force Rangers race along in formation. Red Ranger demands, "STOP, Org!", but the creature's too far ahead to even hear it. The Rangers' determined paces begin to falter one at a time, each of our heroes panting or clutching their body as they slow down and stagger. Eventually, this leads to every one of them collapsing on the pavement, the previously injured Cole the first to fall. The giant tire speeds on, swiftly zooming around another sharp turn, leaving the Rangers literally in his dust. Red Lion Ranger angrily complains, "I can't BELIEVE it! He got the Princess!" He howls and slams his hands against the cement, taking this loss personally, since he was supposed to protect her. White Tiger Ranger crawls over to him, and comfortingly places a hand on his shoulder, vowing, "We'll FIND her, Cole." Red Ranger, between labored breaths, adds, "We HAVE to." The five remain in the road, taking a defeated break for the moment. Cole literally stops breathing, when he mystically 'hears' something. He turns and looks toward the sky, wondering, "... What?" Red Ranger stands, and informs his teammates, "The Red Lion just TOLD me, that the Wildzords are coming! They know of a way to HELP us!" The other four Rangers join him in standing and staring at the heavens. Indeed, as per usual, the five Wildzords are charging down from the Animarium along a spectrum bridge of light & clouds, each of them glowing with reddish energy. But unlike usual, a massive, engulfing tunnel of green digital binary numbers (streams of 1's & 0's, quite like the Time Force morphing sequence) supercedes the aerial environment. The five Wildzords start to glow brightly with their proper colors, as they pass through the digital tunnel, which flashes to an orange color several times. Everything soon fades to white, but when it fades back, the five colored comets of energy descend with sparkling trails. Where they once were towering Zords, they are now much smaller. The energy fades as the five swoop down and land, each now in motorcycle form! They pull to a stop in perfect unison, each with the same tire style with gold-rimmed hubcaps.

The Wild Force Rangers quickly approach the motorcycles, with Red at the lead, gasping, "UnbeLIEVable." Each Ranger stands before their specific color & animal bike, admiring them in astonishment. Yellow exclaims, "They're aMAZing!" The design of the bikes are quite simple: the front is made up of the Power Animal's head, with windshield-like dome at the very stop just before the handlebars; two wheels; a black-cushioned seat; and the sides are styled with the animal/Ranger's color and some gold trimmings. The Red Lion motorcycle face comes to life briefly, its fanged mouth opening as it lets out a growl, its green eyes flashing. I'm not sure if these really ARE the Wildzords morphed into a new form, or just an extension of their essences. Guess we'll have to see in future shows. Cole pets his bike on the head, replying, "Yes, I heard you." He then tells his teammates, "He told me they're called Savage Cycles!" Black Ranger inspects his Bison Savage Cycle closely (its green eyes glowing), commenting while nodding, "This thing is SWEET!" Yellow Ranger stands beside her Eagle Savage Cycle, arms-crossed as she looks it up and down (its red eyes gleam), remarking simply, "ImPRESSive." Red Ranger checks out his Lion Savage Cycle's seating area, and gasps, "Whoah..." Blue Ranger leans down and faces his Shark Savage Cycle's yellow-glowing eyed head, rubbing his hand along its smooth surface, and complimenting the sentient bike, "You are STYLIN', Sharky!" White Ranger grips the handles of her White Tiger Savage Cycle, causing its eyes to flash yellow. Alyssa mentions to her teammates, "Well... what do you say we try 'em out?!" She mounts her Cycle, Danny does the same to his, and so does Taylor to her's. Max is next, though his method of hopping on is literal, as he dives toward the Cycle's seat from behind, cheering, "YEAH!" Each Ranger revs up their engine, which purrs in a mechanical sense, rather than the usual animal regard. Cole is last, having never ridden a motorcycle of any kind ever before. He hesitates, but finally figures, "Here goes!", as he mimics the others and jumps onto his Savage Cycle. Amusingly, he climbs onto the seat with his feet, squatting and gripping the handles. White Ranger proclaims, "Let's RIDE!", and leads the inaugural run of their new vehicles.

The Black, Yellow, Blue, and White Savage Cycles pull out together, leaving the Red Cycle behind, still parked firmly in place. Squatting atop the seat, Cole cries out as loud as he can over the drowning sounds of engines, "Alyssa!" She manages to hear him, and turns her head, saying things like, "Cole? Huh?! Guys, hold on!" White Ranger slows down and skids to the side as she pulls her Cycle to a halt, with the other three screeching to a stop upon command. She asks the lingering leader, "What're you WAITing for?!" The squatting Red Ranger honestly explains, "I've never ridden a beat like THIS before." He pats the side of the Red Savage Cycle's lion head, urging, "Let's GO, boy!" But as we can tell from the bike no longer featuring glowing green eyes, the animal spirit is dormant, and it's up to the driver to guide the way. Alyssa sinks her head, and chucklingly exasperates, "COLE!" (Max throws his hands up in the background) She drives her Cycle back over toward her frustrated teammate, as the Red Ranger hops up and down on his bike, annoyedly commanding it to, "Start... MOVING!" White Ranger circles around to idle beside him, and begs, "Calm down, Cole!" Cole finally sits with one leg down and his arms crossed at his still-raised knee, describing his plight, "There are NO animals like this in the jungle! I don't have any idea how to make it go where I want to. It's DRIVing me crazy!" When he gestures his arms up in dismay, Alyssa snatches his left hand, and guides it toward the handle-bar, explaining, "Put your hand HERE..." He wraps his fingers around the throttle, allowing her to pull on his wrist, while saying, "...And, TWIST!" The Red Savage Cycle rockets forward, the sudden burst of speed causing Cole to scream, "Whooooooahohoh!", as his new bike pops a wheelie! He enjoys the ride, exclaiming, "YEAH!", and kicking his legs out to the side as he manages to bring the Cycle's front wheel back to the ground. He wobbles a little, while zooming between the other three Rangers, who get their Savage Cycles rolling again, when Blue Ranger proclaims, "Let's MOVE!" Cole struggles to maintain control of the two-wheeled motorized beast, trying to reign the Cycle in by its tight controls. His off-balanced cries of 'whoa' soon taper off, and his Savage Cycle finally stabilizes, inspiring him to motion his arm into the air, and announce, "I got it! Let's get the Princess!" The other four ride along just behind him at first, to provide enough swerving space, but eventually pull ahead by Cole's side. Blue Ranger pumps his fist into the air while riding his Cycle, and exclaims, "All RIGHT!" Black Ranger leans forward on his, pleading, "HANG on, Princess!" Yellow Ranger speeds forth on her Cycle, adding, "We're COMING!" The five WF Rangers on their Savage Cycles race down the mountain-side road on their Savage Cycles, the sun glinting down upon them, the team riding in swift yet precise formation.

Tire Org rolls quickly along toward his destination, unaware of the five color-coded, Ranger-ridden Savage Cycles incredibly gaining up to him. A brief repeat of Cycle footage from a moment ago covers some of the catch-up. It seems that Tire Org, even in giant tire form, can sense our hot-wheeling heroes pulling up onto his trail. He picks up speed, prompting the White Ranger to break off from formation with the others, and zoom up ahead after the Org. Tirey tries to lose her, by swerving off onto the hillside, and bouncing along against the boulders and rocks embedded in the dirt. They're unsettled by his weight, blasting out and raining down upon the road below, especially one large rock the Org pounces against. White Ranger spots the trouble just as she comes up on it, giving a moan of shock due to the fact her speed gives her little time to maneuver around the oncoming rockslide. Red Ranger cries out concernedly, "Alyssa!" It seems that scene from earlier did indeed serve a purpose, to suggest that she's quite skilled in maneuvering bikes of any kind around all sorts of spontaneous obstacles. The White Tiger Ranger reiterates that point by swerving past all of the boulders of varying sizes, as they lie in random positions scattered all over the road. Once through the bumpy situation, Alyssa summons, "Savage Cycle Jump!" This causes the golden-clawed paw of her Cycle (located beneath the footrest) to strike the ground, catapulting her and the whole bike horizontally skyward! White Ranger manipulates this added aerial speed, and guides her hurling Savage Cycle directly over the Tire Org. She lands the bike atop the giant tire, causing a bit of friction between her two tires and his big one, which is easily resolved by her riding along with equal enough speed, almost like gears in a clock. Alyssa doesn't keep that way for long, squeezing the silver brake handle on her Cycle, and figuring, "THIS ought to do the trick!" The dueling tires squeal loudly, with plums of smoke rising all around the Ranger's feet, as the Org in tire mode is reluctantly slowed down by the Cycle atop it. Within the Tire Org, Princess Shayla, unable to see anything or hear much within her Firestone prison, becomes aware of the reduction of motion, causing her to gratefully gasp, "It-it's slowing DOWN!" Alyssa struggles profusely, clenching that brake handle for all its worth, grunting a bit as turns the wheels slightly. Tire Org slows to almost a complete stop, which is enough for the White Ranger, inspiring her to state, "That DID it!" as she hoists her bike off of the creature with a lifting tug. The White Savage Cycle leaps ahead and speeds away from the skidmarked menace.

Slowed but not yet defeated, the Tire Org turns his still-smoking tire form off of the paved road, onto a wide dirt path leading to the mountainous area where Alyssa attended her research trip earlier. Ya know, I suspect transportation off of the Animarium isn't quite as exact as teleporting, since Shayla was going to have to walk a LONG way to reach this spot. Just look how long it took by Org! Yeepers. Anyway, the four Rangers on Savage Cycles slow to a halt behind the now-bogged Tire Org. White Ranger also skids to a stop just a few feet ahead of them, proclaiming, "Now let's get the Princess!" Red Ranger seems to be letting her lead this charge, since bikes are her thing, throwing his fist into the air and saying, "You've GOT it, Alyssa!" The Wild Force Rangers rev up their Savage Cycles once again, and pursue the Tire Org onto the dirt road. He's no longer smoking, but is still slowed and wobbling a little, just a few yards from his destination, with our heroes following dangerously close. Cole exclaims, "ALL right, guys! Let's DO it!" The Rangers each hold their right hand up briefly, and activate, "SAVAGE... STRIKE!" They grip their bike handles tighter, and riding in a perfect alignment, the Savage Cycle's animal front headpieces begin to fire off rapid rounds of laserpower from their headlight-eyes! (the positioning, from their left to right: Blue, Yellow, Black, Red, White) The roughly ten round blast of energy crashes into the ground surrounding the Tire Org, bursting four sets of pyrotechnics into the sky, followed by a trio of soil-fountaining. The Org is engulfed in this explosion instantly, and the precious cargo within him is ejected. I like to call the shot of Princess Shayla being hurled into the smoky air, "The Michelin Redemption." White Ranger hops up onto her Savage Cycle seat, squatting for a moment as she zooms along, keeping an eye on the airborne Shayla. When close enough, Alyssa lunges off of her bike, and leaps across the yard, perfectly scooping the Princess up by her waistline and breaking her fall when hitting the ground harshly. The other four Rangers park their Cycles nearby, with Red calling out, "Princess!" They rush over toward her, with Blue Ranger commending, "Heh. NICE catch, Alyssa!" They gather around the two of their white-outfited fallen comrades, with Yellow Ranger crouching down beside their mystical mentor, and asking, "Princess Shayla, are you alright?" Despite recently being inside of a huge tire that exploded, she's unharmed, though winded, breathing heavily as she replies, "Yes... I'm FINE." Taylor looks at Cole and nods, "Alright!" Alyssa's okay too, thanks for asking.

Not far away, the mucky puddle of greenish white pus that was once Tire Org, lies on the ground, partially on fire, and partially crackling with electricity. The Duke Orgs appear on the scene, with Jindrax grousing angrily, "Tire Org! CURSes!" Toxica lifts her staff and gives a grunt of equal fury, before waving it around, and incanting, "Evil spirits of TOIL and strife, give this fallen Org new LIFE! Yaaaaaaah!" Five seeds are fired onto the toxic goop, they sink in, and grow into mighty thick green vines, which immediately form into the shape of the Tire Org, reborn in super gigantic form. He laughs maniacally, his voice now more booming and deeper, and his wheel-blades ready in hand.
Repeat that shot of the HUGE Tire Org. The Wild Force Power Rangers, standing side by side, each reach down and unsheathe their Crystal Sabers and aim them high, summoning, "Wildzords, Descend!" The musical chime rings out, echoing up to the Animarium. Now, either, like I said, the Savage Cycles are just the essence extension of the Power Animals, or during the commercial break, the Zords shifted back to normal, and went home. All we know is the Red Lion is taking a NAP when called upon. He snarls lowly while stirring awake, his green eyes flashing upon hearing the call of his chosen defender. All five Wildzords leap off the Animarium, and race down that spectrum bridge (this time without the digital tunnel). On the ground, the Rangers point their Crystal Sabers together, and activate, "Wildzords, Combine!" Cole cheers, "All RIGHT! Go, Wildzords!" The Black Bison, Red Lion, Blue Shark, White Tiger, and Yellow Eagle transform together growlingly, like always. Cole shouts, "Let's DO it!", and leads the way for him and his teammates to hop up and merge into the Lionzord's forehead. Once within the cerebral cockpit, they place their Crystal Sabers in the appropriate shining slots, and once more in unison, they summon, "Wild Force, Megazord!" The final formation of the giant beast conglomerate begins, ending as the biped WF Megazord, standing tall as it lands with huge feet thundering onto the ground. Tire Org roars loudly, as he charges toward the Megazord, cutting his wheel-blades into the air. Within the cerebral cockpit, Blue Ranger calls for, "Shark Surge!", and White Ranger summons, "Tiger Fury!" The Blue Shark right arm and White Tiger left arm each double-punch into the Org, but find their energized blows are gruntfully bounced off by his shock-absorbing rubber skin. Tire Org chuckles, as he slashes into the Megazord with his wheel-blade, causing it to burst into sparks, and stagger back several feet. The Org puns, "I TIRE of this game! GET it?!", before switching to giant tire mode between scenes, and plowing into the Wild Force Megazord directly. It's struck with intense force, sparking without and painfully shaking the Rangers within.

Below, Princess Shayla approaches the mountain from earlier, placing her palm gently against the rocky cliff outside of it, and gasping in wonderment, "I FEEL something..." She gazes up and across the peak of the mountains, adding, "...a POWERful energy." Her freedom is short lived, as the Duke Orgs track her down, with Jindrax calling out her name almost singsongingly. Shayla turns to witness them walking casually her way, but when she finally attempts to run, Jindrax blocks her path with his long jagged sword, holding her hostage and boasting viciously, "Ohaha-I don't THINK so. You're not going ANYwhere." Toxica gestures her finger, and urges, "Come along, like a GOOD little Princess." Shayla is at first gasping in shock, but her attitude turns to uncooperative, glowering at the pair. Jindrax holds his blade behind her head, and gives her a push, demanding, "MOVE it." Reluctantly, the Princess follows Toxica toward the wide cave entrance. Up inside the Wild Force Megazord, the White Tiger Ranger glances down and witnesses this scene, commenting in dismay, "Oh, NO! Jindrax & Toxica have the Princess! I've GOT to save her." The pink Tiger crystal within her Crystal Saber flashes, as it merges into the console slot, thus allowing the Megazord to keep its arm without needing the Saber around. Alyssa grabs her empty Saber, and shouts, "Here I come, Princess!" She leaps out of the Wild Force Megazord's head, and despite the quite long drop, lands perfectly on her feet like a cat (though giving a grunt upon impact). White Ranger rises and races into the cave, as fast as her petite legs can manage.

Deep within the mountain, Princess Shayla walks in front of the Duke Orgs, unaware of where she's being lead. Toxica soon mentions aloud, "We have brought you the Princess, AS you commanded!", before bowing. Jindrax also crouches into a respectful bow, leaving Shayla standing with growing fear. A figure emerges from the darkness ahead, stepping into the dim rays of light, revealing himself as the Master Org! It's been about three thousand years since she first encountered him, but the sight of his pale & scarred face is unmistakable, causing the Princess to gasp out, before stating his name with eyes widened. Master Org glares at her with his zombie-gaze, before motioning to the barely-lit wall behind him, asking, "Recognize THIS?" There imprinted upon the cavern is the five amalgamated animals symbol, as uncovered by Alyssa earlier. The Princess stares at curiously, as Master Org approaches her, "I KNOW... I know what POWer lies inside." He stands quite up close to Shayla, as she trembles, her eyes darting around, trying not to look at the malicious monarch, as she realizes what he already knows, "Another animal... The one that Alyssa heard!" The Princess appears a bit relieved and almost smiling, until Master Org lifts his right hand up and gently holds it beside her face, cradling its slender outline rather creepily. She gasps, shivers repulsively, and nervously lifts her head upward, as he runs his fingers beneath her chin, raspily explaining, "Only... ONE, who is pure of HEART... can release its power." Suddenly, the White Tiger Ranger dashes into the cavern, exclaiming Princess Shayla's name. The Duke Orgs, still bowing, turn sharply around, as does Shayla, though Master Org's refocusing of attention is slower and hauntingly with the head turning. Alyssa demands, "Let her GO!", as she charges in, only to have Toxica & Jindrax cross their staff and sword together, respectively, in her path. Jindrax remarks, "You're out of your LEAGUE, little Ranger!" The Princess is agape, shaking her head slightly in concern for her. White Ranger makes a bold play, smacking the staff & sword up and out of her way, causing the Dukes to stumble aside. She sprints toward the Princess, only to have the Master Org raise his right hand, point his index finger outward, and fire of an intense bolt of reddish electricity. Alyssa is struck directly in the chest, causing her to spark blindingly, cry out, and twirl in the air, hitting the ground hard. Master Org laughs wickedly at her painful predicament.

As the White Ranger lies writhing on the cave floor, crying out in agony, Princess Shayla turns around and glares daggers at Master Org, giving a furiously huffing sigh. Master Org reaches behind her back, and pushes Shayla forward, and telling her, "You are GOING to release it FOR me!" The Princess hesitates, and staring at the amalgamated animal emblem carved into the wall, she helplessly admits, "I CAN'T do that." Master Org stands closer behind her, asking almost right into her ear, "CAN'T... or WON'T?" Shayla turns to him with her normally gentle eyes filled with contempt, informing the wicked wizard, "Only the spirit locked INSIDE can choose its guardian. Only THAT guardian has the power to RELEASE it!" Alyssa crawls up and rests her weak but still-morphed body against the jagged wall, breathing labouredly. The Princess fearlessly looks Master Org in all three eyes, and states, "I'M not the chosen one." Toxica & Jindrax are nearly floored by this, exchanging surprised glances, with the master of blades blurting, "What?!" Master Org chuckles softly, and inhales deeply, trying to sadistically intimate Shayla by curling his fist, to not much avail. He stroll away from her, passing the wall-resting White Ranger, laughing wickedly. He slowly stops, and growls, "Then if _I_ can't HAVE it..." Alyssa reacts with aptly tiger-like reflexes, as she dives toward Shayla, screaming, "PRINCESS!" Master Org instantly spins around, aims his tri-clawed & orbed staff at the two women, and concludes, "...NO one will!" He fires a thick bright beam of orange energy at them, which slams into the cave ceiling just behind Princess Shayla, right as the White Tiger Ranger grabs her and shields her frail body from the explosive bursting near them. This short but powerful shot causes the roof to shatter, raining loose rocks, dust, and boulders all around the unconscious Princess Shayla, passing out as she hits the dirt. Alyssa is right beside her, the brunt of the blast having demorphed her already weary body. She lifts her head up, lets out a moan, but eventually collapses, knocked out as well. Between this burst and the last one, the already dense air in the cavern has become quite smokey. Toxica & Jindrax wave their hands around, both coughing profusely. As the smoke clears, Toxica bows briefly, impressedily commenting, "Ohh, Master, that was magNIFicent!" Jindrax concurs, groveling, "Heh, yeah! You REALLY showed them, boss!" Strangely, no sign of Master Org remains, as if he vanished mysteriously. Toxica calls out his name, with Jindrax also asking, "Uhh, boss?" He's gone as quickly as he came, leaving only the unconscious Alyssa & Princess Shayla lying beneath a pile of rocky rubble. Toxica lets out a high-pitched, "Hmm!" Jindrax figures evilly, "Heh. Oh, well. Let's FINISH them OFF!" The whole mountain suddenly shakes, an aftershock from the battle of the titans occurring just outside. The Duke Orgs are shook about, prompting Jindrax to remark sourly, "Maybe we'd better leave NOW. They're NOT worth it!" Toxica gives a disgusted grunt, as she follows him out, leaving the two women lying in the unstable cavern.

The battle rages on around the mountain range, with the Tire Org pulls his wheel-blades away from the Wild Force Megazord, which seems to have been trying to hold the weapons beneath its armpits! The monster growls viciously, and slashes across the Megazord's chest with a wheel-blade. The WF Megazord bursts and tumbles over, rocking the four Wild Force Rangers around inside. Eventually, within the cave, Alyssa & Princess Shayla regain consciousness almost simultaneously. They slowly recover to their feet, shaking off the loose soil and small pebbles that have accumulated on their bodies. Alyssa wipes off Shayla's shoulder as they stand facing one another, each breathing sighs of relief over surviving the encounter with Master Org. The Princess glances over at the back wall of the cave, which has been literally shattered into pieces by the blast attack, taking the emblem carving with it. She laments almost sobbingly, "The key has been deSTROYed! Now it's trapped in there forEVER!" As Princess Shayla clasps her hands together and mourns the loss of Lost Wildzord, Alyssa clutches her mentor's arm for comfort. Just then, the loud sound of an elephant trumpeting rings out through the cavern once again. Only Alyssa appears to hear it, gaining her attention. She releases her hold on the Princess, and walks over toward what remains of the stone wall, mentioning with a smudged face, "Wait... I can STILL hear it!" Alyssa places her left hand gently and cautiously against the craggy wall, just as the elephant trumpets mightily anew. Her face lights up with a smile, as a bright green light begins to shine against it. Slowly, a small green ball of green energy emanates out of the rock, coming to a rest on Alyssa's opened palm. Its light dims once in her hand, inspiring a second, and wider, smile from her to form, when she grips the new animal crystal between her fingers. It's the same tiny clear orb as we've seen before, though this one has a small green metallic elephant idol within. The sphere gleams with green energy again, a pulse of which bursts outward, and causes a large spot on the high side of the mountain's exterior to mold into the shape of an elephant's head. Alyssa holds the green crystal in both her palms, allowing Princess Shayla to wide-eyedly gaze upon it, and exclaim with delight, "The ELEPHANT! He chose YOU!" The first member of the Wild Force team to be twice chosen by a Power Animal smiles and nods, both with deep pride. Gripping the orb in her left hand, Alyssa's expression turns serious, as she whips out her Growl Phone, and calls for, "Wild Access!" Her full morphing sequence plays, full-screen.

The White Tiger Ranger races out of the cave, and into the bright sunlight, with Princess Shayla trailing close behind. Once out in the open, they both turn and look at the near top of the mountain, witnessing the elephant's head magically carved upon it. Alyssa awes, "Wow! Look at THAT!" They stand back and gape at it in amazement, Shayla inhaling repeatedly, though appearing breathtaken by the sight. White Ranger looks to her, and asks, "Ready, Princess?" Shayla nods with a charmed smile, acting a bit excited. Alyssa unsheathes her Crystal Saber, and places the green orb within the hole, locking it in. She looks at it fully in the sunlight, and remarks in near disbelief, "A NEW Wildzord!" White Ranger motions her arms and holds the Crystal Saber into the air, summoning, "Elephantzord, ARISE!" The crystal within illuminates with a bright green light, sounding the musical chime which usually contacts the other Wildzords. Alyssa holds her Saber with both hands held high, as more and more of the green energy begins to flare skyward. The stone carving of the elephant's head starts to shimmer with the same light, until the entire rocky cliffside bursts violently! White Ranger lowers her Saber, and notes, "It's coming out of the MOUNTain!" Indeed, the giant Elephant Wildzord has been freed from his centuries old bedrock, slumbering no longer. The earth once covering him breaks apart into small chunks, which are easily shaken off by the giant metal animal. The Elephantzord is a bluish-green, turquoise really, with two golden tusks, red eyes, and a silver sectioned trunk. When released enough, he belts out another loud trumpeting noise, snapping his trunk into the air and widened his jaw to do so. Below, Princess Shayla gasps happily, quite humbled by the sight of the long absent Wildzord. The Elephant begins to march out of the wide crevice in the mountain, each of his four stout feet rumbling the ground with each step. Shayla looks over at Alyssa, who comments, "Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!" The Princess nods and moans breathlessly, "Uh-huh!"

The turquoise Elephant Wildzord charges swiftly through the forest, almost galloping off of his back legs and onto his front. Twice the Elephantzord lifts his trunk and belts out a fierce trumpeting, as a signal of his approach. Tire Org turns and goes, "Huh?!" in confusion. Caught unawares, he's easy game for the Elephant, which trumpets again, and barrels into the Org, its two-tusked ramming repeated triple times for effect. A fourth is shown from the side, revealing the tusk-butting strikes Tire Org's engine chest, causing it to burst. He's thrown off his feet and across the battlefield with an injured groan. In the Wild Force Megazord's cerebral cockpit, the White Tiger Ranger returns to her post, informing her teammates, "I found a new Wildzord!" They give cheering murmurs, with Max mentioning, "FanTAStic!" Alyssa places her Crystal Saber into the pink slot on her console, keeping the green orb inside the hole. She raises her arm, and activates, "Elephant Armor, NOW!" The Elephantzord trumpets one more time, as the background around him turns into a blitzing tunnel of green and black lights. His body is highlighted by a golden light, as his silver sectioned trunk spins to the side, and retracts into his head. It comes out the other side, still attached to the rest of his body, which has departed from the head, leaving on his face, big ears, tusks and front legs (which fold back and upwards) behind. The rear end shifts around into a tight block form, causing the formally elastic trunk to snap into a firm and erect position, snapping a sharp point through the tip. The two separate Elephantzord components instantly lock onto the Wild Force Megazord between scenes: the rear end has attached to the Megazord's right fist, utilizing the gleaming erect silver trunk as a sword; and the face plate has become a large shield on its left hand. The Megazord lifts the sword into the air, and lightning strikes around them, causing the new weapons to gleam with power. Inside the cockpit, the Power Rangers motioningly cross their hands, and shout, "WILD Force... MEGAzord!" Red Ranger proclaims, "Sword & Shield Mode!" Tire Org is unimpressed, griping, "You guys are making me REALLY, REALLY mad!" He connects his wheel-blades together again, while charging them with pink energy. Tire Org pitches the combined weapons at the Megazord, prompting White Ranger to command, "Elephant Shield, up NOW!" The Megazord lifts the Elephantzord's faceplate up in its left hand, blocking the oncoming laser boomerang with not just the reinforced steel of the shield, but a wider field of circuitry-like green energy that expands out to protect the whole thing! The blast is deflected, and both the wheel-blades plop against a nearby cliff, crashing to the ground drained. Tire Org whines, "Why, YOU...!"

Alyssa calls for, "Elephant Sword Cyclone!" The WF Megazord readies its Elephantzord trunk-sword attachment hand, and immediately starts to spin around in a concentrated circle. It quickly picks up speed, twirling like a twister across the battlefield, passing by Tire Org and rapidly slashing into his body, making at least one rotation around him. He's hit on just about every side, letting out an agonized grunt with every strike. The Megazord ceases spinning and faces the Tire Org, only to bash him in the head with the sword one last time, with makes him spark, groan, and stumble back. In the cockpit, Alyssa yells, "Let's DO it!" All five Wild Force Rangers motion their braced arms, and command, "Pachyderm Crusher Attack!" Cole adds with a thrust of his hand, "NOW!" The Wild Force Megazord stands beneath dark violet rolling thunderclouds, which spew purple bolts of lightning behind it, as it raises its Elephantzord Sword back and into the air. The formally rigid weapon reverts to flexible, bending like a whip as it's pulled back. Finally, the Megazord snaps the sword forth, slashing downward diagonally with a white-hot tear of violet-highlighted energy. This maelstrom of power rips into Tire Org, causing him to scream bloodcurdlingly, as his body crackles with light-blue electricity. He's thrown off his feet, and the moment he hits the ground, the Org explodes massively. Despite being a tire fire, it burns out rather quickly. The Wild Force Megazord cuts its new Elephant Sword through the air, and steps forth into a triumphant pose, having successfully mastered its new weapons.

Later, on the Animarium, wandering into the temple ruins through the jungles, Alyssa remarks in astonishment to Danny, "That elephant is.. aMAZING! Why didn't the Princess tell us that there were OTHER Power Animals?" Max sits down on a boulder, and overhears her, concurring, "Yeah!" He looks over to Shayla as Alyssa & Danny approach, wondering to her, "I thought there were only five!" Princess Shayla stands in front of the moss-green stone carvings of said five animals. She paces slowly about, revealing, "There were MANY Power Animals in ancient times. But only FIVE were brought onto the Animarium. The others stayed behind to fight the Orgs... I never knew what happened to them!" Max rises and stands on the stone during her speech, and Taylor steps into view ahead of the three, asking the Princess curiously, "So there might be MORE of them out there?" Shayla rubs her hands together, and figures hopefully, "PerHAPS... Maybe like the elephant, OTHERS have survived, and are WAITing for the time when they are needed once again." Alyssa smiles widely, and glances over to Danny, who grins, and looks up to Max (for a change, thanks to his position on that rock), who merely seems enlightened by the tale. Even Taylor looks to be enthralled by this revelation, with a world of Org-thrashing potential just out there somewhere, anticipating discovery. Alyssa looks around, and inquires, "Hey, has anyone seen Cole?" Taylor turns, frowns negatively while racking her brain trying to remember where she last saw him. Danny looks up to Max again, both equally at a loss for an answer. Where's Coledo? Why, he's out in the valley, somewhere on the Animarium. The scene is tinted with a redness, meaning it's sometime around dusk. He's demorphed, like his teammates, and struggling to walk beside his Red Lion Savage Cycle, holding onto its handlebars and revving the engine repeatedly. Cole urges like he's talking to an animal, "Okay, c'mon, boy! Just START moving, and then we can run together!" He staggers about, attempting and failing a few times to mount the bike as it continues to roll forth. I suspect the Cycle isn't in 'sentient beast' form, which therein lies the irony. Cole has a small red motorcycle helmet strapped onto his head, which seems to have come with the bike. He cries out, "WHOA!", as he keeps twisting the throttle, revving the engine over and over. Upon reaching an open area, he parks the Savage Cycle for a moment to catch his breath. That's when Alyssa arrives, riding her White Tiger Savage Cycle onto the scene (wearing a small white bike helmet, which she removes and sticks on one of the handlebars as she gets off it). She parks, and mentions amusedly, "I guess I'll have to show you AGAIN?" Cole replies fatiguedly, "I HAD it under control LAST time... But NOW it won't listen to me!" He pulls back on the handle too tightly again, causing him to yelp another whoa, and go flying uncontrollably forward with repeated stoppings and goings, refusing to release his hold on the Savage Cycle. Alyssa gasps with concern, while smiling with amusement, as she rushes along behind Cole & the untamed bike. He shouts, "Easy! EASY!", wasting his breath, and pressing on through the amber waves of grass among the dusk-lit fields. No screen freeze to end this scene!

[Scenes from "Wishes On The Water"; End Credits]

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