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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"The Potion Notion"
Original Air Date: 10/09/95 Featuring footage from:
Kakuranger #47 - Ningen Hanabi Hyaku Renpatsu (
The One Hundred Burst Human Fireworks)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-315
*15th episode aired
*127th total Power Rangers episode

Writer: Jackie Marchand Director: Bob Radler
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Royce Herron _AS_ Ms. Appleby
Henry Cannon _AS_ Mr. Kaplan
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Stone
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Finster (voice)
Colin Phillips [Dave Mallow] _AS_ Baboo (voice)
Michael J. Sorich _AS_ Squatt (voice)
? _AS_ Miss Chief (voice)

[Opening Credits]

Junior Police Patrol officers Bulk & Skull stand in the hallways of Angel Grove High School, harassing two passerbys, Tommy & Kim. The Ranger teens stop to listen to Bulk's ramblings, as he says they look really good together, and notes to Skull about how he's always said they make a lovely couple. Skull drops his usually goofy smile and grunts out a sarcastic reply to that, underscoring "Yeah, sure, right. 'Lovely'". Tommy thanks them and he & Kim begin to walk off, when Bulk asks Tommy when was the last time he took this lovely lady out for an enchanted romantic evening. Skull starts to croon out a romantic Italian ballad in the background to highlight Bulk's sales pitch. Tommy asks what they mean, and Skull spills the details, that they've got to sell every ticket to the Junior Police ball or else Lt. Stone is going to throw them in the brig. Tommy turns to his ladylove and asks her what she thinks, Kim (their height difference more noticeable than ever in this shot as she seems to strain her neck looking up at him) simply replies with a smile that she'd love to. Bulk gives a triumphant "All Right!" in the background, another ticket sale made.

The scene dissolves via a pink heart outline, to the Evil Moon Palace. Where inside we find Rita Repulsa, complaining (after watching the previous lovefilled exchange between the Ranger teens on Earth through her Repulsascope) to her husband, Lord Zedd, that he never takes her anywhere. She walks over to Zedd, who sits at his throne, telling his little "crud-muffin" that he's been working on a little surprise for her. Rita's intrigued, and quite delighted when Zedd tells her that Serpentera is fully charged and ready to sweep them away on a second honeymoon! Goldar, having been always against this sudden marriage, growls out that he can't believe there was ever a first. Rita is ready to hit the road with her husband she loving refers to as "crabcakes", so Lord Zedd informs Goldar that he's in charge and is to make sure Finster finishes that monster before they get back. Rito Revolto, skeletal little brother to Rita, whiningly asks why he can't be in charge. Zedd points his finger at Rito's chest and says "You?!", before taking a look at his hand and disgustingly shaking off the gunk that came off of Rito's body. Rito rubs his chest and Zedd tells him to just stay out of trouble, having learned much (and nothing) from the time he let Rito be in charge for the day in "Wizard For A Day".


Sometime later in Finster's Workshop, we find Finster discussing his new monster with Rito. Finster seems to have used this monster, who lies on a table inert, before, since he mentions "last time I equipped him with a love potion". Rito, having no memory of this 'last time' (just like us!) asks about the potion, to which Finster recalls was just like the one Rita used on Lord Zedd. He realizes that no one was supposed to know about that little tidbit from "The Wedding, Part 1", and remarks "oops, hehehe. I mean like the one Rita DIDN'T use on Lord Zedd!" Rito nods his head and gives two thumbs up to the correction. Finster says to nevermind that now, the potion is safely tucked away behind lock and key. He has to leave for a moment, but orders Rito not to touch anything while he's away. Rito promises not to, telling him "you've got it, dude", before kicking his foot in the air, and saying "badoop, score!", obviously still hung up on the football mania from "Fourth Down & Long". Rito strolls over to a cabinet in the back of Finster's Workshop, punches the lock on it, and opens the door with ease, scoffing at the notion that it was "safely locked up". He takes a look at the items inside, and figures it couldn't possibly be the bright red one with the heart on it. Rito figures there's only one way to find out, as he takes the handheld device out for a test drive, aiming it at the monster lying on the table, and firing away. Red bubbles stream out and once they pop on the skin of the creature, it sits up, with a sort of feminine voice (though Finster called it a 'he' earlier!), it speaks "Well hello, Handsome, where have you been hiding yourself? I'm Miss Chief, and you are positively the monster of my dreams!" Rito tells Miss Chief (who resembles a fire chief made of flames, with "Mad Fire" & 87 on her hat) to control herself, and she informs him that she is his to command and will do anything he says. He seems excited by this full admission of submission, and has an idea, to which he whispers to her as she giggles profusely.

Some minutes later at Angel Grove High, Miss Chief walks through the hallways unnoticed! It seems that she just loves being invisible and playing Cupid, thus explaining what she's doing. She approaches Kim & Tommy carefully, listening to Kim as she raves about the upcoming dance. Kim says they're going to have so much fun, she already knows what dress she's going to wear, and how she's going to wear her hair. Kim turns her back to Tommy and holds her hair up, and just as she turns unknowingly towards Miss Chief, the monster fires the love potion device in her face. The red bubbles splash on her face, Miss Chief tells Kim to "think again, dear" as she dances away, leaving Kimberly madly in love with the first person she saw after getting bewitched. Kim's I's turn into Ay-yi-yi's, as she slowly walks to the object of her affections, none other than Eugene Skullovitch! Tommy watches confused as Kim heads over to Skull and tells him that he's the cutest thing she has ever seen. Bulk, Skull & Tommy all look at each other with a simultaneous "huh?!" to this. Kim starts to run her hand along Skull's face, asking him "Has anyone ever told you that you have the most beautiful eyes?". Skull drops his roll of tickets on the floor, and goes with the flow, telling her "No, not recently". Kimberly then says to Skull "Listen, Handsome, do you have a date to the ball?". Skull stammers, noting that now that she mentions it, no he doesn't! Tommy ceases being speechless and asks Kim what's going on, having thought they were going to the ball together. Skull gently pushes Tom aside, and puts his arms around Kim, who tells Tommy "if you've got the best why settle for the rest?". Kim grabs Skull by his shirt, and Skull then tilts her over, dipping her suddenly and lifting her back up. They then spin around, both smiling. Skull growls like an animal in her face, and Kimberly replies back with a delight squeal. Both Tommy & Bulk are dumbstruck, more than usual.

Meanwhile in a nearby classroom, Lt. Jerome Stone pops his head in, and politely asks Ms. Appleby where he can find Bulk & Skull. Miss Chief, still invisible, teleports next to Lt. Stone, fires her love-gun, and says it's time for an old-fashioned crush on the teacher! Lt. Stone pauses from saying the name "Skullovitch" right at the "O", turning it into "Oh my stripes.." as the potions takes effect. Miss Chief giggles and teleports away, as Lt. Stone heads over to Ms. Appleby's desk, takes her hand and helps her stand up. Aisha, Rocky, Adam & Billy are watching this from their seats, as Lt. Stone asks Ms. Appleby "Did anyone ever tell you that you have beautiful eyes?". She snaps her hand out of his and begs his pardon, Aisha seems to find this all amusing while everyone is just plain stunned. Lt. Stone know this is sudden, but asks Ms. Appleby if she'll go to the Junior Police Patrol Ball with him. She can only reply by saying his name in a shockingly embarrassed tone "Lieutenant Stone!?". Not much time later, Miss Chief makes her rounds through the school, heading down the stairway and passing by Bulk & Skull. Bulk is mocking his pal about Kimberly's "beautiful eyes" statement earlier. Miss Chief invisibly sprays Bulk, remarking for him to not to laugh, because with her around, no one is immune to Cupid's arrow! The Monster prances off, leaving Bulk in a spelled daze, repeating the last word he got out before being possessed by the love spell, which was "eyes". That is, until Aisha comes walking down the stairs (with Billy & Adam to her sides, a close call for Bulk's sexuality!), prompting Bulk to turn the "eyes" into the similar word which just so happens to be the Yellow Ranger's proper name. Bulk grabs Aisha's hand, and asks her where she's been all his life. She snatches her hand away from him before he can kiss it, asking him a confused "what?". Bulk reaches around and either grabs her shapely rear or just pulls her closer to him (any way you look at it, it causes Aisha's eyes to bulge out), and asks Aisha "Come with me to the Casbah! I dunno where that is, but we'll find it." Aisha gives Bulk an odd look and looks to her pals, and says she thinks they'd better go as something is definitely going on.

Meanwhile on the Moon Palace, Goldar takes to himself aloud about recent events, noting that if having Rita back wasn't bad enough now he has to deal with her dimwitted brother! He walks by Baboo & Squatt, and Squatt remarks that he kinda likes Rito himself (Baboo groans out an "uh-huh!", truly their days are numbered). Goldar (further hinting at his secret love for Zeddy) proclaims that he'll show Lord Zedd it is he who should be with him when he conquers the universe, beginning with the Power Rangers! Squatt & Baboo giggles and hop up & down off to the side. Back on Earth (in Angel Grove Park), the six Ranger teens meet up, though Kim seems to be off in her own world. She staggers around, spinning in place and playing with her hair while staring off into space. Adam asks Tommy if he's noticed anything weird going on in school today, Tommy says definitely and points Kimberly out. Kim merely says "if you call falling in love weird, then color me guilty!". The gang doesn't know what to make of this, though Billy has an idea, saying that it's time to talk to Zordon. Just as our heroes prepare to teleport, the cawing of Tenga Warriors can suddenly be heard on the scene. Goldar's leading the troops, he seems to be glad to be back in battle, telling the Rangers it's nice to see them again. Kimberly is worried, noting that she has to protect Skull from these creatures. Tommy is still baffled by his girlfriend's change of heart, but the time for that isn't now, for it's time for Ninja Power! The six teens Morph into Ninja Mode, leaping around the park and engaging the evil space aliens in battle. White & Red Ninjas confront Goldar, while Blue Ninja bounces around a bridge for a few moments. Pink Ninja then hops in and eggs the birdbrains on. After some restful dodging, she manages to take one down. Yellow & Black Ninjas are elsewhere, Adam picking Aisha up and swinging her around so that she kicks a few Tengas over. White Ninja leaps from Red Ninja's shoulders and keeps Goldar distracted while Rocky jumps into the air and does a spinning drill punch maneuver into the golden griffin. Goldar tumbles to the ground, and promises they'll pay for that!

Elsewhere in the universe, Serpentera floats through outer space, using the same few bits of Dairanger footage as always. Inside the giant evil dragon-zord's head-cockpit, Lord Zedd sits in the pilot seat, turning around to his wife Rita, and asking his "little sourpuss" if she's having fun. She kisses her hand and gives it to him through his, before exclaiming "Zedd baby, you may be ugly, but you sure now how to show a ghoul a bad time! Hahaha!". The fuel gauge drops to empty, as Zedd notes they're running out of energy to Rita, who thinks this just some stupid dating ploy, even saying "oh please, I haven't heard that one in 3000 years!". Zedd simply wonders how amusing her brother is going to find this. He contacts Rito through the communications channel, which connects to a silver speaker-microphone on the balcony of the Moon Palace, right next to the Repulsascope. Rito is watching the Earth through it, when the microphone beeps. Rito looks around and with everyone gone, he picks it up, saying "Hello, Rito Revolto Residence!" with a hearty laugh. Zedd screams through the microphone, causing Rito to toss it up in the air before safely catching it. He tells Rito to put Goldar on the line, but as Rito tells "Ed", Goldar isn't here, prompting him to ask once more if he can be in charge. Zedd sarcastically remarks about how Rito wants to be in charge, just like when he put him in charge of recharging Serpentera yesterday! Rito hits his skull-head with the microphone, realizing his forgotten blunder. Zedd says that thanks to him, they're on their way back and his sister can't wait to see him! He says to tell Goldar that monster had better be ready, which reminds Rito of yet another blunder, as he peeks through the Repulsascope, and plays it off by saying "You got it, Ed! No problemo! Everything is right on schedule, count on it!". For more to this scene, including Rito racing out to retrieve the monster, check out the "end credits scene" for "Stop The Hate Master, Part 1".

Down on Earth, the Tengas have been beaten into retreat, including Goldar, as they all back away slowly from the triumphant Ninja Rangers. Tommy quips that they're just making a well-calculated retreat, which Goldar notes is exactly it, bidding them until next time before teleporting back to the moon. Rocky wonders when that guy is ever going to learn. Not long after, in the Command Center, Tommy tells Zordon that something is wrong with Kimberly, she's not acting like herself. Zordon tells Alpha 5 to run a scan for abnormal biowaves. Alpha tells her to hold still as he waves a metal wand in front of her, beaming a red light off onto her body. Kim doesn't stand still, she fidgets around, thinking of what name she'll use after marrying Skull (such as Kimberly Ann Skullovitch & Kimberly Hart-Skullovitch). Alpha's reading are conclusive, Kimberly seems to be under the spell of a love potion! Aisha speaks for the group when she says "thank goodness!". The alarms go off, and Zordon informs them that this is exactly as he expecting, asking the Ranger teens to observe the Viewing Globe. On the screen we see Miss Chief prancing about in a field, while holding a large spike-edged wheel. Zordon explains that Miss Chief has been wreaking havoc all over Angel Grove by haphazardly spraying her powerful love potion. Kimberly pays no attention, giggling and hopping around, and whispering sweet nothings into Aisha's ear! Aisha is annoyed, saying that she's all for love but this is getting out of hand! Zordon tells them not to underestimate Miss Chief's power, her love potion undermines common sense and leaves the person vulnerable to danger (though Kim seemed to have held her own in battle with no problem). On the Globe we see Miss Chief spraying the love-gun in the field at a group of people, who quickly fall in love with each other, and given the location, expect the area to look like it reverted back into the late 1960s. Tommy understands, but asks Zordon if he can help Kim. Zordon claims that he's hesitant to tamper with the delicate balance of human emotion. Tommy says that they need Kimberly back the way she was (though he could just be honest and say "She dumped me for Skull! I call a foul, make her stop! Waaah!"), wondering what they're going to do (you'll go dateless just like Skull has all these years, ya ponytailed poop!).


Zordon believes that perhaps Miss Chief's love potion will wear off gradually wear off of Kimberly and the others, and cautions the Ranger teens to keep her under close watch until then. Tommy promises to (oh you bet he does!), taking her hand and pressing her Communication teleportation button for her as he and the others teleport back to the school. Meanwhile in the Moon Palace, Rito appears to have ran into a wall and fallen unconscious on the floor since we last saw him. He awakens and rubs his head, mentioning that he's really gonna get it from Zedd this time! Goldar returns and forcibly helps Rito up, asking the bumbling boney fool what's wrong with him, beyond the obvious, he means. Rito reveals that Ed & Rita are on their way back, but he already sent their monster to Earth without permission. Goldar asks what possessed him to do that, Rito (still rubbing his collarbone from where he slammed into the wall offscreen) says that he thought it would be fun to send it down there with the love potion Finster made! Goldar asks about the love potion, and Rito tells him "the one Rita didn't use on Ed!" The truth behind the wedding finally discovered, Goldar realizes he should have known it was a trick. He plans to take care of it by calling Finster (who comes shuffling in instantly), and ordering him to create an antidote for that love potion immediately. Finster bows and agrees to do as ordered, remarking "I guess the party's over!". The party continues on Earth, as Miss Chief makes another perfect match by spraying the Angel Grove High School principal Mr. Kaplan with the love-gun. He's standing next to Ms. Appleby in the hallway, and once the bubbles take effect, he grabs her hand, kisses it and says "Appleby, be mine!". She begs his pardon, and he tells her (while beating on his chest) that he feels like a love-struck schoolboy! Ms. Appleby, this the second time such a thing has happened to her today, screams out the line that sums up the episode: "Has everyone in this school gone mad?!". Mr. Kaplan gets on his knees and says that's he's gone madly in love, calling her "Appleby of my eye!".

Back in the Moon Palace, Finster has prepared the antidote. Goldar calls this excellent, and to make sure it's safe to use on the great Lord Zedd, he orders Finster to go down to Earth and test it on the humans. Rito, during this conversation, slowly creeps away, crawling off to the side with his back to the wall, trying to slip out of there before trouble can start and blames can be pinned. Finster teleports to Earth (planning to go invisible like the monster, apparently not wanting to attract attention, a definite change of pace for the villains this episode), appearing before Miss Chief in the halls of the school. He informs her that she's to return to the palace, her Cupid wings have been clipped! Miss Chief is distraught, saying that he should have seen some of the matches she made, as she leaves the affectionated schoolyard. Finster plans to do just that, shuffling over to the blowup battle brewing between Lt. Stone & Mr. Kaplan over the heart of Ms. Appleby! Lt. Stone calls Kaplan a "toupee top", saying that Appleby is going to the dance with him, to which Kaplan calls Stone a "Don Wannabe", and says that she's not used to dating out of her species. Ms. Appleby is soaking up all of the attention with glee, and just when the two spellbinded men are about to punch each other, Finster sprays them with the antidote (it's spray device resembles the love potion's, except this one is blue). The bubbles splash over Lt. Stone & Mr. Kaplan, snapping them back to their normal frame of mind just as suddenly as they lost them! Their fists turn into handshakes, as the men forget everything that happened, and formally introduce themselves to each other. Ms. Appleby doesn't take the sudden reversal too well, as she quickly faints in Kaplan's arms, the emotional rollercoaster has come to a grinding halt. Finster is happy the antidote works, and he shuffles down the hall to the next potion victim, Bulk, who embraces Aisha, and promises to bring her the moon & stars. Finster remarks that he won't be doing that today, as he sprays the blue bubbles at Bulk, causing him to lose his mind-bending crush on Aisha, and his train of thought, releasing her from his grip and asking her what he was saying. Aisha quickly says it was nothing and it was nice talking to him, bidding a frantic good-bye and rushing off down the hall before he can change his mind again!

Finster finds his next target near the lockers, Skull gives his trademark laugh as he and Kimberly stand around giggling together. Kim asks Skull how she could have ever gone out with that loser Tommy, while she playfully tugs on his nose. Skull says he doesn't know, but he'd better think it over, since Finster begins firing the anti-love potion device at Kimberly. She takes her hand away from Skull's nose, and shockingly opens her eyes to see who it is she's been getting all lovey-dovey with. Kim shouts a confused "Skull?!", prompting him to gently tug at her nose, and ask "Yes, Lambchop?". She looks at Skull, who leans back against the lockers with a smile and a flirtatious body language about himself, and slowly starts to tell him that she thinks she needs to be over there somewhere, pointing off towards Tommy. Kim walks away, and poor Skull, noting knowing any better than what his heart tells him, shouts "I'll miss you!". Kimberly grabs Tommy and asks him what she was doing with Skull, he's glad to see she's okay, though she says she won't be until she knows what's been going on. He tells her it's long story, and for them to go get the others to let them know the good news.

Some time later, Finster & Miss Chief teleport back to the Moon Palace together, where they meet up with Rito & Goldar. Finster tells Goldar that the antidote works like a charm and all of the humans have been returned to normal. Goldar hopes that with any luck things will return to normal around there too, ordering Miss Chief to spray Lord Zedd with the antidote the moment he walks in. She just stands there, Rito pointing out to Goldy that he's wasting his breath, she only listens to him! So Goldar simply orders Rito to tell her, which he does, calling her "sweetheart" and whispering an order in her ear, not necessarily the order Goldar wanted. Rita Repulsa comes storming into the Throne Room, calling Goldar an overpaid chimp act and asking him where he's been. Rito shouts for Miss Chief to quickly spray Rita now, using the original red device containing the love potion! Goldar shouts in protest, but it's too late, the red bubbles have struck and Rita's fallen for her longtime henchmonster! Rita says "You have the most beautiful eyes, Gold-ducks. They're the most horrible shade of red!" as she slowly approaches Goldar, who races away screaming, trying to get away from the raging hormones of Rita Repulsa. Rito, Miss Chief & Finster stand off to the side, laughing their evil hineys off. Goldar rushes over near the throne, yelling "what have you done?! I'll get you for this", until it's too late. Rita has him cornered, and proceeds to grab him, pinning him down onto the throne. She rubs his blue monkey-lion face and strokes his hair, as Goldar screams for Finster to use the antidote. Finster thinks very well, but notes that Goldar now owes him one. He heads over and fires the antidote bubble-gun at Rita, relinquishing the spell's hold on her. Goldar agrees to anything Finster wants, just to please get her off him! He gets his wish, when Rita comes to her senses and hops off the throne, shouting "Get off me, you big baboon! Have you lost your marbles?!". Rita races off in a confused huff, passing by Lord Zedd, who asks "What's wrong with her?", none the wiser about the brush with divorce. Goldar stands up and dusts himself off, as Zedd returns to his throne and tells Goldar he did good work in getting the monster ready. Even though his entire day was wasted, he's ready to have some fun with the Power Rangers, cackling evilly as he lifts his Z-Staff and fires its energies at Miss Chief. Rito's standing in front of her, and only barely manages to duck just as the lightning bolts strike her and teleport her back to Earth. Rito wipes his brow and remarks "whoo, that was a close", apparently not wanting to go into battle today.

The six Ranger teens roam the halls of Angel Grove High School (is this longest day of class or what?!) and finally end up in an empty enough to area to pause and talk about recent events. Billy says that it looks like the spell has been completely broken, Aisha repeats herself from earlier by saying "Thank goodness!" in the exact same tone. Kimberly goes "You're telling me?!", Rocky calls this the weirdest stunt Rita & Zedd have ever pulled. Kim agrees, and Tommy laughs. Their Communicators beep, Tommy answers his and learns from Zordon that Miss Chief has rematerialized in the park. Our six heroes get right to action, calling out "It's Morphin' Time!" and summoning their individual color-coded Ranger Powers. All six Morphed heroes make the scene at the park, or more accurately, the outskirts of the city (the same area we saw the monster in a field creating massive love-in's) and confront Miss Chief, who has come to spread anything but love! The Power Rangers rush towards Miss Chief, kicking & punching her, only to have most of the attacks blocked by her spikey gear-shield. Miss Chief lunges towards White Ranger with the sharp edges of her shield aimed outward, but Tommy quickly whips out his trust sentient Saber named Saba, and deflects the blow with a bit of fancy footwork. Miss Chief is knocked backwards, shouts that they don't know who they're dealing with, and then waits for the six Rangers to be grouped together before tossing her shield their way. It spins around horizontally, slicing into the Rangers' chests with its sharp edges and causing our heroes to spark. What goes around comes around, as the monster notes while catching the shield upon its return. Tommy, making his second cupid-quip in several minutes, says it's time to show this crooked cupid how true that can be. Miss Chief tosses her shield at them again, they all duck out of the way, and White Ranger uses Saba to slash the shield into coming to a soft landing on the grass nearby. Tommy tells Miss Chief that it's all over and she must surrender, as he swings Saba around into a head-upwards position, despite how the poor guy doesn't get any lines.

On the moon, Lord Zedd says "No so fast, White Ranger" as he places his Z-Staff against Rita's Magic Wand, and together they merge their evil energies, Zedd shouting for the monster to grow! The energy blasts to Earth (without the clouds for a change) and strikes Miss Chief, increasing her into a much larger hunk'a burning love. The monster talks about having the upperhand now, and that it is they that should surrender to her. Tommy wouldn't bet on that, and without haste, our heroes call on their Ninjazords. Each Power Ranger shouts out their animal Zord's name, causing all six of the giant metallic creatures to come a'running (or flying) from nowhere. The main five lock together into the form of the Ninja Megazord, facing off with the monster in the middle of the city. Miss Chief giggles diabolically while running up and tangoing with the Megazord. A Blue Wolf arm-punch is blocked by the monster, who quickly throws a counterkick successfully at the Megazord. Miss Chief has her shield back, matching her size to scale. She asks our heroes how they like the new & improved version, which she charges up with flame power, before spinning it off towards the Ninja Megazord. The blazing shield smashes into the Megazord, prompting Rocky to call out "Tommy, we need you!". Tommy claims that "I'm on my way", though what took him so long to get there is, as always, unexplained. White Falconzord swoops down, Ninja Megazord leaps up, and the two link up together to form the mighty Ninja MegaFalconzord! Dropping down from the heavens, with a one-two punch by the charged-up Red Ape & Blue Wolf fists, the MegaFalconzord barrels into Miss Chief, sending her rolling across the city. She stands up just in time to start sparking into a massive burst of fire, apparently she's lost that loving feeling. The Ninja MegaFalconzord poses behind the flames that were once Miss Chief.

In the Evil Moon Palace, Rita watches the lost battle through her Repulsascope, yelling "Drat! Another one bites the dust!". She turns around and blames Goldar, thinking this is somehow all his fault. That's it, Goldar has had it, he shouts to his master, Lord Zedd, telling him that Rita tricked him into marriage with a love potion! Rito tries to pipe down Goldar's revelation, but he won't be persuaded from exposing this lie. Goldar orders Finster to give Zedd the antidote, which Finster does, spraying blue bubbles into Lord Zedd's metal-plated face. The antidote works, removing the love potion effects visibly as it had with all others. But oddly, Zedd hasn't changed a bit, saying "Goldar, have you lost your mind? This little witch is the best thing that ever happened to me!" as he puts his arm around Rita Repulsa. Goldar tries to reason with him, reminding Zedd that his marriage is a sham since she deceived him, she's a wolf in sheep's clothing! Lord Zedd tells Goldar that he's said enough and should apologize to Rita, Goldar points out that it's true so why should he? Zedd screams for him to just do it, Rita giving a gleefully evil smirk to Goldar's plan backfiring. Goldar swallows his pride and says "Alright, i'm sorry, your heinousness!". Rito realizes that the spell wasn't as effective as we thought, noting "You know, maybe old Ed really DOES love Rita!". Lord Zedd & Rita turn to each other, lovingly smiling to one another (well, Rita at least, since Zedd's faceplate ALWAYS looks like he's smiling), and embrace their faces together for a long (offscreen) kiss.


Later that day (week, month, whatever), the Junior Police Patrol Ball is being held in the Angel Grove Youth Center, like most everything is. There's a band playing on a stage, with the words "Flames Of Love Dance" sprawled out on a banner behind them. Closer to the Juice Bar area of the rather heavily attended dance, Adam remarks to his Ranger teen pals that Miss Chief sure was a hothead. Billy agrees, and that it had quite a potent potion. Aisha laughs, and hopes Rita & Zedd have given up matchmaking for good. Rocky is the first to notice and point out a quite surprising scene nearby, as Lt. Stone asks Ms. Appleby for the honor of dancing with him. She supposes that would be alright, taking his arm and giddily calling him "Jerome". Out on the dance floor, we see several police officers dancing with people, though the only ones we know are Bulk (who's dancing with a lovely blonde woman! How'd the hell that happen?!), Mr. Kaplan (who dances with a different older blonde woman), Tommy & Kim, and of course, Lt. Stone, who twirls Ms. Appleby around. The band plays on, the lead singer of the band, by the way, is the wife of Aaron Waters, mastermind behind The Mighty RAW, the PR music band for so many years. She also did the "Sweet Valley High" theme song. I forget her name. The song here is rather slow, and the words are "To be alone with you, is all I want today. I've had enough of everyone, everyone but you, I just want you all to himself. Ahhhhh! All to myself!" but drawn out for the entire scene. Quite nice, honestly. Anyway, back to the story, Billy taps Aisha on the shoulder and says "C'mon, let's dance". She thinks about it for a second and finally says "Okay!" heading off to the dance floor with him, passing by Rocky. Poor Rocky is dateless, but takes a look around and finds a single female standing alone behind him, to whom he introduces himself.

Kimberly & Tommy continue dancing (I should note that Kim did not wear her hair up after all), she apologizes for the way she treated him, but he knows she didn't mean it. Kim spots Skull sitting off to the side, with his feet up on the table, sulking over his instant loss & gain of the most popular girl in school's heart. Speaking of being mean, Kim realizes she wasn't very nice to Skull. She asks Tommy if she minds if she dances with him, and he tells her no, to go ahead. Kim leaves Tommy alone on the dance floor, but he remains smiling. Adam, noticeably the only Ranger guy without a girl at the ball, walks over to Tommy, offers him a piece of celery. Tommy accepts it and thanks him (and while they're never seen again, I get the strange feeling they started dancing together!). Kim sneaks up on Skull, giving him a quick "boo!" in his ear before sitting down next to him, asking him if he wants to dance. Skull takes his boots off the table and asks "Why? So you can step on my feet as well as my heart?", turning away from her, a painfully disturbed look on his face. Kim sighs "Oh Skull. Look, I'm so sorry about that. But don't you think it's better that we're friends anyway?". Skull seems pretty surprised by this (after all of the years of ridicule back & forth between him, Bulk and the Ranger teens, who blames him?), asking "Really? Friends?", Kimberly replies back with a high-pitched "Yeah!". Skull happily accepts this makeshift 'let's just be friends' breakup, and takes what he gets, which is more than he really had to begin with. Kimberly takes Skull's hand, and the two friends make their way out to the dance floor together. Skull dances around the place with her, ballroom style. Billy & Aisha keep dancing, Aisha laughing, having found something funny. The song and scene ends, with all of those dancing visible from a crane shot of the room. How platonically romantic! Can't you just smell the like in the air?

[end credits]

An alternate take of the Bulk/Aisha scene, filmed from one long view, with unused dialogue! It starts with Miss Chief prancing out of frame, and Bulk spotting Aisha coming down the stairs. He grabs her hand, and quickly starts sloppily kissing it (before she snatches it out of reach of his lips). Bulk asks where she's been all his life, she confusingly asks "What?!". Bulk reaches around and pulls her close to him, telling her to "Come with me to the Casbah! I dunno where it is, but we'll find it!". Aisha looks to her two Ranger pals Adam & Billy, and says they should get out of here, there's something definitely going on. She yanks herself out of Bulk's grasp and gets moving, looking at Bulk is a bit of fear. Billy agrees, and says aloud "yeah, I think we should contact the others". He helps lead her away from the hormonal Bulk. Bulk keeps calling out Aisha's name over and over, reaching out for her as she departs. His hand ends up groping Skull's face, until Bulk realizes what's he's doing. Skull asks "Do I look like Aisha?!", and Bulk tells him no, before returning into a crazy lovesick fool. The director yells cut.

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