Power Rangers Ninja Storm

#488: PRNS 1330 "The Wild Wipeout".

Features Footage from (bold = new):
Hurricaneger, episodes 27 & 40.

The complete program, from opening to end of end credits, lasts roughly 21:28;00.

Opening is about 1:00; by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening Credits (version 2.1 debuts)

Source Description Edit Note
PRNS 1301/1311.

The Winds' & Thunders' morphing sequences.

Recycled, but first time montage in this particular order.

HURRI #40.

Goldwinger lunges through the air.

Surrounding usable footage is cut. They also cut usuable footage from Hurri #39, as well.

HURRI #40.

Goldwinger looks downward while flying, then dives down from above and lands on both feet.

Cuts before pan out to show Thunders awaiting; US replaces follow-ups to fit US story (remove Goldwinger's spray infection subplot and give Blue focus).

HURRI #40.

Goldwinger slaps his floppy hands together and poses.


HURRI #40.

Continued, Goldwinger ceases posing and rushes forth.


HURRI #40.

Goldwinger leaps upward toward a girder or scaffolding.

Cuts before he lands on it.

HURRI #40.

Yellow & Red toss Ninja Grappling Hooks into the air, snagging each an ankle of Goldwinger, then yanking the ropes, dragging him down.

Cuts follow-ups of Goldwinger fighting Red & Yellow.

HURRI #40.

Goldwinger falls and rolls back up.

Cuts before he turns and cuts follow-ups of Blue and the Thunders attacking him.

HURRI #40.

Crimson twirls his Staff around as blue electricity crackles about, finally slashing twice with energy trails.

Recycled, per source.

HURRI #40.

Slashed, Goldwinger crackles and bursts. His right ear crumbles to pieces on the ground, as the five Rangers circle around him.

Cuts follow-up of Crimson noticing something.

HURRI #40.

A light on Goldwinger's back begins to blink and gleam, before he regrows his ear. Crimson reacts, Navy talks, then Red readies his sword, as all five Rangers strike Goldwinger at once. Sparks fly briefly, but the monster shrugs them off and crackles them spark-burstingly with golden electricity.

Cuts follow-ups of Red talking then re-attacking to no avail.

HURRI #40.

Red falls and rolls as his teammates regroup around him.

Cuts follow-ups of Rangers seizing up from infection and getting blasted again.

HURRI #27.

Green Samurai flips over the camera.

Recycled; mirror-flipped.

HURRI #40.

Goldwinger appears to look upward.

Shortened; pushed back from source position.

HURRI #27.

Green Samurai leaps down from the sky.


HURRI #40.

Goldwinger's ears and armor bits crumble to the ground, the regeneration indicator light crackling then exploding. Goldwinger writhes about, unable to repair his ear-wing.

US replaces prior footage to change out Green Samurai's baseball-themed attacks; US replaces follow-ups of Rangers using combined weapons on Goldwinger with Red using Battlizer; also cuts a later-on Megazord battle against the monster.

Ending Credits