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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Wishes On The Water"
Original Air Date:3/9/02 Featuring Footage & Some Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #07 - - Yume ga Kataru!!(Recalling A Dream!!)
*Season 10, bite 6
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1206
*06th episode of PRWF
*424th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: William Winkler Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Mike Reynolds _AS_ Ship Org (voice)/ Next Time Scenes Narrator (voice)


[Opening Credits]

It's the late afternoon on the Animarium, and the whole gang is lazily hanging around the temple ruins. Alyssa sits on a tree-stump seat at the table, reading aloud from a book titled, "The Lake of Wishes." Danny sits next to her (wearing his green apron, with a basket of his gardening tools placed to the side), interestedly peering into the novel as she holds it outward. Max sits on her other side, resting his head against his hand, his eyes drifting shut, as his head nods, barely able to keep consciousness from boredom. Taylor walks past behind them, gently running her hand along Danny & Alyssa's vested backs, appearing warmly amused. Alyssa reads enthusiastically, as if storytelling to children, "And so, JUST as her grandmother instructed, Belinda SLIPPED her wish into a bottle, walked to the EDGE of Turtle Lake, and HURLED the bottle into the DARK waters. The next day..." Taylor heads across the temple floor, and notices Cole sitting up in his tree-seat. He's once again staring deeply at the old weathered picture of his parents, an unrequited longing on his face, his hand dug into his wild hair. Taylor displays an empathetic expression, understanding and sharing in his tortured grief. She begins to buck up, smiling as she reaches down, and pulls out a small photograph, featuring five people in green flight suits. It's too small for us to make out the details, only that Taylor's in the middle, a bald black guy on her right, a short-haired white guy on her left, and two flight-helmeted guys behind her, one of which has an arm around the white guy. Taylor holds the picture up, and asks, "Hey, Cole?" The man in the red vest turns and looks away from his family photo. She wonders, "Did I ever show you a picture of my squadron?" Cole releases his hair and smiles, as he prepares to climb down, eagerly accepting this subtle bonding offer. Taylor grins, and approaches him to explain who everyone is. Over at the table, Alyssa continues to read, "...outside her window. So, from THAT day forward, anyone worthy who makes a wish by throwing a note into the lake, will have their wish come true." Max's eyes blink, growing heavier and heavier, as his focus fades from the story. Resting against his right arm, his eyes finally clamp shut, and his head slumps, mouth hanging open.

A flash of white sets the stage for this precognitive dream sequence, the footage washed out with high contrast. The Wild Force Megazord, with Elephantzord Sword & Shield in hand, staggers back. An unseen Org repeatedly bashes into the Megazord's chest, causing it to spark & burst, writhing about. The WF Megazord is suddenly engulfed in explosions, as it towers above the shipping docks. A shot of the cerebral cockpit blink past, the Wild Force Rangers frozen as they are thrown away from their control consoles. The Elephantzord Shield crashes against the ground, as the Megazord topples over. Another still-frame flash, of a Crystal Saber in console slot. Final flash to the Blue Shark Ranger, lying on the cockpit floor. The scene begins to move again, showing as he hits the ground with a grunt, and his Crystal Saber is tossed from its console, sliding to the floor beside him, lacking its blue orb. The dream ends as quickly as it began, with Max violently awakening, crying out "NO!" and thrashing his arms into the air as he stands suddenly. This outburst knocks the book from Alyssa's hand. All attention in the room turns to him: Danny & Alyssa at the table don't have to give much effort to do so, since he accidentally relieved them of their written entertainment; while Cole & Taylor halt their equal enjoyment of her squadron picture to stare at their blue vested teammate in confusion. Max steps back a little, acting considerably startled. Alyssa wonders concernedly, "HEY, are you okay?" He mutters in shock, "Huh? Uhyuh...", and disorientedly bends down to pick up the dropped novel. The cover of 'The Lake of Wishes' has a small green bottle and some flowery designs, obviously a book for young girls or something. Max cradles it, and looks around as he regains his bearings, stammering, "Uhh, YEAH! Yeah, f-fine." Cole & Taylor chuckle softly and shake their heads, before resuming their inspection of the photograph.

Max places the book on the table, telling Alyssa, "Sorry." He notices Danny is currently reaching beneath his glasses and rubbing his eyes with his fingers, and soon starts to dry his tearful ducts with part of his apron. Alyssa is also wiping her damp eyes with her fingers, giving a few melancholy sniffles as well. Max asks with a puzzled expression, "Why are you guys crying?" Danny sniffs and blubbers, "What a BEAUtiful story." Alyssa nods, and wipes her other eye. Max honestly wonders, "WHAT story?!" Alyssa mood swings from somber to offended, as she snaps her head around, and reminds him, "The one I just READ you!" She stands, folds her arms, and turns toward Max, menacingly inquiring "You didn't... fall ASLEEP, did you?!" Danny also stands, still drying his eyes beneath his glasses. Max scoffs with a laugh, arguing weakly, "Nah! Me?! I heard every WORD of it! It's..." He picks the book back up, holds it and pats the cover a few times, nodding and smiling, while claiming, "It's a BEAUtiful story!" Alyssa nods a facetious grin, and gestures with her hand for him to continue proving his position. Danny stands behind her, helping his best friend cheat on this test of dignity. Max watches his every mode, saying at first, "Uhhh, About a-ah..." Danny holds his hands up beside his head, making like large looming claws, flaring his brow and widening his jaw, which inspires Max to blurt, "... CREATURE!" Danny cups his hands together in front of his face, and puckers his lips, blowing and causing her fingers to spread out. He then gestures one hand over the other, as if swirling mystical energies, which inspires Max to add, "Uhh, umm, a MAGIC one!" Danny smiles and nods, pointing at him and mouthing that he got it right. Max looks at Alyssa's bemusedly judgmental (but oblivious to the charades going on right behind her) face, before looking back over to his pal, and remarking, "Who, uhh..." Danny motions both of his arms as if outlining a large body of water, which leads Max to exclaim proudly, "... who lives in the lake! Heh." Danny shakes his head up and down, smiling big again, celebrating his ability to relay the unspoken message. Alyssa smirks impressedly, nodding in confirmation of his description so far, but soon asking, "And...?"

Max trails his words, awaiting more visual clues, "A-annnnnd..." Danny claps his hands together and holds them up, as if praying, then pointing to both Max, then to his own heart. Max points the book at Alyssa, and blurts nervously, "... It... GRANTS you wishes! Heheh." Alyssa nods with an honest grin, which Danny echoes, but knows she needs more persuading. He holds his palm up, and pretends to scribble on it. Max motions toward the book, and states, "If... you... uhh, if write it on a piece of paper!" Danny positions his hands like he's holding a bottle, acts like he's sealing the top, and then pitching his arm into the air. Max follows along, gesturing his own arm like he's pitching the book, and proclaiming, "Uhh, se-uh, PUT it in a bottle, an-and-and THROW it into Turtle Lake!" He chuckles nervously, but suddenly stops and gives Danny a serious look, enlightenedly asking, "REALLY?!" Danny shakes his fists in the air, as if cheering for him silently, also nodding to confirm this is what the story said. Alyssa continues to grin, until she spins around and attempts to catch Danny in the act. Danny swiftly cuts off his smiling, and uses his raised hands to adjust his glasses, acting nonchalantly like he's still crying. Max asks in total surprise, "Is that TRUE?" In the background, Cole, having seen this whole desperate attempt to not tick the well-mannered Alyssa off, smirks and gives a faint snicker & head-shake. Taylor also smirks, and strolls over to Max's side, as he comments with an impressed smile, "Cool! Heh." Still holding her squadron photo, she comes over, stands beside him, and breaks the news to him with almost snide maturity, "Max... It's a FAIRYtale. You don't believe in that kid's stuff, do you?" Max scoffs, denying as smoothly as he can, "No! Heh. Of COURSE not. I'm... WAY, past that." Taylor smirks, visibly not quite buying it, as she walks off and around him. Once she leaves, Max holds up the book in his hand, and stares at the cover with child-like, wide-eyed wonderment.

Meanwhile, within the cavern source known as the Nexus, located deep beneath Turtle Cove, Toxica is sauntering her way out of the room. She suddenly stops in her tracks, and begins to sniff the air, catching a whiff of a peculiar odor. Toxica follows her nose, it always knows, gasping, "NO! It COULDN'T be..." She rounds the corner of the hallway, and discovers the source of the smell coming from behind a steel door. Toxica pinpoints the scent as being that of, "...A HUMAN?!" She approaches the rusty old door, located within the stone-blocked walls of the Nexus hallway. It's ajar, open just a crack with a faint yellowish light emitting from within. Toxica gets closer and peeks in, witnessing someone moving around. It's the Master Org, sitting on his royal throne, in what appears to be his sanctuary. He's facing away from the door, but what he's doing to himself is quite clear. Unaware of anyone watching, Master Org starts to grip the thick bone horn on his forehead with one hand, while adjusting the back of his scalp with another. It appears as though the entire top of his head, possibly even his third eye, is all false! Toxica is horrified by this discovery, holding both her sharp-purple fingernailed hands up over her gaping but veiled-covered mouth. She seems like she wants to scream, but no sound escapes her throat. Frantically, Toxica scampers away. The sudden movement catches the corner of one of Master Org's eyes, causing him to cease adjusting his prosthetic horn, turn his head and demand to know, "WHO'S there?!" He gets off his golden throne, and rushes to the door, pulling it wider, and peering out, paranoidly asking again, "Who's there?!" Master Org looks from side to side, but finds no sign of anybody spying on what he does to his horn when in private.

It's sunset at Turtle Cove Harbor, seagulls can be heard in the distance, as numerous boats rest lifelessly docked on the calm waters. Max wanders toward the harbor, a hand in his pocket, sighing heavily as he pauses for but a moment. He's left the Animarium by his lonesome, and is lost in a sea of thought, while overlooking the turtle-shaped sea of water. Max mopes toward the wide open area that leads to a wooden dock for fishers, and finds a build up of various bags of garbage lying around. Some of it is in a blue barrel, but most of the bag-wrapped trash is resting in a large pile on the cement. Max lets out some steam, and lets us know his stance on littering the ocean, but sharply kicking a green bag of garbage into the air. It plops onto the edge of the rampway, and breaks partially open upon impact. A small glass bottle drops out, and splashes into the lake, bobbing upon the surface. Max notices it with an intrigued expression, and treads over to recover it. He holds the small clear glass bottle in his hand, and glances at the expansive waters before him, mentioning to himself, "Hmm... I wonder..." Max sets the bottle down on the dock, removes a small white slip of paper from the open garbage bag he previous kicked, and readies a pen he probably found lodged in the throat of a dolphin nearby (or already had with him, you pick). He thinks about his wish for a moment, before quickly writing it upon the piece of paper. Soon, he slips the note into the clear bottle, reseals it with a cork, and stops to hold it up, smiling and shutting his eyes with a nod of assurance. What little of the story he can recall Alyssa reading replays from earlier, "Belinda SLIPPED her wish into a bottle, and HURLED the bottle into the DARK waters." Max does just that, pitching the bottle quite high into the air. It hits the near middle of the lake area with a loud splash and a small rippling wake. He smiles and watches his wish begin its drift out with the tide. Danny appears behind him, calling out, "MAX! Hey!" He approaches, prompting Max to turn away from him, and display an expression of annoyedly discomfort, not wanting to let his best friend know what he's been up to. He crouches down and picks up a pebble. Danny walks up to his pal's side, and asks, "Whatcha doin'?" Max looks skyward, and inhales deeply, claiming, "Just... taking in the fresh air." He tosses a rock into the sea, causing it to plunk against the surface. Danny stares out at the lake, and notices the wish-transporting bottle floating in the near distance. He points out, "There's something in the WATer!" Max turns to him and stands in his way, remarking, "Ahh.. it's NOTHing! Uh, let's get outta here! There's too much... MOISTure in the air." He puts his arm around his big buddy, and leads him away. Danny tries to turn and catch another glimpse of the bottle, but Max fights his attempts, forcing them both to carry on with their leave.

Night has fully fallen, and beneath the glow of a full moon, an owl can be heard hooting. Having fled the Nexus after witnessing the Master Org's horn-shifting secret, Toxica is sitting on a swing in the park. No children, nor any adults, are around thanks to the hour. She gently swings slowly back and forth, gazing up at the dark sky a few times, in heavy contemplation. Toxica clutches her staff, and shakes her head, unable to properly find the logic for what she saw. Jindrax suddenly races up and jumps in front of her, playfully shouting, "BOO! Heh. Gotcha!" She totally ignores him, too wrapped up in her own troubled thoughts. Jindrax, his scare ruined, shrugs it off, slapping his hand through the air and figuring, "ForGET it..." He heads over and grips the supporting chains of the other swing beside her, explaining, "You wanna play the BROODing princess ALL night, I'll just SIT here, and won't disturb ya." Jindrax hops onto the swing-seat from behind, adding assuringly, "NOT gonna say a word!" He starts jauntily swinging back and forth, as Toxica stops completely, gradually wondering to him, "Did you notice anything... 'different', about Master Org?" Jindrax swings back and rests his feet against the ground, while remarking, "NOW that you mention it... Why?!" Toxica sighs softly, and stares at her fellow Duke Org's prominent single horn. After looking down for a second, she makes a very bold move, by standing and grappling onto Jindrax's uni-horn! Toxica grips it by the base tightly with just one hand, seizing almost his entire head as she attempts to yank it off. Jindrax is pulled from his swing unwillingly, struggling submissively while protesting, "OW! Hey! W-what're ya DOIN'?! CAREful with that thing, it's the only one I've GOT!" He holds onto his head for all its worth, until she releases his horn with a frustrated groan. Jindrax falls harshly onto the gravel, landing on his rear with an "oof"! He quickly sits up and gently massages the base of his sore horn, giving a snort, before demandingly asking his partner, "What'd you do THAT for?!" Toxica has her back to him, as she admits in disbelief, "I THINK... I saw Master Org MOVE his horn!" Jindrax gets back on his feet, and as he dusts himself off, and gestures toward his horn (giving it a tug), as he wonders, "Huh?! WHAT are you talking about?! Ya know, I might not be the SMARTest Duke Org to fall off the turnip truck, but I DO know that these things are STUCK on pretty tight! HOW could he move his horn?" Toxica gazes skyward once more, and pruriently observes, "A VERY good question..."

Darkness has also fallen on the Turtle Cove Harbor, the boats docked at the marina gain an unearthly visitor when an eerie swirling yellow fog rolls in, from across the sea. It releases a ghostly sound, as it begins to coalesce into a less widened wave. It reaches the shore, and as it's hidden behind the mast of a boat, the yellow mist shines brighter, before dimming down. The sound of materialization is released, as an inhuman beast steps forth onto the docks. He marches forth slowly, the yellow haze shrouding his form from our immediate view. Up on the Animarium, the sacred waters within the viewing pond begin to violently bubble up in response to the creature at the marina. Princess Shayla rushes over toward it, and turns to urge the others, "RANGers, come quickly!" It's nighttime in the temple ruins, so the scene is lit by several fires, located within the couple of stone 'flower'-like things we've seen scattered about. Max has a yellow colored set of headphones on (did Kelsey loan to them him?!), and is enjoying some music; Danny is doing his usual tending to the plantlife, with Cole crouching down beside him to assist; Alyssa is clearing the table of the bowls recently used for dinner; and Taylor is reading another magazine. They all drop everything they're doing and race over to the Princess' side when summoned. They gather around the small viewing pond, witnessing a transmission from the city in the rippling waters, of the newly created creature currently menacing the marina. His bodily details are focused upon from varying angles, but most of his body is still shrouded in shadows. Shayla notes fraughtly, "A new ORG has appeared!" . Taylor asks, "Where IS it?!" The Princess replies, "Turtle Cove Harbor." Alyssa points out, "It looks like it's made from old BOATS!" One of the viewings of the Ship Org's body shows a clear bottle embedded on his left shoulder, with a white piece of paper within. Max spots it, and nearly turns to a color matching the paper. He lowers the headset down onto his shoulders, and crouches down to get a better look of the pooling transmission. Sure, it could be any given message in a bottle, since that book probably made 'wish throwing' so popular it become a capital felony, but the world revolves around Max in Max's brain, so he immediately flashes back to the moment when he pitched the bottle into the sea. The brief flashback is in black & white, with his thoughts narrating frantically, "I'VE got to get to him, before they find out THAT'S the bottle I threw in the LAKE!" His flashback ends, and Max looks away from the pond in distress, before swiftly standing, and bumping into Danny, as he urgently yells, "WE gotta GO!" Max races for the exit, prompting Danny to follow along as quickly as he can. Cole looks at the three girls, all quite confused by his anxiousness, but he shouts, "Hey!", and follows along, prompting Taylor & Alyssa to do so right behind him.

Real quick-like, let's describe the Ship Org. He's mostly colored greyish, like dust or something, save for some blue areas around his head, and reddish areas on his bottom half. He has tall twin horns atop his head, three glowing red eyes, wooden splintering-like fangs, and two more red glowing round things within his always-opened mouth. Shippy's body is mostly made from a sidewards, antique style ship, and he has a big anchor weapon in his right arm, and a steering wheel shield in the other. Why, if genetics were a case, he could be Captain Mutiny's illegitimate child (and he sounds just like 'daddy' thanks to having the same voice actor)! Anyway, he's just minding his own evil business, when Max suddenly screams, "SHIP Org!" The monster turns toward the sound of his voice, and is greeted by the Blue Shark Wild Force Ranger's flying feet, which strike right into his face with a hyahing shout. Ship Org staggers back, and boasts in a booming voice, "ONE Ranger CAN'T stop me!" The Black Bison Wild Force Ranger is also morphed and on the scene, bracing his fist and retorting, "But TWO can!" He charges forth to attack, only to have Ship Org anchor-slash him sparkily away. Danny falls to the ground, but quickly gets back up as Max hops to his side and concernedly asks, "You alright?!" Black Ranger gets into a fighting stance, and replies windedly, "Yeah." Finally, the Red, Yellow, and White Wild Force Rangers arrive at the marina, scrambling into position in front of the other two. Red Lion Ranger proclaims, "HOLD on, guys! We stand a BETTER chance of SINKing this heap, if we FIGHT as a TEAM!" Ship Org urges bloodthirstily, "Gimme your best SHOT!" Yellow Eagle Ranger cries, "Golden Eagle Sword!", as she whips it out and leaps into the air. White Tiger Ranger yells, "White Tiger Baton!", as she pulls it our and jumps upward. The two Wild Force females spring at the Org with their weapons striking in unison, only to have Ship Org block their attack by lifting his steering wheel shield. The impact against its thick wooden surface sends both of the Rangers hurtling backwards uncontrollably. Taylor & Alyssa hit the dock hard, just before the trio of guys assemble around them in defense. Red Ranger proclaims, "MY turn! LION Blaster, FIRE!" He pulls the red lasergun weapon out from nowhere, and aims its golden lion's head barrel at the beast. Ship Org merely lifts his shield again, causing the green beams of energy fired by the Lion Blaster to be deflected back, not only at Cole, but at all five of our heroes! They burst upon being struck, crying out in agony while engulfed in a blast.

Ship Org gloats, "_I_ win!" Blue Ranger recovers quickest, and responds furiously, "NOT yet! I've got to get that bottle back..." (good thing his teammates are too dazed to hear that last remark). Max leaps high into the air, and lunges at Ship Org, snatching him up by his upper big-boaty-ness, and dragging the creature with him as he dives into the depths of the lake. The two disappear beneath the waves instantly, prompting Blue Ranger's four teammates to race to the edge of the pier in concern. White Ranger shouts, "WAIT!", while Red Ranger (still with Lion Blaster in hand) cries, "Oh, no! MAX!" Below the icy blue waters, and through a wave of tiny air bubbles, the Blue Shark Ranger hauls the Ship Org as deep as he can manage, before releasing. Both in the sea-dwelling creatures are now in their very own element, though it's the Org who strikes first, slashing his anchor into Max's chest, causing him to spin around while sparking. As he twirls back to facing the Ship Org, the beast jabs him with the end of his anchor once again, with much resulting sparks, and many more air bubbles glubbing all around. Blue Ranger is launched reluctantly away by this, spinning off across the lake for a bit. He takes advantage of the situation, and unsheathes his Crystal Saber while retarding his rotation. Max begins to swim back over to engage the Ship Org in close underwater combat, but the Org one-ups him, by unleashing a beam of yellow electricity from his center eye! The current zaps through the water, hitting the Blue Ranger directly in the chest, causing a large flaring burst, despite being submerged. On the shore, the other Rangers watch this battle helplessly from above. Cole cries out Max's name, as Alyssa clutches his arm in worry. Danny encourages, "C'mon, buddy!" Beneath the waves, the Blue Ranger is unconscious, floating horizontally amid all the bubblies float upward. Ship Org dives down and over to him, preparing to finish the job up close, when without warning, two massive pure red eyes open up, just behind Max's body! Ship Org's body is bathed in the crimson light from the giant featureless eyes, scaring him off quite fiercely. The monster swims away as quickly as he can, leaving the Blue Ranger drifting submerged and knocked out, his body about as half as big as the giant eyes of his protector looming to his side. A very subtle primal noise echoes through the murky seas, of what though, is as unclear as this partially-polluted lake...

Several hours later, the sun has risen, and morning comes to wake all the sleepyheads. You know that if a shark stops moving, it'll die? Well, I don't exactly know that. I've heard it once or twice. Anyway, Max has demorphed, but remained unconscious, and he has finally washed ashore, his clothes all sopping wet. He lies on his back between a loading ramp and a hard place, his legs still somewhat submerged in the lake. Max begins to stir back to reality, gradually lifting his head and groggily looking around. His chest begins to ache, prompting him to clutch it with his right arm, grimacing before passing out once more. His four teammates have also demorphed, and have spent most of the night combing the harbor for him. They reach a gate and overlook the lake, just before Danny spots his waterlogged buddy in the near distance, and screams out his name. Danny hops over the fence, as does Cole, the both of them racing down the ramp with Taylor & Alyssa immediately following. Cole calls out Max's name, before he & Danny grab his arms and drag him onto dry land, sitting him up. Max stirs back to consciousness again, just barely. Danny frantically asks, "Max... are you okay?!" Cole implies that Max has ended up on the other side of the Turtle Lake, "How did you wind up all the way over here?" Squinting his eyes and breathing heavily, Max mutters lowly, "Don't know...", before passing out once again, his head leaning back. Let's start calling him the Narcoleptic Shark!

Soon, on the Animarium, Alyssa using both of her petite hands to wring out the excess water from a brown cloth, over a small tribal pottery bowl full of the clear source of all life. She then places the damp cloth over Max's forehead, as he lies in the temple ruins, on a makeshift bed made of large green jungle leafs over a wooden frame, with a folded blanket for a pillow. He's still unconscious, with Alyssa sitting behind his head, and Danny keeping a bedside vigil, clutching Max's left hand comfortingly. Princess Shayla stands over the crouching black vested man, gazing down at the slumbering Max with her hands clasped in concern. Cole & Taylor walk onto the temple floor, with the yellow vested female asking, "How's he doing?" Shayla simply replies warmly, "He needs to sleep, now. Don't worry. He's going to be FINE." As Max naps reluctantly, Alyssa continues to press the wet cloth against his forehead, straightening it out. Danny vows with his voice nearly breaking from emotion, "We'll FIND the thing that did this..." He releases Max's hands gently, and then pounds his fist into his palm, angrily adding, "... I PROMISE." Cole places his hand on Danny's shoulder, before urging to Taylor, "Let's go." He races for the exit, with Taylor, Danny, and Alyssa all quickly following. The Princess remains watching over the injured and now-dried Max, his blue Surging Shark vest draped on the table in the background. Feverous dreams rage within Max's wet-cloth'd cranium, causing his head to softly sway to the right, before his face cracks into an expression of pain, letting out a small grunt. His nightmarish vision from earlier replays, same story: the Wild Force Megazord staggers, monster hits Megazord, Megazord erupts, Rangers within are knocked off their feet, Blue Ranger ends up lying on the floor, and his Crystal Saber ejects to slide down next to him. This time around, though, a very mysterious, deep and echoy, elder & wise voice, quite Zordon-esque, thunders about, commanding, "Use the SPEAR of Pardolis..."

Max sharply sits up in his makeshift bed, reaches out his right arm, and screams, "NOOO!" His dream has ended at the same spot as last time, though this awakening is quite a bit fiercer than before. Max is sweating profusely, his forehead cloth no longer present. Princess Shayla is across the room, refilling his bowl of water offscreen. She hears him cry out, and hurries back in, asking concernedly, "Are you okay?!" He breathes rapidly, and begins to calm down, stammering slowly, "Yeah... I... I just had the most horrible dream." Shayla crouches down beside him, sets aside the bowl, and listens closely. Max reveals, "The Megazord has been defeated... A-and this, this VOICE said to me... 'U-use the Spear of...'" He winces & squints hard, searching his weakened memory for the exact word spoken before his thrashing awakening, but comes up only with, "... Uh... PARIS, or-or SOMEthing like that!" Max grunts frustratedly, and wonders, "W-what does it MEAN?" Princess Shayla is just as baffled, responding at a loss, "I don't KNOW." She starts to prepare the wet cloth again, as Max's eyes dart around the room, asking, "W-where is everybody?" The Princess tells him, "Back at the harbor, looking for the Ship Org." Max whispers to himself, "Oh, NO... the BOTTLE!" Fearful of them discovering its secret message, his eyes widened with renewed vigor, and he immediately springs from the bed. As he races across the room, Princess Shayla rises, urging with the wet cloth still in hand, "Wait! You need to REST!" Max snatches his blue vest off of the table, gives it a sharp shake, and then whips it around his back, slipping it over his arms with one smooth move. He fixes the collar, and determinedly declares, "No. I CAN'T let that Org beat a shark in his OWN water." Max dashes away before Shayla can protest anymore.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Turtle Cove Harbor, the Ship Org is back to his old stomping grounds, harassing every one of the numerous fishers and boaters on the docks. The men and women flee in crowding panics, maneuvering past the various chunks of smoking concrete & debris. One guy foolishly slams into a parked boat, obviously a stuntman with way too much time on his hands. Ship Org proclaims as he threateningly marches forth, "RUN, you humans! This is MY dock NOW!" A lady wearing a Gilligan hat trips over a knocked over green barrel, but luckily a man in a blue jumpsuit helps her up as they continue going with the flow of screaming citizens. Always one to swim upstream, Max charges onto the scene against the crowd current. He stops suddenly, and stares directly at the familiar bottled note, attached visibly to the Org's crusty shoulder formation. Max sneers, "YOU'VE still got my bottle." Ship Org points his anchor at him, and recognizes him somehow, saying, "Hey! You're the KID from last night!" Having heard the touchy K-word, Max angrily corrects him, exclaiming, "DON'T call me a KID! I'm the Surging SHARK!" Ship Org quips amusedly, "More like a Surging GUPPIE!" Max pulls out his Growl Phone, snaps it open, and commands, "Wild Access!", while pressing the button. He holds it to his ear, and holds out his hand, yelling, "Ready!" His full morphing sequence plays, resulting in him emerging from it, fully morphed, as the Blue Shark Wild Force Ranger. Max has his twin Blue Shark Fighting Fins in hand, as he stands on the deserted marina, across from the Ship Org. There are small fires bellowing smoking all around the cement lot, implying the monster did some damage offscreen. The two foes pace to their right, keeping close attention on one another. Blue Ranger boasts, "YOU got lucky last time, Ship Org. But I guaranTEE it's NOT going to happen AGAIN!" He kiyaahs, and surges into action.

Ship Org awaits his arrival, and once the Blue Ranger is upon him, he strikes first, slashing his anchor into an oncoming Fighting Fin. The two weapons collide, and neither do the either being any damage. Blue Ranger then has to duck beneath Shippy's anchor swipe over his head, before spinning around and attempting to jab a Fighting Fin into the Org's chest. Ship Org lifts his steering wheel shield, and blocks it, the impaling impact of the fin's blade causing a brief flash. Max and his weapon are released from that position by the Org giving his shield a shove, knocking the Ranger down for a roll. He gets right back up, and tosses a kick into Ship Org, which the creature blocks with his shield again. The Org proceeds to bash his anchor into the Blue Ranger's chest, causing quick sparks. Max is knocked away, rolling so far that he ends up off of the boat-backgrounded marina, now finding himself on the sandy section of a rock shored beach. He gets up again, and throws his Fighting Fin into the air, just to have it snapped back by Ship Org's anchor swipe. Blue Ranger twirls around, and gets sparkily struck in the chest by the anchor, causing him to whine an ow. He follows the credo from episode four, and never gives up, as he continues to attempt to hit the Ship Org, but instead getting anchor-slashed one more time. Max misses the Org when he tries to hit him, leaving himself open for Shippy to bash the tip of his anchor right into the Ranger's chest. Crying out, Blue Ranger is flung across the beach, crashing against the sand with a groan. Fighting Fins still in hand, Max rolls onto his back, and claims, "It'll take MORE than that to stop me!" Ship Org starts marching toward him, figuring, "Well, since you ASKED..." Without warning, a barrage of laserbolts smash into the Org's back, throwing him off guard. Blue Ranger confusedly goes, "Huh?!", until he sees his four Wild Force teammates racing onto the beach, morphed. Red Ranger aims his Lion Blaster at the Ship Org, as they rally around their downed teammate. Cole yells, "HANG on, Max. We're here!" Black Ranger helps Blue to his feet, asking again, "Max! Are you okay?" Blue Ranger cheerfully responds, "Of COURSE I am!" Ship Org begins to motion his anchor around, causing the Rangers to jump into alter positions, as the creature comments, "Ohhh, a whole SCHOOL of guppies!"

Standing on the rocky beach, Red Ranger touches his yellow lion patch, and gestures his hand in the air, proclaiming, "GUARDians of the Earth... united, we ROAR! POWER Rangers...!" All five of them leap up in the air, and land in a ground-slapping pose, with Max at the center of the gathering, shouting in unison, "WILD Force!" Ship Org eggs them on, anxiously asking, "You guys ready to LAUNCH this battle?!" The Blue Shark Ranger retorts, "You'll be sorry you asked!" The Wild Force Rangers begin to blitz toward the Ship Org, when they're struck by a bolt from the blue. Our heroes are sparkily knocked off their feet by this burst, the source of which gains the attention of the Ship Org. He sees the Duke Org on the beach nearby, leaning against a series of bamboo posts (what purpose they serve is beyond me), both looking away intensely. Toxica stands, commenting, "So you're QUITE the little battleship, AREN'T you?" Jindrax is sitting against the post, casually giving a small wave as he looks at Shippy, and bids, "Howdy!" Ship Org demands to know, "WHO are you?!" Jindrax hauls himself up to his feet, and offers, "How would YOU like to control... an enTIRE navy?!" Toxica lifts up the golden, weirdly designed conk-shell filled with Putrid fluid (the bamboo post background changes to metal support beams). She grins wickedly, shifts the shell around in her hand, and tosses the toxic goop within, up into the air with a grunt. The purple pukeness hurls into the sky, the clump of mess soon shattering into multiple large droplets. They then morph into Putrids, who rain down onto the beach and begin to scramble about, patting their heads. Ship Org, neither recognizing the Duke Orgs as his superior officers, nor remember these muck drones, wondering, "Now who're THESE guys?! They don't look like Rangers!" Our heroes recover to their feet, as the Putrids race around the confused Org, charging at them. Ship Org rationalizes, "I don't care WHO you are! I'll defeat everyone!" A Putrid tries a running swipe at the Yellow Ranger with its battleaxe, which Taylor smacks aside, before footsweeping the muck drone down. Black Ranger, surrounded by Putrids, hoists one over his shoulders, and bodyslams it to the sandy ground.

Ship Org readies his anchor, and charges into battle, crying out. He heads directly for the Red Ranger, and just as Cole dispatches a Putrid, the Org slashes into his chest with the anchor. Not only is the Ranger sparkily-bashed in the chest, but so is a Putrid! As Ship Org prepares to lay waste to every person in the area, enemy or not, Jindrax calls out in as much shock as annoyance, "Hey, wood for brains! What're ya doin'?! They're on YOUR side!!" Ignoring the Duke, Shippy anchor-bashes both the Black Ranger, and another Putrid. The anchor raises and falls, slashing across the Blue Ranger's chest, before doing the same to a lone Putrid. With the muck drones all taken care of, the Yellow Ranger attacks Ship Org, throwing a kick at him. He blocks it with his shield, then anchor-smacks her away. Taylor rolls onto the beach, and is soon surrounded by a regrouping of her teammates. The Wild Force Rangers get in defensive positions, and when Yellow Ranger recovers, she stresses, "We NEED to come up with a plan!" Ship Org roars, whirls his anchor around, and rushes toward them once more. This time, the Power Rangers flee, getting off of the beach and onto the pavement of the nearby docks, where a large yellow shipping crane awaits. Our heroes back away from the Org as he follows, with Taylor urging, "Stick together, guys!" Ship Org roars again, and leans forward, firing an electric surge of reddish energy from his center eye. This strikes every one of the Wild Force Rangers, Blue Ranger included, though he doesn't stay down for long. Rolling over amid smoke, Max proclaims, "I don't care HOW strong you are. We're NOT giving up!" Red Ranger gets back on his feet, and declares in a rage, "I WON'T let this BARGE beat us!" Cole dashes over and clamps onto Ship Org's head with both fists, but the beast just shrugs him off and anchor-bashes him down, before stomping on his chest. The others watch in horror as Red Ranger is trapped beneath Ship Org's grinding sole, with Taylor crying out Cole's name.

Almost on cue, a mechanical engine comes to life noisily nearby. Blue Ranger gets off his stomach and looks up, witnessing the tall shipping crane behind them, starting to move! How? Probably some brave dock worker, cowardly hiding in the control seat, trying to lend a hand without being seen. Whatever the case, the metal hooks dangling at the end of the steel arm of the crane inspires Max to say, "That's IT!" He leaps high into the air, and grabs onto the end of the crane as it slowly passes overhead. Ship Org snickers sadistically as he pounces Red Ranger beneath his heel. Snagging the curved hook with his arm, Blue Ranger is lowered by the crane's cables as it rotates, announcing, "I'm COMing for you, Cole!" Ship Org is totally oblivious to the unmissable sight swoop overhead. Max summons, "Blue Shark Fighting Fins!", gripping just one of the blades in his left hand. He releases from the hook, and plummets directly onto the Ship Org, slicing off his right horn! The curved protruding appendage drops to the cement, smoking, as the Org cries, "My HORN!" Red Ranger grips the monster's leg, and sharply kicks up, hitting him the chest. Ship Org topples onto his back, causing the glass bottle on his shoulder to dislodge. It strikes against the cement, just beside a crate, shattering into tiny shards, leaving the curled white note in its ruins. Blue Ranger vengefully cries, "Oh, NO! My bottle! You BROKE my bottle, and you RUINED my wish!" Ship Org gets back up, and grouses, "I've HAD it with YOU!" The Wild Force Rangers regroup around Max, who lifts his single Fighting Fin, and suggests, "Let's combine our weapons!" Black Ranger agrees, "Right!" All five of the Rangers' wild weapons are brought together, and locked into the Jungle Sword. The four Rangers brace behind Red in front of the crane, shouting in unison, "Jungle SWORD!" Cole commands, "Savage Slash!" The gleaming Jungle Sword is sliced into the Ship Org, the long golden beam cuts right through his barnacled body, causing him to freeze in place for a moment. Max quips, "You're going DOWN!" Ship Org immediately beings to go up in flames, his planked structure exploding with such force, that one of the fireballs bursts outward, with starboard matter exiting through the back. The Org with the dismembered horn falls once more, his scorching form crackling with blue electricity, as it degrades quickly into a pile of white pus, splattered against the pavement. Toxica rushes onto the scene, giving a frustrated, "UGH!" Jindrax is with her, whining a Milton-Bradley reference, "Oh! They SANK my BATTLEship!" Toxica lifts her staff, waves it around, and incants, "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen Org new LIFE! YAH!" The five seeds are fired from her staff, landing in the green goop, and quickly sprouting spiraling vines into the air. The stalks merge together, forming the gigantically restored Ship Org, with his anchor & steering-wheel shield waving about, roaring fiercly and sporting both of his horns again.

Don't make me repeat that, as Ship Org is giant now, and growling. Sadly, he doesn't once give a stereotypical sea captain "Arrrr!" The Wild Force Rangers unsheathe their Crystal Sabers, hold them to the sky, and summon, "Wildzords, descend!" The musical chime rings out, and five Wildzords come running off of the Animarium (taking the 'show each of them running individually at first' route). As they approach on the spectrum bridge, the Rangers point their Sabers together, and command, "Wildzords, combine!" Red Lion, Black Bison, White Tiger, Blue Shark, and Yellow Eagle come together, as per usual. The Wild Force Rangers are already in the cerebral cockpit, placing their Crystal Sabers into the console slots. Cole says, "Awaken!", as sets his down, causing a flash of red energy. Their console slots gleam with each of their colors, as they call for simultaneously, "Wild Force, Megazord!" The Wildzords shift around, and complete the transformation into the mighty Wild Force Megazord! In the cockpit, White Tiger Ranger has her Crystal Saber out of the slot, and has the glowing green orb within it. She holds her Saber high, and summons, "Elephantzord!" Somewhere, obviously the Animarium, the Elephant Wildzord gives a piercing trumpeting noise with his big trunk. Alyssa places her Crystal Saber back into the slot, with the green sphere still inside, crossing her arms and commanding, "Combine!" The Elephantzord starts to shift around against the streaming green background, and splits into two components, which are best described by the Rangers, who shout in unison (following Cole's beginning it), "Wild Force Megazord, Sword & Shield Mode!" The Megazord stands tall beneath the cloudy blue skies, wielding the Elephantzord's tusk in sword mode on its right arm, and its facial section as a fearsome shield. Ship Org has his anchor for a weapon, and his steering-wheel for a shield of his own, also beneath that same sky. The two vertically massive opponents face one another, towering over Turtle Cove, as highlighted by a shot shown from out on the water.

Ship Org roars, then urges, "Let's SEE what you've GOT!" The WF Megazord makes the first move, with Red Ranger calling for, "Pachyderm Crusher!" The Elephantzord Sword is charged up, and whipped into the Org with a blazing purple-detailed energy. Though this worked last time, Ship Org's shield prevents a repeat performance, blocking the energized slash with grunting ease. The Megazord staggers back, stunned by the sight of Ship Org unharmed. Inside the cerebral cockpit, Cole gasps, "WHAT?! The Pachyderm Crusher didn't even FAZE him!" Ship Org quips, "Anchors aweigh!", as he bashes his steel anchor weapon into the dazed Megazord's chest. As seen in Max's dream earlier, the Wild Force Megazord staggers back. Ship Org fires his anchor at them from afar, yanking it back by the chain and repeating the attack at least twice. The Megazord bursts, as within the cockpit, everything flashes red rapidly, before all five Wild Force Rangers are blown off their feet from the violent shaking. Standing just beside the docks, the Wild Force Megazord is engulfed in thick bursting flaming blasts. The Elephantzord Shield & Sword are dropped onto the ground, as the Megazord tumbles over onto the uncivilized outskirts of the city. In the cerebral cockpit, our heroes hit the floor with a unanimous collection of groans. For some reason, the Crystal Saber in the blue-colored slot is ejected, leaving the blue shark orb still stuck in the console. The empty Saber falls beside the Blue Ranger, exactly as his nightmare predicted, so much that he picks it up, and realizes, "My SABER! This is just like in my dream..." Max frantically informs his teammates, touching Cole's shoulder, "Guys! I SAW all this happen before, in my dream!" Red Ranger confusedly blurts, "In your dream!?" Alyssa wonders, "Huh?! What're you TALKing about, Max?" Blue Ranger doesn't get a chance to answer her, before that mysterious, deep, echoy and wise voice calls out to him once again, urging, "Use the Spear of Pardolis." He looks around, trying in vain to find a source for the voice only he apparently is privy to hearing. Max mutters, "The Spear of Pardolis...?", before asking aloud, "WHAT is the Spear of Pardolis?!"

On the Animarium, Princess Shayla mystically monitors this question, pondering it as she paces back and forth in the temple ruins. She repeats to herself while touching her chin, "The SPEAR of Pardolis..." Shayla stops suddenly, and exclaims with eyes brightened, "Of COURSE!" Rushing over to the viewing pond, the Princess explains into the sacred waters, "Pardolis was an Animarium Warrior, who controlled one of the MIGHTiest Wildzords of ALL! His Zord must STILL be alive, and it's CALLing you!" In the cerebral cockpit, Shayla's revelations can be heard, prompting Blue Ranger to wonder as he stands and looks up, "But... Why is it calling ME?!" At the temple ruins, Princess Shayla walks away from the viewing pond, and grasps the bluish-gemmed, golden-rimmed necklace, and holds it up some, as if speaking into it, admitting, "The Spear of Pardolis is one of the LOST Wildzords! It senses that you have a good heart, and will HELP to protect the Earth." In the cerebral cockpit, Shayla's words echo throughout the room, all five of the Rangers now standing and looking upward, as she says, "Call out to this WILDzord from your heart, and it will HEAR you!" Blue Shark Ranger clutches his chest for a moment, before gripping the handle of his Crystal Saber with both hands, and pleads, "Alright. Here goes. Spear of Pardolis, we ask you to PLEASE help us in our time of need!" At the nearby Turtle Cove Harbor, exactly around the area where Max hung out and tossed his bottle in last night, the mostly calm waters begin to light up with a faint audible glow. A ball of sparkling yellowish light sprays skyward from the glowing patch of lake. This energy rematerializes together inside the cockpit, forming into a small glowing ball of energy right beside Max's head. He holds out his left hand, allowing the sphere to land gently in his palm. Once it does, the light ceases, and an orange glass orb, with a tiny orange giraffe idol inside, has been formed! Blue Ranger holds it up in front of his helmet between his fingers, and cheers, "Guys! Look! A new animal crystal! It's a giraffe!! I can't believe it! The Spear of Pardolis is a GIRAFFE!" Cole is equally shocked, saying, "A giraffe?!", with the other Rangers are stepping closer to check out the new orb. Max confirms with a nod, "YE-AH!", before placing the orange crystal within his Crystal Saber, and stating, "ALL right, let's try it out." He presses the Saber's handle to his palm for a moment, before raising it high into the air, and summoning, "Giraffezord! AWAKEN!"

The musical summoning chime sounds, causing that already glowing spot on Turtle Lake to shimmer & sparkle more profusely with an orange-golden light. The sea bursts, and bubbling up amid rays of light, is a giant orange metal giraffe! His elongated neck sticks way up, the remaining water from being submerged for centuries trickles off his rather small head. The beams of light lifting him up slowly fade, leaving the Orange Giraffezord hovering in midair above the lake, in this first totally American CGI Wildzord shot! Rising into the sky, the Giraffezord, whose body is a more yellowish-orange than pure orange, releases a snarling yelp, which finally shuts that annoyingly repetitive musical chime up. He has two greyish antenna-like things on top of his head, and his eyes are red, the exact same shape as the giant ones that lingered behind Max's unconscious body earlier. The Giraffezord's super-tall neck has small reddish spots all up and down it, and has silverish colored skinny legs. Anyway, it starts to gallop beneath the cloudy blue sky, its mighty hooves trampling down against the ground with great force. Not far away, the Ship Org is repeatedly smashing his anchor into the still-downed Wild Force Megazord. Its already smoking body sparks immensely with each hit, struck over and over again, the Org growling at it like a scurvy devil. The Giraffezord races through the forest, and once within range, the Ship Org notices it with a confused grunt. Before he can react, the orange Giraffe Wildzord hurries up, stops quickly, and begins to rapidly swat its lengthy neck side to side! His head bashes into the Ship Org several times, causing the beast to spark and topple over, crying out in pain. The Wild Force Megazord stands upright again, with the Power Rangers inside the cerebral cockpit all watching in awe. Red Ranger points, "Guys, LOOK!" Blue Ranger only now notices, "AMAZING. The Giraffe's long neck is like a SPEAR!" For no good reason, the shot of the Giraffezord rushing through the forest is replayed, with the edge of the scream all hazy, like it's a flashback. Max realizes enlightenedly, while grasping his chest, "'Use the Spear of Pardolis'! I understand what I HAVE to do." He reaches down and scoops up the blue shark orb out of the console slot, and tells the sentient animal, "SHARK, you'll always be number one with me, but right now, it's time to see what this giraffe can DO!"

The removal of the blue shark crystal orb, causes the Blue Shark Wildzord right-arm of the Wild Force Megazord to unlock with hydraulic hissing. The Orange Giraffe Wildzord marches along slowly in the wilderness, as the Blue Shark reverts to animal mode, and floats through the air, flanking around his replacement. Sharky howls, before diving down beneath the Giraffe's legs, just as the tall beast leaps up, and mounts the flying aquatic creature in a very awkward (and vaguely reproductive) manner! The Giraffe rides the Shark into the sky, causing him to snarl again, likely pained by the added weight. In the cerebral cockpit, Blue Ranger places the orange orbed Crystal Saber into his blue console slot, commanding, "Attach Giraffe!" The Giraffezord clenches his four legs around the Sharkzord, as they pass through a tunnel of black and red energy streaks. He finally hops off, allowing the Shark to snarl one last time, before floating off into the background, likely going home to take a long, cleansing bath. The Giraffe floats in the air for a moment, before his body flashes with a gleaming light, and then his neck bends downward. His hind legs fold up behind him, locking into his thighs. Same goes for his front legs, which snap up so that his entire torso is level with his extended neck. Still passing through that red & black tunnel, a sharp-pointed silver metal mask materializes over the Giraffe's head, with narrow red slits for his eyes. Now in Pardolis' Spear mode, the Giraffezord locks onto the Wild Force Megazord, taking the vacant spot as the new right arm. With the silver tip shining, the Megazord raises its new orange arm into the air, causing it to glow brightly against a black background, a symbol of its charging up. In the cockpit, all five Rangers proclaiming in unison, "Wild Force Megazord! Spear Mode!" The Megazord stands beneath the cloudy blue sky, wielding its Giraffezord arm with renewed vigor and precision. Ship Org arises, and gloats, "Do you think that toothpick can break through my SHIELD?!" Our heroes motion their arms, and activate together, "Giraffe Spear... FIRE!" Against a dark blue thundercloudy background, the Wild Force Megazord powers up its right Giraffe arm, then aims it forward. The silver metal head is fired off, keeping a cable dragging along behind it to probably snap back with. As the pointed noggin projectile zooms across the way, it creates a wave of friction from its piercing speed, which heats up the head and carries with it some scorching hot power! The spear's point burns right through the Ship Org's steering-wheel shield like a molten knife through Parkay, coming out the other side of the monster's back! His multiple red eyes flickering, the Ship Org can only groan, "Weapon breached!" The Megazord retracts the Giraffe's head back onto the arm, and holds it up, awaiting the inevitable. Ship Org's eyes slowly grow black, as he drops his smoking-holed shield, and moans in agony, "I think I'm gonna SINK..." After a moment or two, his chest begins to burst with bright sparks, causing him to simply collapse forward, exploding greatly on impact, leaving only a large fireball pluming skyward in his wake. The Wild Force Megazord crosses its new Giraffezord arm around, before coming to a rest, posing triumphantly.

Another dusk is falling upon the marina at Turtle Cove Harbor. Demorphed, Max returns to the scene of the earlier battle, treading gradually on orange-laced black sneakers. He reaches the shattered bottle fragments, and pulls the rolled piece of paper out of the wreckage. Holding the note up, we see what it was exactly that he wrote for a wish, Max even narrating it mentally, "I wish the other Rangers would treat me like an adult." As he rereads the note, Danny slowly approaches, not trying to peek at the wish, despite being within distance to. When he stops next to his best friend, Max quickly hides the note, merely looking at his silent friend with equal quietness. Danny pulls his hand around from his back, and shows him another corked glass bottle, similar to the one he had earlier! Max smiles and accepts it, staring at the bottle with a bit of surprise. Danny simply smiles back, patting him on the shoulder, as if to say 'your attempts to hide your bottle throwing from me are as crystal clear as this glass!' The two pals head over to the same spot on the docks as the last bottle was hurled from, and with the note sealed inside the new bottle, Danny hands it to Max, who holds it, shuts his eyes, and mentally repeats with passion, "I WISH the other Rangers would treat me like an adult." In dramatic slow motion, Max pitches his arm around, and gives a wide and long throw, tossing the bottle in the near center of the lake region. Danny walks over to him, smiling big. Max chuckles softly, and smiles in return, giving a slight head shake. They exchange that fist-bumping 'hand shake' of theirs from "Never Give Up!": Max bops the top of Danny's fist with his, then under it, before bashing knuckles, then turning them sidewards like unlocking, before thrusting their fists back to their chests. The black & blue vested men gaze out upon the lake, watching as the wish in a bottle bobs along the surface of the water, resuming its symbolic journey to nowhere.

Soon, Danny & Max return to the temple ruins on the Animarium. They walk side by side, with Danny wrapping his left arm around Max's back, while giving him a pat on the shoulder with the other hand. They seem quite satisfied with both the successful battle, and the successful wish-casting at the lake, both of them walking along jauntily. As they walk up onto the temple floor, Alyssa rushes up and tugs excitedly on Max's arm, commending, "You were RIGHT, Max! There really WAS a creature living in Turtle Lake. WAY to go!" Humbly, Max puts his hands on his waist, and smiles, soaking up the admiration eagerly, replying with an inflated ego, "Aw, THANKS, Alyssa! Heheh!" Cole comes over, puts his hands on his shoulders, and explains, "The Wildzords are VERY happy that the Giraffe is now back on Animarium. Thanks to you!" Princess Shayla stands to the side, smiling as equally much as the others. Cole leads Max to the table in the center of the floor, wipes off the tree-stump seat at the head of the table, and offers it to him. Max basks in his well-deserved glory, giving modest snickerings. He gestures like 'don't mind if I do', and sits down on the stump, kicking both his feet up onto the tabletop. This amuses Shayla, Danny, and Alyssa, as Cole pats Max on the back, as does Danny. The only one of the Wild Force Activists not present at the 'stroke Max's ego' ceremony makes her presence well known, when Taylor walks up, and slaps her hands against the other end of the table. Everyone looks at her, as she displays a stern expression, before cheerfully commenting, "GOOD job!" Max grins, nods, and raises his brow, as if agreeing cockily. Taylor's words trailed off, leading to her loss of joyous attitude, as she adds, "... For a KID." Ever the hot button set him off, Max stops smiling, puts his legs down, and leans forward, asking with a confused expression, "WHAT'd you call me?!" Taylor smirks, holds her arms out innocently, and denies, "NOTHing!" Obviously being teased, Max gets an agitated visage, suddenly climbing up onto the tabletop and lunging at Taylor. She backs away, escaping his raging swipe of his hand, mirthful music playing. Max's arm dangles off the front of the table, his face still mean and everyone in the background all shocked by his playful outburst, as the screen fades to black.

[Scenes from "The Bear Necessities"; End Credits]

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