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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"Stop The Hate Monster, Part 2"
Original Air Date: 09/26/95 Featuring footage from:
Kakuranger #29 - Shijouhatsu No Suupaa Batoru (
History's First Super Showdown)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-314
*13th episode aired
*126th total Power Rangers episode

Writer: Stewart St. John Director: Bob Radler
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Richard Genelle _AS_ Ernie
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
? _AS_ The Hate Master (voice)

[Opening Credits]

At the Command Center, Alpha 5 runs a diagnostic scan on Aisha to see what is protecting her from Hate Master's hate dust. So far, the device used to scan up and down Aisha's supple body has come up with nothing. Zordon reminds us that if they can find what's making her immune, they may be able to use it to break the monster's spell on the other Rangers. Eventually, Alpha discovers that Aisha's necklace is releasing some kind of strong energy wave. Aisha notes it was a present from her Grandmother, and according to Alpha's readings, the stone inside it has been absorbing the energy waves of those who have handled it. Zordon points out that its energy appears to be made up of love, generosity, and caring (likely from all of the women of Aisha's family who have worn the necklace throughout the generations), apparently those powerful energies have acted a shield against Hate Master's dust. Suddenly mid-sentence, Zordon's ionic facial transmission in the energy tube above begins to fade slowly. This is just a precursor to the entire Command Center's power going out, along with the backup generators as well! Zordon's gone from his tube, the lights are out, and Aisha is left frantically wondering what's happening. Back at the Juice Bar, the spellbinded Billy is tinkering with a small device that is the apparent cause of the CC's shut down. He boasts "am I good, or what?" as Kimberly walks up, and asks the nerd boy if that's another invention, telling him to get a life. Billy calls her a "snippy little upstart", informing her that he just cut off the power to the Command Center, and telling her to leave him alone by finding a mall to inflict herself on. Tommy, Adam & Rocky are sitting at the bar behind them, and are luckily the only ones to hear the name of the CC. Tommy rushes over to Billy and sarcastically calls his invention cool, saying that without power old man Zordon won't be bugging him. He leaves, Adam proclaims he's free to do whatever he wants, and what Rocky wants is to steer clear of them clowns! Up on the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd checks all this out from the balcony, noting that when they're nasty, the Rangers are almost cute! Zedd remarks that it's adios to Zordon and hello to the new Hatefilled Rangers! Rita struts up to her husband, making her Anniversary-ruining fears about Aisha known, telling Zedd to do something about that Renegade Ranger. He tells her not to worry, if Hate Master doesn't get her, the other Rangers will! Rita can't wait, letting out an evil giggle.


Alpha ay-yi-yi's about it being no use, he can't restore power to the main generator or any of the backups. Which means no wise council of Zordon to help Aisha out. She asks Alpha if he knows what could have done this, and Alpha tells her not what, but who! There's only one person familiar with the entire Command system, Billy! He knows everything about the sophisticated computers running the place, which makes him extremely dangerous to them, not to mention all of the Rangers being potential threats now. Unless Alpha can find an alternate power source, he'll be unable to transport anyone in or out. Alpha claims they'll be trapped there forever, though he seems to have forgotten about the doors which have been proven to work on several occasions (where's the RadBUG when you need it?). Elsewhere at the Outdoor Cafe, Bulk & Skull disguise themselves as French waiters while continuing their stakeout for the Graffiti bandit. Hoping to nail the spray-painter by waiting tables with bad French accents, they rush over to a lady's table, drop her food on her, and barely manage not to spill hot scorching coffee on her! Back on the moon, Lord Zedd finds the situation excellent, happy about how the Rangers' hate being so great they'll soon destroy each other. Goldar, waiting in the background patiently (oddly, Rito is nowhere to be seen this episode), proclaiming that victory is Zedd's! Rita Repulsa comes into the throne room, and notes that with the Power Pests out of the picture she & Zeddie can go on their honeymoon. Zedd reminds "liverlips" that he's already gone through one, but Rita complains about their last honeymoon, recounting that Goldar showed up and she couldn't go anywhere without smelling his stinking monkey breath! Goldar turns around and growls at her. Zedd informs his "appalling one" that there's more to be done, Rita tells him to speed things up, as she wants to go on her second honeymoon very soon (and soon she will, next episode by show number order, in fact!). Zedd remarks to Goldar that the Rangers are not the problem, she is!

Lord Zedd then turns towards the balcony and aims his Z-Staff, firing energy bolts towards Earth, while saying it's time to poison the world with hate, starting with Angel Grove! The bolts cause the rappin' Hate Master to reactivate himself from out of nowhere (oddly, the last time we saw him he was giant, and stomping through the city. Did he fall in a hole and temporarily die offscreen?) down in Angel Grove Park. Bulk & Skull, still wearing their French disguises, wander through the park after getting fired from their cover-jobs as waiters for dumping food on, of all people, the governor's wife! Bulk can't believe they didn't get arrested, Skull asks him if he should just look on the bright side, and Bulk tells him no, he just wants him to watch where he's going. Speaking of which, they bump into the Hate Master, who quickly casts a hate spell on them! With a lengthy rap, he whips up Hate Dust and turns the two best friends into two mortal enemies, before teleporting away from the scene. Bulk & Skull (having been moving their arms in rhythm to Hate Master's rap) start to turn on each other, with a battle of Robert DeNiro impressions! Skull asks "What're you lookin' at?", Bulk tells him he'll let him know as soon as he figures it out. Skull asks "oh yeah?", Bulk tells him yeah, and proceeds to rip off Skull's fake mustache, and then shoves it up Skull's nose!

Aisha continues to dwell in the darkened Command Center, taking a good long look at the lifeless Viewing Globe, and noting that Zedd's really done it this time. Alpha 5 shouts that he hates him, but realizes that's what he probably wants, so he refuses to hate him, despite that he really charges his circuits! This infuriating analogy gives Aisha an idea on how to escape, she asks Alpha how much power it would take to teleport her out of there. He tells her it'd be a minimal amount, she mentions that if she got out she could find what's blocking the power and shut it down. Alpha points out that they don't even have the amount of power to teleport her out, but Aisha tells him that they sure do, inside Alpha himself! Alpha understands, and decides to connect his circuitry into the main computer and use his power to get it operating. Alpha calls this excellent, high-fiving Aisha on a splendid idea. Meanwhile at the Youth Center, Adam bullies some guy working out, telling him to move along as he's going to work out there. The guy takes his stuff and leaves, not wanting a fight. Tommy comes up behind him, and does the same thing to Adam, telling him this space is already reserved for him. Rocky, Billy & Kimberly, despite promising to avoid each other, still manage to clump together in a group in the background (old habits die hard, apparently) watching as Adam ask Tommy why he's even going to bother since he isn't any good. Tommy plans to see about that, offering to prove who's the best right now with a little one-on-one fight. It's Black Ranger Vs. White Ranger, in the long awaited "Ebony & Ivory" grudgematch of the century! Back at the CC, Alpha hooks himself up to the computer console, and has Aisha flip his chest switch, causing a jolting charge to surge out from within his own circuits. It succeeds, and now Alpha is able to pinpoint the location of the power blockage in the Juice Bar. He doesn't have enough juice to transport Aisha to the Youth Center, so she opts for the Park, a much closer destination. Aisha hands Alpha her special necklace to Alpha, who says that he can't take it as she'll be vulnerable to the Hate Master's spell without it. She reminds him that if she can restore power to the Command Center, he's going to need her necklace to block the monster's hold on the Rangers. Alpha calls Aisha a "real Power Ranger", and activates teleportation, allowing her to escape the CC in a streak of yellow light.

Aisha teleports to Angel Grove Park perfectly, and quickly starts sprinting off towards the Juice Bar. Lord Zedd spots her, knowing he shouldn't have turned his back on her he immediately sends down Tengas to attack her and collect the soil she touches to give the Hate Master! Aisha makes it only halfway through the park when she's ambushed by Tengas from a tree above her. She instantly calls on Ninja Ranger Power, and Morphs into Yellow Ninja garb. She then proceeds to hop up, and using the Tengas to hoist herself up, she rushes down across their perfectly lined-up shoulders. Yellow Ninja then leaps onto the lakeside beach, and engages the Tengas in a brief scuffle. While she does this, two Bad Birds sneak in with the purple evil-dirt devil and a dust pan, collecting dust she unsettles while kicking their brethren around. The two Tengas remark that a Tenga's work is never done, and both wonder why Zedd never does the dirty work himself. Yellow Ninja is outnumbered, but manages to keep up the pace with the birdbrains long enough. The moment Aisha notices the dust-collecting Tengas, the two of them teleport away, while the others rush off and fly away into the sky. She's left dumbfounded as to why they retreated so quickly, wishing she knew what was going on around here. Aisha de-Ninjizes, only to find the Hate Master standing a few feet away from her! He starts up with the horrible old school exposition rap, as he takes the dust the Tenga and mixes it up in his hands. Hate Master whips up some of his usual orange starfield hate particle cloud over Aisha's head, and without her necklace, she begins to stagger and become drowsy. She refuses to listen to him, but the spell is overwhelming, and the rhyme rather catchy "don't resist your fate, give in to the hate, give into the hate"!


Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa are standing around (reusing of old footage is fun, kids!), Zedd notes that Yellow Ranger will soon be under Hate Master's spell and then they'll have them all. He points out to his "little kiwi" that victory is within their grasp, and all Rita can grunt out is "yes, oh wicked husband!". Zedd remarks that with the Rangers out of the way and the world in hate-filled turmoil, they'll proclaim themselves rulers and make the Earthlings their slaves! The husband & wife of evil laugh diabolically in unison. Back on Earth, Aisha continues being bombarded by the Hate Dust, she's brought to her knees while attempting to resist the spell. Hate Master keeps up the rhyming, but does say something notable "Would you give in already, doing this is no snap, it really isn't easy talking all this time in rap. Give in!". Aisha tries thinking good thoughts, remembering her conversation with her Grandmother from earlier in the day, especially the part about rising above the hate and let love conquer all. The resulting emotions are enough to cause the Hate Dust to wither unexpectedly in Hate Master's hands. Aisha won't let hate control her, her grandmother taught her better than that! Hate Master tells her to stop all her harping and give it a rest, he needs to go recharge, saying see ya later to the Power Pest. Hatey teleports away, allowing Aisha the opportunity to make a run for it before any more evil creatures appear. Rita is watching through her Repulsascope, and is very unhappy with the results, telling Zedd (who's simply sitting on his throne quietly) that Aisha sent the monster packing and is going to destroy all their work. He doesn't seem shaken by the news, so Rita asks "Are you just gonna sit there?!", and that's just what he does.

At the Youth Center, Adam & Tommy finally begin to get physical in their monster-induced hating of each other. Adam readies his fist, saying that he & Tommy both know that it's he that should be in charge of the team, but Tommy will just have to see about that. Before they can throw any punches or kicks, Aisha runs up and steps between them, reminding them that violence doesn't prove anything. They back off, listening to her reluctantly as she says that they're both great athletes with awesome skills, skills which shouldn't be used to hurt each other or anyone else as it's a gift that should only be used in sport with honor & dignity. Aisha also reminds them that they're all friends, asking why they should hate each other when it's such a waste. Despite the displeased looks on their faces, this show of love is enough to temporarily negate the Hate Master's spell, causing the orange glow to swell up and fade away, returning the five back to normal. Billy, a bit dazed, hands the CC power draining device over to Aisha, who immediately turns it off. This reactivates the electricity in the Command Center, turning everything back online. Alpha realizes that Aisha must have gotten the jamming device, and is quite happy when he notices that Zordon has reappears in his tube (his only reply "good work, both of you" despite how only Alpha can hear him). Alpha now can use Aisha's necklace to create a positive energy beam which will counteract the hate. Zordon informs Alpha that the longer than Rangers are under the spell the harder it'll be to break, so the sentient machine gets to working as fast as he can. In the Moon Palace, Rita takes a look in her Repulsascope and screams "Look at your bumbling beast, Zedd! We're losing!" (yes, more reused footage from previous episodes, with new voice tracks looped in). Zedd takes offense to it being 'his' beast, since the hate monster was all her idea (which isn't true, since this was supposed to be his gift to her, after all). She "whatever"s him, and to stop the Power Pests from winning, they lock Wand/Z-Staff and combine powers to make the Hate Master grow! He becomes a giant creature again, rapping "hey, go figure! I'm thirty stories bigger!".

Elsewhere, Zordon's sensors tells him that Aisha has tried but been unable to completely broken the Hate Master's spell on the others. Alpha gives him the good news, that he's finished the Positive Energy Beam, and commences beam sequence, hoping it'll work. Aisha is still at the Youth Center trying to keep the good vibes going, telling her weary pals to not give into hate and to listen to their hearts. Bulk & Skull sit at a table nearby, continuing to act like Goodfellas gone bad. Bulk asks what's the matter with her, Skull "huh?"s, Bulk tells him to shut up, Skull asks "you tellin' me to shut up?", Bulk says "yeah, busboy", Skull asks "you callin' me a busboy?", Bulk reiterates "dishwasher!". Skull readies his fist, not wanting to be called a dishwasher, when the beam is casted out, and both of the two stooges pause in their tracks as their faces glow orange. Hate Master's spell is similarly exorcised from everyone it had effected, including the five Ranger teens! Bulk & Skull immediately confess their platonic love for each other ("I love you man!", "I love you too", the both holding hands and sighing). The Rangers teens are unaware of their actions up to this point, just like earlier. No time to fill in the blanks, their Communicators go off, prompting them to sneak out into the always secure hallway to answer them. Zordon welcomes the Rangers back (Kim thanks him), and informs them that Hate Master has returned and is attacking the city. Our heroes are on the way, shouting out that It's Morphin' Time, and all six Morph into action! The Ninjazords are then called forth, and this time it's personal, so personal, that they're all going at it alone, no need for a Megazord!

The Black Frog Ninjazord takes center stage, hopping into direct line of fire with giant Hate Master. It shoots out a ladder from it's mouth, where several dozen tiny versions of the Frogzord leap from within, bouncing down the street until they end up covering the Hate Master! He raps "oh, egads! I'm not a lillypad!", but mistakes this for a beer commercial long enough for the frogs to charges themselves up and electrify the monster! The tiny Frog drones disappear, never to be seen again (awww...), as the Frog Ninjazord spews a flame from its mouth, like a lashing tongue, striking him directly. Adam needs some help, and Tommy knows how to finish this job, calling on Titanus power! Titanus (who makes his return here in airing order, but in fact makes his true story return by episode order in "Final Face-Off") rolls in, growls, and tosses a few fireballs from his mouth at the Hate Master! Red Ape Ninjazord gets his turn next, connecting its double swords into one, lifting into the air, charging them up, and then swooping down at the monster, cutting the Hate Master a second smile! It's White Ranger time, Tommy plans to sprinkle him with a little dust of their own, by having the Falconzord drop down from the heavens, fold its wings together, and unload a barrage of blasts on the hateful creature. Blue Wolf Ninjazord comes up next, running towards Hate Master and firing blasts from its eyes like beams. Hate Master is holding up pretty well to all of this, though he's been shirking out in pain after every shot. Aisha tells the "absolute abomination" to prepare himself for the power of the bear, making her Yellow Bear Ninjazord fire yellow blast beams from its eyes at him. Pink Crane finishes Hate Master off, with a few fly laserblasts from above. Hate Master (who held a sword but never got to use it) falls to the ground, crying "what a way to go" as he explodes into ball of sparks & fire. Titanus growls in triumph, and Aisha cheers "whoo! yes, alright! we did it!", and the Ninjazords run around for a victory lap together before heading home. On the moon, Rita & Lord Zedd prove even aliens can act like normal couples, Rita screams about the Rangers ruining her anniversary and it's all Zedd's fault. Zedd hops off his throne and yells at her as well, but his words are lost under her grating voice. Rita tells him her headache is back, and he'd better make this up to her. Zedd drops on the floor, and throws a tantrum like a 5 year old, kicking his arms and legs.


Later at the Juice Bar, Aisha joins her Rangers teen friends at a table with good news! Diana from the Angel Girls Club just asked her if she wanted to join! It seems when Aisha's failure to make the list became known, Diana and some of the other members launched and investigation and found out that Veronica was rejecting a lot of other girls solely on their families' income. So Veronica was asked to resign, Tommy find this great and asks if she's going to join them. Aisha says that only if her best friend will join with her, since honor & acceptance are what the Angel Girls Club is all about and Kimberly is definitely that. Kim smiles and proclaims that she'd love to, giving Aisha a big hug, and Tommy & Billy smile. Bulk & Skull get behind the bar (against Ernie's wishes, Skull simply shows him his badge to hush him up), clear their throats and announce to everyone that the results of the fingerprint tests they've run on a can of spraypaint reveals that the paint on the walls of the Outdoor Cafe is a perfect match! Skull states that they're here to announce the name of the Graffiti bandit, before handing Bulk the envelope with the results inside. It's disclosed that the fingerprints belong to Eugene Skullovitch, who realizes that he must be sleepwalking again! Ernie grabs him and angrily asks if he's done this before, Skull tells him that he spraypainted his whole house once. Bulk gets mad, but Skull points out that he was asleep and it wasn't his fault. Ernie thinks that from the looks of the west wall he must have had a nightmare last night. He forces them to take care of the graffiti, handing them two purple buckets and sending them to the wall to scrub off all of Skull's dream woven artwork. Our heroes get a laugh out of them, as usual. Adam soon apologizes to Tommy over their squabble earlier, but Tommy says it's forgotten since they were all under the Hate Master's spell (which is true, they supposedly couldn't remember anything earlier! So was it the spell talking, or were these just true feelings brought to the surface? Hmm). Kimberly thinks it definitely brought out the worst in all of them, Billy agrees that it definitely does, hate is something you have to work at if you want it to stop. Aisha says that you just have to believe in yourself and treat others the way you want to be treated, and she feels lucky to have friends like those guys. The group places their hands together on the table, and promise to be "friends forever", Kimberly mock crying that she loves all of them. Don't you just HATE endings like these?

[end credits]

Bulk & Skull proclaim their love for each other scene, continued! After both saying they love each other, B&S realize they're in public and start talking all manly, discussing the ball game from the other night. Bulk says "heck of a game" in a deep voice, and Skull notes it was "real manly".; The "Bulk shoves Skull's mustache up his nose" scene again, this time, after shoving it up his nose, Skull continues the Deniro impression, but starts to lose his straight face (someone offscreen can be heard laughing) by saying "you put my mustache up my nose?". Bulk starts to shout "yeah!", but bursts into laughter at the sight of Skull with his mustache hanging out of a nostril.

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