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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Soul Searching"
Original Air Date:3/23/02 Featuring Footage & Very Few Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #10 - - Tsuki ga Maneku!!(The Moon Is Beckoning!!)
*Season 10, bite 8
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1208
*08th episode of PRWF
*426th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Jill Donnellan Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Jack Maxwell _AS_ Cole's Father
Ana Bianca _AS_ Cole's Mother
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Jason Faunt _AS_ Bulldozer Org (voice)


[Opening Credits]

The Animarium rotates in the skies above Turtle Cove... or is it WE that are rotating? Whatever the case, the tone of the music is somber, matching the mood of Cole, as he walks through the jungles in a concerned state. Keeping his eyes upward, he casually brushes aside the leaf of a bush, and finally pauses amid the greenery. The sight both his mind and eyes are focused upon lies just ahead, it's the Red Lion Wildzord. He's partially napping, as he lounges around with his chin resting on his stacked paws, giving a loud and long rumble as he exhales. Cole stares directly up at his mighty animal protector and partner, expressing deep empathy. In case you missed the last episode, the events leading up to the Red Lion's current state of exhaustion are replayed suddenly. It's a full-color flashback, lacking music so as to give it some frantic urgency. The Wild Force Megazord prepares its new Black & Polar Bearzord arms for battle in Double Knuckle mode, smacking them together flashingly. Silver gun-barrels pop out of the fist-jaws. In the cerebral cockpit, Red Ranger activates, "Double Knuckle..." The other four Wild Force Rangers join in, gesturing and commanding in unison, "... Bear Blaster!" The Megazord raises its arms, with the Bearzord fists charging up energy until they burst with power. The left green eye of the Red Lionzord's face in the Megazord's chest widens suddenly. The cerebral cockpit begins to quake about, and crackle with orange electricity. Red Ranger notes, "Whoa... We're losing POWER!" The entire Wild Force Megazord is engulfed in orange surging, until the whole thing flares into a white light. The Wild Force Rangers are thrown out harshly, and the Red Lionzord is pitched onto his side painfully. Red Ranger arises and pleads, "Red Lion! SPEAK to me!" The injured Red Lionzord just lies in the street, growling lowly as the dust settles. This flashback ends there, bringing us back to where we started. Cole looks up at the weary Red Lion Wildzord, and asks very warmly, "How ARE you, my friend?" The Red Lion just narrows his brow, grumbles a little, and sort of tilts his head. Cole touches his heart, as he determinedly vows, "DON'T worry. I'll FIND a way to make you better, Red Lion!" A snarl catches Cole's attention, causing him to snap his head to the left. Just beside and off a ways from Red Lion's location in the valley, are the Black & Polar Bearzords. They both standing up on their hind legs and giving loud roars. Polar drops back down on all fours first, followed by Black. Cole grins, and nods, gratefully confirming, "I KNOW. You wanna help, TOO." Polar Bear turns and looks at Black Bear, just before he snarls passionately, snapping his head around. Polar Bear does the same, pretty much. The Red Lion Wildzord returns to slumbering, needing as much rest as he can get if he's ever be the mighty king of the Animarium again.

Elsewhere on the Animarium, in the temple ruins, Princess Shayla walks across the floor, explaining, "The Bearzords were just TOO powerful for the Lion to keep the Megazord together!" Taylor stands with her back against the lion statue in back of the room, arms crossed as she listens closely. Danny, Max, and Alyssa are sitting at the wooden table nearby. Once Shayla passes around it, Alyssa wonders, "WHAT can we do?" The Princess appears hesitant for a moment, as if what she's about to suggest might be a long shot, but finally admits to her, "In ancient times, there lived a magical bird in the forest. It was VERY rare. We called it 'Soul Bird,' and it had the power to HEAL the Wildzords." During this discussion, Cole lazily strolls into the other side of the temple, and listens in. The moment an opportunity to save his companion beast is mentioned, his eyes widened, and he races over to Princess Shayla, asking, "Where do you FIND this bird?" The Princess informs him to the best of her knowledge, "When Animarium lifted off Earth, the Soul Bird reMAINED in the forest below... Only a few people have ever SEEN the Soul Bird. They are difficult to find." Cole declares intensely, "WhatEVER it takes. We'll FIND it." The camera pulls away from the Animarium quickly in an exterior shot, which leads to an establishing pan of the hilly expanse of the forested areas around the city of Turtle Cove. As sunlight peeks through the treetops, the five Wild Force Activists are searching about the woods. Cole is most adamant, calling aloud at the top of his lungs, "SOUL Bird! Are you HERE?!" He spins around while walking, looking up at the verdant treetops with the hopes of spotting the elusive creature. For all of his awareness of 360 degrees of forest, he still comes up with nothing. Still taking a chance that the Soul Bird hasn't gone extinct in three thousand years, he presses on at a reasonable pace, with his teammates keeping real close behind. Cole shouts again, "Can you HEAR us?!" Danny mentions in frustration, "I wonder where it can BE!" At the moment, in the underground dwelling known as the Nexus, Master Org is staring the central demonic totem statue in its reddish-illuminating mouth. His pale face is flush with color, as if he's attempting to get an evil tan. Master Org's closed eyes (his main two, the top third one is vigilantly always open) pop open suddenly, causing him to turn around swiftly, and announce with an exuberant exhaling, "I can feel a STRONG power in the forest..." Toxica & Jindrax are currently kneeling before him in the misty-floored cavern, both looking up at him when he starts to talk. Master Org, gripping his tri-clawed staff tightly in his right hand, continues to exclaim, "... The Soul Bird that can help the Lion! We have to deSTROY it before the Rangers can GET to it!! GO!!" The pair of Duke Orgs nod, and then rise up from their kneeled states, quickly turning and heading for the Nexus exit (which is in the current foreground of this shot).

Eventually, the Dukes are wandering through the woods. After a brief time, Jindrax begins complaining, "This forest goes on for MILES! HOW are we supposed to FIND this bird?!" Toxica is just behind him, replying as she maneuvers he skirt through the wilderness, "It's IN here, and we'll FIND it. So, JUST keep looking." They reach a clearing filled with what looks to be recently demolished trees, and as Jindrax pauses to gripe, "It would be EASier if we knew what it LOOKED like!", a loud snap gains both of their attentions. Toxica gasps fraughtly, while both of the Duke Orgs look up to see a tall tree plummeting over in their direction! The two frantically jump back, narrowly avoid getting pine needles scraping against them just possibly. The timber strikes the ground just ahead of them, prompting a furious Jindrax to demand to know from the source of this logging, "WHO did that?!" Approaching from behind the tipped-over tree, is the aptly named Bulldozer Org! He's pure yellow, has two black horns, glowing headlight-type eyes, a grill for a mouth, one of those dozer scoop-shovel things across his chest, red shoulders, and two tank-tire arms with hooks on the ends. Speaking in a deep and pronounced voice, Bulldozer Org confesses, "_I_ did! But maybe you can tell me how to get out of here!" He adjusts his scoop chest (which have normal hands permanently attached to the sides) to hoist up another one of the trees he knocked over, giving a grunt until it's supported in the air, then yells in frustration, "This spot looks exACTLY like the last spot, and these trees are driving me CRAZY!" He hurls the tree at the Duke Orgs, causing Toxica to squeal startledly, as both she & Jindrax nearly jump out of their skin when the tall trunk crashes to the ground a few feet ahead of them. Jindrax starts to pace about, commenting to her, "Hey... This guy's as DUMB as a shovel! WHAT're we gonna DO with him?!" Toxica seems to see potential, urging, "HE'S the solution to our problem! Go talk to him!" Jindrax nods, and chuckles, before scampering off over the pile of toppled timber, calling out, "BULLdozer Org!" He meets him in the clearing, and states, "MASTer Org wants to the SOUL Bird. WE need your help." Bulldozer excitedly proclaims, "Master ORG?! Consider is DONE! If that Soul Bird is in this forest, I'LL find him for ya! Cause I'm the BIGgest, BADdest, Bulldozer there is! I'll show ya!" He charges at an innocent tree, striking it with his scooped chest, causing a flash of sparks as it's chopped into with one blow. The tree topples right on top of his big yellow head, breaking in half amusingly, causing Bully to groan bumbledly, "D'ohohohhh!"

Stock footage of trees is placed as a screen transition. Since I see no other places in this episode to mention this, I'll bring it up now, when it could've been. If you saw last episode's "scenes from next time", you'd have seen a scene MAJORLY cut from this episode! Here it is: (Lingering in the woods alone together, Alyssa puts her hand on Cole's shoulder, and promises gently, "Don't WORRY, Cole. We're gonna help your lion." Cole pulls out his family photo, unfolding it while telling Alyssa, "We've GOT to. Red Lion's family, and I grew up never knowing my parents." He shows her the picture for the first time, and while inspecting it, Alyssa points out something we've been aware of for quite some time: the mysterious third adult, torn off on the side! She wonders, "If THIS another relative?" Cole admits, "I dunno WHO it is...") That whole thing is gone. Anyway, the five Wild Force Activists are still wandering around the forest in a tight pack, keep their heads swiveling around on their necks while looking upward. Little do they realize at first, as they come into a small clearing, that Toxica is leaning up against a tree, awaiting them patiently. She curls the fingers on her left hand, and gives her trademark wicked snicker. This indeed gains our heroes' attention, causing them to line up alertly while glaring at her. She turns toward them with seductively sinister eyes, as Cole demands to know, "TOXica! WHAT are you doing here?!" Toxica steps away from the tree and faces them completely, vowing viciously, "I won't LET you SAVE your LION." As she gives another sadistic giggle, Jindrax comes walking out from behind the tree, draping one of his daggers on his left shoulder, while using the other to point at the Wild Force Activists, taunting, "THIS is where the path ENDS... for YOU!" Cole steps forth, and boasts back, "You CAN'T stop me!" He then whips out and open his Growl Phone, leading the charge with a yelp of, "Ready!?" He and his four teammates are fluid in simultaneousness, crying out, "Wild Access!", while pressing the buttons on their Growl Phones. Cole's full screen morphing sequence plays, but the others have to share a four-block: White upper left, Blue upper right, Black bottom left, and Yellow bottom right. It all concludes with the Red Lion Wild Force Power Ranger, touching his yellow lion patch on his left breast, then motioning his arm, while declaring, "Guardians of the Earth, UNITED... we ROAR!" He leads the call, "Power Rangers!", and as the five Wild Force Rangers leap into the air and pose, their bodies flash with power at least twice, while exclaiming, "Wild Force!"

Sitting this fight out, Jindrax claims, "You're not WORTHY of fighting the Master of BLADES today!" Toxica remarks menacingly, "We've got a BIG surprise for you, Rangers." He rises her right arm into the air, and screams, "BULLdozer Org!" In the treetopped near-distance, the gigantic Bulldozer Org stands up, shaking dirt and dust all about. He's already at full-height, having been given the growth seeds between scenes, it seems. The Wild Force Rangers are taken aback by this viciously laughing sight. Blue Ranger notes, "We need some help!" Bulldozer Org walks through a large clearing in the forest, and gives a psychotic chuckle, slowly making his way toward our heroes. The Rangers keep on backing up to give themselves some space, with Yellow Eagle Ranger stressing, "But we CAN'T form the Megazord. It's TOO dangerous!" Red Lion Ranger agrees, "You're right!" White Tiger Ranger encourages, "It's Oh-KAY. We can beat him on our OWN!" Blue Shark Ranger concurs, "Yeah! Let's go after him as a TEAM!" Black Bison Ranger urges, "Alright, everybody! Let's DO it!" Red Ranger begins to have doubts, in concern for his Power Animal partner's well-being. He shakes his head, and realizes, "No... This ISN'T going to work." Just as his teammates are about to unsheathe their Crystal Sabers, Cole steps out and faces them with his arms up, cautioning, "WAIT a minute, guys. He's TOO strong, and we CAN'T form the Megazord because the Lion's too WEAK!" The four Rangers, most with Crystal Sabers in hand, pause their summoning, unsure about their current options. Taylor urgently stresses, "But we've GOT to do SOMEthing!" Bulldozer Org marches closer, his giant yellow legs drawing nearer to the trees in the foreground. Cole turns around and sees the giant Org approaching, and shouts, "Look OUT!" Bulldozer Org's huge feet nonchalantly kick over several tall trees, as he gives a deep bellowing roar. The five Wild Force Rangers didn't have enough time to heed the warning, and are caught up in the draft of dirty wind accompanying this assault on nature. They're knocked off their feet with equal ugh-ing grunts, prompting Bulldozer Org to quip unimpressedly, "Whadda bunch of PUSHovers!"

Standing again, Red Ranger returns to an idea that didn't work the first time he tried it back in the first episode, and most assuredly won't work now, as he unsheathes his Crystal Saber, and proclaims mightily, "Alright, guys! Let's DO it... but withOUT the Wildzords! UHH!" Just as Cole brings his Saber into a position beside his head, the red animal crystal orb within it starts to glow briefly. This brings about a pause, as Red Ranger tells his teammates, "Hold ON! Red Lion's talking to me..." Cole looks at his Crystal Saber, and within the red orb, we can see the Red Lion Wildzord's roaring face flash by quickly. As he stares into it, holding the Saber in a gentle position in front of him, the other four Rangers get back to their feet (Max is visibly annoyed, pitching a clump of dirt at the ground). They step up to assemble with their leader, as he mystically listens to the Lionzord's primal growls. Red Ranger soon replies, "Are you ABsolutely SURE about that?" Yellow Ranger wonders, "What's HAPpening, Cole?" He explains somberly, "Red Lion says he'll fight... no matter WHAT the risk." Uneasy, Cole lifts his Crystal Saber up, and says, "Alright, everybody..." Red Lion is shown growling wide-jawed real quickly, prepared to save the planet bravely at the cost of his own health. Red Ranger finishes with an eager, "... Let's CALL the Wildzords!" Each Ranger whips out their Crystal Saber and holds it up, each also saying their animal's name: Taylor, "Eagle!"; Max, "Shark!"; Danny, "Bison!"; Alyssa, "Tiger!"; and Cole, "Lion!" Our heroes aim the Sabers into the air, and call in unison, "WILDzords, descend!" The summoning chime rings out, repeating at least three times. The Wildzords don't even appear to wait for the first chime to finish, before all five are racing down from the Animarium on the spectrum bridge. Bulldozer Org spots them as they make the scene, confusedly going, "Huh?!" The Power Animals land on the Earth, and continue their racing, with Red Lion leading the pack. Each makes their own primal noise, all prepared for battle as usual. The Wild Force Rangers witness this from the woods, with cheers of, "Yeah!" & "Alright!" repeated by the bunch. Red Ranger cups his mouth, and cries, "THANK you, Red Lion!" The Red Lionzord simply gives another roar, as if to say, 'don't bug me when I'm at work, honey!' Without prompting from our heroes, the Wildzords come together and begin the initial transformation. The Rangers then hop up and merge into the Lion's head, causing him to snarl. The final parts move around to where they should be, completing the formation of the Wild Force Megazord, which stands before the amalgamated animal symbol, ending the sequence perfectly proper.

Towering above the mountainous forest, the Wild Force Megazord faces the Bulldozer Org. He taunts, "Well, _I_ don't care who you THINK you are, you're JUST another worthless TREE to me!" In the Megazord's cerebral cockpit, Red Ranger concernedly comments, "Be CAREful, Red Lion! Let's DO it!" The Wild Force Megazord seems to huff up its Lion-head chest, as it gets the Fin-Blade ready, and charges toward the Org. A swift slash into the Bulldozer Org with the Fin-Blade sword does no good, simply deflecting off his steel metal skin. Undaunted, the Megazord tries again, slicing into the Org twice at varying angles. Bully stands there, unflinching, as the impact of the Fin-Blade causes very minor sparking. When the Megazord slashes a fourth total time, Bulldozer Org lifts his left arm, and snags the Fin-Blade in his hooked hand! Having its weapon caught, the Org begins to lift his scoop upwards, catching the wide-open Megazord's attention, though without much it can do at the time. Bulldozer Org thrusts his scoop-chest into the Wild Force Megazord with a howl, knocking it sparkily backwards. He remarks, "You already look TIRED!", and while rushing forth, the Org also quips, "How's about a PUSH?!" The Megazord is struck with immense force, sending it sliding backwards, straight across the forest as the Bulldozer Org laughs at their plight. Its arms pinwheel about, as it attempts to keep its balance while gliding back. In the cerebral cockpit, the Wild Force Ranger struggle to maintain stability, with Red Ranger urging, "Hold ON!" The Megazord manages to halt its slide with some foot maneuvering, causing Bulldozer Org to laughs wickedly once again. In the cockpit, Black Ranger denotes, "That Org is POWERful!" Yellow Ranger, eager to use her two new Zords (instead of even bothering to work up through the chain of other recently acquired weapons), suggests, "Yeah. We NEED to go to Double Knuckle Mode! What do you think, Cole?!" Red Ranger is hesitant, worrying, "I dunno. I think it's JUST too much of a risk for the Red Lion."

This inspires the Red Lionzord's face in the chest of the Megazord to come to life and growl ferociously. Cole clutches his breast-patch, and asks softly, "Red Lion... are you SURE about this?" Red Lion roars positively. Red Ranger reluctantly agrees, "Alright, Red Lion. If THAT's what you want, we'll do it YOUR way." He turns to Taylor, and asks, "Ready?!" Yellow Ranger nods, replying, "Ready!" She holds up her right hand, with the white & black Bearzord crystal orbs nestled between her index, middle, and ring fingers. Taylor offers, "Alyssa! Max? Here you go!", and tosses them to her teammates. White Ranger slips the Black Bearzord orb into her consoled-slotted Crystal Saber, causing a ripple flash of yellow. Blue Ranger slips the Polar Bearzord orb into his consoled-slotted Crystal Saber, causing a ripple flash of white. Via splitscreen, Max & Alyssa lift their Sabers into the air, and summon in unison, "Polar/Black Bearzord!" Aiming their Crystal Sabers skyward, then turning them sidewards, the signaling chime rings out, once for each blade. Appearing in the forest via a teleporting gleam of white light, the Polar Bear & Black Bear Wildzords begin to snarlingly race into action! Bulldozer Org spots them and goes, "Huh?!" Polar & Black Bearzords fly into the air, and curl together into their spinning yin-yang attack. The wheel of Bearzords twirls right into the Org, causing him to cry out as he bursts with blinding flashes of sparks & smoke. Bulldozer Org then topples over, hitting the ground as hard as some of the trees he's recently knocked down. The Bearzords break apart, and swim through the air together. The Wild Force Megazord becomes alert, with Red Ranger within calling for, "Double Knuckle!" The Polar & Black Bears shift into arm-form again, and replace the Shark & Tiger as the right & left arms, respectively. The new Bearzord fists are bashed together, each arm surging with energy. The Org recovers to his feet, and declares, "NObody knocks Bulldozer down! _I_ do the knocking down here!", before rushing at them. In the cerebral cockpit, Red Ranger encourages, "COME on, guys! We HAVE to end this quickly for the Red Lion!" His fellow Rangers raise their fists, and nod, concurring together, "RIGHT!"

The Wild Force Megazord in Double Knuckle mode holds its Polar Bearzord right-arm out, and marches forth to engage Bulldozer Org in battle. The Org laughs wickedly once more, preparing his own hook-hands for a weak punch. The Megazord counters with a punch from its Polar Bear fist, hitting the hook-hand with sparking impact. It then throws a punch with its Black Bear fist, hitting Bully in his grill-mouth! Polar Bear fist is thrusted out a second time, sparkily bashing into the Org's nose region. Bulldozer Org staggers back, and is too dazed to defend himself, when the Megazord winds its Polar Bear fist up, and essentially backhands him across the face! The Org stumbles away, no longer laughing or boasting. The Wild Force Megazord raises its new arms in momentary triumph. Inside the cerebral cockpit, Red Ranger shouts, "Get ready, Bears!" The Polar & Black Bearzord fists open their jaws, and out pop silver gun-barrels. The Megazord raises the arms, aiming those barrels at the Bulldozer Org, who cowers straight ahead, claiming unconvincingly, "You don't scare ME!" In the cockpit, Cole leads the command, gesturing his arms and beginning, "Double Knuckle...!" The other Rangers join in, proclaiming, "...Bear Blaster!" By the time they motion their arms outwards, the lights inside the cockpit begin to flicker & dim, causing our heroes considerable confusion. Red Lion's green left eye narrows, and his brow furrows, as he gives an agonized groan. The sound of electronics powering down suddenly can be heard all over the Megazord, as its arms slack to its side, and it begins to stagger aback. In the cerebral cockpit, Cole glances about the room as the lights fade repeatedly, and points out, "It's TOO much for the Red Lion!" The weakening mechanical humming noise leads Taylor to announce in distress, "Oh no! We're starting to disengage!" The Wild Force Megazord lurches & wobbles, but its impending disconnecting doesn't come quick enough for Bulldozer Org, who remarks, "And now, you ALL fall down!" He charges up his twin horns with a yellow electricity, which is then fired out in beams from his headlight-like eyes! They blast into the Megazord, causing an eruption of white-hot sparks and light directly from the weakest spot on its body, namely the Red Lion section of the chest. The cerebral cockpit is enveloped in a crackle of orange jolts, filling the room with shocking energy, and filling our heroes with frying pain. They cry out, and are shaken about, as the blasts flare into a fade to white.

When everything fades back in, the five Wild Force Power Rangers have been ejected from the violently uncoupled Wild Force Megazord's cerebral cockpit. There's still some residual jolts of reddish energy abound, as they hit the ground in the forest, most giving winded grunts aloud. The Red Lion Wildzord has also been hurled harshly from the breaking up of the Megazord, but instead of taking this loss lying down like usual, he falls to the Earth, redirects his momentum, and spins back. Red Lion lets out a roar as he charges back into action without stopping. Red Ranger sits up, and cries to his companion, "STOP! It's TOO dangerous!" Red Lionzord ignores his protests, and races toward the Bulldozer Org, who's at least twice as big as him. Letting out a fearsome howl, Red Lion barrels at the Org, but thanks to the distance between the both of them, Bully has enough time to counterattack. Bulldozer Org lifts his broad blunt bladed scoop chest up to Red Lion's head-level, and smashes it into the Wildzord's face! Sparkling painfully, and flung across the woods, Red Lionzord lands on his side. The Rangers are recovering, when this tragedy becomes evident to Cole, causing him to scream in horror, "Oh, NO!" The severely wounded Red Lion Wildzord is sprawled on his stomach, snarling long and weakly, as the dust settles around where he crashed. Red Ranger stands and yells, "RED LION!!!" Bulldozer Org mocks Cole, "You'd better start worrying about yourSELF, RANGer!" Stepping into a clearing with Toxica step into a clearing, Jindrax commends his soldier, "All RIGHT! SMASHing work, big guy!" Toxica is less impressed, demanding, "QUIT fooling around! GO finish them off!" Bulldozer Org obeys, replying, "You GOT it, Duke Orgs!" The Red Lionzord is too zonked out to fight back, sickly snarling and squinting a bit. Bulldozer Org stomps his way, gloating, "Here I come, Red Lion! Hehehaha!" The Lion would be a sitting Duckzord, if not for the White Tiger & Black Bison Wildzords, as they protectively step in the Org's path to the downed beast. The Org is a bit startled by this, and the Wild Force Rangers witness the sight from below, with Cole pointing out, "LOOK! The Wildzords are protecting the Red Lion!" White Tigerzord growls, and Black Bisonzord roars, making the Bulldozer Org figure, "_I_ can handle THIS!" Suddenly, screeching echoes in from on high, turning his attention skyward. The Yellow Eaglezord swoops down, and dives bombs into the Org, striking his head with her metal wing! White Tiger & Black Bison bolt toward him, side by side. Bulldozer Org trembles, since even his blunt chest-scoop can't shield him from the battering noggins of two Wildzords at once. Bully staggers back from this double hit, just before the Blue Sharkzord leaps from the waters of a lake nearby, and slams his upper jaw sparkily into the back of the Org's head.

The Wild Force Rangers simply watch this from the wooded sidelines, until Jindrax & Toxica pop up behind them. Our heroes immediately turn around the moment Toxica begins talking, deriding, "GO ahead, and TRY to proTECT your precious Lion. It WON'T make a DIFFerence!" Jindrax twirls a dagger about, contending with contempt, "You're NEVER gonna find what you're looking for! Huh!" Red Ranger turns and looks up at his Power Animal partner, vowing passionately, "Red Lion, I'm NOT gonna give up!" The Red Lion Wildzord rumbles weakly, likely grateful despite his suffering. Yellow Ranger coaxes their leader, "Get going, Cole. You HAVE to find the Soul Bird!" As she puts both her hands on his right shoulder in support, Black Ranger does the same to his left one with a single hand, assuring him, "We can take care of things here." Cole nods, saying relieved, "Great." Danny tells him, "Don't worry!" Red Ranger looks up at his Lion, and promises, "HOLD on! I'll be back!" He dashes across the field, heading deep into the forest, just in front of the Duke Orgs. Toxica gasps annoyedly, and gives chase, shouting, "Come back!" Jindrax ignores the Yellow Ranger's kiyaahing pose, and pursues behind his partner. White Ranger yells, "Not so fast!", and leaps ahead of the Dukes, and blocks their path. Alyssa throws a high kick at Toxica, which she ducks back from. Jindrax enjoys watching this clash of females, egging, "Go on! GET her!" White Ranger tosses a kick, Toxica blocks it with her hand, and then picks up her tall staff, attempting to swipe it at her head. With Red Ranger racing away in the distance, Alyssa backflips away from the staff, landing on her feet and holding out her arms, proclaiming to the Dukes, "You're not going ANYwhere!" Toxica howls furiously, but before she can attack her rival, the other three Wild Force Rangers hop into position, surrounding the Duke Orgs on all sides. She doesn't seem discouraged, simply chuckling wickedly with a grin, and pulling out the weird conk shell filled with Putrid fluid. Toxica hurls the pinkish goop into the air, and as the droplets morph into the muck drones known as Putrids, she orders, "Yaaah! GET them!" The Putrids land in a perfectly circle around the Duke Orgs, patting their own heads and resting their battleaxes on their shoulders. It looks like there are at least two Putrids for every Ranger, but our heroes just let out eager battle cries, and prepare to fight. Meanwhile, Red Lion Ranger sprints through the forest, proclaiming, "I've GOT to find that Soul Bird!"

So, Red Ranger's running through the woods, getting smacked with leafs as he cuts under some low-hanging branches. He dashes toward the camera in slow motion, while crying out, "Power Down!" Red Lion Wild Force Ranger's yellow lion left-breast patch gleams with a red energy, which then pulses out in a ring of light. His entire morphed form begin to glow brighter and brighter, until it reverses contrast, revealing Cole has demorphed, never missing a step. Speaking of step, he rushes up to a spot in the dirt, hits the ground with both feet, and launches himself into the air with a hiyaah. Cole reaches out as he leaps across the woods, and grasps onto a dangling vine-like branch, which he uses to swing over a line of thick bushes. He swoops right toward the trunk of a tree, and manages to avoid a George Of The Jungle reference by hitting it with his foot, and bouncing off. He lets go of the vine, and flips into a grunting crouch in a small clearing amid the bushes. Cole rises up, and breathes heavily, as he stares up at the tops of all the timber in his vicinity. The painstaking stakeout for the Soul Bird resumes, with just as much luck as he had earlier... namely none. Cole steps back a little, and darts his head from left to right, seeking any sign of the legendary creature. Far behind him, a humanoid figure steps out from behind a tree, and spies on him. Cole becomes aware of the movement, and quickly spins around to look at it. But by the time he turns, the figure has vanished from view. Cole cautiously continues to look, his head slowly turning to the right, when somehow, for whatever reason, he realizes the figure has reappeared exactly behind him. He gasps in shock, and swirls his head around, witnessing none other than the yellowish-robed Master Org standing beside a tree! Cole straightens up his posture, quite defensive, but disbelievingly surprised at the same.

Master Org steps forward a tad, using his staff as a walking stick. He's got a quite smug expression on his face, "So... we FINALLY meet! Hehehaha." Cole utters astonished, "Master Org...", but quickly reacts as he should, shouting, "YOU'RE the one responsible for all this destruction!" Master Org snickers sinisterly and nods with a wicked grin, "Impressive... ISN'T it?!" Cole clenches his fist, and paces to his right, shaking his head and denying, "It's NOT impressive... it's PATHETIC!" He points his right index finger at the overlord, and exclaims, "YOU'RE nothing but a COWARD!!" Offended to a boiling point, Master Org glowers at him, and proclaims with spittle, "I fear NOTHING!! It is YOU who should be in FEAR!" He grips his staff and aims its tri-clawed tip at the man in the red vest, firing a bolt of enhanced power from the sphere within. The beam of orange energy strikes Cole right in the chest with such force, that he's thrown back and into the air. The bolt remains pressed against him, and as he's hurtled backwards, a series of blinding sparkily explosions burst up from the ground beneath him! After traveling about three bursts across the field, Cole falls to the ground, though the beam keeps on trucking past. He skids against the dirt, and his crying comes to a halt the moment his body also does. Master Org stands his staff back up, with sadistic glory on his face. Cole lies curled up on his back, clutching his stomach in wincing agony, letting out a hacking cough and gasping windedly. Master Org comments bemusedly, "NOW... THAT'S pathetic!" He holds out his left hand, causing it to surge with more orange electricity. They zap forth from his fingertips in form of crackling energy tendrils, wrapping around Cole, picking his weary body up off the ground, and reluctantly lifting him high above the trees. Cole struggles to no avail, groaning loudly as he's supported in the air by the same thing that's frying his whole body intensely. Master Org raises his hand high, pouring on the jolting power, laughing manically with a bloodthirsty expression. This goes on for quite a few excruciating seconds, until Master Org finally cuts off the juice, releasing Cole from the orange energy snare and sending him harshly plummeting toward the ground. He falls, body smoking profusely, with Master Org watching in vicious delight.

As Cole hits the ground, his treasured black & white photo of what he believes to be his mother & father holding him when he was a baby, slips out of his possession. It lands safely on soil, no more crumpled or torn than it already was. Master Org spots it, and curiously approaches to retrieve it. Cole writhes pantingly as he lies on his side, turned away from him, with torn shreds of his red shirt scattered all over the grass. Master Org picks the small damaged picture up, and holds it up in front of his face. The man, woman, and child at the podium appear to be familiar sights to him, as his already pale face seems to lose even more color, nearly shocked in a stirring recognition. When he glances over to the right, to the remaining shoulder and arm of the unknown 3rd adult, he seems even more disturbed and stunned. Master Org looks away from the pic with reminiscing eyes, causing a flashback to fade into the scene. Nearly two decades ago, in the Amazon jungles, the loud, excessive crying of a baby pierces the humid air. The camera follows frantically behind a man & woman, highlighting their desperate attempts to escape a pursuing assailant. The woman's screams of terror rival the baby's cries in terms of decibels. The man & woman are wearing light clothing, the exact type someone would wear if they were on an archeological expedition into the jungles. It's the same man & woman from Cole's photograph: the barely middle aged white guy with short brown hair, and the roughly same aged Latino lady with long black wavy hair. She's clutching her infant son, wrapped in a yellow blanket, to her breast, as her husband leads the way down a path through the jungle. The husband pauses to put his arm around his hysterical wife, helping her navigate through the thick foliage and keep up a fleeing speed. The baby cries more, she screams more, and eventually, they reach their campsite. It's deserted of other people, though items are strewn about: such as shovels, boxes, chairs, more boxes, an oil stove, and a large tent. The mother & father race into the tent, with the mother grabbing a blue blanket out of the crib, and lays what is apparently baby Cole down on a trunk. The father picks up a pickaxe, and places it in the crib, while he repositions the baby's bed in front of the entranceway to the tent. As he fortifies the front door as best he can on such short notice, his sweaty wife leans down and tries to calm baby Cole (who had blonde-white hair as an infant) as he's laying on top of the trunk. She holds her finger up, and whispers with a loving expression, "It's okay, honey. Shh! Shh!" It works well enough, as Baby Cole's cries turn into stifled whimpers.

The source of their fear gradually comes closer, taking his time in approaching the campsite through the jungles. The mother drapes the blue blanket over the quelled baby Cole, telling him warmly, "Shhhh. Don't worry! Shhh." Creeping up on the cloth flap for a door, the man stalking them arrives at last. His five fingered hand casts a shade over the sunlight illuminating through the front flap. When the father notices this, he cries out a gasp and turns around, guarding his wife bravely despite his own terror. Their enemy, an unseen man, pulls back the door flap with a quick swipe. The mother, picking up her well-bundled baby, spins around and is about to step forth, when she bumps into her husband's back, and witnesses the shocking sight unfolding before her. The man, who's wearing a green shirt & vest (in similar 'archeological expedition' style as the other two people), hurls the crib out of his way with one arm, giving an angered grunt. It smashes against some other junk in the room. Cole's father backs up, with Cole's mother right behind him, holding her blanketed baby tightly, and grasping at her husband's back in pure fright. They're both panting heavily, realizing they're looking death in the face. Cole's father stares at the man in shock, asking with merciful tone, "You DID it. You took the seeds, didn't you?!" Only part of the man's face is revealed to us, but it's enough to make quite clear who he is: the unnamed human currently pretending to be the Master Org! He has sweaty, matted and messy brown hair here, with sideburns. The usual scar down the only cheek we see (his left), his skin is pale, and his familiar eyes are already filled with a hatred of human life. He breathes heavily, and prepares to end their lives without even saying anything to them.

Making a break for it, the wife with baby scrambles screaming at the top of her lungs, followed right behind by her husband. They may have slipped around their stalker, but he's far from finished. Pulling open the door flap again, he holds out his left hand, and fires a dark green jungle-vine tendril from his palm! It slithers about through the air, and splits off into two separate vines, targeting Cole's father. He makes sure his wife & child have gotten into the jungles, and stays behind to fend off their attacker. The twin vines quickly wrap around his body, restraining his arms as they coil tight and tighter. His wife pauses, turns and cries out in protest, "NOOO!" The life being literally strangled out of him, Cole's father musters out one last passionate yelp, "RUUUN!" Cole's mother does as ordered, reluctantly deserting her husband and fleeing into the jungles with her bundled baby cradled in her arms. She rounds a few foliaged corners, and seems to be putting a great deal of swift distance between herself and the stalker. Cole's mother freezes in her tracks and lets out a ghastly gasp, as she runs right into the man she was escaping from! The man with the powers and mind of Master Org stands before her, towering over the shivering woman. He reaches forth, grips the head of the bundled baby, and shoves the mother aside. She falls onto the ground, sneering at him. The man shakes open the yellow blanket, causing the blue blanket inside to drop out, revealing no baby within it at all! He slams the yellow blanket onto the ground, and demands to know (in that familiar accented voice), "Where is HE? Tell ME. Tell me or I'll...!" Cole's mother proclaims defiantly, "You'll NEVER find him! I don't CARE what you to do me!" As she insisted, the man who will one day be the man we know as Master Org holds out his left hand with a grunt, and fires his tentacles of demonic jungle vines from the palm. They ensnare Cole's mother, wrapping all around her body, causing her to let out a bloodcurdling scream. The eyeline of this insane man is focused upon, his unholy gaze growing excited with sadistic enjoyment, as her screams grow louder, and his own wicked laughing grows even more soulless. The camera pans up to the jungle trees in the distance, where the woman's death-kneeling screams echo about. Though we don't see as such, we know from previous episodes that Baby Cole was found in the grass with the Red Lion crystal orb and the torn picture of his mother & father. Makes you wonder if she left him in the tent, or dumped him out while running.

Speaking of that picture, the flashback ends, focused upon the black & white photo which inspired this revelation of the status of Cole's birth parents. Master Org continues to hold it, as he glances over to Cole, who has rolled onto his back. He lowers the picture, and stares at the leader of his greatest enemies. Cole lies there, clutching his belly, writhing in panting pain. His shirt is in tatters all over the grass, and only a few torn shreds remain on his muscled chest (luckily, his red Blazing Lion vest is a-okay!). Cole sharply lifts his head, and locks eyes on Master Org, noticing he has his treasured family photo in his grasp. His eyes widen, and his expression switches from aching to angered in a split second. Cole quickly crawls up and rises bravely to his feet. While glaring directly at his ultimate opponent, he furiously pulls his red vest off, pitches it aside, then tears apart the shredded cloth that was once his one-armed shirt. This whole event quite similar to Leo tearing apart his shirt from PRLG's "An Evil Game", Cole slams the ripped shirt to the ground, revealing his incredibly ripped muscles. He then points out with searing hatred, "That's MINE!!", before charging forth and leaping into the air, doing a twirling-body flip over the Master Org, snatching the picture right out of his hand on the way by. Cole lands on the other side with a powerful grunt, and rises back up to stand with his arm flexed, holding the family photo up defensively. Master Org turns around, and locks eyes with him. A vision of the baby he attempted to commit infanticide upon so long ago flashes past the sight of the heavily breathing, scrape-faced, buff man standing before him. Master Org gives an impressed sneer, seemingly surprised the child managed to survive being orphaned in the middle of the jungle. That sort-of grin breaks almost instantly into a huffing look of wrath, as he appears ready to finish the job he started many years ago.

Suddenly, a shimmering green dead-ringer for the Yellow Eagle Wildzord (though much smaller, just a little less than twice the size of a real eagle) hovers onto the scene. It flaps its wings, body shining with a bright lime glow, as it soars over the branch of a tree, where a thick nest lies in wait. This mystical creature lets out a squawk, while fluttering with its feet dangling into the nest. Cole looks up and witnesses the sought-after healer of Wildzords, and gasps with relief, "The Soul Bird!" Master Org also turns to check it out, though looking at it not for salvation, but like a hunter seeking its prey. He grunts, lifts his staff up, and grips it tightly while firing a bolt of orange electricity! Cole is too awed by the presence of the Soul Bird to react and protect it. The bolt hits the branch with the nest on it, scaring the Soul Bird into flying away, squawking in fright. Master Org lowers his staff and chuckles manically, as the smoking tree branch crashes onto the Earth. The gleaming green Soul Bird soars upwards, into the sky, squawking and fleeing the scene for good. Cole screams in protest with his arms held high, "Soul Bird, NOOO! Don't go!" Master Org taunts proclaimingly, "Agh! It will NEVER come back! The Soul Bird... is never seen TWICE. Your LION, is HISTORY!!" He raises his staff, and aims it, nearly point-blank, at the unmorphed human's face. Close nearby, shrouded in darkness, there is a faint reddish eye with steel green metallic cheek. Awoken without warning, the eye lights up to an almost pinkish tint, and widens, as the beast it belongs to lets loose a howling primal roar. This outburst causes the ground all around Cole & Master Org to quake violently, shaking the both of them off-balance. They're able to keep from falling over, though the tension of the scene has been snapped. Master Org lowers his staff, and glances about, dreading encountering whatever made that noise. He points at Cole, and vows, "We will finish this LATER." Still breathing labouredly, Cole is wide-eyed from this endless rollercoaster of adrenaline-pumping events. Master Org turns and walks away into the clearing. His body crackles with yellow electricity, which then bolts outward, creating a retracting ring of light on the ground all around him. Master Org's body turns into a cloud of dark blue & purple mist, and once the ring of light unexpands to his feet, it surges skyward through the purple cloud as a massive bolt of yellowish lightning! The purple cloud fades away, after the shining tail end of the bolt zips off into the air, leaving only a few golden sparkles behind.

With the Master Org having teleported away, Cole drops out of his defensive stance, and lowers his head. He then collapses to his knees, nearly crushing his family photo when he leans against the hand holding it. Cole looks up at the tree the Soul Bird was calling its home, witnessing only a charred & smoking black stump still attached. With his last and only chance to heal his Wildzord friend and companion, Cole screams out, "YuuuuuuAHHHHHH!!!" He slams both fists against the ground, and buries his head in the dirt, eyes squinting, teeth clenched, totally spent of his energy and will to go on, having given this mission his all. Cole remains in this slumped over on all fours, head in-between his arms, position, until the sunlight beating down against his weary body is blocked out by something VERY large stirring behind him. It gives a gentle, nasally snarl, which catches Cole's depressed attention. He lifts his head alertly, and slowly turns his neck (his bare back has a lot of bloody smudges on it), spotting the huge beast lurking about. As the tall creature begins to step out of his sunlight a little, Cole starts to sit up on his knees, staring in amazement at the unexpected sight. A loud mystical shimmering noise rings out, heralding the shining green orb floating down upon Cole. He holds out his left hand, and allows the glowing sphere to land on his palm. The bright green light emitting from the ball of energy makes sure that if Cole's eyes had stopped being widened before, his pupils are beholding something worth dilating for now! No, it's now a Soul Bird dropping that's landed in his hand (though the shimmering color does match), but as the glow ceases, it becomes evident that this is a green Animal Crystal orb, with a tiny animal idol inside. Cole inhales and exhales repeatedly at a quickened pace, just this side of hyperventilating. Elsewhere in the forest, Bulldozer Org faces off against the Black & Polar Bear Wildzords. He informs them snidely, "I got some BAD news for you two teddy bears!" Polar Bearzord opens his jaws and spews forth a beam of ice, followed by Black Bearzord opening his jaws and spewing forth a flaming beam. Bulldozer Org swats the bolts of elemental energy easily away with his arms, and remarks, "Hot and cold have NO effect on ME!" Black & Polar Bearzords growl disappointedly, lowering their heads in shame. Yet another loss for DA bears.

Finally reunited with his teammates and having remorphed, the Red Lion Wild Force Ranger rushes up to his pals, and announced excitedly, "Hey, guys! I THINK I may have found us some help." Cole holds up his right hand, and held between his thumb & forefinger, is the tiny green animal crystal, with a small metallic gorilla idol within! Meanwhile, back within the darkness, the Power Animal this orb summons, the mighty Green Gorilla Wildzord, gently slumbers, awaiting being activated. His simian nostrils snoringly flare while inhaling, when instantly his reddish-pink eyes glow to life. They illuminate forth, like flashlights, as the Gorillazord begins to race out of his cave dwelling, located under a hill somewhere deep in the forest. Let's describe him for a moment: green steel skin, red eyes, yellow brow & disc-ears, silver jaw & facial outline, silver arm & leg joints, and a red marking of some kind on his broad green chest. Gorillazord runs using his bulbous arms as front legs, and upon exiting the cave & heading out into the woods, he opens his mouth and erupts with a primal roar, making his four fangy teeth & silver tongue visible for a moment. Another running roar grabs Bulldozer Org's attention, making him say, "Huh?!" Gorillazord stops, stands up tall, puffs out his chest, and begins to beat his fists against his yellow-circuitry pecs, howling ferociously! Bulldozer Org denies his overwhelming fear, "You don't scare me, either!" The thundering musical score is accompanied by a saxophone, highlighting Green Gorilla Wildzord's Donkey Kong-like jauntiness. Gorillazord rushes at the Org, snags one of the bars holding his chest-scoop, as well as a leg, and lifts him up in the air over his head! Bulldozer Org cries out helplessly, as the Green Gorilla chucks him across the forest with a growl. The Org hits a clearing hard while landing on his side and rolling to a dizzy stop. Gorillazord fires twin beams of energy from his reddish eyes, which strike the soil just ahead of him. Springing up from the ground in less than a moment, are a dozen or so towering palmtrees! Gorillazord races through the forest toward them, and proceeds to the climb the first one he comes upon. It's much bigger than he is, and thus bigger than any tree of any kind in the surrounding forest. Gorillazord hops up the swaying palmtree's leafy top, and pulls off a bundle of giant yellow bananas from it. No, he's not having lunch. Instead, he's prepping these mystical bananas, clutching one between each of his ten fingers. Gorillazord hurls two bundles worth into the air. Bulldozer Org stands up, and instead of getting a mushy mess all over himself, the banana bundles strike his metal hull and burst explosively! As the Org is engulfed in sparky banana-bomb bombardments (better than that the usual primate weapon of choice to fling, like its own feces!), the Wild Force Rangers watch from below, cheering victoriously. Cole notably shouts, "GOOD Gorilla! Yeah!" The Green Gorilla Wildzord roars aloud, and pounds his chest once again. He DOES monkey around, and proud of it!

In the woods, Red Ranger holds up his sparkling new green Power Animal crystal orb, and mentions, "THIS is the help we needed!" Cole unsheathes his Crystal Saber, but pauses before inserting the new crystal into its empty hole (where'd the Lion orb go?!). He looks up at his new Wildzord, and states, "Gorilla... We need your STRENGTH to fight the Org!", before turning around and comfortingly telling his old one, "Red Lion... You can REST now." The Red Lion Wildzord roars in response, happy to oblige. Red Ranger drops the green orb into his Crystal Saber, causing the ball to glisten with a green light. He then holds his Saber up and calls out, "Gorilla!" White Ranger does the same with her Saber, calling out, "Black Bear!" Blue Ranger follows suit with his Saber, calling out, "Polar Bear!" Yellow Ranger as well, calling, "Eagle!" Black Ranger is the last, stuck with, "Bison!" These five Wildzords, two having been around since the series began, another two only with us for about two episode, and one relative rookie, though all having been around for ages, storm through the forest in a close formation. Facing them: Black Bison on the left, Polar Bear in the middle, Black Bear on the right, Green Gorilla is right behind them (almost bigger than all three combined), and Yellow Eagle flying just above the other four. The Wild Force Rangers aim their Crystal Sabers together into a focused point, and command, "WILDzords, comBINE!" Cole then looks up, and demands, "Gorillazord! DO it!" With a background made up a purple-bluish & black energy vortex passing by, the Green Gorilla Wildzord rushes along, until his reddish eyes flash & are converted into a white light. He howls primally, and leaps into the air, as his body transforms: Gorillazord's legs fold up and forward against his chest as he holds his arms out, his whole form spins around to focus on the silver-rimmed & green centered chest-pecs, as the arms then fold away from them, snap inward and curl down into the body. This culminates with Gorillazord's head locking down, then popping up with a new head facing front toward this new chest frame: it's a green Trojan gladiator helmet with a silver metal pointed mohawk atop, yellow rims around the face, gleaming red eyes, and a silver spot for a mouth. The former feet of the Gorilla are curled up behind its back, forming a set of ten gun-barrels over the shoulders. The Polar & Black Bearzords do their usual thing as they become arms: Polar Bear makes up the right, Black Bear makes up the left. The Black Bison & Yellow Eagle have already formed together offscreen (with Eagle's wings snapped around Bison's crotch-head), into the leg section. The Gorilla & Bear torso drops down onto them and locks on in a flash of light & mechanical whirring.

The cerebral cockpit, likely within the Gorillazord's skull, looks identical to the one for the other Megazord. The Wild Force Rangers approach their console stations, place their Crystal Sabers in the slots, and proclaim in unison the name of this new Megazord formation, "WILD Force! KONGazord!" The Kongazord, standing against a thundercloud background, motions its Bearzord arms around, and flexes them like a bodybuilder, showing off that this beast can truly handle having double knuckles! It then raises both arms into the air, and its body flares with light. In the woods below, the Duke Orgs are disturbed. Toxica visibly trembles with a gasp, while Jindrax grouses, "Master Org isn't gonna LIKE this!" Standing face to steel face with the Wild Force Kongazord, Bulldozer Org comments eagerly, "Whoa-oh-ohaa! ALL right, METAL to metal! Let's get TO it!" He barrels toward the patiently standing Kongazord, which remains still and allows the Org to bash his chest-scoop into it. The stoppable force meets the very-hard-to-move object, and Bully is flung back by his own bonking impact, landing on his back, not even putting a scratch on the Kongazord. Inside the cerebral cockpit, Black Ranger remarks, "That Kongazord REALLY knows his stuff!" Red Ranger happily agrees, "Yeahahaha! You BET he does!", giving a thumbs up. Bulldozer Org gets back up, and scoffs, "LUCKY hit. BIG deal!" The Wild Force Kongazord stares menacingly at the evil creature. Red Ranger punches his palm, and suggests, "Let's turn his engine off, for good!" Kongazord raises its left Black Bearzord arm, pumping & flexing the muscle-structure upon the silver bicep area. The Rangers in the cockpit motion their left arms into a cutting gesture, while commanding in unison, "Double Knuckle... FINAL STRIKE!" (could be 'Vital' or even 'Midol' for all I know) With a rolling thundercloud backdrop, the Wild Force Kongazord pulls back its Black Bearzord left arm, charges it with golden energy, and steps forth, slashing the bear-faced fist diagonally downward. Bulldozer Org is ripped into with a streak of blackish energy and crackling residue as he sparks & groans. Wild Force Kongazord pulls back its Polar Bearzord right arm, charges it with a snowy white energy, and steps forth, slashing the bear-face fist diagonally downward. Bulldozer Org is ripped into with a streak of white electricity, with crackling residue. This explosive hit knocks him off his feet and into the air, causing a burst of blinding white entropy to erupt the moment he hits the ground. This Org has been dozed, and that's no bull! The Kongazord rests its arms as a fireball pours skyward briefly, leaving only burning forest & smoke behind. In the cockpit, all five Rangers cheer in their own joyous way. The Wild Force Kongazord raises its Bearzord airs into the blue sky for a moment, before lowering them, posing triumphantly.

Soon, all five of our heroes have demorphed, and returned to the location of Cole's battle with Master Org. Smoke is rolling through the fields in the background, the disruption of nature is still fresh. Cole, wearing his red Blazing Lion vest but lacking a shirt beneath it, shakes his smudged & scratched head in dismay when looking up at the tree the Soul Bird was nested upon. Danny steps over the broken limbs, and joins him in looking up at the tree, as they all kinda spread out a little to survey the damage. Taylor stares at the tree, and with an impressed expression, asks Cole in astonishment, "So you ACTUALLY fought Master Org... right HERE?" Max raises his eyebrows, equally awed. Cole nods softly, then shakes his head, while commenting about his experience in somber retrospect, "I looked into the FACE... of the DARKest SOUL." Danny walks around him, lamenting, "He SURE made a mess out of the Soul Bird's home." Cole glances down at the pile of limbs and leafs, and appears to recall something. He urgently rushes over and drops his knees beside it, and carefully peels back some of the foliage covering the straw nest of the Soul Bird. There, cradled safely amid the natural cushioning of the nest, Cole scoops up an oval shaped, half-football sized, purple & dark blue mixed-dyed, egg! He calls out to his teammates, "Hey, guys! Over here!" They gather around and peek over his shoulder, gazing at the majestic mystical ovulation in wonderment. Cole lifts it gently up, and notes breathlessly, "An EGG..." He then looks skyward, and has a brief black & white flashback to when Master Org fired upon the Soul Bird, blasting down the limb with the nest on it. Cole lowers his head, smiles, and nods, understanding everything now. Taylor stresses, "We've GOT to bring it to the Princess, RIGHT away!" The four Wild Force Activists standing make a quick dash, leaving Cole, still holding the egg with both hands, to stand up on his own. He lingers behind, looking at the egg with sudden grief. His four teammates pause in their running, and turn to him, with Alyssa wondering, "What IS it, Cole?" He smirks, shakes his head softly and explains somberly, "I was just thinking... that this little chick... will never know its MOTHER." Realizing that their leader is associating his own plight with that of the unborn spawn of the Soul Bird, our four heroes shuffle on back to where Cole's standing, and offer support. Max pats his back, Alyssa puts her arm around him and rests her head on his left shoulder, Taylor puts her hands on his right shoulder, and Danny stands behind. This semi-group bonding moment a first for the team, as they stand together, sharing the same sympathy.

[Scenes from "Soul Bird Salvation"; End Credits]

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