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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"A Ranger Catastrophe, Part 1"
Original Air Date: 10/16/95 Rito growing footage from:
Kakuranger #30 - Saikai Uragiri No Chichi (
Reunion With A Traitorous Father)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-317
*16th episode aired
*129th total Power Rangers episode

Writer: Jackie Marchand Director: Bob Radler
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch

Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Katherine "Kat" Hillard

Additional Cast:
Richard Genelle _AS_ Ernie
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Stone
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)

[Today on MMPR (Replaced by a segment of the Zeo Serial in the Spring 96 reairings!); Opening Credits.]

It's the part of Angel Grove nobody likes to talk about, and in fact, we've never seen it before now. It's the Animal Shelter, where animals go to mingle before getting put to sleep, or given vaccinations, or both. Inside, Aisha, an apparent avid animal lover this season, hangs out with the Korean-American lady who runs the place, named Doctor Wheeler. The two are inspecting a rather weak looking puppy, whom gets nearly petted to death by the excited Yellow Ranger Teen. Wheeler happily informs the girl of the results, "Well, she's got a clean bill of health!" Aisha looks around the veterinarian's inspection room, and comments, "This is SO great. I'm GLAD I got a chance to work with you!" Wheeler, who looks strangely like a slightly older Cassie Chan, gives a small chuckle, and notes, "Volunteers like you are what keeps this place goin', Aisha. There's just NEVER enough funding to fully staff the Animal Shelter." They both bombard the poor Scottish Terrier (or whatever the flark she is) with numerous rubdowns, until Aisha looks at the Communicator on her left wrist, and remarks, "Well, it's gettin' kinda like. I'd BETTER get home so I can do some studying! Heheh." Doc Wheeler smiles, and asks, "Okay. Same time tomorrow?" Aisha smiles twice as big, and replies enthusiastically, "You bet!" Wheeler calls this, "Great!", and Aisha giggles, before grabbing her bag off the counter. The poor mutt is left to the gentle hands of Dr. Wheeler grasped firmly around her collared neck. Soon, Aisha is walking across the wooden waterless bridge in the park, talking to Kimberly, who asks, "Oh! How did it go at the Animal Shelter?" Aisha explains with her nearly unwavering smile, "OH! It's great, I LOVE working with animals." Kim plays with her extra-long heart-necklace as she wonders with a somber tone, "Hmm. Doesn't it make you sad when you know they don't have any homes?" Aisha concurs on a positive note, "Well, yeah, I mean, that's the hard part. But Doctor Wheeler takes REALLY good care of them." Kim agrees, "Oh, that's good." Aisha adds, "Yeah!" The two girls stop walking suddenly, when Kim spots something on the horizon. She points out, "Hey, look!" Out on the green grass of the park, lies a white cat, minding its own business. The girls call out in friendly high voices, Kim saying, "Hey, kitty!" and Aisha going, "Aww, Hi Kitty!" They cautiously make their way over to the feline, and slowly begin to pet the stray animal. Kim remarks, "I wonder whose it is!" Aisha puts down her bag, whips back her braids, and responds just as cluelessly, "I dunno!" She looks closely at the car, discovering, "It doesn't have a tag!" Aisha picks her up, and holds her closer to her bosom, asking warmly, "Are you LOST?" Kimberly glances around the park, noting, "I don't see anybody around." Aisha rubs the white cat's neck, joyfully remarking, "You sure are beautiful!" Kim also pets her, googily stating, "Oooh, preeetty!" The cat is just about to chew into one of Aisha's braided locks dangling before her like a chewtoy, when the angle switches. The screen is now in Repulsascope-vision, showing us how Rita sees things through her telescope on the Moon Palace. The girls are still baby-talking to the cat, who just licks and wiggles and acts like it's drugged.

Rita Repulsa keeps a close watch on Kim & Aisha through the Repulsascope, until she finally exclaims, "I KNEW it, I KNEW it, I KNEW it!" Lord Zedd & Goldar come walking in onto the balcony from the side, with Zedd groaning to his wife, "Auuuugh, WHAT in the name of EVIL are you ranting about NOW?!" Rita quips, "Be NICE or else I won't let you play 'Pulverize The Power Twerps' with me!" Goldar, ready for another quickly failing plot, grumbles, "DOH, boy. Here we go again!" The mistress of evil merely lets out an "Ugh" at her henchmonster's snide statement. Lord Zedd asks directly, "Exactly what are you up to?" Rita devilishly explains, "Heheh. Just the most BRILLIANTLY engineered plan in 10,000 years!" (the last one likely being her trapping Zordon in the time warp) She motions towards the Earth, "Take a look down there, Zeddy. Whadda ya see?!" Zedd steps forward, puts his hand against his right temple, and stammers below his breath, "What do I see? Hrm." His red-ray vision beams out from his visor, and shines upon Kim, Aisha, and the white cat. Zedd says as such, "I see two Power Rangers and a stray cat!" He's taken aback by what he sees, cutting off his red-ray, and shivering. Rita snickers, as her husband stresses, "I LOATH cats!" She walks down the steps of the balcony, and announces, "Well, you're gonna love THIS one! As of this moment, the plan is officially ON! Alert the dimwits!" Instantly, her brother, the skeletal bonehead known as Rito Revolto, pops up behind her, and remarks, "You RANG!?" Rita continues walking towards the throne, turns back, extending her arm out at her brother, and shouting. This causes Rito to be frightened, screaming aloud sharply in return. He looks at her funny, and asks Goldar & Zedd, "What's with HER?!" Goldar points his sword at Rito, and balks, "I... THOUGHT I smelled something!" Rito lifts his left arm, and inhales deeply the rotting bones & loose remaining muscle-tissue. Lord Zedd waves off the stench with his hand and groans. Rito simply takes a bow, flatteringly replying, "Nice of you to notice!" He walks over to Rita, rubs his hands excitedly and exclaims, "Bwhaha! Hey! I heard something about a BIG plan! What's the scoop, sis?" Rita simply smiles wickedly. Zedd, spurned from recent Rito-related events, states, "If THIS plan has anything to do with THIS bag of bones, leave me out of it!" Rita loses her smile and gives her hubby an angered look, before informing them clearly, "Listen to me! ALL of you! The Rangers have taken the bait, and fallen for our feline friend. Fasten your seatbelts, boys! The Rangers are in for a BUMPY ride! HahahaHA!" Rito rubs his hands excitedly some more, Goldar pumps his arms anxiously, but Zedd just waves his right hand up and down unimpressedily.


Later that same day, at Ernie's Outdoor Cafe, Aisha comes walking out in the open patio, holding the white cat tightly in her arms. She looks around some, until Kim calls out, "Aisha! Over here!" She happily smiles at her best pal, and heads her way. Kim notes, "Ooh, she brought the keeety! HEH!" Tommy & Billy are sitting at the table with Kimberly. Aisha sits down at the already pulled-out chair, and greets, "Hey, guys!" Billy goes, "Hey." Kim quickly asks, "Do we get to keep the cat?" Aisha explains, "Well, I have to try to find her a home at the Animal Shelter. BUT, if no one claims her by today? She's OURS." Tommy, obviously allergy-free, exclaims, "Heheh, Alright! That's great!" Kim extends her hands into the air and lets out a triumphant, "YES!" Billy smiles and watches her joyous fit, as she slaps the table with both hands, and remarks, "I always wanted a pet! WOO!" (but obviously, her Ranger duties would mean the pet would die due to neglect rather quickly, just like her social life outside of the her circle of pals there) Suddenly, Bulk & Skull pop up between Billy & Aisha. They're wearing their Junior Police Patrol blues, and seem to have came up from off the floor. Skull holds the Junior Detectives Manual in his hand, as the two look at Aisha & her cat directly. Bulk clears his throat, and asks, "WHO told you that you could bring that cat in here?! Huh?! Do you know how many health codes you're violating?! Tell 'em, Skull!" Skull eagerly leafs through the small booklet, but is unable to find anything, stammering, "Umm, it's... in here, somewhere!" Aisha replies, "Relax, Skull! I'm taking her to the Animal Shelter to see if anyone claims her." Bulk has an idea, and you can hear it in his voice when he says, "Ohhh, the owner, huh? Well, uhh, you do that! C'mon, Skull. We got, um, WORK to do." Skull continues flipping the pages of the manual, looking up only to asked confused, "We DO?!" Bulk grabs his partner's head and pushes him down onto the ground, before tossing his own upper torso backwards to join him on the floor. Aisha just rolls her eyes, and resumes fidgeting with her feline. Bulk & Skull have teleported (aka crawled) into the Juice Bar proper, where Skull ask for clarification, "Bulkie, I thought we didn't have any assignments? Lieutenant Stone said keep an eye on things and call him if..." They stop just past the entrance, and Bulk reminds him, "I KNOW what he said. I was THERE. I'm talking about the cat!" Skull nods dumbfoundedly at whatever his pal's plan might be, instead smiling and remarking, "Ooh, cute isn't it? I always wanted a kitty!" Bulk stares at him seriously, and asks, "Please concentrate." Skull lowers his brow, and deepens his voice, replying, "Sorry." Bulk goes over the plan, "We FIND out who the owner is, right?" Skull answers, nodding, "With ya!" Bulk adds excitedly, "Then we return it and become heroes!" The bumbling duo instantly jerk their heads towards a different section of the sky upon dramatic effect cue of Bulk's noting of, "Parents will thank us! Kids will love us! Lt. Stone will promote us!" They remain transfixed upon the ceiling, with Skull gasping, "Bulkie, you are amazing." Bulk lifts his eyebrows and grunts with his mouth scrunched shut, "Mmm." Skull adds, "I'm in awe." Bulk does the "Mmm" thing again, a little louder. Skull corrects him, "No, AWWWE." Bulk opens wide and bellows, "Awwwe." The two proud junior police officers bask in their own glory prematurely, as usual.

At the Animal Shelter, Dr. Wheeler walks around with Aisha, who holds her newfound cat in a purple towel. The vet remarks, "Anyhow, she's a beautiful cat, Aisha. I'm sure if someone lost her, they'll contact us." The cat meows constantly, until Aisha taunts it with her finger, noting, "And if no one does, YOU, Kimberly, and I are GOING to be roommates!" Wheeler & Aisha proceed to pet the poor white feline further, with Wheeler going, "Awww" (does she know Bulk & Skull?) and Aisha cooing to the pet, "Hey, baby!" On the moon palace, Lord Zedd stands on the balcony witnessing the current cat-related events. He steps down and explains to his wife, "Someone OTHER than those Rangers is going to adopt that cat. And WHEN they do, your plan is finished." Zedd walks over to a confused Rito Revolto, and comments, "You should have made the cat UGLY like your brother here." Rita Repulsa, visibly amused, shouts in fake resentment, "Hey!" Goldar simply growls in agreement with Zedd, who adds, "Though I DOUBT you could have made it nearly as STUPID." Rito takes these bile-filled put-downs as compliments, replying dopily, "Gee, THANKS, Ed!" Lord Zedd leans forward to face the skullhead creature, stressing, "The name is ZEDD." Rito gives a thumbs up, and a playful fist tap to Zedd's metal-plate chin, and confirms, "RIGHT! You GOT it, big guy!" He then walks off, bidding to everyone, "Well, I'M gonna take my afternoon nap!" Zedd doesn't let him off the hook so easily, telling him, "WRONG. You're going to make sure the Power Girls end UP with that cat!" Momentarily, at the sign outside the Animal Shelter, Rito Revolto's purple-glowing body grows from its shrunk energy form, spinning around and converging with his red-glowing skullhead at the proper height. He drops down, this complicated teleporting method complete, and whips his bonesword around, shouting gravely, "Haha! Everybody BACK off! Nobody gets that cat except..." His empty eye sockets flash orange, as he looks around and realizes, "...Hey! There's no one HERE!" This quickly changes, when a middle-aged couple comes walking casually down the street. Rito takes the incentive, "HA! Better hide!" He ducks down behind the bushes surrounding the shelter's front sign, and laments, "Ambushes just aren't like they USED to be. Oooh, I wish they'd HURRY up already!" The couple finally reaches the area near his hiding spot, and once they're within range, Rito jumps up, waves his arms, and screams, "SURPRISE! No kitty for you today!" The man & woman nearly have double heart-attacks, both crying out in terror and fleeing for their lives. Rito victoriously quips, "Hehaha! OH, I LOVE this badguy stuff! Heehee! Now, let's try that again." He crouches behind the bushes once more, awaiting his next victim.

Inside the Animal Shelter, Doctor Wheeler does some inventory inspections, when Aisha comes in, asking, "Dr. Wheeler, did you hear anything outside?" Wheeler remarks negatively, "It's hard to hear ANYTHING but barking in here!" Aisha hands a few things, before the vet asks, "Could you run, and uhh, get me some pet vitamins from the office?" Aisha confirms, "Oh! Sure!" Wheeler smiles, "Great." and Aisha heads off to do so, apparently having ditched the studying she planned to do! Outside, Rito remains lurking in the bushes, complaining, "This is BORING." Not far behind him, Bulk & Skull have dropped by the shelter, likely in their scheme for the cat reward. They spot the skeletal soldier, and gasp in fright, before ducking out of sight behind their own bush. Bulk asks his partner, "Skull, did you see that?!" Skull, thinking like a good Junior Police Patrol Officer, figures, "Yeah! We'd better call for backup!" Bulk goes against this idea, asking, "What, are you CRAZY!? We are gonna keep an EYE on that creep until we find out what he's up to." Bulkie points to his eye while saying this, inspiring Skull to squint and widen one eye. Bulk adds, "Then, we're gonna MOVE in, and BUST 'em!" Skull stammers, "B-but, Bulkie, what about the... cat?!" He's got bigger felines to fry, telling his pal, "Forget about the cat! C'mon, let's GO!" They clam up, and nervously begin to tiptoe across the yard, approaching the unsuspecting Rito. Skull worriedly argues, "Bulkie, I don't think this is such a good idea!", only to have his partner silence him with a loud shush. Rito's too wrapped up in his own world of complaints to notice, whining, "Ohh, I always get the DULL assignments." Once the bumbling duo reach the monster facing away from them, Bulk unconfidently proclaims, "D-don't move! You're under ARREST!" Skull concurs, "Yeah!", as the two open their leather jackets and show off the gold badges pinned to their blue uniformed shirts. Rito doesn't even look at them, waving his hand and tells them, "Beat it! Scram! Go on, you guys, get outta here! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M BUSY?!" He finally turns around on that last part, shaking his sword in annoyed anger at the two trembling humans, exposing his. Bulk gulps, "Maybe we better call for backup!" Skull yelps in a high pitched screech, "BACK UUUP!" They both start motioning their arms rapidly, as if they're running, but instead of running at the monster, they flee backwards! Bulk & Skull scream at the tops of their lungs, literally backing up away from this unearthly menace.

In the office, Aisha pets the cat, while looking at vitamins. She overhears Bulk & Skull's loud pleads for backup, and remarks, "Now THAT was definitely a scream." Aisha leaves her cat on the counter, and walks over to the front door window, lifting her head some to peek outside. She sees Rito Revolto in front of the Animal Shelter sign, squatting amid the bushes, rubbing his bony hands together. Aisha wonders, "Rito?! What in the world is HE doing here?!", then sighs, "Aw, man!" (and Tommy plans to sue for infringement of his copywrited trademark line), before turning around and shouting into the camera, "Ninja Ranger Power NOW!" She motions his hand and fingers around, creating a streak of yellow flashing light, which segues into her Ninja Power transformation shot, of the bright yellow orb with her face in it, going from normal, to Ninjetti masked, to full face wrap. Aisha lets out a mighty "hiyaah!", and instantly appears as the Yellow Ninja Ranger outside of the shelter, facing the Evil Space Alien. Rito sarcastically remarks, "Oh, GEE! Am I supposed to run away now?!" Aisha asks disgustedly, "What in the world are you doing HERE, creep?" Rito simply replies, "Haven't you heard what curiosity did to the cat, Yellow Ranger?! Let me SHOW ya!" He shifts his feet, prompting her to do the same. Rito swipes his bonesword at her, but the Yellow Ninja flips over the attack. He tosses a kick, she blocks it, and returns her own. He readies his sword, and she flips to the side just as he lunges at her, causing him to tumble forward harshly onto the pavement (turning his continued wicked laughter into bruised grumbles). The Yellow Ninja poses fiercely, telling him, "Give it up, Rito!" At Ernie's Outdoor Cafe, the other five Ranger Teens are sitting at a table eating together. They all watch as Rocky prepares to bite into a very large, multiple-stacked sandwich. He rubs his hands greedily, and begins to pick it up, noting to his pals, "I've been waiting ALL day for this, guys!" Billy chuckles. Suddenly, their Communicators being to chime out the usual sound. The teens immediately, without hesitation, leave their meals on the table and head off to a secluded spot to answer the message. But poor Rocky does hesitate for a moment, remaining in his seat, and groaning disappointedly at evil's timing. He soon follows the others into the rose garden terrace part of the cafe, out of the way of the other customers. Tommy speaks into his Communicator, "Zordon, this is Tommy. We read you." At the Command Center, Zordon responds, "Tommy, you and the other Rangers must teleport to the Angel Grove Animal Shelter. Aisha is under attack." Tommy confirms, "We're on our way." He tells the team, "Let's go guys. Ranger Ninja Power, NOW!" (confused much, Tomster?) The five get into transforming positions, and instantly, the glowing orb sequences appear with their heads inside, as they all Morph into Ninja Rangers.

At the parking lot of the shelter, Yellow Ninja is backed against a car, in defensive position. Rito taps his bonesword against his palm, and slowly approaches, taunting, "Well, well. You're not so tough without your friends around, are ya?!" Right on cue, a loud flash of light and smoke bursts onto the scene between Rito & Aisha. He wonders, "Hey! What was THAT?!" The smoke clears, and the five other Ninja Rangers stand poised before him with Tommy informing him, "Your worst nightmare, Rito." The skeletal soldier seems happy to see them, waving and saying, "Ohh! Hehe. Hi, guys!" Aisha regroups with her teammates, stating gratefully, "Alright! Thanks for comin', guys." Rocky gives her a thumbs-up and replies, "No problem!" White Ninja asks, "You okay?", and Yellow Ninja nods, "Yeah!" Tommy warns, "Alright, Rito. Why don't you go BACK to where you came from!" Rito, facing the six Ninja Rangers solo, simply scoffs, "Oh, yeah? RIGHT!" On the moon, Lord Zedd tells Rita as she walks away cringing worriedly, "I take back what I said about your brother. He's not a fool, he's a brainless TWIT!" He turns away from the balcony, and boasts, "I can't believe we're going through ALL this over a stupid cat! This had BETTER be a good plan, Rita. My patience is wearing thin!" Goldar suggests, "Send in the Tenga Warriors, evil one!" Zedd snaps at his loyal lackey, "Of COURSE I will, you BIRDbrain!" At the shelter parking lot, Rito Revolto remains alone against the Ninjas, commenting, "So! Ganging up on old Rito, huh?!" Just as he says that, the rain of feathers and purple light explode around him, signifying the teleporting in of the Tengas. Rito glances over and sees them, getting quite a shock, "Well... AHH! Oh. What took you guys?" He steps forward with renewed vigor, "NOW the foot's on the other hand! ...You know what I mean." Yellow Ninja boasts with backup, "Whatever you're UP to Rito, you're NOT gonna get away with it." Red Ninja adds, "Yeah! And we'll make SURE of that!" Suddenly, the army of squawking birdbrains look upwards, Rito included, as he wonders, "Heyyy, what're you DOIN'!?" The six Ninja Rangers are now in a strange tower formation. Standing on the bottom, Blue, Red, Black. On Blue's shoulders, is Yellow. On Black's shoulders, is Pink. All hold their arms outwards, as the White Ninja Ranger leaps through the space between the two girls standing above. The team hiyaahs, and once Tommy hops through (his legs striking against Kim & Aisha's arms on the way by), he does the same. His body goes loose while jumping through, landing in a roll that comes to a stop with him crouching several feet in front of the tower of five Ninjas, hands out fiercely. The Tengas continue squawking, as Rito scoffs unimpressed, "Ooh! Fancy-schmancy!"


The Ninja Rangers remain in the same position that we last left them. Rito remarks, "If yer through with the show, we got a BATTLE to fight! Get 'em, boys!" He whips his bonesword around, sending the wily Tenga Warriors into a full stampede charge. Pink & Yellow Ninja Rangers drop down from their shoulder-standing spots on the guys, and stop to pose, shout a hiyaah, and for Kim to yelp, "Let's DO it!" The "Tenga Bye-Bye" song begins playing, and the action starts. White Ninja flips over a Tenga, it tries to claw him, he ducks under and rolls, stands up just to kick another Tenga away, then return to the first one. Elsewhere in the parking lot, Pink Ninja twirls onto the scene, hitting the chest of a Tenga with both hands, knocking that one away in time to dodge an incoming birdbrain, who's easily flipped over by a redirection of momentum. Kim hangs out for a second, and once both those Tengas recover and lunge at her, she utilizes her Ninja Powers. In a warping pink blur, the Pink Ninja Ranger zips out of the clutches of the Tengas, emerging instantly just a few feet behind them. They're dumbfounded by this attack momentarily, and when they turn around to face her, Kim cartwheels between them with ease, causing one to try to swipe at her, miss, and stumble offscreen. The other tries once more to grab her, so she uses her Pink Ninja abilities to their fullest again, and in another pink blur, passes right through the birdbrain's body! The Tenga finds nothing but empty air in front of him, allowing Kim to kick his back, sending him toppling forward. She crosses her arms, and gloats, "You're gonna have to be quicker than THAT!" Meanwhile, the Blue Ninja faces four Tengas at once. One kicks at him, he blocks it. He kicks at a different one, and this lets a third get a hit in on him. Billy falls backwards into the arm of the fourth Tenga, who quickly tosses him aside. Nearby, three Tengas triple-team the White Ninja. He kicks all three of them out of the way at the same time, only to have an extra Tenga pop up behind him and take him by surprise. Tommy's knocked into the trio he was just fighting, prompting them to throw him forcibly forward. White Ninja flips over, and loudly yelling, thumps harshly against the cement. Blue Ninja rolls in right beside him, and gives Tommy a hand in standing up. They stand side by side, surrounded by Tengas, both fed up from getting beaten. White Ninja proclaims, "Alright! Let's GROUND these birds!" Billy concurs, "Right!"

The Black Ninja Ranger does an impressive, but useless, series of backflips across the lawn, as we see the Pink Ninja successfully fighting two Tengas in the background. Adam springs into a pose, as two Tengas take aim upon him. He takes aim back, by offering, "Here ya go, boys. I brought a couple'a presents for ya!" Black Ninja holds his palms together, arms held to the right side of his body, as black energy begins to swirl around his gloves magically. Adam, keeping his right hand down, uses his left hand to fire off a barrage of little black swirly bolts! One Tenga falls in a burst of smoke and sparks, and once Black Ninja reloads by slapping his hands, he shoots off another round at the second Tenga. Both birdbrains knocked off their feet, Adam stands up from his crouched position, and snidely remarks, "Got a little KICK to 'em, don't they!? Hehe!" In the park area around the parking lot, the Red Ninja Ranger leads a pair of Tengas on. Rocky finally stands with his back against a tree, holds his hands together (to his right side, index finger on right hand held upward), and urges, "Hey! Check THIS out!" Once he backs up close enough to the tree, in a warping flash of light, he vanishes from sight! The two Tengas approach the tree, curiously inspecting all around the slim trunk. One of them squawks, "Maybe there's a door! There's gotta be a door!", as they both search for a sign of the missing Ranger. The other Tenga replies, "Ahh, there's no door." Bent down in front of the tree, the first Tenga disappointedly caws, "Huh?! Aww." He continues knocking against the wood to no avail, when, thanks to a side-view of the scene, Red Ninja's hand pops out of the tree, and rustles the feathers on the first Tenga's head! Neither realize what just happened, with the first Tenga asks the second, "Hey, did you feel that?" The other shakes his beak, "No, I didn't feel anything!" He's then the first to really feel something, when Red Ninja's leg pops out of the tree, kicking the second Tenga away sharply. The first Tenga stands up, wondering, "What was that?!" Rocky kicks the remaining birdbrain away, before leaning forward, scratching his masked head while apparently merged to the tree (the split-screen effect akin to old cartoons where large characters would hide behind a tree smaller than them, and yet seemingly vanish). He waves and quips, "Pretty wild, huh?! Bye-bye!" The two Tenga lie on the ground, writhing in surprised pain. Red Ninja jump flips out of his inner-tree hiding spot, landing on the lawn as a whole person, poses, then folds his arms and states, "You gotta watch out for those trees. ESPECIALLY when they branch out!"

Over at the Animal Shelter, the camera pans from the big bold painted word of CATS, down to one of the large windows in the front door. The mysterious white stray is somehow hovering up against the window pane, yet isn't paying attention to anything going on outside. Simply glancing around mindlessly, as cats are known to do. She does finally look over at the action, seeing the six Rangers now fighting in the same uncomfortably close area of the parking lot. All fighting against Tengas, except the Yellow Ninja, who is taking on Rito personally. There's lots of ducking, dodging, kicking, and kiyaahing going on. The strange white cat takes advantage of this distraction to suddenly morph into a blonde-haired and blue-eyed Australian teenage female! She smiles evilly once the morph is complete, likely happy that her clothes (bluejeans, a light-pink shirt with a white vest over it) transformed along with her human body. Outside, Rito swipes his bonesword at the Yellow Ninja Ranger, demanding, "HEY! Stand still!" Aisha backflips over it, landing in a perfect pose with her hands on her hips, calling attention to herself, "Over here!" Rito is offended to see her evading his attacks once again, grousing, "Huh?! Why you...!" He slashes at her again, she hiyaahs and flips over the bone-blade. Aisha then holds her hands to her yellow-wrapped Ninja masked face, wiggling her fingers in a mocking gesture, boasting, "Can't catch me! Hehaha!" Rito groans loudly in frustration, before slicing his sword wildly at her. Yellow Ninja leans back to avoid the potentially lethal blow, before flipping forward at the skeletal solider. He backs up, then tries jabbing his sword at her again. Aisha invokes her Ninja Powers, by blurrily dropping into the grass, as if falling down a hole, yet leaving no traces of an exit behind. Rito searches about, wondering, "Hey! Hey! Where'd she go!? Noooohhh! Daahaha! I HATE it when she does that!" Nearby, the White Ninja Ranger does some spinning kicks into an attacking Tenga Warrior, ending it with a falcon-like pose. The gang of beaten Tengas stagger into a retreating flock, Rito along with them, though he plays off the defeat, claiming, "Alright, NOW i'm mad!" The other five Ninja Rangers regroup with Tommy, who gloats, "Why don't you give it up, Rito? You're not gonna win!" Rito readies his fist and braces his sword, replying cockily, "Give up?! Why, me and the Tengas are gonna..." Suddenly, the small army of Tengas standing behind him all fearfully teleport out of sight in a flash of purple & black. The boneheaded goon glances around, then pats his chest for pockets, before stammering at a loss, "Uhh... Uhh... They were here a minute ago!" Adam quips, "Looks like your big bad Tenga birds chickened out. Hehehe." Rito nervously begins backing up, replying, "Ehh... Yeah!" Tommy remarks, "I guess you're gonna have to just take us on yourself." Rito frantically turns around, shouts, "See ya!", and attempts to make a run for it. He fails to notice a tall tree behind him until it's too late, slamming into the trunk and getting knocked unconscious. The Ninja Rangers begin laughing, with White mentioning, "You're a heck of a warrior, Rito!"

Inside the Animal Shelter, the strange white cat turned tall blonde teenage girl continues watching the scene through the door window. Dr. Wheeler spots her, and approaches to ask, "Can I help you?" The feline female is startled, but quickly turns around and strikes up a conversation (pulling the vet away from the window in the process), "Uhhh, YES! I wanted to talk to someone about an animal." Wheeler asks, "Oh, you lost your pet?" The teen replies, "No, I'd like to adopt one.... a puppy!" Wheeler notices what isn't as pronounced in those last two lines as it is in the next couple, mentioning, "Of course. You're new in the country, I take it?" The blonde girl worriedly wonders, "What makes you say that?" Wheeler comments, "Your accent. It's wonderful! Australian?" The girl smiles, and admits, "Yes. I'm new here. I thought an animal would help me feel less lonely, being away from my friends and all. It's THIS way, isn't it?" (for a horribly exaggerated pronouncing of her accent: "I'm new he-ah. I thoot an ahnimal would hep me feel less loonely, being away from muh friends and ool. Eet's THEES way, isn't it?") Wheeler, her arm being pulled by the weird foreign teen, curiously confirms, "Yes, yes it is!" Outside, Tommy tosses his White Ninja outfit aside with one crossing of the arm and a yank of the cloth, all six teens demorphing at once. They anxious scope out the area, making sure nobody sees them change back to their true identities. Rocky clutches his stomach, and pants, "Man! That fight made me even hungrier. I hope my sandwich is still there!" Aisha giggles. Adam urges calmly, "You'd better hurry.", before suddenly dashing out, heading for the Juice Bar to grab Rocky's sandwich first. Rocky follows just as quickly on his trail! The gang chuckles at this, with Billy shaking his head, patting Tommy on the back, and telling him and the girls, "We'll catch up with you guys later." Tommy replies, "Ye-he-ah. See ya guys!" Kim bids, "Bye!", as Billy hurries off to chase Rocky & Adam down. Aisha gasps to Tommy & Kim, "I almost forgot! It's almost time to close." Kim exclaims joyfully, "Guess what? That means we have a new PET!" Tommy puts his hands in his pockets and snickers. Kim & Aisha urge him on towards the Animal Shelter to retrieve their unnatural stray kitten.

Inside, Dr. Wheeler places a puppy into a small kennel, locking the cage tightly as the blonde Aussie girl looks over her shoulder concerned. Wheeler pats her arm and promises with a grin, "It'll be okay!", causing the girl to chuckle. Aisha quickly enters the room, bidding, "Hey, Doctor Wheeler!" The vet says hi in return, as the blonde Aussie teen bites her lip and slowly backs away, trying not to be noticed by the three Ranger teens. She apparently successful, as none see her, too focused on the matter at hand. Aisha introduces Tommy & Kimberly to Dr. Wheeler as her friends. The vet shakes their hands and states with a smile, "Nice to meet you!" They shake back, and unenthusiastically reply, "Hi." Wheeler notes, "I was just showing... Wait, wait a minute! Where did she go?!" She glances around, finding no sign of the blonde female anywhere in the relatively small room of the shelter. Instead, the strange white cat is back, running up towards Aisha, who wonders, "Hey! How'd you get down there?!", before scooping her up in her arms. She brings her up to where Tommy & Wheeler can join in on the petting-fest. Aisha lovingly comments, "Hey, you can't be cruisin' around like that, you're gonna get lost again!" Kim notices the cat's enjoyment of Tommy's fur-rubbing of her head, and points out, "I think she likes you, Tommy." Aisha concurs, then holds the cat closer to Kim, who states, "Hi, kitty-kitty", before attempting to pet her. The stray gets violent, screeching loudly and trying to bite Kim's hand! Aisha fails to discipline the feline, instead asking her friend, "Are you okay?" Kim rubs her catscratched finger, and pouts, "Yeah, I think she's just tired of being petted, or something." Sour grapes it seems, since Tommy & Aisha keep on petting her without incident (some boyfriend HE is!). Dr. Wheeler checks her watch, and officially states, "Well, she's ALL yours, Aisha. What're you gonna call her?" Aisha strains her brain, saying, "Umm, I dunno, let me see...", as Kim begins petting the cat's back, tempting fate triumphantly. The new owner finally blurts out, "P.C.!" Kim quips, "Pretty crazy?", causing Tommy to laugh. Aisha denies and admits, "NO, Park Cat! We found her in the park!" Kim replies, "Park Cat. Ohh, there ya go, that works!" They all laugh and pet her some more, with Tommy snickering, "Park Cat? Hehe!"

Pretty soon, at the Campbell family residence, in the upstairs study room (it could be Aisha's room, but what kind of person has couches, let along TWO of them, in their room?!), PC lazes around on the couch, embedding fur deep within the cushions for years to come. Aisha finally gets around to doing that studying she promised to do earlier, burying her pretty heavilly-braided head into a book, following the words along with her finger. The door suddenly opens, with Kimberly entering and wearing a different outfit (a blue denim vest over a loose dark-pink skirted outfit with a flowery pattern) than before. She twirls around and asks her galpal/roommate rapidly, "How-do-I-look?!" Aisha replies, "Great, we're YOU going?!" Kim sits on the footrest in front of her, revealing, "Movies with Tommy." Aisha remarks, "Sounds like FUN!" Kim adds, "Yeah. I've been working so hard on my gymnastics i've had NO time to see Tommy, I feel guilty." Aisha smiles, and comments, "Aww. Tommy's a great guy, Kim. He knows you're doing well! I'm sure he'll understand." PC listens to this, licks her lips, then darts off the couch, and into the hall through the still-open door. Kimberly concurs, "Yeah.", before turning around and asking, "Where's PC?" Aisha stands up with horrified look on her face, stressing, "Oh, no. The windows are opened downstairs, she could get out!" Kim apologizes, "Ohmygosh, i'm sorry!" Aisha responds worriedly, "It's okay. C'mon, we gotta find her!" They begin calling out for PC in high-pitched tones, Kim shutting the door behind her. Downstairs, the Park Cat bolts out through the front door, the screen one seemingly left wide open. She makes her way across the lawn, and crawls into a bush near the sidewalk. The bushes start shaking like Cool Hand Luke, as we see a red energy outline of the cat through the greenery, as it morphs into the outline of a shapely young woman. The angle switches around to the teenage Aussie female, as she emerges from the reddish light, in a slow-motion pose of whipping her shoulder-length light-blonde around her neck, purring slightly. She stares at the camera, slowly lowering her head, and as her right eye twinkles with an inhuman sparkling gleam, she begins to smile wickedly.

Aisha exits her house, calling out, "PC!" Kim follows, shouting, "Here, Kitty!", before lamenting, "Oh, Aisha. I'm SO sorry I left your door open!" Aisha folds her arms and looks around in despair, kindly saying, "Look, it's not your fault. Don't worry about it! I'll keeping looking for the cat, and don't keep Tommy waiting, okay?" The blonde Aussie female peeks around from behind the bushes, watching them intently. Kim pats her friend on the shoulder, denying, "No, it's okay. We have plenty of time." The two girls resume calling out for PC, aka, "Here Kitty Kitty." They wander off in the opposite direction of the peeping Australian teen, who steps out from the bushes, crosses her arms, smirks, and lets her right eye start sparkling again. There's a big ol' dumpster on the sidewalk just behind her. No strange to dumpsters, Rita Repulsa teleports on top of the closed garbage bin in a swirl of orange light, yelling at the girl, "HEY! You're LATE! What took you so long?! This low-altitude is KILLING me!" The feline female turns around sharply, displaying both fear and loyalty to the intergalactic sorceress, admitting, "I'm sorry, empress! It took me longer than I expected to obtain the information." Rita asks, "Well, let's HAVE it!" The girl explains amusedly, "Kimberly is supposed to go to the movies with Tommy. Right now, she and Aisha are looking for their cat." Rita notes, "PERFECT timing. Hmm. But, you'll need WHEELS for this!" She looks down at the dumpster below her feet, lifts her Magic Wand in the air, shouts, and zaps the garbage bin with the red orb at the center of it. The crimson energy envelopes the dumpster, morphing it instantly into a black mustang convertible, with a pink front Angel Grove license plate reading "Purrrfect." Rita lands safely in the driver's seat, laughing diabolically, the headlights flaring like eyes at one point. The feline female approaches the car in smiling awe, as Rita remarks, "Alright, Cinderella! Don't be late for the ball!" The Aussie girl vows, "I won't disappoint you, empress." Rita chuckles cruelly, and warns, "See that you DON'T." The teen grins evilly, her big blue eyes flashing with a reddish glow.

At the Juice Bar, Tommy slams down a nearly empty plastic blue glass, giving a refreshed gasp. Ernie, the hawaiian-shirted patron of the Youth Center, leans against the counter in front of him, with several other dirty glasses scattered about. Hey, Ern, why not clean that up, you lazy bafoon, instead of wasting your time rubbing an apple against your shirt! Tommy, now wearing a white jean-shirt with the sleeves chopped off, checks his Communicator/watch, looks around anxiously, and asks, "Hey, Ernie. You haven't seen Kimberly, have you? She's supposed to meet me here. She's NEVER late!" Ernie, likely off his medications today, only now remembers something that likely happened less than a minute previously, informing him, "As a matter of fact, she just called! She and Aisha are out looking for their cat. She promised she'd be right back." Tommy looks over his shoulder, and sulks, "Hope they find it!" Just then, from the Outdoor Cafe entrance side of the room, a great pair of legs in tight bluejeans comes walking in. Obviously, it's the evil Australian blonde teen who is sometimes a stray cat! She walks over to Tommy, who's moping in his smoothie, tapping his shoulder and asking, "Excuse me?" He turns in his chair, and looks directly at her. The feline female's right eye twinkles again, this time with a reddish tint to the small gleam. She smiles, prompting him to grin in return, tell her, "Hi!", and stand up in concern. The witchy woman explains in distress, "Umm, I was wondering... i'm new here. My car's broken down outside and I really don't know what to do." Tommy shifts nervously, suggesting, "Umm, maybe you should call a mechanic?" The girl nearly bats her eyelashes, as she flirtingly admits, "I was hoping maybe YOU could take a look at it for me." Tommy looks at all he's got keeping him there, a nearly finished drink and a bunch of week-old dishes Ernie's lazily leaving out. He takes little time to reply, "Uhh, well, umm.... I guess I could." Extending his hand, he introduces himself, "Oh, i'm Tommy!" She shakes it, and responds flirtingly again, "Nice to meet you, Tommy. I'm Katherine! You can call me Kat, though." They continue shaking hands as they walk, until Tommy spots Ernie, and uses that excuse to break the shake, telling him, "Uhh, hey, Ernie! Do me a favor. If you see Kim? Tell her i'll be right back." Ernie promises, "Absolutely!", as he serves some guy at a table two foamy drinks and some complimentary cigarette butts.

Momentarily outside of the Outdoor Cafe, Tommy gives yet another refreshed gasp, as he closes the hood of the black mustang convertible, wiping his hands and screwdriver with a pink rag, and telling Katherine with a smile, "Well, that should do it!" Kat smiles widely and shakes her head, graciously commenting, "I REALLY dunno how to thank you!" Tommy replies chivalrously, "Well, ahh, don't worry about it." He does admire the vehicle, noting, "Man, I always wondered what it would be like to drink one of these things!" Kat happily offers, "Do you want to take it for a spin?!" Tommy's face lights up excitedly, until he remembers the old ball & chain, lamenting, "Nah, I really shouldn't. I'm supposed to meet someone here." Kat disappointedly argues, "Oh, COME on. Just around the block! It'll be fun!" Tommy thinks about it for a moment. Before we know it, the mustang pulls out of the parking lot at a tire-screeching speed. The back license plate also reads, "Purrrfect", with the yellow tag on it stating "JUL." Tommy drives it around just under the speed limit, with Katherine in the passenger seat. They end up riding along the empty stretch of road just curving around the Animal Shelter. There, Bulk & Skull have returned, with Lieutenant Jerome Stone at the side. They pop up from the bottom of the screen after the car passes by, the bumbling duo nervously darting their eyes back and forth. Stone grumbles, "Can we get on with this?!" Bulk swallows hard and notes, "It's right over here, sir." Skull tells his commanding officer, "Be prepared to NOT believe it." The trio all march over (humorously in step, of course) to the spot in the bushes that the two Junior Police Patrol Officers had encountered Rito earlier. Stone wonders frustratedly, "Well, where IS it, you two? Where is this 'Big Bad Monster'?" Bulk fearfully stresses, "Sir, it was HERE. I-I mean, it WAS! You HAVE to believe us!" Skull concurs, "I'll back him up!", jabbing his body literally into Bulk's back, causing his pal to give an uncomfortable expression to their overly friendly touching. Lt. Stone informs the duo in disbelief, "Yeah? The ONLY thing you'll be backing up is police cars. To WASH 'em!" Down the deserted road, the mustang rolls on. Little does Tommy know (much of anything, but I digress), that his cruise is being viewed by Rita up on the moon balcony via her Repulsascope! She exclaims, "GREAT cosmos! I couldn't have done it better myself! Heheha. Alright, Zeddy, hit 'em with the juice! Show 'em what that heap can REALLY do." Lord Zedd charges up his silver Z-Staff with red electricity, shooting a jolt of power off the balcony, replying, "Agh, coming right up, my dear!" Two thick lightning bolts of white energy zap the road just in front of the mustang, the second one causing the whole vehicle to vanish from the Earth! Tommy finds himself struggling to steer the wheel in a warping field of shimmering blurry stars zapping by the vehicle. He remarks, "Whoah, man! This is WEIRD! I can't control the car!" Kat cries, "Oh no, Tommy! What's happening?!" He tells her, "I dunno! Hold on!" She does so, grabbing his shoulder and laying her head upon it, whining, "I'm REALLY scared!" Tommy simply promises, "It's gonna be okay." He tries turning the wheel, but it doesn't help. Facing forward, the dimension seems to ooze slowly froth a vertical line in the distance, but looking at the two teens, the dimension appears to be rapidly spinning clockwise! The mustang rocks gently, cruising along this strange subpocket uncontrollably.


In the Moon Palace, Rita Repulsa tells Rito Revolto, "Well, brother dear. Tommy's taken care of. Now it's up to YOU." Rito, in a notably appropriate scaredy-cat mood lately, scratches his skull and bemoans, "Up to the ME?! For WHAT?!" Lord Zedd shouts angrily, "You worthless drudge! Get down to Earth and make yourself useful!" Rito sensitively responds, "Alright, alriiight! Ya don't have to YELL! WOW!" His head dislodges glowing orange, and his body shrinks down, teleporting both away. Rita scoffs, "He doesn't stand a CHANCE, does he?" Zedd confirms, "Of COURSE not. At least, not without THIS." His Z-Staff begins to hum to life, prompting his wife to cross her Magic Wand with it, both facing towards Earth. They command in unison, "Grow, Rito. GROW!", lights flashing and combined bluish lightning being shot into a thundercloud above Angel Grove. Rito Revolto, in footage we've seen before, emerges in full grown mode, whipping his bonesword around and commenting, "Heeyy! Check ME out! Hahahaha!" At the Juice Bar, Aisha & Kim finally show up. Kim hugs her pal, and says hopefully, "Oh, Aisha. I betcha anything your kitty will come back to you by dinnertime." Aisha sighs, "I hope you're right." They approach Rocky, Billy, and Adam, with Kim asking, "Hey, you guys seen Tommy?" Ernie mentions in a jolly tone, "Hi there, Kimberly! He told me to tell you he'd be right back. He's helping somebody with their car." (What a brown-nosing snoop! Tommy never told him that last part!) Kim giggles, and thanks him, while the guys all smile, Aisha sulking about her absent pussy. Just then, their Communicators go off. The team sneaks into the hallway, making sure nobody's watching, then Billy presses the dial and announces something obvious just by his voice, "Zordon, this is Billy. We read you." At the Command Center, Zordon "Billy, you and the others must teleport to the Command Center, immediately!" Billy agrees, "Right. We're on out way." In a flash, all five teleport themselves into the console zone, where Alpha 5 urgently states, "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! It's TOMMY! He's in trouble, Rangers!" Zordon confirms, "Yes. We have managed to get a visual on him, but nothing more." They behold the Viewing Globe without prompting, seeing Tommy in the mustang, continuing to zoom through the twisting dimension, with Kat clutching his right shoulder. Kim wonders, "Where IS he? Who's that girl?!" Zordon explains, "We are not certain of her identity at this point." The alarm suddenly sounds, causing our heroes considerable confusion (notice, Rocky slumps his arms and shoulders agitatedly). Zordon alerts them, "Rangers! Rito is back. He is giant-sized and headed for downtown Angel Grove." On the Viewing Globe, Rito, being shown from an upward angle, laughs evilly, and appears to be walking like he's Travolta boogying along the sidewalk in the movie "Saturday Night Fever." Billy stresses, "But what about Tommy?! We can't just leave him there!" Adam reminds the normally brainy one, "We don't even know where THERE is." Kim breathlessly asks, "What're we gonna do?" Adam puts his hands in his pockets, Rocky lowers his head in shame, Aisha appears still hung up on her damn lost cat, and Billy just stands mightily tall, possessed by the spirit of fearless leadering. All at a loss for answers!

[To Be Continued...; End Credits.]

At a dead end in the middle of nowhere, Bulk & Skull wear orange vests and stand at crossing-guard duty. They look around, with Skull saying, "Bulkie!" He replies, "Huh?", and Skull notes, stammering, "I don't think anybody ge.. gonna be crossing all the while out here." Bulk asks his gum-chewing partner, "What?!" Skull reiterates even more flubbingly, "I don't think anybuddgunno..." He smiles, someone offscreen says something, the take ends.; The clapboard slate, reading the production number as 128-19, take 3, snaps in front of a large ROAD CLOSED sign. It pans back to show Bulk & Skull stepping up to it. Skull says, "Bulkie. I don't think anybody's gonna be crossing all the way out here." Bulk lifts the orange sign in his hand up, holding the SLOW sign behind his partner's head, and sarcasticly remarking, "Oh, you figured this out ALL by yourself, huh?" Skull goofily nods, oblivious to the sign (meant to be a sign of his intelligence) behind his head. Bulk looks down the road, and gasps, "Skull! Look! It's that dweeb's cat! C'mon, let's GRAB it!" They switch their signs to the STOP side, before tossing them in the air, and begin shuffling down the road after the furry feline.

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